It Only a Dream Can Be

Chapter Thirty-Eight

I was moving to Lossurp, but found him not to be rushing away.  He seemed surprised to have me hug him.  To turn and see Makinor was not what I expected.  With both of us next to Lossurp, we took a moment to look around.

The expanse around us was certainly not a corridor through the earth and definitely not a cave.  A dull orange mist surrounded us.  At the time I did not feel the cloud obscured my sight.  There was a clear path marked by small lanterns set on the ground, although I never detected any wall or barrier preventing us from moving in another direction.  Turning to look around at our surroundings, it did bother me not to see a way out.

As if questioning where we were, Makinor asked, “Inchell, do you feel purged?”

“Purged of what, Makinor?  I am not here thinking that there was a fault in my life.  Honestly, I was originally wanting to come here to start my path in an improper direction, but I put that idea to rest soon after dealing with Princess Jelnaya.”

“Well, I cannot say that I am perfect, but I did not feel my faults were wrongs.  Jelnaya was correct, but I could have gone to the realm of Onathia without regret.”

“No, Makinor.  I heard what Princess Jelnaya was bothering you about.  Onathia put you out here in the omniverse, so is expecting more of you than a simple life of devotion.  Marriage will bring its own complications to your life, but it will also expand your circle of friends, those you interact with, and provide you with skills you had yet to even consider lacking.  That is what Terish did when he came to my world.  He did not just marry our empress, but started Davelda on a path that is changing us in ways we never expected.”

Makinor paused to look around, then said, “I cannot sense Onathia.”

“Sense your heart, Makinor.”

“Do you approve of Bechorei?”

Actually accepting what he asked applied to the advice I said to him, I replied, “Princess Jelnaya will not allow anything to develop if she senses anything wrong in her or your relationship.  Do I approve of her?  She actually seems to be someone that could match your personality, Makinor.”

“Yes, but Jelnaya has not married.”

“She has not refused anyone that I know of, Makinor, and we of Davelda do try to keep tabs on our children.  You cannot imagine how important Princess Jelnaya’s father coming our world was.  Princess Jelnaya was a moment of sunshine that we tried to cover.  I see that hair of hers and think it is Fergush letting us know just how wrong we treated Princess Jelnaya.  Seeing her, actually having time with her, I am so sorry we did not claim her.  The man that finally suffers through the courtship to gain her hand will also be an exceptional person, and you of Sennapre better always honor him.”

We both looked to the lad when he asked, “Is all you are going to do is talk?”

Makinor replied, “This is Negredell, at least it should be.  Anyway, Bechorei was preserved for simply piercing through into this place.  Krachern was purged when the door was cracked.  Here we are through the door and still able to speak with no sense of having suffered.  Excuse us, Lossurp, if we find it rather mystifying.”

“Yes, okay, I understand.  For the record, I did not think Bechorei was too pretty, but once she had a bath and put on Honored Duchess Jelnaya’s dress, she was quite lovely.”

I did not know how to respond to that, but Makinor did not appear troubled by what the lad said.  “Well, I thought there was something attractive about her from the start.  One thing you must understand, Lossurp, is that the lady you gain will be yours through a number of situations.  I would recommend you seeing any lady that interests you at her best and at her worst.”

“That is not the way our courtship works.”

“Jelnaya has the right attitude there.  Step outside the courtship at times.  Try a person in a more natural setting.  Once you marry them, you have to deal with them in all situations.  It is best if you find out some things before the commitment is set.”

I had to admit, “Princess Jelnaya will not stay in her room waiting for the next interview.  She is constantly moving about, and quick to interact with others.”

Master Lossurp said, “Oh, I have already seen that.  She’s fun!”

“Yes, you can think about her that way.  Still, whoever marries her will have the problem of matching her in all that activity.”

He suddenly became serious as he said, “But I’m having a marriage arranged for me.”

“What do you think about her, Master Lossurp?  Surely you know the girl.  You know her older sister.”

We all turned hearing a strong voice say, “Come lad!  Allow me to share in this conversation.”

Nothing had changed in our perception of our surroundings.  Makinor pointed at the path marked by the small lanterns, and we began to move along the route.  I kept wondering about the size of our surroundings, as there was a fear of us suddenly coming upon the rift with the bare stone walls and roaring rapids.  Nothing however changed as we moved along until the surrounding mist parted.

Suddenly we were in the presence of a very grand being sitting on a throne.  The dull orange color still was predominate, but I could make out a carved domed cavern.  As I tried to compare the symbols with those I had seen on this world, the grand being asked about something on the person of Master Lossurp.

“Lad, tell me, what is that on your upper left breast?”

“It’s the symbol of Yenostron.”

“Yenostron?  The good deity?  The stranger to our world?”

As if worried he had done something wrong, Master Lossurp admitted, “I was told to get an icon of both deities.”

“Okay.  I will admit I see the one of Jemaloran, the evil, nasty, malicious, deity.”

“Is he?”  I felt the lad acted in a way Princess Jelnaya would in taking a couple of steps toward the grand being while saying, “We don’t know.  Where I grew up the Gods are not even recognized.  I have been reading your books!  They don’t answer the questions!”

“Why do you think they would?”

“Because they are the books everyone is told to read.”

“You picked out those books yourself Lossurp.”

Hearing that statement, the lad looked back to me as if wanting to know what to do, so I stepped up to say, “Why did you choose those books, Master Lossurp?  We did not go into that store with you.”  Hoping to help him, I suggested, “You said there was someone in there with you.”

Looking to me, he admitted, “He only assured that I got books in my language.”

I let my eyes momentarily lift to recognize the grand being, then I focused again on Master Lossurp to ask, “So, why did you pick those books?”

“I thought those were the books I was supposed to read.”  Master Lossurp turned to again face the grand being as he proclaimed, “I DIDN’T KNOW!  There was just some vague assumption that certain books were the ones I should read.  I guess I looked at the covers and picked the ones that appeared the most impressive.”

The grand being said, “Okay, Lossurp, let me tell you something.  I am Jemaloran.”  There was a moment of silence as if the deity expected some type of exclamations or statements of denial, but hearing nothing he spoke again.  “Do you think I am evil?”

Again Master Lossurp turned to look at me and Makinor as if seeking advice, but then turned back to ask, “Are you?”

“I saw you turn to these strangers, Lossurp.  Why do you think they would know?”

“Sha Inchell has studied things of this world.  She brought me here.  She might know.  As for Makinor, he is a divine champion.  If he knew something I would trust what he told me.”

“But you would not trust me?”

“I don’t know you.”

What appeared to be flames suddenly erupted around us.  I did not feel the heat, but what I feared was suddenly finding us purged of whatever was felt to be improper.  What I did not expect was Master Lossurp rushing forward as if not worried about the flames while taking the icon from his left breast.


The surrounding flames dissipated as the deity answered, “No.”

“It’s just you?”

“Look around you, Lossurp.  This is a place of purging, but that is purely because coming before me is a great honor.  None wanted that however.  I was sealed away.  They then made up Yenostron to provide some comfort.  I allowed time to pass trusting that the truth would remain while the creations of men would not.”

I saw the strange action that those of this world considered an extreme bow before Master Lossurp said, “Thank you for the honor.”

“I am asking nothing of you, Lossurp.  You stepped up, and that is honor in itself.  Go home and simply speak of this.  If I am sealed away, do not seal up the truth within yourself.”

“I know where this is. I can unseal it.”

“That would please me, Lossurp.  Now, continue to honor these who brought you.  They have provided you with good advice, instruction, and support.  They let you see things to prepare you for accepting this truth.”

I felt some embarrassment as Master Lossurp rushed back to grab my arm before saying, “Sha Inchell was the one that sought you.”

“But she sought me for the wrong reason, Lossurp.”

“But I would not be here without her.”

The deity smiled, then said, “Inchell, thank you for bringing the lad.”

I had to say, “You already admitted that he stepped up.”

“There is more you now need to do.  As with the presence of Lossurp, do what you feel is necessary.  The reward is there for you.”

“Krachern is supposed to be a help there.”

“Don’t refuse him.  He could need you, and I believe he will prove a good friend, if not more.”

I curtsied before saying, “Thank you.”

“Makinor, there is already one that loves you deeply, but there is more that you need to discover to truly understand what is possible for you.”

The Champion of She-Who-Loves replied, “I was getting that impression, but I would rather be at fault than allow my whole life to become a fault.”

“Going from the simple to the complex is not a fault, and those that can rise above it are few.  That is what is being offered to you.  You have good friends, and your presence here should be evidence of something more you can take advantage of in assuring your future.”

“I actually understand.  Thank you, Jemaloran.”

“Now, all of you, go.  The battle is at hand, and I would rather not have bloodshed.  No, Lossurp I am not an evil deity.  I however do have my standards, but if someone does not want to meet them I will allow them their decision along with their fate.  Please, Lossurp, continue to prove yourself willing to face me.”

Things have not been calm outside Negredell.