It Only a Dream Can Be

Chapter Twenty-Three

I headed on to bed after assuring myself that Inchell could explain herself to the others.  Seeing the mass of carefully written notes, copies of certain documents, and a special weapon had me accept that things could proceed.  Accepting my place to watch over the others, I headed to bed.

Finding myself in the middle of a swamp disturbed me, but I stayed calm accepting there was a reason.  Fergush did not use dreams, at least not with me.  He would speak to me directly.  Other deities however did use dreams, so I stayed calm.

Seeing it rain stars had me look for words in their trails, symbols in their organization, I paid attention to colors, and even attempted to make sense of how they landed.  With the flashes of light I glanced around at the trees, moss, and other growths for messages there.  While everything was vivid in a manner of letting me know this was not a normal nighttime experience, I saw nothing making the vision have any importance.  I guess the rain of stars was just to get my attention, as when it ended things became very quiet allowing me to hear some words.

“You are right to be cautious, but someone needed to do this.  I am sorry it is those close to you, but the honor is there to be claimed.”

I shot from the bed.  My clear head was another indication of the special nature of the dream.  Hearing sounds from the apartment, I put on an outfit before moving from the bedroom.

Seeing the young man from earlier, who was Lossurp’s older brother, I assumed the elder man in elegant clothes to be their father.  Another elder man was dressed in a military uniform.  I rudely moved up to look at what they were discussing.  Seeing them going over the steps to reach Negredell, I assumed the connection between my dream and what was going on in the room.

I asked, “Lossurp, do you still have the icon to Fergush that I gave you?”

He pulled out the item while saying, “Yes, Honored Duchess Jelnaya.”

“Give it to me.  Go purchase something to represent a deity of this world.”

“We don’t have any gods.”

The one I assumed to be the lad’s father pulled out some money, then gave it to his son while saying, “Sha Inchell, go ahead and detour to Felnaith.  Honored Duchess Jelnaya, see that my son buys the item there.”

It took me by surprise when it was Makinor, and not Krachern, that asked, “Is there a reason, Jelnaya?”

“There’s always a reason,” I replied, “just sometimes not a very good one.”

The horse person was the one who said, “Or sometimes just one not easily explained.  What is your concern, Jelnaya?”

“That you are going there with the right mentality.  Lossurp is the only one of us of this world, so he needs to have the attitude that Negredell is a part of his history.”

“As someone that works with those that study history, I must support that concern.  Master Lossurp, I will see that Inchell does indeed allow us time in Felnaith.  Surely we can find something.”  As if worried he might have trouble helping the lad, he asked, “Inchell, do you have a book on the religions of this world?”

She replied, “Actually, I do, a few.”

Lossurp then said, “Honored Duchess Jelnaya, I still might desire to call you out.”

The words actually took me by surprise.  It took a couple of seconds to realize what the lad said.  When it registered, I had to smile at him and myself, for different reasons, before taking out one of my better icons and handing it to him.

As if I had done wrong, Lossurp informed me, “Honored Duchess Jelnaya, this one is gold.”

I replied, “Make certain you are calling me out for a good reason, Lossurp.  I want you thinking about the value of what you are giving up.”

“Giving up?  But you gave this to me.”

“Inchell wanted me to help her with her attitude.  I want you to keep the right attitude, Lossurp.  You concern yourself with all the details, as some things stranger than even what I had you see might be found.”

It was the one I assumed to be his father that said, “Listen to her, Lossurp.  You will be going into Uvillorsh to enter the Snuponess Mountains.  I don’t believe you have any experience with any of that.”

I had to comment, “Except for how cold snow can be.”

Inchell quickly added, “And like then we do not need you griping, but setting yourself to doing what is required.”

The father said, “I did not hear about any snow, Lossurp.”

The youth made a sign I assume of apology before saying, “Not all worlds were coming out of summer, but some were already suffering from winter.  I did not dress for cold weather.”

“I will have Phissip bring by a horse for you.  On it I will have the clothes and supplies I feel you might need.  Since this is not my mission, I will expect your sponsors to supply any additional items and be responsible for what you have with you.”

I faded back and allowed the others to finish their meeting.  What I heard told me enough.  Inchell did have a good idea where to head.  The man that I had assumed was Lossurp’s father actually was.  After the others finished their meeting, I stepped back up while they were closing the door behind the visitors

Makinor then demanded more than asked, “What is the reason for you being back up?”

“Talk to Onathia about that,” I replied.  “You should feel bad that Fergush gets points for socializing.”

Inchell said, “It is Jemaloran, the evil deity actually of this world that works through dreams Jelnaya.  Most speak of the person seeing the sky filled with meteors.”

“Yes, but they were coming down.  I however sensed to just wait out the display and not react to it.”

Makinor interrupted to say, “Wait, Jelnaya, you had a revelation of this mission?”

“Yes, Makinor, but it really was not something informative.  I gained the message that this should have been done long ago.”

Since I knew he would seek it, I went ahead and told them my dream.  They all listened, even Lossurp without interrupting me.  Of course, the dream had not been long in duration.  While I could tell I gained at least a couple of hours of rest, the vision that interrupted it had not been overly dramatic or complex.  What bothered me was hearing Makinor make a wrong assumption from what I told them.

“So, we should not go.”

I replied, “That was not what was said, by either God.”

“What other god?  Fergush?”

“Makinor, you were there.”

It was Krachern that said, “Jelnaya, we were not there.  What have you not told us?”

“Munulva did not speak of me rescuing Inchell, but only assuring that I could find her.”

I found it good that Inchell replied, as she was the one who should have cared.  “Munulva?  Munulva spoke to you?”

“No, but to my nieces.  My father can definitely tell you that Munulva will speak to children.”

“I was there – well, I was watching.  I remember when your father came to Davelda, Princess Jelnaya.”

I had mentioned my nieces in speaking of the poetry book Inchell gave Makinor.  Not really certain how much more I had said, or who heard what, I went ahead and told the entire story.  I did stress things to the Champion of Onathia, as I felt he should have already made certain assumptions.

I ended with, “It is slightly funny that the one poem my Grandfather Terish mentioned is not the one that has been used.  He is usually right about things.”

Chuckling with assuredly her own impressions of my grandfather, Inchell asked, “And what poem did he say was important?”

“The Unappreciated Gift.  He said that after reading that one, the others start to make sense in a different manner.”

“It was Terish that said that, and not our empress?”

“It is Grandfather Terish that solves the puzzles.  Grandmother Straekin is just there staying out of any rut.”

Inchell did reach to grab the poetry book.  Her eyes kept glancing at me, causing me to believe she went over the poem in her mind and did not actually read it.  She however did put more focus on the book as she turned to read another set of stanzas before making a comment.

“My poem reads a lot darker.”

Feeling it was needed, I spoke a decision.  “Listen, we make certain to leave the day after tomorrow.  This town where it was suggested for Lossurp is to buy the icon, we can stop and consider other things.  At the worst, speaking to those people we should gain a differing perspective on things of our mission.”

Lossurp asked, “Why can’t we speak along the way?  It will take a few days to get there.”

Inchell spoke looking to me as if wanting me to verify what she said.  “We will, but once there we will be hearing a different language and seeing a different culture.”

“You can speak to anyone, so you say.”

“We’re not going there to speak to people, but to listen to them and learn things.  This is also your world, so the language is something that would be beneficial for you to learn.”

“Do I have to learn this other language?”

Now I felt the need to speak.  “This is your world, Lossurp.  You can stay here.”

I almost want to say that I saw fear in his eyes.  Instead of retorting, he moved to the main counter and picked up the book from Davelda.  Flipping pages, I actually turned my eyes to his when he asked a question of me.

“Honored Duchess Jelnaya, you said rhymes did not work when translated by you.  Do you have a poetry book in your language?”

I replied, “I know Davelda, Lossurp, so that book will work.  I read that book to my nieces.  I also know the language of my home world, Emigaila.  Germahut is the language of Thiminy, where my Grandfather Terish has been claiming as his home.  Sennapre is the language I now use.  There are actually a number of languages you can use to have me appreciate a piece of poetry.”

“If I am going to have any chance of going to other worlds I need to learn about my own world?”

“If you are going to bother with the challenges that other worlds will present to you, you need the confidence you can take on the challenges of your own.”

Lossurp put his focus on each of us, then admitted, “I am with great people.  I want to be great as well.”

It was Krachern that replied, “You are among a rare group of individuals.  We are proof that you can succeed, but listen to us warn you of what all you are going to have to learn.  Also, Master Lossurp, let me warn you that most fail, and it is that fact that keeps most, not just the immortals of Davelda, seeking a safe rut in which to spend their lives.”

“Sha Inchell, do you have a book on the language of the Uvillorsh?”

She replied, “A few, Master Lossurp.  Look over them and see which one you feel will help you.  Take it with you, as you have only a few days before we reach that land.”

And the travel to Negredell begins.