The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Six

It was only four days to Davelda.  I could not say that I knew the way, but I learned a lot about how to apply the information I had gained in making my way to the world of Master Lossurp.  Krachern looked over my notes and suggested some corrections with both of us making adjustments as we traveled.  I believe we both smiled at not having to blame the other for a wrong turn when we arrived on Davelda.

I pointed out the imperial city in the distance, the castle that did not look that far away, and the spire of the ancient church, then indicated another direction telling the two men to follow me in that direction.  While we walked through a field of native grass that had not been mowed in some time, the weather was rather pleasant with a storm in the distance that luckily had not already soaked the strands.  As Master Lossurp spoke of recognizing the vehicles not having wheels, I pointed to what I said was truly of note.

One rider of a horse turned and headed toward us.  The lad spoke of the breed of the animal being the same as that Princess Jelnaya and Honored Makinor had ridden.  I assured him the horse was of the same type of animal, even as I waited for the rider to approach.

I smiled seeing Brullusk.  He was who I wanted to speak to.  He surprised us by calling each of us by name.  I had spoken to Brullusk, but the couple of meetings really did not have me believe he would remember me.

He then said, "Inchell, you need to bring the young man to the bank.  Ten pounds of gold was put into an account for him.  Krachern, I assume you brought something of value, but Princess Jelnaya left something for me saying it should cover most of the cost for a horse."

I replied, "We can discuss that, Brullusk, but I need to speak to King Terish.  I believe you have something to do that."

He dismounted, then pulled from a pocket an amulet that he activated, then said after hearing a man speak his name, "King Terish, Inchell told me she needs to speak to you."

As the amulet was handed to me, I heard the voice of my empress' husband ask, "What do you need, Inchell?  Jelnaya has spoken to me of the adventure she had with you."

I replied, "King Terish, I am going to make a proposal to Brullusk, but to really make it of worth to me I would ask that you do me a favor.  I, well Master Lossurp, needs to speak to Galabur."

"He's not a divine figure, or associated with the divine, Inchell.  He is a friend, so I can ask him, but considering you went before a God, I do not see how it relates."

"It was a demi-goddess that gave us the question to ask him."

There really was not a pause before King Terish said, "Okay.  I will let Galabur know to watch out for you.  I will however warn you that Galabur will charge for his time."

"If it is too high, can I say you will cover it?  I can then work with you on paying it back."

"You're a citizen of Davelda, Inchell.  My wife will cover it.  I will let Galabur know."

"Thank you, King Terish."

As I handed the amulet back to Brullusk, I let him know the proposal I had for him.  "I offer my services and those of my companions on your next journey to the Electorium.  I know you bring the horses there as part of their training."

He replied, "I am actually surprised more people do not ask me that.  My first thought is to refuse, but I have three people who are familiar with traveling through the omniverse and have succeeded at a major mission.  I also tend to have my workers not wanting to go with me to the Electorium.  I have four horses that I need to gain the understanding that journey provides, so am planning to make the trip in about a week.  I will let you know, Inchell."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome.  Princess Jelnaya came through and let everyone know you were safe.  By everyone I know she spoke to your CO and your mother.  She spent time on the network, so probably contacted more.  Still, it could help if you called them yourself."

I thanked him for that message, then asked, "Could you call us a ride to the imperial city?"

"You know our ways.  Walk to the road.  Someone will stop and pick you up, or at least one of our busses will."

As Brullusk rode off and we turned to head to the road, Krachern said, "Inchell, did I hear right?  You just asked the great Terish Dozzrine for a loan, and he basically agreed."

While I really had not thought of it that way, I found myself admitting the words were true.  "Well, he is known to work with ancient puzzles, and you heard Princess Jelnaya tell us that we needed to commit.  All I told King Terish was that I was going to commit."  I then smiled while adding, "Told you I could get permission for us to meet the dragon that guards his cavern of gold."

"I was obviously born on the wrong planet."

As we neared the road, someone did indeed pull over and ask where we were going.  In saying to the imperial city, the driver informed us he was heading there as well before asking us to ride with him.  As I let the man know who we were, I guess the casual nature of how we spoke to each other had Master Lossurp make a comment as he settled in the vehicle.

"I guess Honored Duchess Jelnaya was correct about everyone here knowing each other."

The man driving turned to ask, "You know our Princess Jelnaya, young man?"

"Yes.  She went with us to assure we reached our objective.  She's fun."

"She is a lot more positive in attitude than when she originally came here.  The girl has what she wanted however, so I guess has no reason to gripe.  Remember that.  If you end up getting what you want, be happy about it."

"Of course, although I first have to figure out what I want."

"That is always the difficulty of those new to life."  The driver then turned to me ask, "Inchell, do you have a house in the city, or do you need a hotel?"

I answered, "My home is in Asgrellor, so a hotel."

"The best one, or one of the others due to them charging your friends?"

Saying they were all better than sleeping on the ground, I mentioned the one I knew as a soldier.  Empress Straekin did give galas for those who stayed in active duty.  While everything was free for those of us native to the world, considering that we needed to stay focused on our jobs she did not reserve rooms in the luxury hotel.  We could have claimed them, and some did, but those of us that simply had time made available and decided to actually attend a social event ended up staying at one of the regular establishments.  Having never had a problem at what some called a lesser hotel, I told the driver of the one I was familiar with.

As we checked into the hotel, I realized that we could have stayed at the better accommodations in hearing the clerk say, "Your two companions have been authorized for a month.  Empress Straekin said they had business."

I simply replied, "That was very nice of her."

"Not like we really need their money.  I will get your room keys."

As we looked over the suite, Master Lossurp asked, "Everyone we met was over seven hundred years old?"

"Yes," I replied.

Krachern said, "And they all seemed comfortable with the fact we presented ourselves as being from completely different worlds."

I went to a television, and turned it on activating a program I knew while saying, "Yes, although this helps.  Master Lossurp, this is a Princess Jelnaya movie."

He watched the opening fight scene, then commented, "Even with the yellow and red hair, she does not look that much like Honored Duchess Jelnaya."

"No, but the actress can manage the stunts.  There are various debates on how well she can act, but they have not replaced her as she will do what is necessary to make the action sequences worth watching."

Krachern asked, "So, what is the agenda?  Do we go see your home?"

"The note said Master Lossurp would gain funding, and Brullusk said ten pounds of gold was put on account.  Tomorrow we go to a bank and check on that.  Right now I am going to call my CO and mother, and maybe others.  What more we do could be dependent on what they tell me."

"Then Master Lossurp, I will watch the movie with you."

My CO did speak his appreciation for me personally reporting.  He did mention being contacted by Princess Jelnaya, but reminded me that I did have the obligation to report directly.  When I mentioned what more I planned on doing, I smiled hearing the response from my CO.

"Sounds like you will be doing more than we will be.  Continue to make us proud of you, Sergeant."

My mother sounded a lot more excited than I expected.  Continuing to serve in the military, I was not around much.  Mother always was glad to see me, but seemed exuberant to hear from me this time.

"Inchell, the imperial city is not that far away.  If you are going to stay there, I will come out to meet you."

I replied, "I spoke with those with me about my apartment, Mother.  I want to let them actually see it."

"It has a large kitchen, Inchell.  We can cook the men a feast."

Wondering about my mother, I said, "That is not what I consider to be a good time, Mother."

"Oh, you and – What was she like?"


"Princess Jelnaya.  It surprised me to have her call, as she really does not consider our world her home.  She was also a lot more pleasant than I expected."

"A bundle of energy, Mother.  I watched as she attacked a bear with a fallen limb, and killed it."  Of course I had to break to tell the entire event.  "All those years of me saying I could match her, but I found her to put my military training to shame.  Still, she was very nice.  While I was made aware of the wrong we had done her, she had a spirit that let me know she had found her path.  That is what I am hoping to find, Mother."

"All those centuries, and you had not found it?"

I really did not believe the phone was the right method to speak on a certain topic, but I also felt the distance it provided to be a good thing.  "I thought I did.  I actually went out into the omniverse thinking I would prove myself.  That is not what I found however."

"So, you are still looking?"

"You did not know what to talk to Princess Jelnaya about, Mother.  Munulva directed her to me.  Some things happened that were special enough, but there was more to it.  There is a toy bunny out there in the hands of a very young girl, one of Princess Jelnaya's nieces, that was given to her by Munulva.  I believe I was given something as well.  I am on a path I believe I must follow.  That is all I am doing right now, Mother.  I am simply following the path our Goddess has chosen for me to walk."

"I will fix that feast alone if I have to, Inchell, but in the time it takes me I want to hear about your journey."

And they have business to do.