The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp3B

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Three – Part Two
From this World to that of My Wife

Annie probably would have said more, but at the intersection a coach pulled up. It had a shape like the top part of a heart, although was painted green. In the darkening sky it almost appeared black, but street lights brought out its color along with the reflections of gilded ornamentation. The four horses pulling the coach were of a cream color dabbled with what I felt was blue. No one called to me, but the driver only looked ahead as the door to the coach opened.

I hurried my pace as Annie raced ahead and climbed in. I saw Rabbit looking at the lady as I undid my backpack and handed it to the driver. The man appeared human, but the goatee elongated his face more than I thought normal. He had a hat hiding his ears, and it really did not concern me if he was fey or not, so I simply climbed into the coach.

Rabbit’s eyes darted as I felt normal. I saw her smile when I made a motion to sit beside her. Not hearing the ladies talking, I decided to make introductions.

“Rabbit, this is Annie. She is a friend that claims to be worried about me. I am not certain about this decision of hers to come with us, but her mind is her own. Annie, this lovely lady is my wife, Mrs. Kevin Charlton.”

The eyes of Rabbit lit up hearing me introduce her as I did, and she hugged me as I sat beside her, then turned to the other lady to say, “I accept that your mind is your own, Annie, but you are not a welcomed guest. The court of King Naderron can be very unfriendly.”

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,” Annie quoted. “I care for Kevin as well.”

“Then, such is your mind,” Rabbit said before yelling for the coachman to start the horses moving again.

I told my wife about what I had been doing, and how well I believe that I performed on my tests. I could not tell if she understood, or cared, but she did not interrupt. She also did not stay still. Rabbit moved her hands and head as if determining how to best ride next to me. She finally climbed in my lap, and to my surprise my wife fell asleep against my chest.

Annie said, “She is quite lovely, Kevin. How old is she?”

“As a man,” I replied, “I do not go around asking ladies their age. I believe she is older than me, but I have no way to determine if our system of judging age applies to one such as her.”

“Of course. So, how long do you think this journey will last?”

I appreciated her attempt at making conversation, although felt that she could have chosen a better topic. “I have no way of knowing. Like you, I am very curious. Unlike you, I feel that I am going somewhere that is holding out the promise of becoming my home.”

“The chance to do this would not have come again, I can almost guarantee. You are right that I am probably doomed, but I will face my God letting him know that I risked my life for my friend.” As if I did not get the reference, Annie added, “I do consider you a friend, Kevin.”

“I will not deny that, Annie. However, I am not certain of my own fate, so cannot guarantee you anything. Rabbit is my wife. I came to make my life with her. I did not ask for you become involved.”

“I understand, Kevin. I just… I just – my major is in sociology, Kevin. Having this other society living in conjunction with our own is a marvelous chance for me to study.”

I knew what her major was, but did not feel that was the reason for her presence at all. “This journey has nothing to do with religion?”

“No, Kevin, but I am putting my faith in the unknown in the hands of God. Where is your faith?”

“In this lady in my lap. If she intended to do me harm, she could have done so long ago. If she intended to fatten me up in order to eat me, she did a horrible job there as well.” I appreciated seeing Annie smile at that statement, although continued to speak. “Rabbit has claimed to be my wife all these years, and now I am finally able to claim my place as her husband. “

“You can’t trust the fey, Kevin.”

“Which is one reason I can make no promises to you, Annie. I am your friend, and definitely not your enemy, but I am surely going to have enough problems without concerning myself with yours.”

I felt for a moment that Annie was going to challenge my statement, but then she nodded and said, “You are right, Kevin. I understand.”

Just then voices were heard. The coach came to a stop as the clang of chains could be heard and the grinding of something moving. Annie moved the curtains to look out a window, then turned to me.

“We are already there?”

“I told you that they would handle transitions well.”

“The way Rabbit climbed in your lap and went to sleep, I felt that she had suffered through a long, lonely ride.”

It felt strange having the lovely lady still in my lap snuggling against me. She did not feel heavy. Her hair smelled of some flower. What I found most amazing was however that my wife was perfectly still.

I softly said to Annie, “We have both mentioned how little we know about this land.”

“Yes.” She looked out the window again as the coach began to move, then mumbled, “This is amazing.”

I did not look out the window, as I felt that I would have plenty of time to become acclimated to the surroundings, the people, and my new life. Just having the delicate female form sleeping against my body I felt to be amazing enough. Whatever Annie was seeing out the window I felt would not be so enchanting.

The coach did not build up any speed. The sounds from outside and the change in rhythm of the wheels I felt would awaken Rabbit. She however continued to sleep even as the coach again came to a stop.

The one that opened the door appeared human. He looked at me, although I could tell registered surprise in seeing what was in my lap. He then looked to Annie. A perplexed expression came to his features, then the man spoke with a deep voice before stepping away from the door.

“King Naderron is on his throne and expecting visitors.”

Not really desiring to wake my wife, I softly asked, “Rabbit, do I carry you?”

Her form suddenly moved to plant a kiss on my lips, then dropped from my lap to signal for me to follow her out of the coach. I did, although turned to help Annie down from the vehicle. When I looked toward a towering structure of stone, Rabbit again kissed me before grabbing my right arm and signaling for me to follow a certain official.

The people I passed were all dressed in what appeared to be clean, colorful clothes. Some appeared to be of thin fabric, while others had the thick appearance of medieval noble attire. I had prepared for a hike, so was not in what I considered proper dress for the occasion. Annie did have on a dress, so I felt actually better prepared for being introduced to a king. As for my wife, she had on a light blue gown I associated with Roman attire that I felt would look good anywhere.

Men in increasing amounts of armor were seen standing at places as I advanced through the castle. I noticed at least one near each doorway, and at least a couple at each intersection. By the time we approached the end of a wide corridor, the two soldiers to each side of a set of double doors were fully clothed in metal.

A man in a very thick, elegant outfit of a blue velvet came up to us, looked at the ladies, then his eyes focused on me as he asked, “How should I introduce you?”

“I am Kevin. I believe King Naderron is expecting me.”


I was pleased to hear that reply, so with some confidence I said more. “Well, you should know Rabbit, my wife.”

“She is just a court dancer. I do not know her.”

Considering how well known our entertainers were, that response surprised me, but I held my composure as I replied, “Then this is Rabbit, my wife.”

“Of course.”

“The other lady is a friend, Annie.”

“If you will wait.” The doors were opened only enough to allow the man to enter, then I heard him declare, “King Naderron, we have guests. I present to you the one you desired, Kevin, and two ladies. One is his wife, Rabbit, and the other is a friend, Annie.”

I did not hear a reply, so could only assume that the monarch nodded. The doors were however now fully opened, then the man that had introduced us signaled us to move forward. I saw a number of people standing. Most were human, although I saw many with strange ears. At least a couple were satyrs. In a corner, I believe they were chained, were a couple of minotaurs. I still heard nothing, but determined to face my future I began heading along a blue carpet toward the front where the monarch sat in his throne.

As I approached I tried to see traits in the man that were similar to mine. The way he sat bent over in the throne I however could not tell much about his appearance. His hair was of my light brown color, but of his countenance, his build, and other details of his form I could not see.

To the right side of the one sitting stood a couple of men and a lady. They had what I would call elfin traits. The top of their ears did lift to form points. Their eyebrows where not thick and did not curve down around the eye socket. They were also rather lean, although both men had on some metal pieces over thick clothes. Behind the monarch’s throne were various other figures, some in full armor, with a couple in thick, medieval clothing I could tell whispered things to the one sitting.

As I was about to step on a carpeted riser, a hand of the monarch came out with its fingers spread, which I took to be a signal to stop. I then saw the head lift. His eyes were not my color of blue, but I felt more green. I looked at him as he looked at me, and from what he asked I felt we were both wondering the same thing.

“Kevin, do you know that I sent for you because I believe you are my son?”

“No, I do not know that is why you sent for me. I have however been told that is why you gave me this most lovely lady as a wife.”

“My eldest, Chamorrick,” he pointed to the man on his right closest to his throne, “is not happy that his mother was just a dancer, and feels that he deserves a princess. My second, Retallard,” the other man to the right of the throne, “said at the time that he was too young to be wedded. I said that you would not mind being married to a dancer, and so made it happen.”

“From my first memories of Rabbit, she claimed to be my wife. Those moments were fleeting, so did not really register upon my young mind. Once I grew up to where I could truly appreciate the presence of a lady, and the meaning of words, I however found myself enchanted with what I was told I possessed. I now must say that I am indeed very happy with the blessing of Rabbit.”

“Well, good. Now, son, what would you ask of me?”

Luckily, I had considered certain things to say to this man, so quickly formed a reply. “Ask? I assume my presence here is to live my life here. My wife is a dancer in your court. I assume that I will need to find a service in your community. I was studying astronomy, although cannot say that such a field will be rewarding in your land. I might ask for guidance toward a career, but at the moment feel it is just my duty to learn about this land.”

“You might find astronomy to be a good calling.” He turned to point to one of the men who stood where he could whisper things to the monarch. “My court mage, Fathall, tends to look at the stars as well. I believe that he needs an apprentice.” The man nodded, then King Naderron said looking back at me, “I suggest that the two of you get together later.” His hand now lifted to point to another as he asked, “Now, Annie, what about you?”

She answered, “I am here to watch over Kevin and assure that he has a good life.”

“Oh.” King Naderron then pointed to an official and said, “Mark down this Annie as Kevin’s slave, and someone bring her to the quarters assigned to my bastard son.”

“Hold it!” I exclaimed.

Annie chirped to me as a soldier grabbed her arm. I did not look to her. Yes, I heard her condemned to slavery, but as my slave. Thus, I got to consider how she was treated, which should not have concerned her at all. I however put my focus on a matter that I did consider important.

“I am not a bastard. I was born to two people that have raised me with love. They were married at the time of my conception, as I have an older brother who they claim forced them to become married. I assume from what I see of my half-siblings that you were married at the time of my conception as well. I was thus born into wedlock, or among wedlocks, so not a bastard. The one I grew up calling father I accept was not my true father, but he was married to the woman who is my mother. I cannot say that I approve of the lifestyle of either my father or mother, but they have given a pleasant life to me and my siblings. I thus will not have my previous life or status slandered. I consider it a pleasure to come to know you, King Naderron, and the wife you have bestowed upon me I am very happy with. I however am not a bastard.”

“Okay, Kevin, you are not my bastard child. You are just, a – a secondary offspring of mine.” I nodded with acceptance of those words, and he continued, “I look forward to seeing you about my castle and land.”

And Kevin begins to learn about his new life.