The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Nine

The doctor stepped in looking at some reports, then sat at his desk to say, "Don't tell me that you are unaware of what the tests say."

I replied, "I'm aware, but I want to know if you have any concerns."

"Physically, no.  Have you done anything that should concern me?"

"I am with someone who could do that, but we are both mature adults.  We have waited.  He did buy some condoms when on his world, but we have not used them yet."

He stopped looking at the reports, and I saw him try to be a friend as he said, "Well, let me advise you to make certain.  We have a very wonderful record going with marriages, and I agree we need to keep it that way.  May I ask who he is?"

"Doctor Krachern of the University of Charestill.  His degree is in Archeology, and he travels through the omniverse looking for evidence of lost civilizations or certain truths behind legends.  Nothing like King Terish, although I am certain the two could hit it off telling each other their stories."

"Is that what you want in a husband?"

"As a husband, yes.  As a life, I am not so certain.  I however have planned to go with Brullusk to the Electorium and meet with the grand librarian Galabur.  That journey should help me make my decision."

He straighten the pages of the report as he said, "Then we will leave it at that.  Just so you know, I have no instructions or recommendations about releasing this information.  There are a number that would probably like to know, but until you decide to claim a husband or end up pregnant no one needs to know.  If word comes out, it will not be by me."

"I have not been hiding my relationship, so it could come out.  I was with Princess Jelnaya when the blessing occurred, and she did make contact with Empress Straekin.  You can assume people know, but I agree it is not your place to tell."

"Thank you.  Now, I am not going to tell a woman her business, but babies are so rare.  Once you get pregnant, expect a whole lot of support from people you will appreciate and those you probably will not."

"They are just going to have to get approval from my mother."

A wide smile broke out on his face as he said, "Which is how it should be.  Everything looks good, Inchell.  You might need some time adjusting as you relearn your body's cycles, but that is the only problem I would present to you."  He then asked, "You mentioned Princess Jelnaya making contact with her grandmother.  Have you spoken with our empress about this?"


"Do not be scared to.  There are a few other names I could present to you."

Knowing my doctor had also fought against our empress, I said, "Each time I have met Empress Straekin, she has been gracious.  I do not fear talking to her, but I also feel like this is a topic of no answers.  I definitely know how to get pregnant."

"That is not my point.  You certainly should know about living forever.  You certainly should know things about your body.  Mix the two however and things can get a little challenging.  Empress Straekin had five children, more than any other of our ladies, and spoke of no problems.  Honestly, none of the others spoke of complications either.  My point however is that you are going to face issues you probably have not actually dealt with.  Having some female support, I mean from those who have been there and not those who have formed opinions, could help."

"I will keep that in mind."

"Inchell, you are not fighting a war, but life.  You're a wonderful soldier, but marriage is a fight of a different kind."

I actually allowed his words to sink in before I said, "Maybe I will just wait for Princess Jelnaya to get married.  I actually liked her.  If she got married, and pregnant, I believe advice from her would help me."

"For someone who was treated the way we treated her, I find it strange that she is the one who comes back to us.  How bad did she treat you?"

"Not bad.  She can be harsh, but it came across to me as if she was saying that she put up with us, so now we had to put up with her.  Really, I liked her."

"I'm glad to hear it.  Okay, Inchell, come back if you feel the need."

Coming back to my apartment, I stepped in and spoke seeing Krachern, "No problems were detected.  Plans still on."

"Good," he replied.  "Now, please, go check on Master Lossurp.  He got nosey and saw your weapons."

I moved into the living area to see the youth with a book, which he quickly closed to say, "You have some awesome appearing weapons."

I simply replied, "Come on."  When he obediently got up, I added, "I thought you knew I was a Marine."

"Oh, yes, but I have not seen you use weapons of that type."

The door to the room was not locked, but the guns were.  I however quickly moved to release one rather powerful gun, and tossed it to Master Lossurp.  He showed some experience handling weapons of that type, which I expected as we ran into ballistic arms on his world.  He checked it out, then looked to me with a quizzical expression.

I said, "That is Kallotech.  Princess Jelnaya's company made that gun.  We have comparable on Davelda in firepower, a few of these can match it if not exceed it.  That weapon however will work on numerous worlds while ours will not.  Since I was planning a trip through the omniverse, I purchased that semi-automatic rifle along with a number of boxes of ammo."

Master Lossurp replied, "I did not see her use anything like this."

"No.  I heard the boast that she was more dangerous than weapons of that type.  On our mission with her she proved it.  She went up against your military and had them come to respect her.  I now respect her more as well.  Actually, I am glad that I did not bring it."

"Can we fire it?"

"Certainly.  They do not like me firing weapons in the city limits, but we are all veterans of a most horrible war.  Gunshots will not bother anyone, as long as we do not fire at anyone."

I grabbed a box of bullets while saying, "Let's shoot enough just to give you a feel for the weapon.  Since that weapon and the bullets are not from Davelda, I do have to purchase them."

Master Lossurp stayed silent as I picked up a cement block, went across the street into a vacant field to set it up, then drew a circle on it with a piece of chalk.  With that done I walked back to hand him one bullet.  He certainly saw me pick up a box of the ammunition.  He however did not question the single bullet, but as if I was just putting him to the test he released the clip, set the bullet in it, put the clip back into the gun, aimed, then fired.  When the cement block almost completely vaporized he simply stared at where it had been for an extended moment before making an exclamation.

I smiled saying, "Yes.  Well worth the money, but not a hunting weapon at all.  Princess Jelnaya will hunt.  You saw evidence of that.  Probably one reason she does not use her company's weapons.  Just for note, she does carry some Kallotech on her person.   She has concussion grenades, daggers, and you noticed that some of her arrows were Kallotech.  Again, however, she does not use them unless there is a need of some kind."

The lad asked, "Why would you need a weapon of this type?"

"Good question, although the answer is obvious and something that was brought out by Princess Jelnaya.  You use them to kill other people.  We of Davelda turned our weapons on each other.  That is why no one cares about me using the weapons.  They trust that I have learned not to do that.  On Princess Jelnaya's home world, they have not yet learned that lesson.  Most of those Kallotech sells to have not learned that lesson."

"Honored Duchess Jelnaya did not kill people."

"If she can help it.  Her deity is He-Who-Fights, not He-Who-Slaughters.  She has had to kill people, but her pride in those battles is that of any soldier:  the situation demanded it and she did what she had to."

I was impressed when the lad returned the gun to me, then asked, "Do you have anything we can hunt with?"

The two of us spent a good amount of time firing various weapons.  Master Lossurp really did not have the training, but again proved himself to be a good student.  He listened to my instructions, repeated the steps, and obeyed any command I gave.  Not having a concern with him, I freely spent time with him discussing the weapons.

We both turned hearing a lady say, "I guess my question has been answered."

I was actually amazed to see the actress that played Princess Jelnaya in the movies, but Master Lossurp voiced what I thought.  "You really do not look like Honored Duchess Jelnaya, and you do not even have the hair."

The actress smiled, then said, "Even if I did, I still would not be her.  And who is this fine young man before me?"

We all exchanged names.  I knew Dallenore Finnechell only from what I had seen.  We spoke of things to familiarize ourselves with each other.  She helped us return the weapons to their places, then spoke of the reason for her visit.

"We do use our horses in the movies, so I do know Brullusk.  While a lot of special effects are in the movies, exotic locations just cannot be truly duplicated.  There is just something in the presence and manner of Princess Jelnaya that I cannot duplicate, no matter how good of an actress I am.  I thus felt the need to learn something of other worlds.  In speaking to Brullusk, he mentioned your desire to travel with him to the Electorium.  I was thinking of joining you.  I however am not looking to get into any adventures of my own."

I admitted, "I do not know what we will be involved in.  It however does involve demi-deities.  You should however be able to come back with Brullusk."

"Yes, I considered that.  There is also the fact you went on an adventure with Princess Jelnaya.  I thus can find out about the real story behind a future movie."

I had told Master Lossurp that the reason the lady had the position as the actress for the movies was that she could do the stunts.  He also had been informed that all of the immortal citizens of Davelda were veterans of a most horrible war.  Master Lossurp thus found Dallenore willing and able to go through certain routines and discuss certain topics.  I believe one of his problems was that she did appear young, actually still a girl when the war occurred, but I found him to start treating her with the same courtesy he showed to me.  She seemed extremely pleased to be meeting an actual young man, and I would say showed joy in discussing certain topics with him.  When we settled to eat, she turned the conversation back to our plans and spoke to Krachern about the deities of his world along with Master Lossurp about his meetings with Vedicran.

Something bothered Krachern in hearing her interrogate Master Lossurp having him ask, "Dallenore, what bothers you about Vedicran?"

She replied, "I'm over seven hundred years old.  I see things in me, us, that I don't see in all the others.  King Terish, Lord Ferrigote, Princess Jelnaya, all of them have a spark that we have lost.  It really has not returned to any of us.  Even Empress Straekin still presents herself as one of us after over a century of being with King Terish and raising five children.  Something in what I am hearing says these demi-gods still have that spark.  That is why I want to go with you.  I want to meet Galabur, who is ancient by every standard, and these demi-gods, and anyone else who might be able to treat us immortals of Davelda as youngsters.  If I can figure out what they have, even just to the minimum level of being able to duplicate it in my acting, I believe it could help."

"I am sorry to tell you, dear lady, that you now have a purpose to this journey.  Expect to be involved."

"Then I guess I need to make preparations."

More than Dallenore makes preparations.