The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp5

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Five – Part One
Of Astronomy and My Wife

I was looking at my wife when Annie returned to our apartment. I assured my slave that I was fine, had her speak of the work in the kitchen, then wished her a good night. While Annie spoke of being very tired, I found myself fascinated by the one who was already asleep.

While the features of Rabbit were almost alien in their exotic appearance, I found myself accepting that they were very real. The translucent yellow tresses appeared as some type of gel in the darting movements of my wife, but felt very much like softly flowing normal hair as I moved my fingers through it. The ears felt like ears, for lack of having words to say how different ears could feel like. The face and other delicate parts of Rabbit felt as they should. She was also warm, so I soon found myself settling near her body and relaxing.

It was still dark in the room when I felt hands tapping me where I was not used to people touching. Kisses coming to my face told me who was trying to arouse me. Since Rabbit was my wife, she had the authority to demand things of me. More than willing to please the lady, I started my day using my hands to take advantages of places where other people could not go.

As we were speaking of things afterward, my slave came to check on us with Rabbit moving out of the bed and saying, “Yes, it is time to start our day. Come.”

“I am barely dressed.”

“And I am not dressed at all. I need to be, while you can stay in our apartment naked.”

Wanting to protect Annie, I said, “She needs to be dressed to wait on us as we eat breakfast.”

“Breakfast will be sent to our room, my husband. All that is needed is a robe.”

“Now, Rabbit, Annie came here out of friendship. Do not abuse her place of being in our service.”

My wife turned to me, then smiled before turning back to the other lady. “I am sorry, Annie. The words might be true, and my husband is correct that you should have honor from us. Still, you must learn, so remove your clothes and serve me. Once I am dressed, then you can go and dress as well, and hopefully tomorrow you will check yourself before you check on me.”

“Yes, my lady.”

Annie did have a nice body, but nothing like my wife. Larger breasts and a more human appearance did please me, but the movements of my wife enchanted me more. I put on some clothes doing my best not to look, but with the naked body of Annie being near my wife I saw a lot that I should not have.

I went to the door when someone knocked, and I saw that indeed servants were present with trays for us. I could only guess that King Naderron was not a morning person. As I brought the trays to the table having a guard shut the door behind me, the naked Annie ran out saying that she would set things out.

“Annie,” I said, “you are my slave, and Rabbit is my wife. I can certainly do things for my ladies.” I then called out, “Are you finished with Annie, Rabbit?” Hearing the word, ‘almost,’ I then said, “Finish caring for my wife, then you may come out to eat. I would prefer that you take some time to put some clothes on, but if you are hungry you may go ahead and eat while naked.”

I saw her breasts bounce as she performed a curtsey, then said, “I am sorry to be a temptation to you, Master.”

“You actually are not a temptation, Annie. Don’t take this wrong, but you do not compare to Rabbit. I just care for you.” I guess it was her use of the word ‘temptation’ that had me ask, “Did you bring a Bible with you, Annie?”


“Good. Take your own advice and find time to read it. Please. I am doing what I can, but I would advise you to continue to put your trust in God.”

“Yes, thank you, Master.”

That last word was spoken almost hesitantly. That told me that the old personality of Annie had not been lost. Hoping to keep it alive, and to keep her time with me in a positive light, I felt a need to say more.

“I am your friend, Annie. Thank you for obeying Rabbit. Thank you for everything you are doing for both of us. I will not have you abused, Annie, and that even goes for your modesty. Now, go finish helping my wife, so both of you can eat.”

Having just had a lengthy period of looking at the bare front of one lady, it pleasantly surprised me to feel the joy in seeing my wife. Even clothed in what again appeared as a more Roman style of attire, a reddish-violet color today, I felt more of a desire to look at her than the naked form of Annie as she moved around to go to her room and put on some clothes.

Wanting to assure a certain philosophy, when my wife had begun to eat, I said, “I understand what you did, Rabbit, but always remember that Annie is a friend. Not only because she is our property, but because she is also our friend, we take care of her. While certain lessons to assure an understanding might be necessary, we still treat her kindly and accept her as a member of our family. She may eat at the table with us. She may sit in a chair and join our conversations. She is a friend first, Rabbit, and our slave second.”

“Yes, my husband.” With a devious smile to her face, my wife then asked, “You did not enjoy having a naked lady about the house?”

“No, because I do not want you to think it is punishment when I have you move about naked.”

Shock came to Rabbit’s face, then a smile. She then yelled out an apology to Annie. Hearing the two ladies make up had me feel better, and I ate feeling that the day had managed to start well.

I did feel some relief seeing different guards this morning to each side of the door. Having actual people and not some constant sentinels helped make the castle feel more like a living place. When I asked directions to the Vegan Tower, again one of the guards decided to leave his post in order to show the way.

Children and people in the corridors further stressed to me that I had found a home among people. With both of my parents very social, enjoying being among crowds, they really did not like me focusing on astronomy where most work was done away from all the distractions of civilization. While I told myself I really did not care, I also found my thoughts to feel that my parents would approve of me working in a place where interaction with others would be a regular part of my day.

I thanked the guard when he opened a door behind which a series of steps led up. He thanked me when I assured him that he did not need to make the climb as well. Wondering about my employment, I shut the door then began the ascent.

As I lifted a trap door, I heard the voice of Fathall declare, “Well, my boy, good to see that you made it. Now, tell me, just how far along in your studies were you?”

“Only finished my sophomore year, so not far along at all.”

“Good, so you’re teachable. Now, what you learned, or thought you learned, is good, but not as well. Come on, we got work to do.”

I moved into the room to see various parchments scattered about. Star charts were on the walls. Fathall was at a table where a long series of metal pipes descended from the ceiling. I looked to see that he was studying pinpoints of light that came from the tubes.

“All that nonsense of angels and such storing away the stars at dawn and putting them back out at dusk is true. Thus, you cannot study the native stars during the day. However, as I said yesterday, we can study the stars from our universe. Thus, where we are is somewhere on the edge of our universe, although we are not talking about physical side-by-side.”

I was glad the man was willing to talk, although I did focus on business. “I assume that there will be a lot of night work.”

“Oh, yes. I know the ladies like having our warm bodies next to them, but after you have spent time with your wife, probably allowed her to drift off, come on up.”

I had heard that from other astronomers, so asked, “What are we looking for?”

“The same thing you would be looking for had you stayed where you were, the truth. The difference is that we are not looking for any absolute truth. It doesn’t exist here. Things continually change. Things like meteors, comets, unusual shifting of the planets, all that could have an immediate and important impact on our lives. It is thus our job to look for things, interpret what we see, then advise people accordingly.”

Attempting to make some sense of his words, I asked, “You are not from here?”

“What? No. I’m a Harvard man. Had my own telescope that I would use while the big boys did their thing. All computers and such. Tell them what you wanted to look at, and for how long, and they did all the work. If the damn machines were dependable, you could have left them. As it was, to pass the time when things were going well I would do my own star gazing. I however was looking down the mountain and saw this pretty thing. It was a sylph, but I just saw a scantily clad female. Chased her and ended up not far from here. Did the same thing you are doing; learned from the previous guy.” He pointed to some shelves as he added, “During the day, it would help to read the journals. Knowing how things were previously interpreted can help you determine how to read things you see now occurring. Nothing is constant, but having a reference does help.”

Just being curious, I asked, “Nothing predicted my coming?”

“What? Well, yes, King Naderron and talk about what we hear from the fey. By the way, what do you call your wife?”


“Rabbit?” Seeing me nod, he said, “Good. How do you like being married to one such as her?”

“I consider her a prize worthy of bragging about.”

“You keep that thought in your head about her. Fey are marvelous creatures, but their nature is a part of the problem with this place. You have to maintain the consistency, because they adapt so quick.”

Thinking about the events of this morning, I said, “That seems to be what I am having to do. It helps however not to have Rabbit challenging me.”

“If she does, listen to her. This world is for them, but it seems that they were originally made to be the keepers of our world until we took over. Strangely, we have control, but this world is not ours either. You thus have to be careful. Set your limits, maintain your life, but listen to that wife of yours. She will adapt to you, but if she feels a need not to adapt you better pay attention to her.”

Wondering about the strength of his words, I asked, “Do you have a fey as a wife?”

“Oh, no. A cute little thing. I was courting her properly, but it seems everyone got fed up with my pace, as one evening King Naderron went ahead and announced us as man and wife.”

“It seems that he does that.”

I guess that he heard the tone of voice I used, as he focused his eyes upon me as he said, “I was there that night, Kevin. I was the one that pointed out Rabbit as being the only unwedded dancer. It was not done to curse you, but the hope was your blessing would have some sense sink into Chamorrick. Thus, if you are entwined into anyone’s fate, it is our eldest royal heir. That could be good or bad for you. I saw the two of you talking, and it would probably be wise for you to continue to talk to him.”

Thinking about my conversations with him, I said, “I found him a little egotistical.”

“A little? Honestly, though, he is not a bad guy, just, well – egotistical. He has some personal issues that make him rebellious, but he honestly has not been a bad kid. Listen, you might not like him as a friend, but try to see past his faults.”

“Considering that we have to live in this castle together, I guess I better.”

“That is a good attitude to have. Now, let’s get to work.”

What Fathall had me do was some basic routine examination exercises along with some discussion about what I would find in the old journals. I mentioned some of the old techniques for finding planets, nova, comets, etc. He however explained some of the problems that made even those procedures unusable. He however stressed the actual importance of the error-prone system that he used, and used certain events in his own life, along with citing other examples in the journals, that supported his claims.

I found myself having to allow that there was a method to his madness, so set myself to learning what he had found to work. I did know some things about astronomy, which had me accepting his procedures as his objectives fit those I knew to be important. The means to the ends might have been a little cumbersome, but I knew better than to speak before I had some substance to my beliefs. I thus followed the instructions without complaint.

We both looked up with surprise when the trap door opened, although I moved with pleasure seeing my wife. I went to help her into the room, then showed her around. She kissed me as if pleased to see that I had been working, and her words supported that.

“I am finished dancing, so was hoping that you are finished with your work as well.”

Fathall replied, “Yes, he has done well. Kevin, take a journal with you.”

“Certainly,” I replied to him before speaking to my wife. “There will be a lot of work at night, after you go to sleep.”

“I know what Fathall does, my husband. Did he tell you that he was the one that told King Naderron that I was not yet married, so could marry you?”

The old man smiled as I admitted, “Yes, he did.”

“Well, I spent nights after checking on you in speaking with him. He would be here doing what you have been doing and reading journals, but he would speak to me. You better speak to me as well.”

“Certainly, Rabbit. I might need to mumble things to help me remember things.”

Fathall said, “I do that as well.”

My wife spoke her agreement. “Yes, he did, but he talked. I liked talking with him.” She then kissed me before saying, “I am glad that you are an astronomer, as you get to come home when the weather is bad.”

Fathall quickly spoke a counter, “Now, Rabbit, your husband has a lot to learn, so will need to spend time reading if not working. I know a newly married couple wants to do a lot of things with each other, but you need to let Kevin put in his time.”

Hoping to support the words, I said, “I bet you still dance in the castle when the weather is bad.”

“No, as we practice out in the fields and woods. If the weather is bad, we huddle inside like everyone else.”

Fathall said, “In the big storms and during the coldest periods we do more formal dances than the entertainment of the dance troupe.”

“So,” I asked looking at my wife, “there are times when I will get to dance with you?”

“Oh, yes!” Rabbit replied before kissing me. “There will be times when I can dance with you.”

Fathall interjected, “You might need to learn our dances.”

“Yes. On days when you cannot see the stars and I cannot dance with my troupe, I can practice with my husband.”

“Hope that I did not get you involved in anything you will be mad at me about.”

I replied, “Oh, no. I have a most amazing wife. Thank you for her.”

“Keep saying that, and I doubt you will ever regret a word. I guess that it is time for me to return to my wife as well.”

I helped the man organize some parchments and put some items back up. He chose a journal and told me to read it. I told him that I would if I found time, although would do my best to show up sometime in the night just to start getting my clock adjusted. He mentioned that being wise, and just to light a lamp and read if he was not present. With things being as they should, I helped my wife step back down through the trap door.

As I had learned was normal with my wife, she kept a graceful flowing movement to her person. There were a couple of storage rooms below that the stairs moved through, but for about thirty feet it was just open space with the risers jutting from the stone wall. I watched, but Rabbit never acted worried about the edge. She laughed as she did steps while descending. As we were about to enter the upper storage area, my wife flowed to me to give me a kiss before speaking.

“I like having you watch me. That is what I tell the others of my troupe, that you watch me.”

“Now, Rabbit, they are all married, so don’t they have husbands that watch them?”

“No, as they are fey as well, so they have business like you. Unlike you, they do not see marriage as a life, but as a part of the scheme of life. They protect and comfort each other, and their children, but each have their jobs that are their lives. I dance. It is my life. My troupe works on what we will do before the king, but mostly just go about dancing. We are to most a wayward breeze, a passing moment of joy, sadness, or whatever emotion we are expressing at the time, or just a glimpse of a fair feminine form. I can tell that you can see me however. You watch, and I like that.”

I appreciated what she told me, but had to express my mystification as well. “You are very lovely, Rabbit, and dance is a visual art. It is supposed to be watched.”

She moved up to hug me as she said, “And you are my husband, and supposed to be honored by his wife. I however am honored by you, so I love you. I have married a good man, and I don’t want you to change.”

“That, I guess, would require you to not change as well.”

“I am what I am.”

I put my hands upon her waist and lifted her to look at her as I said, “Oh, that is what every man hopes for. You stay as you are, Rabbit, and I will ever honor, love, and treasure you.”

She bent forward to wrap her arms around my neck. With her kissing me, I carried her down the stairs. Her body was not heavy at all with me feeling more pressure from her embrace and kisses than from the weight of her form. I enjoyed her presence, although had to let one of my arms wrapped around her release her in order to open the door.

Rabbit held to me as I reached for the handle, but then a thought struck me. I picked her back up, and carried her back up the stairs. I then set her down on what was the ceiling to the upper storage area, then stepped on it myself to test its ability as a floor. Feeling a firm surface, I explained myself to my wife.

“You said that a fey husband would not watch you. I thus assume that a fey husband would not dance with you either. I want you to know that I will dance with you.”

“I do not dance as you.”

“No, but as a dancer you should be better able to determine how we can move together than I can.” I picked her up, then held her as I went through a simple waltz, then set her back down while saying, “I would rather not dance with you like that.”

She laughed before saying, “No, I don’t think we should dance like that.”

“Well, you moved with me once before, Rabbit. I don’t know the local dances, but you can start forming ideas about how we can move together.”

From above came the sound of Fathall, “I know the local dances, Kevin. Know them quite well.” The man came on down the stairs enough to see us, then commented, “You do have enough room there to practice. Tell you what, go on and get ready to eat. One day when we are all holed up due to the weather, you and Rabbit can come here with me and my wife, and we can spend time working on the more formal dances.”

Both my wife and I thanked the man, agreed it was a good idea, then left to go to our room. Along the way I asked Rabbit about her opinion of the local dances. She spoke of never watching them, but of staying holed up waiting for a time that she could dance again. I then began asking of family, feeling it a good idea for something to do in such times, but what she told me was something I did not suspect.

“I went to check on you.” I guess that she saw the surprise on my face, as she said, “If I could not do my work, I went to my other responsibility – my husband.”

I did remember seeing her through my life, but kept my focus on my thoughts. “You don’t spend time with your family?”

“Not really. I rejoice when I pass them, but I dance with my sisters and see my brothers as I dance out beyond the castle.”

“Then I guess that I need to learn who they are.”

She had a perplexed expression as she entered the apartment, and said, “But you have met my sisters, and have not yet gone outside the castle, but can meet them when you do.”

“Rabbit, how about your nieces and nephews?”

“You ask a lot, my husband.”

Remembering the words of Fathall, I felt it wise to say, “Maybe I was, so I apologize, Rabbit. I am new, maybe in the passage of time I will simply gain such encounters for myself.”

The smile returned to her face as she replied, “Yes, that is possible.” She then approached to touch my face as she said, “I told you that you could do no wrong. Still, you were right to do as you did. Maybe in time you will learn.”

We kissed, but nothing more was said. Annie was present to help us prepare for supper. As with the previous evening, my wife kissed me before leaving, then I went out the door after my slave to walk to the throne room alone.

No sooner did I walk into the main room than I again heard the voice of Chamorrick from a corner, “Well, it seems that you did work with Fathall today.”

Hoping for a conversation of something more than my occupation, I tried to see if I could be playful. “Just because I had a guard direct me to the Vegan Tower does not mean that I worked there. I rummaged through the storage rooms all day.”

He approached while commenting, “Most of the work that Fathall does is done at night anyway.”

“My excuse exactly.”

“You going to leave your darling little dancer to sleep alone?”

“Trust me, the sleep is the most boring part of our life together.”

“You do have a mouth on you tonight.” I had been rather cute with my replies, although was glad to hear Chamorrick not press the issue. “I think that I might try your brand of advice, but I guess I will try and do so when I catch you in a less jocular mood.”

“That might be best, Chamorrick. Still, I am honored that you considered confiding in me.”

And in the next installment Kevin learns things of Chamorrick.