The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp2

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Two
I Learn of My Wife

I was barely a quarter-mile along the trail when I noticed movement beside me, and in looking I could not help but speak with surprise. “Rabbit?”

She rushed upon me to kiss me. I remembered her once being larger than me, but as I went through puberty she dropped in stature just as most other adult females did. Among men I was not stately, but around ladies I usually was close to the tallest in the group. Rabbit did not have to lift her head much to kiss me, which had me think she was the right height for me.

Calling me her husband, she pulled me away from the trail toward a mountain stream. Her form was very light, although had a substance that made her form very real. I had checked for a hole in her back. Usually by putting my hand back there, but I had seen it as well. Rabbit actually started wearing dresses that had an open back just so I could see. Her long yellowish-blue locks did drape down past her shoulder blades, but when she turned they would sway and seeing the smooth skin along her spine assured me that she was real. I thus moved with her to the place she selected knowing that I would have relations with a truly physical wife.

She did not like it rough, and I was not a rough person. Rabbit however did not do things slowly. Her clothes came off and she wanted mine off. She lied down and spread her legs. There was a haze of glistening blue, but I did not focus on that. I wanted time with this lady, so kissed her while having a hand play with a small breast. Rabbit did not deny me. While she wanted me to do a certain thing with her, she let me play with her body and fully returned my signs of affection. I might not have treated her as she desired, but everything about her said that she liked how I cared for her body.

After certain feelings were subsiding, I asked her, “What about children, Rabbit?”

“It is not a time for children, my husband.”

“I want to be a father to them.”

“I was there listening to you last night.”

Changes in subjects were common with Rabbit. I however had learned that she was not usually avoiding the question. While I might lack an answer, the change in subject normally was due to how my wife thought and not a desire to prevent her from giving a substantial reply.

Pressing for details, I said, “You could have come in.”

“I learned from watching and listening. You do not know, and I did not know. You could have grown up into a brutish man. I however love the man you are, and I want you to love me.”

I had no problem with those words, but if she had listened to the conversation last night she should have prepared for my reply. “A wife is however something attached to man’s life. I will have work, obligations, but when things are done I should be able to rely on a wife to be there for me.”

“I have work as well.”

That was something I had not heard, but thinking of the folktales I had read I asked, “Oh? Do you paint flowers, scatter dew on the grass, or –“


I enjoyed hearing her laugh. Unlike most other actions, she would not quickly chirp her amusement. The laughs came out as cute chuckles before more musical sounds cascaded from her mouth. I found it pleasurable to hear the prolonged giggling of her laughter.

“I dance before the king.”

“The king of the elves?”

“No.” She did not laugh after that answer. “King Naderron. He is human, but not. He is kind, but not. He had me marry you, saying that it would improve my dance. He says that it already has, but not enough. He has told me that I can bring you to his castle, and that we can finally be together as man and wife.”

“Okay, but why did he pick me?”

“He says you are his son.”

Honestly, I had doubts about my father being my real biological father. He was taller than me with darker hair. Other than an older and younger brother, I had a sister that was also suspect about her paternal genes, as her skin was slightly dark. My parents still did drugs, and my father still would spend nights playing guitar for various bands. While they might not have been faithful about whom they got naked with, they stayed committed to each other. I knew that my birth certificate did list my father as my biological father, as did my sister.

“So, you want me to go with you?”

“Yes, if you can.”

That was a strange thing for Rabbit to say. While her thought processes were usually non-linear, certain things were quick decisions for her. To have her give a hesitant response was not something my wife usually did.

I replied, “I had planned to hike along the trail. I wanted time with you, but I never know when you will show up or for how long.”

She smothered me in kisses before saying, “I am your wife. I will be your wife. Come with me.”

“No.” I saw shock register on her features, but she stayed facing me waiting for me to say more. “Walk with me. Dance with me. Be my wife. Join me. Stay with me. When we get to the place where I was going to stop, I will leave and do what I need to do. When I return, I will then go with you and be your husband.”

“Yes, that is good. King Naderron cannot complain if I was with my husband, and if I return with such words from my husband.”

Attempting to smile, I said, “I don’t believe that I have ever seen you dance.”

“I don’t dance as humans.”

“I don’t remember you dancing as something else.”

Rabbit laughed before saying, “No, I cannot dance as something else.”

“Well, you are my wife. I hope you will dance for your husband, however you dance.”

She hugged and kissed me, then exclaimed, “And you will see me dance before the king! Yes, you will see me dance.”

Her energy was amazing. Rabbit did dance for me. I could not help but set down my pack and watch her. She spun and moved in a manner so fast that I barely registered single steps. A story however clearly revealed itself. The first one was of passion, and it ended with us again coming together as man and wife. The next was of pleasure, and I felt joy in watching Rabbit dance.

I let her know that I was willing to dance with her. Her speed did not decrease for me, but she watched my steps then flowed around me in a fashion that had her giggling as I tried to follow her form. She however acted truly pleased that I sought to be a part of her inner calling, and never refused my attempts to dance with her.

That evening she made me supper. It was bugs, but really good. Not good as in I-did-not-know-bugs-tasted-like-this, but good as in I-did-not-know-bugs-could-taste-like-this. Not gross at all. Not raw, as she did cook them. She actually made a type of wonton. If I had not known they were bugs, I would not have known they were bugs, but even knowing they were bugs I enjoyed the meal my wife made for me.

We camped by a stream, and I enjoyed seeing my wife naked. As lithe as she was, there was a definite feminine shape to her form. Her butt was a couple of fine masses. The body, beside the wisps between her legs, was clear of hair. I watched her bathe. She laughed, then stood in the stream to let me look at her chest.

“You may watch.”

Honestly, after a day with Rabbit I was tired. I felt a desire to join her, but also could not help but worry about the energy it would require when she again came to me. I believe it was from my weary brain that my dark words came.

“Will I lose you, Rabbit?” As she began to move to me, I explained. “There is almost no record of a successful marriage between one such as you and a human. If I am to lose you, tell me now. Let me have double joy in this time I now have with you.”

I thought she was going to come and again place kisses all over my body. I actually threw off the blanket in preparation to move so as not to feel the moisture from her drenched body during my rest. She however stopped at the edge of the shore where I could see the movement of the water from the stream pour from her naked body as she spoke to me.

“You did not ask for me. You did not confront King Naderron to demand me as a prize or payment. You did nothing to gain me. I am yours, and by no fault of yours can my bond to you be denied. Should the ones that caused me to become the wife of you decide to rescind their gift, I believe that they will learn how strong the true bond of marriage truly is.”

For the first time I saw the eyes of Rabbit actually focus on me. Not that she did not look at me, but her active essence usually had them only lock on my form for seconds at the longest. She however stood before me and let me know that there was a serious side to her.

“Our kind do marry. And we marry for life. For some, lives are a passing season. For me, I am a member of the court. As long as King Naderron lives, I will dance. As long as one of us live, the other will be married.” As if those words were not enough, she declared, “I have been there for you. I will be there for you. I am glad to have you as my husband, and I will fight for you.”

“I knew you were there for me, but those were just moments. I did come to accept you as real, but there still was nothing substantial about you that I could say was real. I am now here with you after spending a day with you, and feeling that I want to keep you. I guess that I am saying that I will fight for you as well, Rabbit.”

Some of the tension left her body, but her focus stayed on me. “King Naderron thinks you are his son.”

“As far as I know, he might be my true father. I would hope that we can have an honest discussion about things.”

“He did not give such a gift to his known sons, however. I thus cannot say that you should not fear such a gift as having me for a wife. Still, I am your wife.”

I reached for a towel, then began to stand as I asked, “Are you finished with your bath?”

She stepped up to me while saying, “I was playing in the water enjoying you watch me.”

I watched her dry herself off, although her eyes would dart to mine as if assuring that I was still watching her. I felt pleasure in seeing her smile again. My eyes however darted to my bedroll, which caused me to ask another question.

“Do you sleep?”

“Til morning, although I am your wife at all times.”

“Yes, I was going to warn you about that.”

And Kevin does put a plan into action to go live with his wife.