The Fights Left Behind

Chapter Three

Master Lossurp really was not old enough for college.  He had been advancing through the academic system of his world pursuing an interest in science.  His father had wanted him to go into metallurgy, but I could not say the young man had actually focused on those talents.  Once he had recognized Princess Jelnaya as truly being someone special, he pressed every advantage he could to travel with her.  Negredell however was my goal with Princess Jelnaya present due to my desire to have her teach me what I would need to achieve my own special desire.  What I had learned was something even with centuries of experience behind me did not have me prepared.  I watched as Master Lossurp did better with certain instructions simply because he was young enough not to have preconceived notions to act as barriers to his mind.

He however knew nothing of women, and I found myself entertained watching as his eyes moved to admire the female bodies that moved around him.  Some ladies were nice enough to smile or even say something to him, although I could well recognize that they recognized his youth.  Hearing a couple of women call him a boy, Master Lossurp asked a question of me.

"If I was immortal, would I still age?"

I replied, "It is believed that you would, to a point.  King Terish and Princess Jelnaya were both granted immortality at the age of seventeen, and both still appear young.  There is an age where your body stops developing, and starts aging with immortality preventing any aging.  We of Davelda have the adage that immortality is the best beauty treatment.  There are some traits of aging that were not restored with us gaining immortality, but for the most part we all returned to looking rather youthful."

"You appear very lovely, Sha Inchell."

"Thank you, but I really was not that old.  War ages you, but more mentality than physically.  I believe you have no trouble accepting that I am quite old due to how I act and think."

"Honored Duchess Jelnaya did not act old."

Considering how she was able to manage me, I felt she had more than proven her maturity.  "You just saw her active nature, Master Lossurp.  I saw someone who was able to manage your father, a divine champion to an opposed deity, and us traveling through a foreign land.  Let me also say that if you go to her home, you will find the people of her realm more than understanding who was in charge.  She might be attractive and fun to be around, but that lady is still all business."

"Can we go visit her home?"

"We have things to do here, then we are going to Davelda to do things there.  There is then a journey to the middle of the omniverse to meet the ancient librarian Galabur.  Once all that is done, we will discuss what to do then.  I suspect Krachern will have another assignment."

He was quiet for a period, then said, "If you don't need money on Davelda, you and Doctor Krachern could simply go and live there."

"I have a job there.  I'm in the military.  How about you returning to your home, getting a job, and settling with your young lady?"

Almost in a mumble, the young man said, "My people closed Negredell.  They did more than deny my God, but sealed him away and made up another God to worship instead.  If I went back home, it would not be to simply get a job and settle down with a wife."

"We opened up Negredell, Master Lossurp, and assured your people knew about it.  I believe you are with us to simply give Jemaloran time to work on your people.  I suspect you will soon enough hear your calling, and need to return."

"You did not deny your God, did you Sha Inchell?"

"We did not deny Her, but we did consider Her silent.  We felt she was no longer interacting with us.  When Venicht Dozzrine came, Jelnaya's father, we however learned different.  That attitude of Jelnaya, it was there in Venicht.  Munulva however found favor with him, and we immortals learned something about our Goddess we had forgotten.  We still did things we should not have, like what we did to have Jelnaya leave us, but we are learning and improving.  I hope your people begin doing the same."

I believe Master Lossurp was going to respond, but instead of turning to me he turned in another matter entirely.  Looking in the direction his eyes were staring, I saw a young lady quickly approaching.  She had long dark-red hair.  She wore a dress of some light fabric that danced about her moving legs.  Something about the female did not look right, which had me suspicious even as she came up to us, stopped, then did a quick curtsey before speaking to Master Lossurp.

"Are you the son of this lady and Doctor Krachern?"

The lad bowed before saying, "No, but simply an associate.  I went with the couple on the mission where Doctor Krachern was restored.  Due to some particulars, they allowed me to travel with them."

I said, "Master Lossurp is from the world where we found Negredell.  Due to his accompanying us, certain local matters were resolved a little easier than we expected.  As those with more authority resolve certain matters of our discovery, it was considered best if Master Lossurp spent time with us."

The lady again curtsied, then said, "I am Vedicran, the daughter of Ousonopry.  I will be at the banquet after the series of lectures."

"What banquet?"

"There will be a banquet."  She smiled and curtsied to Master Lossurp, then said, "I will be there.  Please honor me with some of your time."

She spun and rushed off.  I almost felt Master Lossurp was going to chase her.  He however looked to me and asked what I felt was a sensible question.

"Did we not have a banquet the other night at the museum?"

Not certain how his translator had managed what the lady said, I explained, "There was a lot of food, but it was a meal.  A banquet has more food, usually a good variety of food, and a larger crowd is usually present."  I then said, "That lady was not a girl."  Seeing him look at me strangely, I explained, "I know what to look for, so trust me when I say that she was not even close to being as young as she appeared.  Let's go speak to Krachern."

"You mean she was an immortal?"

"Since this is the wrong place for one of those, let's go speak to Krachern."

Heading back into the apartment, I saw Krachern look up from a chair where he was reading some reference book with Master Lossurp saying, "There is supposed to be a banquet."

Krachern replied, "You might enjoy it, and I certainly should.  They always say those things are small affairs with it mostly being warmed up servings of what was not eaten in the cafeteria along with some cake, but free food on a college campus always attracts a crowd.  I however seldom taste any of it, as I am speaking with certain sponsors about where I plan on going next."

I asked, "Krachern, do you know anything of a Ousonopry?  Supposedly we met his daughter, Vedicran."

"Really?  If you did then you spoke with a demi-goddess.  Ousonopry is one of our gods with Vedicran being his illegitimate offspring from Saspronei.  I could tell you the story if you desire."

"No, but tell me if Kashord is in your mythology.  I know I mentioned the young man, but not in the context of him being a divine manifestation."

"Kashord is not an uncommon name, but it is also from our mythology.  He is also a demi-god.  Our trickster god was tricked, and the lady, actually an elderly lady, that did so gave birth to Kashord.  She raised him to recognize all tricks with her making him promise on her death bed that he would be better than his father.  That is why the name is rather popular, as those families of low birth that want better for their offspring will name their first boy Kashord."

Master Lossurp interrupted any developing conversation by saying, "I thought this world did not have gods."

"We do not worship them.  They are characters in our myths, stories.  They also are not good stories.  I mean there are a lot of plot holes, anachronisms, and alternate versions that simply prevent them from being taken as actual beings, much less the events as actual history."

"Can I read them?"

"No, because you cannot read them, Master Lossurp."  Krachern paused, then I was glad to hear him say, "I know where I can get you audiobooks.  When we go eat, we can go by someone I know will have them."

I asked, "We are going out to eat?"

"Did you fix anything, or have anything you want to fix?"


"So we are going out to eat."

As we discussed what we wanted to eat, Krachern drove us out into a nice neighborhood.  Pulling up into a driveway I spoke about how neighborhoods and homes would appear on Davelda.  Our houses tended to be more spread out with them usually being seen with sections boarded up as the plans for the extra space never developing, or had run its course with no new use found, or simply the owners got tired of the need to clean the sections.  We got out hearing Krachern mention that the owners would appreciate a period of conversation.

It was one of the elderly ladies from the museum, Doctor Hemitha, who opened the door.  She seemed quite pleased to meet us.  When told the reason for our visit, she thought for a moment, then motioned for us to come in and shut the door.

She said, "I do have the series, yes, but why do you need them, Krachern?"

He replied, "Master Lossurp really does not know our language.  He is using a translator.  If he listens to the text, the words will be translated for him."

I supported those words by saying, "The translator does not work with the written word."

She led us through the house saying, "I could tell there was something with his speech.  Still, he manages quite well.  The series I have is rather developed however.  Not a version for easy understanding."

"We believe we are being met by some of your demi-gods.  The one that appeared as a young girl admitted her name was Vedicran and that her father was Ousonopry.  In hearing what Master Lossurp said, and what Krachern said, I believe the young man that identified himself as Kashord might have been that figure."

"Well, we worship Ousonopry.  I mean those of us that worship anyone worship Ousonopry.  He is the elder of the gods.  There are three others with only one of them being female.  There are a lot of problems with the religion with many of them coming from the poor quality of the tales about the gods.  Each of the demi-gods is presented in a type of moral lesson.  Kashord is the wise discerner of the tricks of his father with his wisdom coming from the lessons of the old lady that seduced the deity.  Vedicran is the joyful girl who shows her father that there are traits within him that suit her much more than they would ever work for him.  Please do not laugh at the tales."  She blew some dust off a jacket holding a number of cartridges then said, "If you however find yourself going to sleep during them, just go ahead and return them."

Master Lossurp took the case, then asked, "Is Vedicran married?"

"Married?  My dear young man, do not believe you will be the first to try for her.  Still, I don't believe she is.  I mean, with her father being the elder god the standard one will be held to is rather strict."

I said, "Master Lossurp actually has someone waiting for him, but she is rather young.  One of the reasons he was allowed to travel with us."

Master Lossurp tried to support his question.  "Sha Inchell is over seven hundred years old.  Honored Duchess Jelnaya was not so old, but she is immortal.  Doctor Krachern is up in years, as was Honored Makinor.  Grace Bechorei spoke of having about a hundred and fifty years added to her time.  All of these I have found to be amazing people.  Surely the same could be said of Vedicran."

The lady had her eyes on me, but instead of asking me about my age she put her focus back on the young man.  "Nothing wrong about giving a lady your attention.  Find out all you can about her.  As for her actually being this mythological figure, you might be disappointed.  That however means that if you find her interesting, you might have a chance at her."

And they try to learn more about Vedicran.