It Only a Dream Can Be

Chapter Thirty-Nine

He had already asked the question a couple of times, but hearing aircraft pass low over us Krachern again asked, “What are we going to do, Jelnaya?”

I felt he was asking the wrong person, so asked, “What would you recommend, Bechorei?”

She replied, “Do you really believe you can fight them, Jelnaya?”

“From what I have seen of this world, their technology is not even close to the destructive capabilities of what my father sells.”

I went into a list of weapons and ammunition that my family’s business, which I would inherit the stock of, had presently available to those with the money.  While Kallotech did not build planes, we could supply aircraft with the ability to remove threats.  Tanks, yes I heard the roar of those vehicles, my family did own factories that made those.  While we did not recommend independent computer control or remote controlled vehicles, as we would sell you the technology to jam transmissions or interrupt logic flow, those that rode in our machines would be safe while being a destructive influence on everything in the surrounding terrain.  Soldiers, I had no doubt they were moving through the land, I had a whole list of weapons they could carry.

At the end of my presentation, I added, “And I will still dance in front of the best Kallotech has to offer and suffer no harm.”

Hearing Bechorei then say, “So, you dance?” brought a smile to my face.

“Yes, I will dance.  Actually enjoy it.”

There were a multitude of genres of music.  There were more methods of moving to the rhythm, beat, or flow of the sounds.  I found Bechorei to agree with me that loud music was not preferred, as it spoiled speaking with one’s partner.  I did not dance to show off my ability to move, but to enjoy a period of socializing.  Music that prevented one from speaking with others I did not appreciate.

Hearing a crash of trees brought us concern, even as I spoke of it sounding like the tanks suddenly had trouble with the rift we were in.  Having troops show up around us only had me signal the horses to rush through a portal where they would be safe.  Hearing Krachern ask if we would do the same, I made a loud statement assuming someone was present to hear it.

“You can have the place!  We are simply waiting for a return of our companions.  Once they come out, we will leave.”  I then softly said, “Krachern, if I tell you to go, you and Bechorei move through a portal.”

The lady asked, “You really going to take them on?”

“Yes.  The walls of this rift will present some problems, but I believe taking out the tanks will be more of a show that I might be able to have save some lives.”

I turned hearing the lady begin a prayer.  My Great-aunt Dirchein would do things like that.  She was a devotee of Remidda, She-Who-Serves.  It was a family belief that the fact she was made to serve, a lady of gold constructed with necromantic rites that actually bestowed her with life, enabled her to easily work as a conduit for the power of the goddess.  While others spoke of their pleasure in the blessings, I thought it funny when one felt I needed a blessing before causing a slaughter.

Our surroundings did brighten during the act of Bechorei, and I felt it was the reason for an officer to declare, “All right, stop whatever you are doing!”

I raised the volume of my voice to reply, “I said that we are simply waiting for our companions.”

“I am sure they are being detained.”

“That is what scares us.  You don’t.”

As if he caught the meaning of my words, I watched as he spoke into a communicator.  I had to smile seeing a mystified expression cross his features.  He spoke to the soldiers about him, then I watched as he realized he was going to have to deal with us.

“Where are your companions?”

I replied, “It should be obvious.”

“All I see is an ancient wall.  The artwork needs to be preserved.”

Krachern declared, “It’s the door to Negredell.”

“We will leave it to the historians –“


I had to add, “And it is one of those missing who is responsible for the research that had us find it!”


I heard the sound of engines grinding, and smiled feeling that my belief the tanks had trouble with the rift was accurate.  That had me consider possibly needing to slaughter those around the machines to provide aid before being able to get the others to understand the seriousness of the situation.  I was resolving my mind that I would have to do certain things as I waited for the officer to make his next demand.

He ordered, “Hold your positions.  I’m sending men down.”

I replied, “You do that, and I will begin killing.”

“You are out-numbered and without proper weapons.  Bringing swords to a gunfight is not smart.”

“That was why they got me.”  I pulled the large weapon from my back, and released the pink strip of cloth that covered it as I said, “That is Negredell right there.  A holy place.  This is my drahabard.  A weapon made by my god for me.  Prepare to face your God or Gods.”

I could not say what would have happened next.  Some soldiers aimed their weapons while others relaxed as a soft grating preceded a burst of orange-brown light.  I wanted to relax realizing our missing members were coming back and were not frozen in some state like we found Bechorei, but I felt the concern of the surrounding military.  Determined to do what I must, I kept my body tense.  I could not say what would have happened, but the voice of Lossurp actually worked to reduce the tension in the situation.


The officer replied, “Son, we have been sent to protect this site for posterity!”

“Posterity?”  I turned hearing Lossurp ask, “Honored Duchess Jelnaya, they are going to forget about this place again?”

I had to reply, “I would not put it past them.”

“Well, that’s stupid.  I want to go with you, Honored Duchess Jelnaya.”

Makinor said, “That is not what Jemaloran told you, Lossurp.”

“No.  He told me to go home.”

I admitted, “I told the officer that we would leave once you returned.”

"No.  I need to go back in.  I believe I will have questions.  Oh!  Here.”

It surprised me to see Lossurp hand me the icon.  I actually expected him to forget about it.  I took the gold coin-like object with the symbol of my god worked into the metal, and breathed on it while saying Lossurp had gained my honor.   I handed the icon back to him with him noticing the change.

“It now shimmers with the red and yellow of your hair.”

“Should you find yourself at home and wanting to come out with me, or if you actually need me, that coin can have me return to you.”

“Thank you, Honored Duchess Jelnaya.”

“You’re welcome, Lossurp.”  I then turned to loudly say, “We are coming out!”

I summoned the horses to come back.  We then packed up the rope and some other things.  Soldiers actually came down to help us.  They asked questions as they did so with Lossurp supplying answers.  Working the horses back up the slope, I found those of the military not to bother us.

Returning to the camp, Inchell said, “Princess Jelnaya, I need to return with Lossurp.  I feel a need to write up this adventure.  Some record of it needs to be made.  Not just with Davelda, but here as well.”

Lossurp said, "That is good, but we go in again.  Just to make sure of things.  If they are going to close it, we need to make certain of things."

Krachern spoke his support.  “I will go with you, Inchell.  I also feel a need to write up this adventure.  Master Lossurp, that means I will join you on your next visit inside Negredell.  Once we finish, I however need to return to my college to present the record to them.  I would like for you to go with me.  Between the two of us, a permanent record can be made where those seeking the place in the future might find it.”

"Yes, as the people here should not be allowed to shut it.  Jemaloran was nice to Sha Inchell and Honored Makinor.  I am certain he will be nice to others from elsewhere."

Inchell said, “We can put it in the archives of Davelda.”

Krachern added, “We can provide a copy to the grand librarian Galabur as well.”

“Princess Jelnaya, where are you going?”

I replied, “I believe I need to take Bechorei home.  She has been gone a long time, so they need to know about her.”

Makinor said what I felt he better have said, “I’ll go with you, Jelnaya.”  He then grumbled, “Although I feel none of us gained immortality.”

He looked at me suspiciously as I stepped up to run my hand through his hair that I had noticed no longer had gray in it.  “I doubt that, Makinor.  Fergush gave my Great-uncle Ferrigote and Grandfather Terish immortality.  He gave me immortality before I entered a divine realm to another deity.  Do not believe Onathia to be any less powerful.”

Seeing him look to Bechorei I thought cute, as I did her response, “Let’s see how things go while taking me home.”

We all waited for Lossurp to call his father.  Hearing the man praise his son, brought smiles to our faces.  There was also the fact that he spoke of seeing the news mention the actions of the military.  Hearing the elder support the return of his son with the two who could properly publish the discovery, I felt settled the issue of what we were now to do.

As Lossurp, Inchell, and Krachern started their preparation to assure their validation of what was done, Bechorei rode with Makinor as I had the horses from Davelda begin our journey to where the lady called home.  During the trip I found the couple to get along rather well.  I played the part of chaperone even as I provided fresh meat.  Bechorei laughed at me when I came from one chase with a full meal, as I saw a place where I could perform my own style of preparing a fresh kill by exchanging the flesh for what they had already prepared.  She mentioned enjoying the comforts of civilization, but I pointed reminding her the direction we were going.

I actually am working on a follow-up tale involving Lossurp, Inchell, and Krachern, but there is still work to be done.  Next is Vernallor in the third Children of Galabur tale, 'People in the Mist.'