The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp4B

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Four – Part Two
The Home of My Wife

As the meal broke down with people speaking of being full, I noticed a man come from a place behind the monarch to approach me. I recognized him as being the castle mage, so was interested to meet with him. Unlike my wife, people were almost rude in averting their eyes to prevent them from speaking to him. Worried about associating with him, I looked to Rabbit, but she reminded me that his name was Fathall. Feeling that I would become ostracized, I waited for the man to approach.

He did shake my hand, then said, “Your wife does practice. All that grace and talent does take its time perfecting. When she leaves to go to her business, climb up the Vegan Tower to check on mine.”

Thinking of a life without meat, I asked, “Vegan Tower?”

“Yes, as we can make out Vega. Why certain stars can be seen in our sky and others cannot, and I believe vice-versa, is a still an unanswered question. Anyway, it is a good climb, but a wonderful way to keep in shape.”

The man did show signs of being in wonderful health. While the clothes tended to add bulk to a form, they did not necessarily have people appear fat. Those with nice physiques actually could have the clothes accentuate certain things about their form. Fathall's face did show some age, but the way he set his hat hid most of the fact that his thin hair was white. Ignoring the signs of being in the latter years of his life I had to admit he looked rather well, and I did not doubt that he could still climb stairs.

Still attempting to get a sense of my surroundings, I asked, “So, this is not a completely different world?”

“Yes, no – well, we can discuss theories after I find you acceptable as an apprentice. My instruments are probably rather crude compared to what you are used to, but I feel that they help keep one’s focus on what is really important.”

“Well, I shall see you tomorrow.”

He moved in close and put a hand on my shoulder as he said, “Good, boy – that’s the right attitude. That wife of yours is a prize. Don’t you ever doubt it. You however are going to have to keep your head about you to continue to see her beauty, her spirit, her life. The fey set this world apart with many believing that their exit from the other world doomed it. You now have a fey bonded to your life; don’t you ever lose sight of how special that is.”

“Sir, I consider those words fabulous advice.”

Fathall broke away while saying, “I think you will do very well. See you tomorrow.”

As he walked away, I again saw people turning their faces away from the man. In scanning the room, I however saw a number smile at me. The sense was that I was a new face, although I felt a number more envied me for my wife. I certainly felt that Rabbit was special, and in turning to her I found joy to see her blue eyes looking back at mine.

I softly asked her, “Why do people not want to look at Fathall?”

“He seeks the truth about things, and most do not want to face the truth. It is in King Naderron’s favor that he listens to Fathall. I am honored that you will be able to work with him.”

Just wanting to talk to my wife, I asked, “You are not scared of the truth?”

“I am truly married to you. That is something I am pleased to have as true.” I felt her voice go stern as she said, “And I am truly a dancer. He is right that I do spend a lot of time practicing. Thus, I am glad that we have Annie. Still, do not you forget the truth.”

“Annie? No. There would have to be someone that I could compare to you, and Annie does not do that.”

“I was watching that night, so I know those words to be true. Still, the opposite is not true. Annie does not have another as a focus to her life. She wanted, and still wants, you, my husband. While I feel certain that I can trust you around Annie, I am not certain that I can trust her around you. We thus might need to make a decision about her.”

Those words hurt me. Not because I wanted a relationship between Annie and me, but because I felt she was under an enchantment. I wanted her in my care, so I could protect her until an opportunity came where I could send her home. Feeling that I could trust Rabbit completely, I tried to put my thoughts into words.

“It would be best if we could send Annie home.”

The eyes of my wife, the whole body of my wife, tended to be movement, although I was glad to see her look to Annie before replying. “I don’t believe she would go. Still, yes, that would be best.”

King Naderron spoke words to end the evening, then I saw a number leave the tables, while I hoped to speak to others as I left, the words of my wife proved true as it was Annie that approached. “Master, I am told that I have to work to clean things here before I can eat.”

“I can do things myself, although I have a wife should I need help.”

Stress entered her voice as Annie said, “I came to watch over you, Master.”

“That does not deny certain duties, Annie. Do your job. Rabbit is your master as well, and as a woman you probably will need to concern yourself with her more than me. You will have to trust that as long as she is not worried about me, and there are no improper rumors about me, that I am doing well.”

“Yes, Master.”

I could tell from her face that she was not pleased with those words, but I turned away from her. I saw my wife speaking with a human lady, but was pleased when Rabbit’s constantly moving figure had a hand reach out for me. I thus joined her in discussing what type of clothes I probably should be wearing. I had nothing against dressing in the local fashion, although found it interesting that there were no rigid rules. I listened pleased to see the two ladies enjoying the discussion even as I found myself learning more of my surroundings.

As we broke away, I said to my wife, “I don’t believe that my money is good.”

“Did you do as I said, and brought plenty of coins?”

“Yes,” I said attempting to stress just how important I felt she was to my life.

“Then you are rich. Still, I have money.”

Honestly, I knew nothing of the local economy. I thus had to trust my wife about matters of finance. Of course, with both of us having jobs I assumed that we would manage to get by. I however hoped that the job with the court wizard would pay enough to sustain my family during my wife’s pregnancies.

We spoke to a number of people as we made our way toward the doors out of the room. Almost all worked in the castle. There were a couple of merchants who had brought goods to the edifice, and they mentioned their wares as if hoping to make an additional sale. Having no firm idea about what I would actually need, I simply left such conversations to my wife. She did not obligate us in any manner, although as we reached the doors I found myself spoken to by one who I felt did obligate me to speak.

“Well, Kevin, it seems that you have made a good first impression on a number of people. Of course, you know that if you work with Fathall that you will one day be working for me.”

“Get real, Chamorrick . If you are the ruler of this land, I would be working for you whatever my occupation.”

I heard a grunted exclamation before a smile returned to his face and he said, “Yes, but I mean directly for me.”

“I can only hope that you will come to respect my advice.”

A hand came up as if he was going to lecture me on something, but his gaze dropped to my wife, and after a pause he said, “I don’t believe that we are going to see eye-to-eye on a number of things. Still, I feel that many, including my father, will be advising me to listen to you. We can only see what the future will hold.”

I felt that to be a wonderful statement, so simply bowed before directing Rabbit out the room. No one prevented our exit, although some pleasant farewells were exchanged with those I highly expected to get to know as I made my life here. At the moment I however found myself excited to actually have a night with Rabbit as my wife in our own home.

Once in our apartment, she moved into our bedroom and began undressing. I simply stood and watched. She saw my actions, smiled, then in a very slow graceful manner she moved toward me.

I spoke before she could. “I am not going to rush this life with you, Rabbit. Yes, I see how you behave, and I accept that as who you are. I however want each moment with you as a solid memory of you being very physically real in my presence.”

“What do you wish, my husband?”

“Just be yourself, Rabbit. Be my wife, be a part of my life, but be who you want to be. However, don’t try to change me. Accept that I am your husband, and I get to look, to hold, to be a part of your life. When you are with me you do not rush, but you enjoy the time we have together as well.”

“I can do that. I watched you grow. There was no way for King Naderron to know, but he bonded me to a good man. I was always there for you, and I was glad each time to see you. I will always be there for you, and I will be glad to call you my husband.”

Feeling that was a good start, I began taking off my clothes as I asked, “Do you have family, Rabbit?”

“My parents were subjects of the previous court, so their days came to an end when King Naderron gained the throne. My brothers have duties about the land. Noriama and Satiata are sisters of mine.”

I had met the other dancers in her troupe, so recognized the names. Noriama had green hair, although the base glowed with the same blue as my wife. Satiata’s head just radiated blue. Wanting to know more about them, I asked another question.

“Are they married?”

“Yes, when King Naderron gained a wife it was time for us to marry as well. Being the youngest, I was the last, so available when King Naderron and his eldest son, Chamorrick, had their argument.” As if reading my mind, she added, “Yes, there will be times that we will dine with family and not with those of the castle.”

Curious, I asked, “Does my being human present a problem?”

“You have come here to my world, so I cannot say that I have not presented problems to you. Mixed marriages do not usually work well, but most are also forced by one party or the other. Humans will trick us fey into marrying them, or one of my kind will seduce a human. While our marriage was caused by King Naderron, our relationship has flourished outside his commands. Thus, I am hoping that our time together will be as good as we are presently believing it to be.”

I finished undressing, then grabbed my wife. With my arms around her, Rabbit stopped her movement. She had been combing her locks, but I felt the tines of the object against my skin as she simply waited for I might say or do.

“My parents were good people – hopelessly addicted to drugs, but good people. I made a conscience decision that I would keep my head on my shoulders, maybe looking to the stars, but on my shoulders. I would also stay true to my wife. You are my wife, Rabbit. I expect my life to be with you, and only you.”

“I assure you that the bond goes two ways. I have always been there for you, and such is just as true now.”

Completely agreeing with the words, I indicated the bed while asking, “Is it a time for children?”

And Kevin learns about his job along with more of this land.