The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Ten

Having met the actress who played Princess Jelnaya in the movies, Master Lossurp spoke of wanting to watch them all.  He had a screen in his room, and once I showed him how to access certain features he retired to be entertained by another.  Feeling that I now had time to spend with Krachern, I went to see what had him occupied.

What interrupted me was a call from Brullusk.  "Well, it seems you stirred up a hornet's nest.  I am probably going to take two more horses simply because I will have the people to help."

I smiled while replying, "You said you were surprised more people did not ask."

"I also said that I was thinking about declining your offer.  Oh, well, I guess I should be happy having something else to gripe about other than the horses.  Show up in four days.  Probably be leaving the sixth, but you offered to help with the horses, so I have things I need to teach you."

"All right.  You had to learn from King Terish."

"Yes, but I was a willing student.  That is not what I usually get.  Four days, Inchell."

As I assured some particulars, Krachern approached to ask, "Trouble?"

I replied, "Not really.  Let's watch the news."

It brought me some relief to know that Dallenore had not directly stirred up the propaganda.  There was no mention of her coming to visit me, or even my town.  All they knew was that she had scheduled a trip into the 'deep' omniverse seeking to further her ability to portray Princess Jelnaya in another movie.  It seemed that certain others of the cast and crew had also felt a need to go, and it was that activity that alerted the media.  Showing himself as having dealt with some propaganda machines, Krachern asked a question I considered of worth.

"At what point do we get angry?"

I answered, "When they start lying.  This is Davelda.  I have been in all the databases for centuries.  They can find me and things about me.  They start making things up, and I call my superiors in the military."

It seemed to prove a point by me then getting a call from a high ranking officer.  "Sgt. Nakamachu, a message was sent to me concerning your plans.  Any reason I should be concerned?"

"Colonel, any reason you should have been concerned up to now?"

"I do enjoy the movies.  Have you ever spent time working with Dallenore?"

While it seemed like a change in topic, I suspected there was a connection.  "No, Sir.  Met her for the first time today.  Had a good visit."

"Well, she served under me in the war.  She was a kid at the time, but we both know war is Hell.  She cried back then.  I believe she has to force it today, which is why she does so well as Princess Jelnaya.  I see in the movies someone that is going to keep from showing that emotion no matter how bad things get."

It suddenly hit me why I was getting the phone call, but to verify I did ask, "You want me to watch after her?"

"It is Bucher Lourren and Tomalken Fokinshy who are going with her.  One plays Lord Ferrigote and the other is usually behind the monster props.  They are good, strong men, but just as inexperienced in the omniverse as Dallenore.  Call it sexist if you want, but I want you to watch over Dallenore."

"I actually agreed with her reason for going, but I am going for my own reason."

"Should I send her weapons?  I know you have them."

Yes, he would know, so I kept the conversation moving.  "Princess Jelnaya does not use those weapons.  Spending time with her, I can understand why.  Let me also say that I am hoping for a friendly, informative journey.  If you think Dallenora will find trouble, make certain she gets on Brullusk's good side.  He will care for the horses, and surely knows how to avoid trouble.  If she will stay with him, and not me, she should come home unharmed."

"There is a two, three day training period Brullusk wants her to attend.  Are you going to be there?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I will make certain Dallenora is there as well.  Thank you for your time, Sgt. Nakamachu."

When I closed the connection, Krachern commented, "He called you Sgt. Nakamachu."

I replied, "He was letting me know that I am still considered active duty.  After centuries of service, most of us have an abundance of leave time.  Call it our rut, but we almost never took it.  We just stayed at our job day in, day out.  There is probably some relief I am taking some of mine."

"So, some of the things Jelnaya said about you were true."

"Oh, they were all true.  We did her grandfather wrong, and we did her wrong.  What is our real shame is that they have both proven themselves to be wonderful people.  There are those that claim one day we are going to face someone horrible, although it gets said when it happens that those who should not will come to our rescue."

"I believe your neighbor said something like that."

It did not surprise me Krachern remembered that statement, but to reinforce the memory I said, "That is the shame of Davelda.  We look for the evil while ignoring the good.  We are learning, but for some the lessons have not sunk in yet.  Centuries of life can make one's head real hard."

"Well, what do you want to do over the next four days?"

"Right now I am wondering if we are going to be given a choice.  You and me however have our own things we are wanting to discover, and I plan on seeing how things advance in that regard.  Supposedly there are some condoms with my name on them."

In a calm, dignified manner he replied, "Those in my possession only have your name upon them."

"I believe I need to meet one of them."

We had the time I needed, and I believe it helped Krachern as well.  I heard a number of horse references from him.  As he was cursed to go about in a body warped to appear as if it was designed by someone attempting an equestrian type of physique, the ability to fully act as a man and be treated in such a manner let him shed the image of himself as part horse.  I ended the period definitely feeling my female body subdued with pleasure and Krachern smiling as if restored with something he had lost.

He asked, "What now?  We start doing this regularly, or call this just a memory?"

I replied, "Not regularly.  Hopefully over the next few days we can do it a couple of times.  We then see what is going to happen.  If we survive this next journey, we can work on the next step."

"I need to ask where do you see the steps to go?"

I wanted to be rude, but I felt I needed to say the truth.  "You are in luck.  My empress set the standard.  She said that it was better to be touched than not, and gave one of the most dangerous beings in the omniverse five children.  I do not doubt that Princess Jelnaya, the Champion of He-Who-Fights, will give the man who takes on the challenge of being her husband every opportunity he desires to prove himself.  You will not be denied, but please keep it reasonable."

"I guess I need to watch some movies to better understand things of Terish Dozzrine.  What I see might not be completely accurate, but I believe it will show how you of Davelda see him."

"There are also the shows where we had discussions of our views of him.  I want to say that we have developed past those attitudes, but we do reference things in our present discussions.  It is all part of being a citizen of this world."  Hoping to move the conversation to another topic, I said, "The girls did that.  They went back into all the old material.  There is a lot from before our unified world, and the girls found all the stuff from during the war.  They found things we had forgotten were in there, and some things we did not believe was.  They then left.  You start going through our archives, and I will be interested if you stay."

Krachern finished dressing, then said, "I guess I will first listen as you of Davelda speak during this journey.  Considering one learned his profession from Terish and another plays Jelnaya in the movies, I suspect I will hear things cluing me in on the proper attitude.  At some point I will probably need to hear your view."

"I liked him, but I have the past of seeing Empress Straekin as my enemy.  Watching his antics with her actually entertained me.  I however then saw how wonderful of a father he was to the children.  They did not just have the freedom, but the training to do things.  Venicht was as active as any boy, but gave respect to those around him and actually did well at his studies.  The girls quickly learned our databases, and were able to piece together things to find those things they are credited with discovering.  They did not just luck upon most of them.  When Princess Jelnaya had her problems with us, she knew how to speak out and gain Ferrigote coming for her.  She did not have an easy childhood, but had the upbringing to accept the challenges and overcome them, including the training to then seek instruction in how to ingrain certain traits and improve others.  The imperial family is a tough act to follow, but you know I have done what I could."

"And succeeded."

While I appreciated what he said, I still had to let him know, "I'm going for two.  Do not doubt that."

"I will be certain to assure honor is yours to claim.  I might just be a historian, but I will do what I can to make you look good."

Krachern worked with me to prepare things for coming meals.  We could hear things from Master Lossurp's room, but while we occasionally paused we did not speak about the sounds.  The lad however seemed to have enjoyed the movie, as he came out talking about it.

He finally said, "I will need to speak to Honored Duchess Jelnaya about the events."

I replied, "She has certainly seen the movies, but she will probably refer you to the books.  In fact, I expect Dallenore to also refer to the books."

"Where are your books, Sha Inchell?"

I signaled him to follow me, but had to say, "Drop the 'sha,' Master Lossurp.  I know I am old, but you do not go around saying 'Neza Krachern.'"

"I am to be the equal of Krachern, as I should also be a mature man.  The history of a lady should be respected, and never set equal to me."

"The men of your world did not go around calling me 'Sha Inchell.'"

"They were married."

I did know things of his culture, but also knew how he had been acting.  "Then you should be calling Dallenore, 'Sha Dallenore.'"

A look of disgust came across his features, then he admitted, "I understand.  Sorry if I was offending you by inferring that you appeared old."  He then added, "You however should also stop calling me 'Master.'  I might still be young in your eyes, but I am hoping that I am proving myself to you."

I curtsied, then said, "Truce, Lossurp."

He bowed while saying, "Truce, Inchell.  Jelnaya however is an honored duchess."

"That has nothing to do with age, Lossurp, and she is one of our princesses.  Now, here are my books."

I had opened a panel.  No one would be surprised it was the door to a cabinet, and neither did Lossurp act surprised.  He however spoke about what he saw when the panel opened.

"They are not in good condition."

"No, but you should treat them with the greatest respect.  These are actual texts with some even the one we are to see, the Grand Librarian Galabur, will be surprised I possess.  Most I honestly cannot read, so the notebooks next to them are the translation I gained from various sources.  Some do not even have translations, but you will see my notes on what I managed to figure out and how."

He did not move to touch any of them, but simply asked, "Any on poetry?"  I took a book, and began reading it glad to have him say, "That is from the Tracogition."

"Yes, in fact it is the Tracogition.  While that is the supposedly holy book of the supposed good deity of your world, I found it fascinating that Yenostron was an alien deity.  When my research showed that Negredell was associated with Yenostron, I at first did not believe the association.  Needless to say, I ended up traveling to your world."

He looked at it, then asked, "You did not pick up a better copy?"

"I am proud to have this copy.  I am further pleased to now be able to read it.  I learned a lot, Lossurp.  I have no regret about journeying to your world or the time I spent on your world."

"You are correct.  I understand.  Thank you for coming, Inchell."

I put the book back in its place, then said, "Now, we have more to learn, but there is also time to watch movies."

"I guess I need to get to work to learn your language so I can read your books."

And they prepare for their journey.