The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp6A

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Six – Part One
Trouble Not of My Wife

I actually never thought of fey as having a focus on work. The representations of them were usually of play, usually mischievous fun, and not doing what people considered work. Rabbit was a dancer, and did put her thoughts on her movements. My comment to her about going up to the Vegan Tower after she fell asleep met her approval, as she accepted that I would be focused on my occupation as well.

In a way her mentality was good, but I felt the need for sleep as well as I just enjoyed having her in my life. Once again I however found myself enchanted with having the lady motionless next to me. I thought of some comment about how innocent some appeared while asleep, but I simply found Rabbit to be lovely. She was very attractive during the day, but her active presence just did not give me a chance to focus on the details of her appearance as I could when she was asleep.

Telling myself that I could sleep while my wife was at her occupation, I got out of bed and put some clothes on. I did not dress in any good clothes. My intent was entirely to go up the tower, spend some time looking around and probably reading a section of a journal, then coming back to my bed. While I accepted that most of my work would be at night, I did not think it wise to completely start my body operating at a different rhythm.

No one bothered me as I moved through the castle. There were some people moving about, and the guards continued to be present, but no one stopped me. Coming to the top of the tower, I went ahead and took another flight of wooden stairs that had me come out on the roof where I could actually look at the stars. I moved to where I could gain a slightly comfortable place on my back, and tried to apply what I knew of constellations and things celestial.

Nothing I saw was familiar. No Milky Way. Many stars were very large in the sky. I saw things that appeared as comets making circular paths. Completely mystified by what I was seeing, I found myself hoping to encounter Fathall. No one else arrived however, so I descended feeling the need to get some sleep and hopefully during the coming day get some answers to what I saw.

I saw guards with their weapons actually being set to be used as I heard a female voice declare, “You are mine, Chamorrick!”

The soldiers were not positioned where they could prevent my advance. Not knowing enough about the castle to use another route to my apartment, I moved up hoping to simply rush through. Seeing a couple of guards on the ground, I dropped to check on them. My outdoor activities had caused me to learn some basic first aid, and I directed a soldier to help me remove some metal pieces so I could look at where one man was hurt. He mentioned poison, and I saw some green essence in the seepage from the wound. I saw no signs of blood, or discoloration in the skin indicating that the blood was being affected, so figured the men would be all right given proper care and time. I thus told the soldiers to assign men to get the wounded to where they could be treated as I moved to a position where I could check on Chamorrick.

What I saw through a doorway was hair. Black strands spread out blocking the view of the room beyond. I could make out a rather nice feminine form, although her voice was as disruptive as her presence.

“You should stop attempting to change your fate, Chamorrick!”

“There was no bond!” the royal heir replied, “and that attitude makes me glad.”

Hoping to redirect the situation, I interjected, “Lady troubles, Chamorrick?”

“Oh, thank the fates. Listen, Queanay, that is the one who gained the bond. Kevin became bonded to a dancer that night. No vows were forced upon me.”

The lady turned in a manner that attempted to keep us both in her sight. I felt her floating strands would prevent a clear view, although had to admit that I could see her red eyes focus on me. She had more of a chest than my wife, although the ears were dainty things with barely an upward tip. The face appeared a little more elongated, although it might have just been her anger influencing my perception of her.

“You! You married a fey?” Before I could barely even nod, she added, “Oh, yes, I can tell. Seelie.” She turned her head back toward Chamorrick to ask, “Is that what you want? Someone proper?”

He replied, “I haven’t decided yet.”

I again tried to redirect the emotional level of the lady. “It sounds like we need a good heart-to-heart conversation. Chamorrick and I have been conversing, but not enough to make me biased. I could then –“

“You’re willing to council him?” the lady demanded of me.

“I believe the both of you need to come to terms with your feelings for each other. I could act as an intermediary.”

“Then both of you, come!”

I really had not seen any displays of magic. The presence of the fey had me accepting that there were magical influences on this world, but to what extent I could not say. What my wife did with her dancing was not what I considered normal, but I allowed myself to accept her movements as normal for her. In my mind she was not working magic, but using her natural talents to enable her to do things with her body that a regular human female could not. Annie had been enchanted into accepting her status as my slave, but the process had been more of a law of the land and not a spell. Again I did not notice the dark lady with the red eyes work an incantation, but suddenly seeing myself in a room with glowing braziers along with strong men in metal studded leather clothes I accepted that magic had been done.

Hands of the ones in the room grabbed me and Chamorrick as the lady said, “Get their minds to thinking about themselves, as they better have the proper perspective when I speak to them again.”

The royal heir yelled out threats of what his father would do as he was set in manacles. I found my arms also being put in shackles. I however had come as a mediator, so sought some control of my situation.

I looked to the one checking irons in the glowing coals of a large brazier, and strongly asked, “Who are you?”


I spoke a little slower, although kept strength in my voice as I asked again, “Who are you?” Attempting to cut out any foolish talk, I clarified, “And don’t give me any job title. I can tell that you are going to torture us, so saying that you are ‘The Torturer’ or other odd title is more silly than helping the situation. I would rather not give you a name, like Paul, but if I must –“

“My name’s not Paul. It is Dorluck.”

“Okay, Dorluck, now how about the name of the lady that brought us here. I’m really new to all this. I would ask Chamorrick, but I will accept at the moment that you are in charge. Thus, give me some information.”

He brought a hot poker toward me. My parents were drug addicts. I had been beaten, although only on occasions, as my father really believed in being a pacifist. He just was also a guitar player, and sometimes he felt a need to really play a solo. I had also been an active boy, so got into trouble at times. If I was relatively away from society, Rabbit would be there for me. If around people, like on a playground or playing school sports, I had suffered some injuries. I thus knew pain, and accepted that I would feel it again. I however set myself to proving superior to the situation and coming away with information.

It thus surprised me when the large man gave the orders, “Take him down. Put him in a cell. I cannot torture him.”

Chamorrick yelled out, “You what? He’s with me!”

Dorluck replied, “I cannot hurt him. You, I can hurt.”

I said, “Well, he won’t be no good to you if you harm him.”

“Not supposed to harm him, other than get him thinking properly. Should not take much.”

Actually, I agreed. I thus quietly went to my cell. Taking a position on the floor in a corner, I prepared myself for the screams from Chamorrick.

He did put on an auditory show. While I could tell that he did suffer harm, his fear of being hurt radiated as well as his sounds of actually suffering pain. It was not amusing, although I gained the impression that he was not being horribly tortured. I felt my beliefs were supported when the man did not appear disfigured at all when pushed into the cell with me.

Chamorrick looked to me and asked, “What is this about him not able to torture you?”

I honestly did not know, but also did not feel that I was the one that needed to supply information. “I believe the important questions concern your relationship with that lady.”

“Lady? The one that brought us here happens to be Queanay. She is the daughter of the Ice Queen.”

“She looked hot to me.”

I was worried after saying that of having the royal heir mention the appearance of the lady, but he took the words in a proper manner. “Oh, she has a pleasant side. The problem with her is that I actually should not marry her. If I marry her, I will have to leave the throne of Florinew to Retallard, and I actually like the kingdom I grew up in.” As if worried that he might have insulted me, he asked, “Are you from a cold land?”

“No. I will admit some pleasure in the snow, but being all bundled up is not the way I like to dress.”

“I can tell.” He then turned to lie down while saying, “Well, no telling how long we are going to be here.”

I rose while saying, “If the torturers have left then there is no reason to stay here.”


I did not answer, but just went up to study the door. We were in the typical jail cell with the metal rods as the front wall. The door was locked, but I did not see a keyhole or even a normal latch. I looked to notice the sealing mechanism at the top of the door, although again with no keyhole. There were two other cells, and in looking to them I saw a heavy metal ring hanging from the ceiling. I then looked and saw the one hanging in front of our door. Reaching up, I grabbed it, then put my weight on it. I smiled upon finding the door to open.

“Come on,” I said to Chamorrick.

“What? Uh, couldn’t we get into more trouble?”

“Yes, but I am not supposed to be scared of going where I am not supposed to go. Thus, I am going with or without you.”

“You’re what?” He saw me step out, then moved to the door saying, “Hell, yes. I don’t want to face that witch again in a jail cell. Let’s go see if we can meet her face-to-face.”

And the two men learn more about each other as they try to escape.