The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp8

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Eight
Another Active Night

Fathall was present that night when I reached the top of the tower. I had him join me on the roof and speak of what I was seeing in the sky. It was an interesting period of lectures completely different than what I had heard back in my previous studies. Fathall did not concern himself with what the stars were, but what the reasons were for them being set where they were and having the appearance that they did.

I finally asked, “Are you certain that it is not all random?”

“No, except that there is some consistency. The angels, mighty fey, or whatever actually sets them out and gathers them back up, do not just walk in and grab whatever is in reach then throw them out. There is too much consistency in the sky to support that hypothesis. The evidence in my life, and in those journals, is that what is in the sky can apply to what is going on here.”

“Considering that you are an advisor to King Naderron, and I will probably be advising Chamorrick, can we also read the journals of the previous monarchs? From what I learned yesterday speaking to King Naderron, then my wife, says that the problems facing Chamorrick are not new. Surely he, or us as advisors, could gain some wisdom from those journals to help him.”

I felt a slap on the back as Fathall said, “That is a good line of thought, Kevin. Tell you what, I will ask the king about that. He will probably tell me that Chamorrick will not read them, but if you or I can read them and slip in advice in speaking to the royal heir, it might go well for everyone.”

Rising, I thanked the man for his time while telling him that I hoped to return to my wife before she started her job. He agreed that the ladies needed their time, although warned me that our jobs would often have us working at some odd hours and sometimes for lengthy periods of time.

I noticed in my walk back to my apartment that the sky was still dark. The only conclusion I could gain was that my time with Fathall had not been that long. While we had discussed a lot, I allowed that it had not been more than a prolonged lab period. Feeling that I would get some sleep with my wife, I cheerfully opened the door to my apartment. Seeing the almost complete darkness, I found myself disappointed that I would only be able to gain the feeling of my wife next to me instead of being able to look at her.

There was a scuffle to my right, then I heard a female voice say, “I have your slave.”

I thought for a moment, then calmly replied, “Well, I guess that I will have to figure out some value for her. You can expect a bill.”


“Listen, if you can go around appearing where you like, I have no defense for that. You can rob me, and anyone else, blind. Yes, we cannot allow you to continue, but that is just something that others will need to figure out. Me, I am nothing more but an apprentice advisor, so at a definite disadvantage. All I can do is say, ‘yep, you took it,’ and go to King Naderron with my estimate of my losses.”

“You don’t care?”

The tones from the lady were accusatory, but I kept my voice soft and emotionless. “Sure, I care. I did not say that I did not care, but I simply admitted that I could not defend myself against you. I thank you for going after my slave, and not my wife. One, it was wise, in that being a dancer she could probably put some moves on you that would make holding her rather difficult. Two, I have a deeper connection with my wife than my slave. Yes, I would have had to do something if you had Rabbit, however fruitless, but I would have needed to act. All you have is property however, which means that I am not so emotionally attached.”

“I will have Prince Chamorrick.”

“And what I am supposed to do about it? Go storming into his room and demanding that he marry you or else all my property is going to be stolen? Really? Are you equating a marriage with the heir prince with theft?”

“Oooh!” came the sound as I heard what I felt was Annie being released. “Obviously dealing with you is useless.”

“Go to your mother and get some advice in how to treat men. If it was your mother that told you to do this, go to someone else. You obviously need an advisor more than Prince Chamorrick.”

Just as in my previous situation, I noticed no real effect or display. There was just a feeling that the lady was no longer present. I moved to Annie worried about her. In the dark one of my hands touched someplace it should not have, but I did not let that bother me. With her saying that she was all right, I assured her that the situation would not be ignored.

I left the apartment and headed toward the royal suite. Rabbit had shown me its location earlier. The castle really was not that big, so with the simple tour earlier I was able to find myself taking a staircase to where I felt a need to go. As I approached the door to the king’s bedroom, I let the guards know something.

“I am assuming that a man’s bedroom at night is somewhere I am not supposed to go, so you might as well wait for his summons before attempting to stop me.”

I saw helmets turn as if the men inside were glaring at me as I moved passed them. There were a number of candles lit, which I guessed was due to the monarch having more servants than me. I thus easily figured out the doors to the bedroom, and passed through them.

“What is the meaning of your castle being so damn open to intruders!” At my declaration King Naderron shot to a sitting position with the covers lifting to momentarily expose the lady with him, although it was too dark for me to see anything. “This is the second time that a certain lady was present, and this time in my own chambers. I have guards, you have guards, and yet unwanted guests are simply traipsing through our lives without any concern.”

Servants were coming awake, and the guards had come in behind me, and I saw the monarch smile as he spoke to them. “Actually, Kevin has my permission. Now, what happened?”

I explained what I found upon returning to my apartment. King Naderron stayed in the bed as he listened. When I finished, he actually provided an explanation.

“Queanay is now coming into her power, so showing off. There are actually ways to defend her, but she is still new enough that certain wards have not been alerted to her presence. What should concern you, however is the health of Chamorrick.”

“If she wanted to appear in his apartment and slice his throat, I don’t see how it could be stopped. She is not talking of killing him though, but of marrying him. I would be concerned if he was willing to the idea of being romantically involved, or if you were ordering such to happen, but right now I am simply concerned for not being able to relax with my wife, and, I guess, with my slave if I were of such a mind, in comfort.”

It was actually the lady in the bed with the monarch that suggested, “Maybe she poured a love potion down his throat.”

I nodded to the monarch as I replied, “I already said that I would be concerned if Chamorrick started speaking of agreeing to a romantic relationship with Queanay.”

He let me know something that I did not, “My oldest son summoned some guards to take a post inside his bedroom. I heard him mention a fear that Queanay would return, but did not take the words to heart. I promise to take a certain situation more seriously – tomorrow. Feel free to summon some guards to stand duty inside your own apartment, Kevin.”

Feeling that was about as much as could be presently done, I replied, “Thank you. Sorry about my entrance, but I felt the situation more your responsibility than mine. If you have a captain of the guard, or other such person that you would prefer me to bother in the future, make certain to introduce me tomorrow.”

“No, Kevin, as I agree with the severity of the threat. Still, I probably should assure that you meet others of my military, as not every situation will demand my attention.”

We wished each other a good night. I made a polite statement to the lady in the monarch’s bed, as I really had not been informed of there presently being an official wife. Considering that it seemed that King Naderron was as free with his choice of bed partners as my parents, I let the matter go. As I exited the apartment, another however made it known that he wished to speak to me.

“I am General Dekarty, Apprentice Kevin. Let me say that your actions have clearly indicated that you are not a threat to those in the castle, and one to have, if not gain, authority. While I agree with what you did, most threats should probably be presented to me.”

After shaking the man’s hand, I asked, “Is it true what King Naderron said? Can Queanay be stopped by having some things be alerted to her?”

“Yes, although simple courtesy should have her not abuse her powers as she is doing. Remember, the Ice Queen’s palace is not that far away. Queanay has visited, so is known here, but only as a girl. Our magicks need to realize that she is no longer such a sweet creature. Still, there are matters of courtesy between neighboring lands. After leaving you, I will formalize a letter to be sent to her mother.”

“Well, at least something is going be done. Thank you for your time.” Seeing him nod in acknowledgement, I added, “Sorry about making such a dramatic first impression.”

“Actually, Master Kevin, it was a good dramatic first impression. Hopefully, I will continue to think good about you.”

Assuring him that I intended to be an asset to the kingdom, I left to return to my apartment. Along the way I kept pausing to look down other hallways and open doorways for other intruders. While I felt comfortable upon finding none, I still checked about something before entering my apartment.

Annie was present at the table drinking some wine, but as she smiled in turning to me I asked a question, “Why didn’t you scream?”

“She had a knife to my throat and told me not to scream.”

“When a bad person tells you do something, it is usually the wrong thing to do. I will however allow that certain threats can force some bad decisions. Still, there are guards right outside the door, and not to trust in their ability to protect you really negates the reason for their presence.”

I saw some trembling in her hands holding the goblet of wine causing me to believe her when she said, “I was scared.”

“I know, and this is a new situation. Still, this society does certain things, and you should trust them to know what works. Now, I could have brought some soldiers inside, but I actually like the fact that you and my wife will go around naked at times. Those soldiers are however just right there, so you call to them if feel threatened.”

“I will.” A hand moved to mine as she asked, “Will you sleep with me?”

“No, as I have someone to sleep with. You might be my property, Annie, but I don’t consider your body to be mine in the way that Rabbit's is. You are free to find another who will be able to claim you for certain personal uses.”

And the actual plot finally starts to be revealed.