The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Seven

On a world where everything is free, the idea of a banking system is a little odd.  It was actually a relic of the days when our world had an economy with everyone enslaved by the need to pay for things.  It did have certain functions that kept it useful during those centuries when no one was in need of money, but now that our world had interaction with those from elsewhere the banking system found itself once again to have a purpose.

Entering the bank in the imperial city, I moved to speak to the man who approached.  He said my name with me then shaking hands with him while hearing him identify himself.  I did not doubt he knew my name from a security camera identifying me, but spoke to the man to let him know why I had entered the establishment.
"I am here to present Master Lossurp of House Sevalla."

"Ah, yes."  He shook hands with the young man, also was introduced to Krachern, then directed us to an office while saying, "It is so different having people come from other worlds.  It was quite a sight when this set of nicely attired ladies came in and set up this account.  There was talk of releasing the camera recordings of the occasion, but what goes on in here is not public."

As we took a seat, the man said, "Young man, the ladies spoke a concern of you needing a horse.  The usual price is three pounds of gold, but Brullusk actually has the freedom to charge what he will.  Some people he does not like, and others really get on his nerves."

Master Lossurp replied, "I believe we have a month of liberty concerning expenses."

"That is on normal transactions.  Our empress definitely wants to show her support of you, but does not want her world ransacked either.  A horse is not a normal transaction, even though that is what most coming to our world want to purchase, and you could find others who claim the same for their products."

I said, "I am working on a deal with Brullusk, so am expecting a discount."

"All normal business.  The fact all of the gold will not be immediately required, if at all, only makes this meeting more important.  Let's do what we can to assure Master Lossurp has access to his finances."

The time at the bank was as stressful as most serious matters tend to be.  While there was never a feeling of danger, all the precautions those in the bank performed had one consider that there could be trouble.  The fact Master Lossurp did not show any stress, but calmly went through the proceedings, helped me contain my own emotions until all matters were dealt with.

Coming out of the bank, it however was Krachern who spoke of a concern.  "Now we have a puzzle.  Why would those of my world, I am talking about those divine, think we would need horses?  We have been doing well without them."

Master Lossurp replied, "They are a sign of status.  Walking is an indication that we have time.  We are not worried about tomorrow, but feel free to let things happen when they will.  Those of status with a purpose however have the need to get their business done, so they ride."

"Inchell, at what point were you intending for us to get our horses?"

I admitted, "After coming back from the Electorium.  I figured by then Brullusk would have seen what we did for him, and provide a good price for the two of you.  Of course I will just be able to claim a mount."

"How long would the journey take?"

"It should be a while.  I don't know exactly."

"What is the best way to get out to the horse handlers?  I believe we need to speak to Brullusk."

It ended up being another car ride.  I actually was leading my companions to a bus stop when a vehicle drove up asking where we were going.  Answering that we would be going out to the horse handlers, the woman asked who we were.  When I told her she had us climb in speaking of wanting to meet those who had spent time with Princess Jelnaya.

Master Lossurp found the lady to very opinionated on the movies, so enjoyed speaking of what he saw in the one he watched and his direct experience with the Champion of He-Who-Fights.  It was true that Princess Jelnaya came to Davelda for various reasons, and being the only descendant of the empress to do so earned her a lot of the respect those of my world gave her.  I would say all had favorite images of her from the camera in the front room of Empress Straekin's apartment, as she moved about, or from a few television shows she had appeared on.  Having actually spent time with Princess Jelnaya, the lady driving us found Master Lossurp fascinating in his opinion of the movie.

Coming to the horse handlers, it was one of those other than Brullusk who asked us if we had come to purchase a horse.  Of course I asked to speak to main person.  It took us waiting for a period, but he finally showed up.

Entering the building, he asked, "You want your horses, or what?"

I replied, "I was going to wait until coming back, but I am finding myself unsure of things.  Might as well go ahead and get them.  If we need to take off, no loss to you."

"Tell you what.  Let us go and simply look over the horses.  You can then decide upon saddles and things, and I can be having the special orders processed while waiting for the time to go.  I won't charge your companions at this time, but will see how things go on our journey.  For starters, let me say that if you return with me, the gear is free.  If not, come back with your story and I will decide how much I am going to charge you."

Brullusk listened to my explanation for demanding his presence as we looked at the horses.  He had heard most from Princess Jelnaya, but accepted my perspective on certain details.  After listening to what had happened on Krachern's world that led to what we intended to do in the Electorium, he felt able to provide advice.

"Listen, Galabur is a very reasonable being.  I don't know about your question to him, but if a question surprises or perplexes him he can be generous.  That is how Galabur and Terish grew to like each other.  Terish then went and gained enough knowledge to advance into the category of being a Deadre, and now Galabur respects him as an equal.  Don't go so far as Terish, but also do not fear going to Galabur with a question.  If he feels the need to charge you an outlandish fee, he will let you know."

While that information eased my mind, I still had to ask about another concern. "What about that hand thing you do?  Going to the Electorium is supposed to help understand it, but I don’t understand it at all."

He laughed as he replied, "It took me some time to fully understand it as well.  Empress Straekin said for a long time that she did not understand it, but simply trusted Terish to find his way around.  The children do, but they grew up seeing their parents use it.  Prince Venicht stayed moving about realities to sell his weapons, so Princess Jelnaya and her siblings have some understanding.  I believe only Princess Jelnaya and Prince Balerk have been to the Electorium, so are the only two to truly understand.  Anyway, Inchell, it takes a number of days to get to the Electorium, so I can give you lessons on the way and probably more on the way back."

Returning to the hotel, I arranged for a car to be provided the next day.  Both of the men looked at me when I simply called and requested a vehicle, then said I would drive us to my home.  While I had not been charged at all for my purchases, I believe it was in knowing I would have a car in the morning that let the men know the statement of not needing money on Davelda was true.

I then spent time on the database letting the two men know about the imperial family.  Basically it was me telling what I knew or reading the information while they looked at the pictures.   Coming to the second generation, Master Lossurp let me know he was paying attention by stating a fact not really present.

"That would make Honored Duchess Jelnaya about thirty years old."

While I thought it cute that he was realizing certain facts, I still felt to take advantage of a teaching moment.  "And she will not stop.  That was what she was telling you.  You do not stop.  You commit and set yourself on the path.  What you saw was her staying true to her commitment to Fergush."

"But she should be having a husband and children."

"And she spoke about that with Honored Makinor, but she also let it be known that she was not going to stop.  Whoever steps up to be her husband, is going to have to accept that about her.  If you want Vedicran, Master Lossurp, that is what you are going to have to do."

Krachern supported me by saying, "Completely true, Master Lossurp.  If you really want Vedicran, you are going to have to step up in a manner no other young man has done.  I however will warn you that she is much older than Jelnaya."

"Don't let that get you down, Master Lossurp.  Empress Straekin was centuries older than Terish, but somehow found a connection.  It's not the age, but the personality, and you heard Princess Jelnaya speak about that as well.  As for Vedicran, that might be a problem, as you really know nothing about her.  You might find yourself worthy to gain her, but not wanting her."

"That is true.  I mean there are stories, but I cannot tell you that any of them are true.  In fact, none can be verified.  That probably should be objective one, just getting to spend time with Vedicran."

"Wow," Master Lossurp softly exclaimed.  "Doctor Krachern, just how old do you believe Vedicran is?"

"Thousands, Lossurp.  I can say the tales of Vedicran date back millennia."

"And no one has stepped up to marry her?"

"You are talking about the daughter of our major deity, Lossurp.  The fear factor is great, and I am talking about it being more than simply the requirement to be possibly worthy of her."

Just curious, I asked, "Were you that impressed with her, Master Lossurp?"

The young man replied, "I liked Honored Duchess Jelnaya.  She was fun.  I was not at her level, but she was someone I wished I could claim.  Something about Vedicran however seemed that I could stand with her, and she seemed fun as well.  She also seemed more normal.  With that red and yellow hair, Honored Duchess Jelnaya seemed fantastic.  Vedicran appeared as a normal girl."

Having seen the supposed demi-goddess, I had to admit, "She did appear as someone who could fit into normal society."

"But you are right, both you and Doctor Krachern.  I do almost know nothing about Vedicran.  I have now learned even more about Honored Duchess Jelnaya, so I can say things about her.  What do you think I need to do to learn more about Vedicran?"

Krachern answered, "What she told you to do.  We have about a week before we start on that journey, so until then let's just enjoy our stay on this fantastic world."

And Inchell brings the men to her home.