The Fights Left Behind

Chapter One

There is a record of my Goddess appearing.  It happened when the first child returned to Davelda.  He had obviously been well trained by his parents, one of which was our empress with the other being an amazing man who we had come to recognize as more than deserving of her.  Venicht Dozzrine had not only been taught by those able to wield great power, but had been contacted by our Goddess.  She appeared when the lad used one of the ancient sacred devices to contact his parents in order to prove things of what they were doing and show us of Davelda that She did exist.

I had recently been in the presence of another deity.  That had not been my intent when I set out, but what I had felt was a wonderful place of legend had been found to be more than I conceived of.  I learned a lot on that journey, and now having faced a God I wondered just how much my life had changed.

The world of that deity had accredited me with the discovery.  Although I had not found it alone, I was responsible for gathering the initial evidence and having the audacity to begin my search on my own.  No one attempted to take the credit from me, which had kept me busy making reports, doing interviews, and generally having a moment of fame.

I was presently on the college campus of another world.  This was the home of one of those who joined me on that adventure.  I did consider the man handsome with a mind that worked well with mine.  With him wanting to assure the recognition for what was gained, he brought me to his colleagues to record certain reports along with presenting what facts could be provided.  Being the college campus was not a place for weapons or fighting in general, I was presently returning from the pool where I had spent time doing what I could to stay in shape.

Heading from the changing area to leave, I saw a young man.  What particularly had me notice him were the nice clothes.  There were shiny leather panels set as a part of a well-tailored wool suit.  The young man himself had a very clean appearance with styled thick hair, so I wondered about him even as he spoke.

"An immortal lady from the wonderful world of Davelda.  Not only that, but she returns with the famous Doctor Krachern now back in his original body looking as good as ever.  That had to be an adventure.  No scheduled lecture however.  Strange.  I however will be waiting."

The door I had been planning to leave out of opened with another young man who also took care of his appearance asking, "Sha Inchell, is all well?"

I replied, "All is well, Master Lossurp, although I am unsure of this meeting you intruded upon."

The one who had spoken to me asked, "Master Lossurp?  Who is he?  One of the new children of Davelda?"

"No, but one of those who went with me on the adventure where Doctor Krachern regained his original form.  At the moment Master Lossurp is my associate."

Master Lossurp said, "Sha Inchell and I have faced a God.  Luckily for you He was most kind.  As He is my God, I shall be kind to you.  May I ask your name?"

The one that had stopped me replied, "Kashord.  I do have a title or two, but I doubt either of you will respect it.  Inchell, Sha Inchell," that was said with a smile as he imitated Master Lossurp, "I told you I would be waiting for the posting of your lecture."

Master Lossurp watched the man as he left, then looked to me to say, "I do not know about a lecture, but Doctor Krachern sent me to have you rush back.  It seems there will be an informal interview with the committee that sponsors Doctor Krachern.  He assured me that there is no need for the time to be spent completely bored."

I signaled that I would walk with him, then as we left the building I said, "Might as well go there with the attitude we will be completely bored.  That goes double for you, as you have already put up with a number of these meetings.  Surely you are getting bored by them."

"You warned me Davelda would be more than boring.  I guess I will have other meetings to compare those to."

"Remember that you chose to come with Krachern and me.  You could have stayed home."

"That would have been boring.  I cannot say this campus is an amazing place, but it definitely is not home."  As if to let me know what he had been doing, Master Lossurp added, "I do not see how Honored Duchess Jelnaya reads the writing of others.  In speaking to someone, they spoke of her as not being real.  I wanted to check the database, but I cannot read anything.  When someone graciously read something for me, the sounds I heard for the symbols did not match the words I heard."

I felt the need to explain again, "You are hearing a translation.  When they sound it out, you hear the sounds, but when they say the word you hear the word in your language and not really what they said.  As you travel with Krachern and me, you should start figuring some stuff out."

"Well, when I went to Doctor Krachern to ask him about Honored Duchess Jelnaya, he sent me to get you.  I guess I can ask him as we travel, if not before."

"You should accept that Princess Jelnaya will visit, so this world can accept her as being real at that time.  Don't worry about her, Master Lossurp.  However, that does sound like a good start for a conversation when we again need to spend days traveling."

We entered a large building.  Krachern did not have a house, and only an efficiency apartment.  He traveled too much to be responsible for anything larger.  Once he arrived, he however proved his status by claiming better accommodations.  Once everyone accepted the person as truly being him, as he had been a number of years as what everyone called a horse person, they quickly brought out trunks stored in a basement into a spacious apartment.  He then began filling the rooms with furniture brought from various places about the building and covering a number of tables with the items he had gained and the reams of notes he had made to carefully document his travels.

Master Lossurp and I had helped Krachern as much as possible, but neither of us could work with his script.  All I could do was let Krachern know that what I was doing with him he would have to do for me once we arrived on Davelda.  He smiled, then told us he would stay at his work while accepting what other activities either of us mentioned.

Entering the apartment and seeing a man stick his head out of a room to look to us, Master Lossurp said, "Doctor Krachern, I was told that those here did not believe Honored Duchess Jelnaya exists."

He replied, "Ah, then Master Lossurp you should have a fascinating evening."

"And why is that."

"You get to meet the idiots that actually promote that level of skepticism and listen as they face certain facts in my presentation.  Inchell, my dear, do what you must to make yourself even better looking.  Master Lossurp, you can as well should you feel the need."

I said, "Krachern, I met someone who said he was waiting for the lecture."

"That will probably be scheduled tonight after all this information I compiled is finally accepted.  What concerns me is not so much tonight, but those lectures as these idiots will have digested what I present and be right up front challenging every detail that does not support their beliefs – and since they do not believe anything, the lectures can be dreadful."

"You know that Master Lossurp and I will be able to see just how extreme you are exaggerating."

"You both have watched as I have gone into extreme detail providing all the necessary support for what I plan to present.  If tonight and the following lectures go well, it is only because I have worked for these idiots long enough to actually know how to prepare for them.  Now, both of you, look your best, as there will be pictures."

Having spent seven centuries as a soldier, I knew how to look my best.  Having spent even more time as a lady, I knew how to look good.  I stayed in shape, combat ready, so had a wonderful tone to my skin.  One benefit of being immortal was that my hair did not tend to fall out, so stayed thick even as it descended from my head.  I usually cut it at a length where it could be twisted and kept under a hat, but due to circumstances it had been allowed to grow a little longer than usual.  It however had also not been styled, my mind just did not go in that direction when I actually had the time to do something like that, so I put some items of gold and gems in my hair to keep it under some control.  When certain I did look my best, I headed back out to check on the men.

Master Lossurp came from a culture that retained a caste system.  Being from one of the upper tiers of society, he knew things about appearance and had the clothes for it.  While not in the local fashion, he still looked very handsome.  Krachern had an old suit, which obviously had been in storage during all his years as a horse person.  I cannot say that he looked as good as Master Lossurp, but I trusted him to retain his confidence in what he had learned all his years as a researcher through the omniverse.

I found the evening most bizarre.  Krachern was not lying about this group being a most skeptical set of people.  Even though the meeting was in their special museum housing a number of unique items from worlds I wondered if anyone else had visited speaking of fantastic histories that most would only consider fiction, I found myself wondering if the group did not believe they were breathing air since they could not feel, taste, or smell it.

Not accepting I was truly from a world called Davelda I felt was extreme.  Our empress was now a recognized traveler of a multitude of worlds.  Our horses provided a means of movement for those of even more realities.  To not accept Davelda as existing meant believing a lot of things did not exist.

After finding one elderly lady not accepting that I was multiples of her years in age, I found myself hearing Master Lossurp say, "You do not even believe in your own gods?"

One man of a small group replied, "Not a one, and we supposedly have several."

Seeing me look to him, Master Lossurp said, "Sha Inchell, maybe we can find another Negredell here."

I smiled as I replied, "You can go look if you want to.  Krachern can probably direct you to where to gain your resources."

Krachern said from elsewhere in the room, although obviously listening to other things than those around him, "The boy will need to learn our language.  If you will remember, Inchell, I was able to recollect some information for you.  I do not believe our world has such a place, but the reasoning was sound.  Stay strong, Master Lossurp."

The man who was interrogating the lad said, "So, Master Lossurp, what you are saying is that your world did not believe in your gods."

"They did not like what they had to go through to face Him," the lad replied.  "They closed Negredell and made up another God, a nicer deity, to believe in."

I moved over to support Master Losurp saying, "What attracted me to that world was they had a God from another world.  I knew of those who left the world of their birth to live on another world and worship the deities of that world, but nothing of a God leaving his reality to go bless another.  What we learned however was that such a tale was just fiction to cover a general apostasy."

Another man in the group commented, "Well, then the real God must have been rather angry."

Master Lossurp said, "He was nice.  I was glad to spend time with him.  The first time I had all these alternate ideas in my head, so I needed to make certain of what was being stated as truth.  The second time I found myself able to simply speak with Jemaloran."  The lad tapped a gold icon on his breast while saying, "I fully committed myself to Him."

The first speaker scoffed by saying, "Oh, so why aren't are you still on your world?"  He turned probably to check the countenances of his companions for their appraisal of Master Lossurp, but I found him to focus on me.  "And, dear lady, what God is your icon to represent?"

I replied, "Munulva, the Goddess of Davelda."

"Oh, right.  You're one of the immortals.  And how many millennia have you been alive?"

"Seven centuries, which I feel was long enough.  Empress Straekin was having a hard problem preventing her people from committing suicide.  While I cannot say our fascination with the imperial family and our children in general is a proper pastime, it has kept people from killing themselves due to boredom."

The lady that had spoken to me earlier, a Doctor Hemitha, asked, "And how did you fight the boredom?"

"Military.  Did my job, did it well, and tried hard to ignore the passing of time.  I was so good at our mock battles that I felt myself able to challenge our Princess Jelnaya.  She taught me a lot on our journey to Negredell.  Definitely showed me that doing the same drills for centuries was no match for a few decades of taking on what trouble was out there in the omniverse."

A man declared, "So now you are going to demand that we accept the existence of Jelnaya Dozzrine?"

"To deny Terish is to deny a lot, not just his children and grandchildren.  You have the centaurs and their world.  You have Gaeskow that Ferrigote conquered along with Sennapre where he calls home and Jelnaya now does as well.  You have Antheel where Terish and my empress have lived and raised their children.  You have the world Master Lossurp is from."

"We are not denying him."

Master Lossurp said, "Honored Duchess Jelnaya was with us in discovering Negredell."

"Can you prove it?"

The lad pulled his blessed icon from a pocket and set it in the man's hand.  It was hard to tell it was gold from the shimmer of red and yellow.  The item was examined, then passed to another as the man made a statement.

"The picture is not of a lady."

Master Lossurp calmly replied, "It is Fergush, the god she worships.  She is his divine champion.  To deny one is to deny the other.  The icon however exists, so I would trust you would accept that both are true."

The one now holding the coin asked, "How did this sheen get placed on the coin?  It is a most amazing effect."

"Honored Duchess Jelnaya breathed on it saying I had her honor.  It was an honor to have her say that.  As I learned one of the Gods I had grown up hearing about was fake, the supposed good deity, and dealing with the emotion of having faced the supposed evil deity and finding him nice, it helped gaining that coin.  I had come to trust her, and finding her support of me to be true helped me to deal with what I was learning to be true."

The coin was returned with the man doing so saying, "You are not that old, Master Lossurp."

"But I have the foundation I need for what I may now learn.  I do not need to simply believe everything or deny everything.  I have what I need to start making good decisions.  Hopefully what we can provide you with will help you gain that foundation for yourselves."

"Doctor Krachern does tend to be able to back up his claims, so I have learned to listen to him.  The coin made a good impression as well.  Thank you for showing it, Master Lossurp."

Some grounding for this story is needed.