The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp7

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Seven
Another Who Seeks a Wife

Going into the royal office, Chamorrick tossed aside his blanket while asking, “Since when does a human, an astronomy major, get concessions?” Before his father could ask, he explained, “We might not have gotten out at all, but Kevin is blessed should he go somewhere he should not. I kept getting tortured and attacked, while he was moving along without any problems.”

The king replied, “That is what I keep telling you, Son. There are benefits to being associated with fey – requirements as well, but there is a proper balance. If you will condescend to accepting some things, you might find yourself better off than you seem to accept.”

He then turned to me to ask, “How long ago were you told about your ability to go where you should not?”

I had taken a seat expecting the monarch to quiz us about things of the abduction, then afterward. I also expected some discussion concerning Charmorrick’s relationship with Queanay. To suddenly have a question directed at me, and of my past, I guess that I understood as being the new kid in town. I did not put up any resistance to answering the monarch.

“Basically the first time I remember being with my wife.”

Showing surprise, he asked, “And you remembered?”

“Easily, as she usually only showed up when I got off alone.”

He laughed, then said, “Well, I hate to tell you this, but you now have permission to go anywhere in the castle you desire.”

I had always used my gift simply to get away. My parents did not mind, as I usually did not get into trouble. I now considered that I could have done things to get into places. Of course, what King Naderron did would also let me get into places, but that was not what I wanted. Wondering where Rabbit was, I spoke of the uses to which I did take advantage of my gift.

“I hate to tell you this, but I think my wife wants me outdoors.”

“She and the rest of her troupe do practice out there, but honestly the fresh air won’t hurt you. Also, if there is somewhere out there within a few days walk you aren’t supposed to go, I want to know about it.”

I shrugged my shoulders, then replied, “Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with what you said. The Vegan Tower is a good place for normal star gazing, but sometimes a different position can help ascertain some facts. I thus will probably go out every now and then, and an escort of a soldier or two might help.”

King Naderron turned to his eldest son and said, “Sounds like a man of wisdom to me.”

Chamorrick replied, “Like I said, I would not have made the escape without him. Looking back on it now, it was also slightly fun. Not the getting hurt, but just the boldness of what we did.” As if wanting to speak before his father, he then said, “And I do want a wife. If Queanay is getting desperate, maybe it is time I considered things a little more immediately as well.” He moved to pat me on the back while saying, “I might want to speak to you later.”

I returned, “No problem.”

The king lifted his head and I twisted my body to look upon hearing the door shut. Realizing that I had been left along with the monarch, I rose from my chair. Before I could say any parting words, King Naderron said his.

“You handled yourself well, Kevin. I expect that, but it was good to see it as well. He is also my son, so I want to say my thanks simply as a parent.”

“Listen, I have nothing against you or your eldest son. Glad to be here. Elated with my wife. I plan on making a good life here.”

“Well, your wife is of my court, but you are technically of Chamorrick’s. I am thus not going to say that your life might end up as mixed-up as mine. You keep doing your best however, and it should be a life to be proud of.”

I put the blankets around me on top of those Chamorrick set down as I said, “I have a lot to learn. This whole human/fey thing is something it seems that I am going to have to learn about. I am very much pleased to have the wife I have, but it is opening me up to possibilities I never really gave a serious thought. Listening to Chamorrick, I however realized that my relationship with Rabbit will present problems to my children, and it would help to be able to provide them with advice.”

“I believe that you found the answer, Kevin. You make a decision and hold to it. Chamorrick wants to waver in his life. He wants to go down one path while still having the benefits of another. There is no bad decision, but whatever decision is made will have good and bad.”

“Maybe, but for me it is all good. I love Rabbit. I love her immensely, and look forward to my life with her. There is no bad. There are rules, but they are not bad. They are just rules, and to keep Rabbit I will obey them. It has now brought me here, but I don’t mind it here. No offense, but I have found no problem with you. Fathall, well, I had a good time with him as well.”

“How about Annie?”

Yes, that was a good question. King Naderron was also the one that created that problem, except that I believed Annie did it to herself in coming with me. I however showed no fear in attempting to respond to the question.

“I don’t know if she is my decision or not. I mean, Rabbit visited me regularly. I thus believe that sending Annie home is not a problem. I just don’t know if I should. As for her being my slave, I guess that I would need someone to care for certain things. I am not really putting my focus on Annie, but just doing what I can to assure that she is treated well until she can come to decision on her own.”

“That is probably wise. Some don’t, but most do. Okay, Kevin, once again thank you for what you did.”

I bowed, then exited the office. I wanted my wife. This time she had not been the one to find me, and I worried about her being frantic. I then looked back and forth along the passage, and realized that I did not know the way to my room. I thought of asking a guard like I did before, but then I saw a flash of yellow coming toward me.

It would have been like old times to feel her grip and have her direct me. That is not what she did. She bounded upon my body and gave me a prolonged kiss. I held her to feel her body. After the period of affection, she told me to take us to our apartment. I really did desire to keep the lady next to me, although had to again ask her to direct me.

She laughed as she dropped to the floor to pull my arm, although I then stopped to say, “Wait, Rabbit, give me a tour of this place.” Her face displayed some puzzlement at my command, so I explained. “If this is where our home is, where our work is, it would be nice to know about the place. Show me around.”

“You should be very tired.”

“Yes, I probably am. By the time we have walked around this place I will probably barely be able to stand. King Naderron just gave me permission to go anywhere in his castle. I don’t want to do the man wrong, but right now I could not go anywhere except by accident. It would be nice to have a general knowledge of where certain rooms are.”

She held me while explaining that I was in front of the king’s office, which I knew, then began to say things and walk me to other places in order to help me get a sense of where things were. At first I was glad simply to be spending time with my wife. Slowly, I began forming an idea of my surroundings, and the activity along with the lack of sleep began to settle upon me. I kept myself walking proudly by my wife, but upon stepping into my apartment I mumbled my desire.

“You can do it, Rabbit, or have Annie do it. Just get me out of my clothes and into the bed.”

My wife asked, “Why would I not do it?”

“Because you need to go practice.”

“Not every dance requires all seven of us. My dance was interrupted with my concern for you, so the others will find a dance that does not need me. There will be days when I will dance and others will not.”

Annie came to hug me. I let her know that I was all right. Rabbit then told her that she would take care of me, and I told Annie that I would need a bath later. She hugged me again, then assured me that she would summon the hot water as soon as I again started moving.

Rabbit however directed me to the bed while saying, “I will bathe you as well.”

It was not that I had privacy when I took a bath. There was a screen around the tub, but it mostly shielded Annie. Rabbit and I would bother each other. I thus read into her statement about her bathing me.

“You were worried, Rabbit?”

“Yes, I was worried. You did right. Going to work when you did, then helping Chamorrick, was everything you should have done. I was proud of you, but worried as well.”

I wanted to tell my wife that I trusted in what she told me. I could however tell that she knew. The way she acted let me know that she understood that I had followed her instructions, and had found them to prove true. I thus decided to tell my wife about something else.

“Chamorrick said that he was enough fey that if he married a fey then his children would be completely fey.”

She looked at me as if attempting to read into my words before speaking a response. “Yes. There comes a point when the demands of fey upon a person are so great that they might as well become fully fey. Those that resist become twisted creatures. Our children will be blessed with both natures, so they will need to be careful about which direction they choose when they seek to marry.”

“Would it hurt this castle for him to have children that are fully fey?”

“No, although the child that resists his fey nature will probably be king, because this is not a fey kingdom. Those are perilous times for this land, but the people have always proven themselves strong. This land has never been fully fey, although this is not a world for those that are fully human. Chamorrick should be able to look back into his own history for answers, just as Fathall is having you read the ancient journals for your own guidance.”

Before moving under the covers, I found myself having to say, “You know that I will do it again. You told me that you wanted a husband that would go places others would not.”

“Yes. I just was not there for you. Before, I could be there for you. It would have been nice if I could have been there for you.”

“We are in the land of fey, Rabbit. I believe those people would have seen you, believed in you, and know how to react to you. I might not have worried for me, and I really did not worry about Chamorrick, but I would have worried for you.”

“I understand, and you are right.” She kissed me, then said, “The other dancers have been laughing at me for being married to a human. I have been praising you as I spoke of the man you were becoming, but they still thought me cursed for what King Naderron did. They do not speak of me being cursed any longer, but realize that you are good man.”

“I believe that you are just the right lady to have me. I always liked the way you spoke to me, and what you spoke to me about. I always enjoyed having you with me. I don’t want anyone else as a wife.”

And Queanay makes another appearance.