The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp6B

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Six – Part Two
Trouble Not of My Wife

I watched as Chamorrick moved about the room. I assumed that he was looking for a weapon, and did not consider that foolish. He did find a few daggers, and I thinking it probably good to have some protection I accepted the blade when Chamorrick moved to hand me one of the large knives.

There were two solid wooden doors from the torture chamber. One however led down to where we could hear the groans of others. The other led up. I had been in a corner where I could seclude myself from certain images. While Chamorrick did show some burn spots and complained of being bruised, he was not hurt, although had come into the cell not wanting to concern himself with his torturers. Thus, neither of us knew in which direction the large men had gone, but we started up the flight of stone steps certain it was the direction that we needed to go.

Coming to another door, we could hear the torturers discussing how Chamorrick screamed. The royal heir whispered words of teaching the men a lesson of pain. I however felt that he needed to keep his focus on other things, so turned to discuss another plan.

“Give me a minute, then move on to the other door.”

“What other door?”

“There has to be another door. Anyway, this is definitely somewhere I probably should not go, so let me handle this.”

He looked down, I felt certain studied my grip on the dagger, then asked, “Are you sure you can handle this?”

“No, but I’m not scared either. At the worst we just rush on.”

“Yes, we probably can outrun then. Okay.”

Accepting the response, I opened the door and moved into the room. The large men looked to me. Thinking quickly, I stuck the dagger in my belt while saying the first thing that came to mind.

“You boys did a good job. Queanay told you to have us thinking of ourselves, and we are doing just that – promise. We are probably going to talk to her now. Don’t worry, we will put in a good word for you if we get a chance.”

One asked, “How did you get out of the cell?”

“What? I did not hear any command for us to stay in the cell. We just needed a little understanding of things, and you guys did that.”

The men grunted in a manner that had me thinking they chuckled, then a different one than previously said, “You probably should go back to your cells.”

I did not want to say that such was what I was hoping for, but instead replied, “If you get to torture us again because we did not, no hard feelings.”

I signaled to Chamorrick, then headed to the other door in the room. As hoped, it opened to reveal some more steps up. We headed on out of the lower parts of the castle with the hopes of things continuing to go well.

Opening the next door, I saw a couple of guards. I stepped out to hopefully talk my way out of this situation as well. However, as Chamorrick stepped out, he was attacked. As he struck back, I noticed the other guard act to move against him, so stuck out my leg and tripped him. Stepping on the fallen guard, I kept him out of the battle.

The royal heir proved that he could fight. While he was only armed with a dagger, he put the armored soldier on the defensive. Seeing me keeping down the other guard, Chamorrick moved to grab his fancy axe. With the better weapon providing some reach, he quickly put the fight with the active soldier into his victory column.

Looking up and down the corridor, he then asked, “What way now?”

“I assumed that we are going to see Queanay.”

“Oh, no. I have nothing to say to her. Let’s get out of here.”

“Well, thanks,” I said. “Honestly, I believe home is someplace I am supposed to go.”

I then grabbed a fancy chair probably used by a guard to relax when he thought no one was looking, and moved to a window. The colored panels were nice, but I tossed the piece of furniture through them. I then explained my actions to Chamorrick.

“I however do not believe that I am supposed to go out a window.”

As I used my shoe to clear away some shards at the bottom of the window, Chamorrick said, “It would be nice having you suffer a little. Still, it’s not that far down.”

He jumped just enough to clear the wall and landed in what appeared to be a pile of soft snow. I followed, and indeed found myself bothered more by the cold than the landing. We then began moving through the snow away from the large fortress.

The building behind us was a large structure of white stone that appeared to be glazed over with ice. To my right I saw a smaller castle of dark stone on top of a hill of rock. I assumed that the land fell away to a body of water in that direction, although I followed Chamorrick away from the large building and parallel to any shore.

He told me to run upon hearing the baying of wolves. Obeying the command was no easier for him than me. We tried however, although moving through the deep soft snow was not easy. The wolves somehow had no problem, although they ran past me to attack the royal heir.

I guessed that I was supposed to help Chamorrick when an animal turned upon me after I struck it with the dagger. The blade however proved able to cut through the skin and muscle tissue, and soon I was striking another. Chamorrick still had the fancy ax, and proved to the animals that he knew how to use it, so soon enough we were striding away from the creatures with those still alive recognizing the wisdom of leaving us alone.

Seeing me check myself for the depth of certain scratches, Chamorrick said, “Poor thing.”

He had been bitten a few times. The wounds were not horrible, although I did not doubt that he was hurt. I however looked at our situation and told him to keep moving. Worried about being attacked some more, he heeded my advice while actually providing some of his own.

“Florinew is to the south, so we just keep going in the direction we are. There is really nothing to trouble us if stay along this path. Move along the shore and we could run into trouble.”

Just to be conversational, I asked, “There is a body of water over there?”

“Yes, a part of the Enchanted Sea. Across the water is what is considered the actual realm of the elf king Nezarraine. Once we reach the forest, we are in Florinew.”

I saw trees very far in the distance ahead of us, so said, “It is cold, and no telling how long the day will last.”

“Oh, feeling the cold? That’s too bad. Must be rough going the way you are supposed to go.”

“I got a wife and slave to take care of me when we get home. What do you have?”

“Neither, but my self-respect for not needing my father to save me. Your help does not count, as I am supposed to be able to assume the companionship of certain people.”

I chuckled, and spoke my own translation of what he said. “You mean my help does not count because I am not our father.”

“Yes, something like that. Listen, I admit that this little escapade will have me consider certain plans, but really it just scratches one lady off my list.”

“Oh, you have a number?”

“Of course I have a number, as I am the royal heir. There are a number of women, human and fey, wanting to marry me.”

I accepted that. In moving with Chamorrick I however noticed certain features. Wondering just how hard of a decision for a bride he had, I decided to ask a question.

“Why would you want a human? You are fey.”

“Well, mostly, which is why I would want a human. I am at that point where if I marry a fey, my children will be fey. King Nezarraine is an elf, but he is of good ancient stock. The right fey, which Queanay is not, could be good for the kingdom. The historic choice is however to wed a human, and keep our bloodline neither fully human nor fey. Have not found the right human lady either. Not that I have much choice there, as there are not that many human nobles.”

Sounded like the man did have some difficulties in his decision. I wanted to help, but having my wife chosen for me at a young age, and finding her to be a wonderful choice, I had no experience with his problems. I did however try to help him with his decision.

“Are you marrying for love or politics?”

“Listen, that is the same question that got you married. I am marrying for me. I don’t know what that means, but it does mean that I have discarded all the usual channels of advice.”

I probably would have said something, but both of looked up when a horn blew. On top of a rise of snow was a number of horses. Even in as little time as I had in this world, I had learned the colors of Florinew. I thus moved ahead with Chamorrick understanding that we had been rescued.

Both of us were wrapped in blankets, given some whiskey, then told to climb on the back of some horses. King Naderron commanded a squad of soldiers with an official to make some statement of displeasure at what Queanay had done. Commenting that diplomacy was always the better option, he told the rest of his men to head back to his castle. Feeling the chill even through the blankets, I signaled someone to again pass me the whiskey along with asking the time.

“It’s early,” came the reply.

Remembering that it had been night, I began to allow that it probably was very early. Speaking to some soldiers, I learned that it was barely past first light. I began to speak of what happened to us, but King Naderron commanded me not to say any words until we again were in his home.

Things began to warm up noticeably once we entered the forest. I no more than heard the distant sound of women singing some strange song than the men began some crude tune of bar maids and what services they could provide to a weary stranger. The song would definitely not be considered proper for mixed company back home, but as it was all men I accepted the gusto some put into the chorus. By the time we came out of the forest, the song ended with cheers at the sight of the distant flags of the castle.

The events need to be resolved, but mostly the young men need to be cared for.