The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp9

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Nine
Various Conversations

When I went to the door the next morning to accept the breakfast tray, I found it being carried by Chamorrick. “I am supposed to apologize for last night. Actually, though, I enjoyed hearing the gossip of what you did more than the words about it from my father.”

“Our father,” I corrected, “and I guess that we need to talk as brothers for a moment. Take a seat.”

I was actually surprised that he did so, although grateful as well. After shutting the door to the bedroom, I poured us both a cup of coffee. I found him to add some cream while I had mine black. As he took a sip, I asked my question.

“What type of lady are you looking for, Chamorrick? I heard you mention a decision between fey or human, but let us talk about other things.” Just to assure that certain walls did not exist in our discussion, I said, “My wife does not have that much on her chest, although I am pleased to have something to play with. Queanay seems to have a little bit more to fill the hand. You want more?”

He replied, “Humans tend to have the larger chests.”

“Tends, tends, tends – come on, Chamorrick. Humans tend to have rounded ears, while fey tend to be pointed. Humans tend to have other traits, while fey probably tend to have others. We are talking about what you want in a woman. You said that you want a princess. Okay, so what are you doing around here? You want a princess, you go out and sing under their balconies.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Oh, come on, Chamorrick. You are talking to a man who had his wife given to him. From what I heard, our father was trying to give you a wife at the time. If you don’t want a woman given to you, then you need to go out and get one for yourself.”

He sat down his coffee cup as he stated, “You’re going in a direction you don’t want to go.”

“Wrong. I would rather not go again to the Ice Queen’s castle and visit her torture chamber, but I think we made our statement. I’m not afraid, Cham.” He glared at me from shortening his name, but I did not care. “I’m the guy to go there.”

“Okay, half-brother and eventual advisor, tell you what, meet me later today. I am going to be practicing my archery down in the lettuce field. Do you have any skills with a bow?”

I think that question was just to invite conversation, but I kept my focus on the topic. “I will be sure to bring a bow, and a few arrows, with me. Might see what I can do, but I will be there to hear you out.”

“Will be glad to have the company.”

I saw Chamorrick to the door. As he left, he gave me some pointers on how and when to find him. I assured him that I would show if at all possible, then closed the door to feel the arms of my wife go around me.

“Even when I am asleep and not watching you, you do good things!”

I turned to hold Rabbit while saying, “Yes, while you are asleep and I finally get my time to look at you, I am the one going around constantly moving.”

“You can look at me at any time.”

“Rabbit, you move, constantly. When you are asleep, you are still.”

“I – I “

I did not give my wife any time to find her words, but made certain she heard my feelings. “You are my wife. I accept your nature, but you are pretty and I do enjoy looking at you.”

Again before she could say anything, I had her and Annie take their seats at the table. I intended to serve them, but both quickly had me sit down so they could wait upon me. As I ate, both ladies spoke of their joy in being under my authority. I enjoyed hearing the praise, although assured each that I could not have a life with better ladies.

After Rabbit left for her dancing, I settled into a chair intending to read a journal until my body decided to make up for the sleep it lost last night. There were no actual clocks on this world, but I figured that I lost only a few hours. Thus, a nap should make me good with me actually falling into a lengthy sleep marking my body as adjusting to a usual nighttime schedule.

I did have the meeting with Chamorrick, so instructed Annie to wake me at a certain time. As I flipped pages or lifted my head to think about things I read, I saw her make the beds, wipe the table, and even sweep the floors. I actually found the journal interesting as it spoke of a much more active sky than I considered normal, although I did pay attention to how the man correlated certain celestial objects into terrestrial terms. As I lifted my head to consider what was said about one of the circling comet-like objects, I saw Annie holding our breakfast tray.

“Master, if there is something else you would have me do?”

“No, Annie. When you return, I guess that you can settle into a chair and do some reading as well.”

“Reading? I… I… I do know how to read.”

That last phrase came out softly with me adding strength in my voice to give her assurance. “Yes, and I believe that you have been neglecting your Bible readings. Also, you probably need to sit down and catch up your sociology notes on the local civilization.”

“I – Oh, yes! Thank you, Master.”

I was pleased to see a spark of intelligence flare in her features, although suspected not to push the magic of whatever enchantment she was under. “Just don’t go to sleep, as I am trusting you to wake me at the proper time.”

She curtsied, which I felt was odd behavior for a lady from our world, although then asked a question that I felt the real Annie would have concern her. “Master, your wife, Rabbit, is not saved, is she?”

“I will not tell you that I am saved, Annie. Not that the matter of my soul does not concern me, but my life has been so confusing that I have not yet reached a point where I felt able to look into esoteric matters with any clarity. At the moment I can only say that I am trusting in Rabbit. There is something to her life and this world, place, whatever type of reality we are in, and I want to share it for eternity. If I don’t find such – If those of this world all focus on the moment and not on the matters of more than our short span of years, I probably will bring out the New Testament and look to see what it says.”

She curtsied again, then kicked the door to have a guard open it so she could exit carrying the tray. I thought upon the conversation and felt good that I had begun to notice a return of the lady that I had known. The events of the night before were reviewed with me wondering if Annie would have acted in such a manner back on the real world. Even though she took that trip out to the cabin, and joined me on this journey, I never saw any sign of her carrying a gun, or even a can of pepper spray. Wondering if she put that much trust in God to save her, I settled back to reading the journal barely noticing when the door again opened with her returning.

I did drift off to sleep a few times, but never for any extended period. Once I found Annie attempting to put a pillow behind my head. I thanked her, but assured her that I really did not need to sleep for too long. I reminded her that we both wanted more for our lives than our present positions, so I would do as much study as possible. She mentioned having read some of her Bible and jotting down a number of notes about the local society, so felt that she would now settle down and get a little sleep.

Strangely, the journal was not a lot of gibberish. While the words would not be taken seriously by any of my professors back at college, I found the references rather consistent. From what little I had seen of the night sky, the phenomena mentioned did not sound unbelievable. The analysis had a sober tone to it with further observations being noted for how they would support, or even challenge, the earlier conclusions. The journal was definitely not the ravings of some mad man, although I found myself accepting that it would take years of study to fully understand how the man came to certain decisions.

Realizing it was the proper time, I put away the journal to go speak with Chamorrick. Accepting that I would be outside, I changed clothes to my usual blue jeans and tee shirt. I fully understood that I needed some clothes in the local fashion, but left my room wondering what I would find Chamorrick dressed in.

As I sought to remember the door to the barracks, I passed Gaolerra. I felt her curtsey to be a little polite, but did not mind bowing in return. She was rather attractive, although simply being a lady I felt demanded some courtesy from me. Gaolerra however spoke my name in a manner indicating that she wanted some of my time.

She asked, “Where are you going?”

“Well, I am looking for the military to get a bow and some arrows, then I am going to speak with Chamorrick.”

“There is an armory here in the castle, but it is for the special weapons to be used in a crisis. The regular weapons will be found in the barracks outside.”

I mentally noted the reason that I could not remember the door to the barracks was because there was no such door in the castle as I replied, “Well, I cannot say that I am a good archer, but I do believe that I have the hand-eye coordination to make a good show.”

“I am pleased that you are working with Chamorrick. He does need guidance, and I don’t believe Retallard would make a good king.”

“Well, I won’t speak against Retallard, as I have not really spoken with him. Chamorrick however has made it a point to speak with me, and I have found no reason not to speak with him in return. He also seems to be in a situation where he could use some guidance, or simply just some watching over.”

A smile came to her face that I felt indicated her pleasure in my wording. “Well, I fear that Chamorrick will however get you into trouble. While you seem capable of handling yourself, I want you to know that I worry about you all the same. Of all my half-brothers, you seem to have the qualities that I would like in a man for myself. I understand the duties of your wife, and that you seem very pleased with her, but I might seek her out when the weather turns unpleasant. Not only would the socials keep us both entertained, but I might be able to gain from her pointers of what to look for, and do, to get a man like yourself for my own.”

“I believe our father gave her to me, so she might not know how to get one like me. I must however say that she does a wonderful job of making me pleased to stay with her.”

“Well, I am not going to trust our father to make such a decision for me. I do have suitors seeking my hand, and I feel with some guidance from your wife I can settle upon a favorite.”

I found no reason to speak against her statement, so with pleasant tones I said, “I like speaking with Rabbit, so I can only approve of her socializing with others. With you having some fey blood, as well as both being ladies, you might even be able to relate on a level that I could not.”

“Fey blood does not help, Kevin. There is no consistency in such a lineage. All of those dancing with your wife are not sisters, and you might be surprised at the paths your own children find themselves led to take. However, I agree that as ladies we can speak on topics that you, as a man, might not be able to follow.”

“Then I will let Rabbit know to look forward to the next period of inclement weather.”

And we finally get to hear Chamorrick speak of his idea.