The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Eight

While it was a wonderful excursion for the men, I had things to do.  This was my home with me having a job, family, and simply people who I considered as friends.  I also had medical questions.  While I did feel the need to assure a wonderful time for my two male companions, I knew the time would include less pleasant periods for me.

Of course I knew how to drive a car.  I was a lot more comfortable behind the control panel than I was upon a horse.  While Krachern spoke of the scenery, he saw it in passing as I had the vehicle rush us the distance from the imperial city to my home.

My town was mostly just a business center, as the people lived where they could let time pass without being a bother to others.  It was possible to have things delivered, but most simply had them shipped to their favorite store, usually where they worked, with them bringing the items home when it was convenient.  With me being in the military, I originally found no reason to be responsible for a home.  Not being a major center of industry or military operations, my town had not suffered from any direct attacks.  While Empress Straekin had no qualms about taking necessary actions to win the war, she had not promoted a policy of assured territorial non-involvement, or bombing all communities back into the stone age like our side of the war had sought to do.  I had helped rebuild my town after the war, including the one apartment complex.  Actually agreeing with the policies put forth by Empress Straekin, now truly elected into that position, I then left to join the united military.  When I came home, I stayed with my parents, although with my father refusing the immortality process I did not want to spend my free time watching him age and die.  I took off to help in a remodeling of the apartment complex, then when it was just us immortals I helped them rebuild it again to include certain luxuries to help the residents have a more relaxing lifestyle.  When one went and died in a skydiving accident, I was offered the apartment, and accepted.  Once everyone had adjusted to the lack of money, we rebuilt it a third time expanding the apartments and adding more luxuries.  While I lived on the edge of the business center, I had a home that declared we were spending our eternal years living in the best conditions possible.

Neither Krachern nor Master Lossurp were from societies lacking in scientific advancement.  Each had a society that had limited what was possible, but they still knew there was no need to constantly worry about survival.  Stepping into my apartment, they however both spoke in amazement of the luxuries I had in my home.

Master Lossurp looked at the room I told him to claim, then asked, "You left all this to come to my world?"

I replied, "If you cannot leave it then you are dependent upon it.  Yes, Master Lossurp, I left all of this.  I did so and overcame your society to achieve my objective.  I enjoy all of this, do not get me wrong, but I am not dependent upon it."

The doorbell rang, and I saw Krachern go to open it.  I heard the introductions, then when a neighbor walked in he whistled in seeing Master Lossurp with me.  Wondering what would be said, I waited for the man to speak.

He sat down a bottle of wine, then said, "Inchell, two men being with you is impressive, but that is not what the bet was about."

Krachern went to the kitchen and began opening cabinets while asking, "And what was the bet about."

I said, "Princess Jelnaya.  Trejarn, she is so far beyond me.  She could take us.  Seriously, she took on the military of Master Lossurp's world without any concern."

My neighbor, who was also another active duty soldier, asked, "Fought them?"

"Effectively.  It was almost all harassment, but expertly done.  That last day, the one where we entered Negredell the first time, she would have taken them on.  It didn't come to that, but she was ready to do it."  Pouring the wine, I said, "She killed a bear with a stick.  When I saw her do that, everything after that was me accepting she was my teacher."

Trejarn was an officer in a different company than mine, but we were both Army.  I trained him, and he certified me, so we had a working relationship.  It had gone further at times, but one rule you learned in living forever was not to get bogged down with momentary situations.  We let things pass, allowed lines to again be established between us, then went on with our lives with both of us bragging about remaining friends.

The apartment was spacious enough that I could work at duplicating how she killed the bear with a stick.  We all laughed at points, then wondered about things in our reenactment.  I had seen it happen.  Krachern had not yet joined us at that time, but had heard enough about it that he freely participated in attempting to duplicate the scene with us all having to accept that some things had to have happened just right.

Trejarn then asked, "Okay, so you lost the bet.  How about that?"

"Already working on it," I replied.  "Waiting for a call from Brullusk.  Heading to the Electorium."  I played with my fingers saying, "I plan on learning what this is all about."

"Whoa.  Our empress said that was not easy to understand."

"But you watch them, and you realize they know a lot.  My instructions got me out there and back, but whatever they are doing is at a level you really need to know to survive out there.  We were before Sheik Brelask, the person in charge of Master Lossurp's community, and Princess Jelnaya plays with her fingers before telling him how long we are going to be gone.  She then took us directly to a cricket house, one she had not been to before.  I need to know how she did that."

"She's a divine champion, Inchell."

Trejarn tried to use that argument back when I was first starting to plan the journey I made, and I let him know my response back then was still valid.  "She was doing that before she was a divine champion.  She was doing that as a kid.  It is way past time for me to learn it."

Krachern interjected, "You and me both."

Trejarn clarified, "Both you men going with Inchell?"

While Master Lossurp spoke an affirmation, Krachern said, "We did not join the lady to abandon her."

"Any objective or just traveling?"

"We have a question to ask the grand librarian Galabur, and Master Lossurp has his hopes set on a demi-goddess.  As for me, I have a special instrument to find."

"A demi-goddess?"

Showing no fear of being picked on, Master Lossurp said, "I doubt I can win Honored Duchess Jelnaya, but it has been thousands of years and no one has claimed the demi-goddess.  It is about time somebody tried."

Trajern lifted his glass and made a toast to Master Lossurp calling him 'the man.'  He then asked about the lady and listened while things of Vedicran were related.  While I really had no facts, I had to admit that I saw the lady that approached and spoke to Master Lossurp.

I then asked, "Krachern, are any of your demi-gods married?  I don't remember you saying Kashord was."

There was a pause, then he admitted, "I don't think he is."  He then appeared to count his fingers, then said, "I don't believe any of them are.  A couple did try, but the spouses died, were killed, and the stories say that the demi-god Auford died with the lady he was seeking to marry."

"That does not sound good."

"Keep your wits about you, Master Lossurp."

The lad replied, "I did listen to a number of their stories.  None of them ever actually married, although some tried.  Uh, yes, I remember listening to the story of Auford.  Too bad I could not bring the cartridges with me."

Trajern said, "There is a group wanting to copy all the texts in King Terish's library, but I cannot say that would help you if they had."

"If Galabur can answer the question Vedicran wants me to ask him, maybe he can speak more on the topic."  As if he was just realizing something, he asked, "Should I bring some gold with me to pay him?"

Krachern said, "We can both bring a couple of pounds.  Galabur does not overly charge.  If we need more, we trust Empress Straekin's reference to help us gain the information we desire."

Trajern asked, "Empress Straekin's reference?"

I explained, "I was worried about paying Galabur, and mentioned it to King Terish.  Brullusk has a way to contact him, and let me do so.  Since King Terish is friends with Galabur, I asked if he could vouch for us.  King Terish reminded me that I was a citizen of Davelda, so his wife would cover any necessary expenditure."

"I hope that does not get the lady mad at you."

Trajern and I might serve in different companies, but we both served on the other side of the war.  While we both admitted the lady had done a wonderful job of seeing to the promises made, we still had a concern from our time of once being her enemy.  While we accepted some of our comments did not actually apply to the lady that ruled our planet, we still thought certain things and freely said them.

I replied, "If it does, we have time to get over it.  I however have always found her gracious, and if she can tolerate King Terish she can certainly put up with something I do."

It did not surprise me to hear Trajern say, "Amen to that."  He then asked, "So, Inchell, what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Going to the doctor."

"What about?  Scared you got some alien disease?"

"I faced a God, Trajern.  Really.  I stood before a God, and before I did the power of Negredell purged me.  I believe my body was restored."

It took him a moment, but then he asked, "Restored?  You mean like Empress Straekin?"

"And Giluchex's daughter, and I believe a few more."

"But… but… Just how serious is the relationship between you and Krachern?"

I smiled while admitting, "It is Doctor Krachern of the University of Charestill.  If you must know, his credentials are valid and a sizable stipend has been secured for another period.  He was with us the second time we went to see the God Jemaloran, so he has a strong reference of having a good moral character.  He also moves through the omniverse, so we are thinking we could be good for each other."

The man being discussed said, " Doctor of Archeology, and I am from the world where the demi-gods call home.  I already had my time trying to impress them, and failed.  I will settle for Inchell while wishing Master Lossurp all the luck."

Trajern refilled the man's glass while saying, "And I wish you all the luck with Inchell.  She can be a single-minded handful."

"I believe what Jelnaya put her through softened up her mentality.  Inchell has been a good traveling companion."

I had to admit, "Princess Jelnaya is so far beyond me.  She not only had the confidence, but the capability.  She was not only overcoming our obstacles, but those I had not even fathomed existed or could be overcome.  Tell Trajern, Master Lossurp.  She set off an armament storage with a stick."

The lad replied, "She knew the military would accuse us if they found one of our arrows, so made one from a tree limb."  Going through motions, he explained, "She cut the stick, removed the bark and smoothed the length with a dagger, did something with the end, I believe used some magic, to harden it, then sent it to where they had stored the missiles they were sending to us.  She knew where to strike, and the entire group of missiles exploded."

"She did all sorts of stuff like that.  For a Champion of He-Who-Fights, she was fighting them without fighting them."

Trajern said, "Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.  I'm glad.  Now you are going off to get the lad here married to a demi-goddess older than we are, then probably come back to have a family.  Who could of thought of this centuries ago?"

Krachern asked, "How about you, Trajern?"

"So far I haven't done any of it.  No trip to Thiminy.  Not planning to go to Phanigist.  Nothing.  Truly just a varnished piece of petrified wood.  Maybe one day.  Still, if something comes here to disrupt what we have, I will be all over it.  That is when I will get to see King Terish, Princess Jelnaya, all our heroes in action, and I will be there fighting with them.  That I can promise you."

Inchell gets some things done she needs to do.