The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp3A

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Three – Part One
From this World to that of My Wife

Rabbit did stay with me as I hiked along the trail. She even stayed beside me as we met others. I expected her to dash off upon noticing other humans approach, but she simply came to my side. I introduced her as my wife, and she fully supported the relationship. What they thought of her bright yellow hair, large ears that came up into points, and slightly exotic facial features, I cannot say. When one man referred to her as Mrs. Charlton, she smiled while responding politely. I thus found it hard to realize that we would be parting coming to the end of my hike.

I had actually discussed my plans with Rabbit, and she proved that she had paid attention as we turned toward civilization. “I do watch over you, so will know. Yes, leave with your bags. Leave most behind. Trust that I will not leave you.”

There were some signs of affection, then she was gone. If I had not just spent about two solid days with Rabbit, I might still have considered her some odd entity that occasionally entered my life. While she was gone from my presence, I felt a strong bond of attachment remaining.

I caught a ride who brought me to the campus, and not just a bus station. I found myself thinking it was odd speaking to the man, as after two days with Rabbit I expected a change to my person. It was a normal conversation however, and a normal ride, and the usual statements of thanks as I got out.

“Well, did she show up?” I turned to see Annie, and actually felt good that she did notice something about me. “No, don’t answer, as I can tell that she did. Either that or you are a type of tree-hugger that I don’t want to know exists.”

I greeted the lady, then began walking to my dorm while asking, “You think that I would name a tree, Rabbit?”

“How would I know how dryads – dryads, right? Tree ladies that steal men?” Having my own questions about Rabbit, I had done some reading of folktales, so nodded before Annie continued. “I guess a dryad might be named Rabbit.”

“Trees stay in one place, Annie, and my darling wife moves. Oh, she moves.”

She glared at me for a moment, then asked, “So, when’s the wedding?”

“I told you that she is my wife. I really do not know about the wedding. I don’t think they have those. It seems that King Naderron simply said that we were married, and that was that.”

“King Naderron? I haven’t heard of him.”

I had not heard of him either, and I had read a lot of folktales. They were however rather old with many even being old when the various writers went in search of them to put them in certain collections. I thus accepted that things had changed, although certain warnings about the world of the fey still troubled me.

“I don’t know how big of a kingdom he rules. Rabbit is however a dancer in his court.”

“Dancer, should have figured.” When I looked at her to judge the intent of that remark, she said, “Listen, Kevin, there is something not right in this.”

“Listen, Annie, thank you for the concern. Before this weekend, I would have agreed with you. Now, no, I don’t. I’m committed.”

“Committed? One weekend with this dancer?”

“I told you that we have had sex before. This was actually quality time with Rabbit. I got to actually be with my wife.”

We were arriving at the dorm, so Annie stopped and worked to close the conversation. “Okay, Kevin, so when are you moving in together?”

“I am going to prepare for my finals.”

“Finals? What good is a frikkin’ Astronomy degree to a fairy?”

“What degree? I am just finishing my Sophomore year. Still, it is a clean break. Fey deal with transition very well. That is why they are associated with dusk and dawn and crossroads and other places of things possibly changing. After finals, I will be in a state of transition.”

She handed me a small blue New Testament, then said, “Listen, Kevin, I’m worried about you.”

I accepted the book, although said, “My mother and father are into Christian Scientists, because they believe in aliens.”

“There aren’t any aliens, are there?”

“Rabbit definitely is not an alien.”

“I would bet that Rabbit does not worship God either. You need help, and God is the only one who probably can, Kevin.”

I could not say that I had read the Bible. I tried once, but could not accept its words any more than those of a pseudo-religious nature that my parents had about the house. I however had read things that I considered important, and some of them had referenced the Bible.

“God does consider marriage sacred, Annie, and Rabbit and I are married. I believe that more now than I did before this weekend started.”

“Okay, Kevin. Listen, if you need help, call. I was considering letting you into my pants this weekend, so I do care for you.”

Attempting some humor, I said, “That does not sound like a Christian.”

“Well, God made me a woman and you a man. Others might consider it holy to deny that, but I don’t.”

“Yes, well, I believe my parents think like that as well, and I believe my problem is a result of that. I have not had another woman, and, as far as I know, Rabbit has not been with another.”

“She’s a dancer, Kevin.”

“A very good dancer,” I shot back. “I have memories of her back into my childhood. She has been there for me, and now I am having my chance to be there for her. If that is not commitment, I don’t know what is.”

“Okay, Kevin, but stay in touch.”

I promised her that I would try, then entered the dorm to go to my room. It had been a long weekend, but with the threat of finals the professors probably expected us to hole up in our rooms and study. I however noticed that I was not the only one dragging around the dorm hoping to get some sleep before beginning the cram sessions that would hopefully get us the grades we sought.

There was a desire to call my mother and ask about things, although I decided against it. My sister had confronted her about certain traits in her that were not in either of our parents, but only got vague responses verifying the depth of certain drug states. I thus did not consider my mother as a source of information, although I did warn myself not to completely trust the words I would hear from King Naderron.

Thoughts of Rabbit did keep passing through my mind. While before she was some lovely presence in my life, the weekend had made her a very real person to me, and someone I desired. She however was not the first passion to attempt to distract me from my studies. While I longed to again have Rabbit in my possession, I kept focusing on my classes and managed to get respectable grades.

I boxed up my belongings and sent them to my parents along with a letter saying that I planned on being gone for a time. I did not tell them about Rabbit. As long as she had been in my life, if they did not know then they were not supposed to know. Wondering just how long I would be gone, and even if I would survive, I put the plans I had formed with my wife into action.

As I walked away from my dorm with nothing more than a loaded backpack, Annie came up to me and said, “I will go with you.”

I looked at the way she was dressed, then commented, “You don’t appear to be dressed to go with me.”

“Yes, well, I will do what I can.” She turned to show me that there was a small pack on her back, then asked, “Did you read the Bible?”

“It was just the New Testament, not the whole Bible, and no I didn’t. I had tests to take, and I read the books that would give me the information for them.” Hoping to not sound too disrespectful of her religion, I added, “I do have it packed with me.”

“Well, good. Where are you going?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” I pointed while explaining, “That way is out of town and has a number of intersections. It is also about dusk, so I figure a proper time. I might have to walk until midnight, or dawn – I really cannot say.”

She indicated for me to start, then as I did she stayed beside me. “I would really like to meet Rabbit. Is she sweet?”

“Sweet? I cannot say. I really have not been with her around others. She did stay with me as we passed others on the trail, and she was polite enough.”

“So, others have met her.”

Not the question I expected, but I had to allow that it did apply to Annie being with me. “Yes.”

“Good, as I would like to meet her as well. Does she cook?”

Not wanting to admit to some of the things she did fix for me, I simply replied, “Yes.”

“You’re not supposed to eat fairy food.”

“A man will eat whatever a lady fixes for him, especially his wife. I enjoyed her cooking, and hope to have it a daily part of my life.”

“I guess that I can’t fault you there. Have you talked about children?”

I felt that to be a good change of topic, so answered actually wondering what advice Annie would give. “Yes. Rabbit says that it is not time for children. I however suspect that the time will come.”

“Especially if you are doing certain things unprotected. Still, there probably are things that she can answer that you do not know how to ask.”

And Kevin gets introduced to his wife's life.