The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp1

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter One
Friends Learn of My Wife

“I could hear people calling for me, but could not place the direction of the voices. I honestly meant to just go to the bathroom, but I thought I saw an unopened soda can. My father had not bought me a soda, saying that I had drank enough, but I really wanted a soda. The can had been opened, probably as a prank, as the seal had just been cracked enough to allow the liquid to spew out. That was a major bummer. From there I thought that I went in the proper direction toward a light, but now the only light I saw was the moon and stars. Where the people were that called my name, I did not know.”

There were a number at the dining table looking at me, and I paused to allow them to comment. Even Karen, the dark-haired witch that had targeted me for mental probing, stayed silent. Actually not afraid of relating the events, I went back to speaking.

“I did yell back a time or two, but other sounds came back that did not sound like people. I thus went quiet. I tried to focus and head to the sounds of my name, but soon knew that I was lost.

“’Here!’ That is what she said. The voice was that of a lady. The hands on me were strong, but not large things. Scared, I looked and saw what held me were the fingers of a lady. ’Don’t worry,’ she said, ‘I will bring you back.’

“Even then I remember thinking of her as being pretty. She did not give me the impression of being an adult, but someone I could trust as a friend. Having been raised to be polite, I told her, ‘Thank you,’ then admitted, I was lost.

“She started me walking as she said, ‘Yes, but you did not seem scared. I almost let you keep walking, but you were not heading in any good direction.’

“I really don’t know why, but I admitted, ‘I was almost scared.’

“’Don’t you ever be scared. Never, ever, be scared. I want a husband that will go where he is not supposed to go. That is where I will be the happiest, so never fear going somewhere.’”

Karen finally interjected something. “Hold it, Kevin. She never said that she was your wife.”

I replied, “I haven’t gotten to that yet.”

“So, she actually told you she was your wife.”

That statement had an accusatory tone, but such was common for Karen. I could not help but pity Ronald, who was presently going around claiming the lady as his girlfriend. Since I had actual friends around the table, I went ahead and said some more.

“It was dark. The fair really did not start until dusk, and by this time I had done most of the stuff. It was thus really dark. However, I remember seeing her clearly. Her hair was yellow. Even in near darkness of the forest I could tell that it was yellow. When in the light, what would be dark layers, like on your hair, Virginia, was blue. I remember it being blue. The eyes were blue as well. The ears were large with definite points.”

Arnold interjected the question, “An elf?”

I shrugged as I answered, “Fey. I am not really certain what type of fey. From what she has told me over the years, I believe that we would consider her an elf.”

Karen piped back in, “Hold it. You have spoken to her at other times?”

“Yes, but never long. I am always in the middle of something, so having to focus on something else. As I aged, I began to gain the mental fortitude to think to ask her questions.”

Annie blurted out, “So, the reason you won’t have sex with me is that you are married to an elf chick?”

That was the situation that had started me relating this tale. Karen was with Ronald. Virginia was with Arnold. I joined the group only because I was going hiking, and they claimed their cabin was near the start of the trail. It was, which satisfied my mind, but I noticed that Annie did not have a partner. I learned her intentions as I prepared a bed to get some rest before starting out on my hike, then as I avoided her advances the others, mostly Karen, pounced on me and got me to start explaining my reason for not spending time with Annie.

I answered her, “Yes, that is the reason.”

“Have you ever had sex with her?”


I believe all five of the others chorused, “You have!”

“She’s my wife,” I strongly replied.

Arnold asked, “Well, what was it like?”

“You first. Tell me about you and Virginia.”

She responded before he could, “Don’t you dare.”

I simply smiled. The pleasant expression stayed on my face as I watched the others. It was obvious from their features that they tried to figure out some way to get me to admit certain details. Finally, as I expected, Karen broke the silence.

“Hold it! So, you have had sex with this elf girl.” Before I could say it, she clarified, “With your wife. So, what’s her name?”


“Rabbit? Your wife’s name is Rabbit?” Again Karen kept talking before I could no more than start a nod of agreement. “Doesn’t she have a normal name?”

“I wouldn’t say that it is normal. She told me. I clearly remember her softly answering my question about her name. It was something strange however, so I cannot say to be able to repeat it. I had for some reason already called her Rabbit, and I still call her Rabbit.”

Ronald asked, “Does her name sound like Rabbit?”

“Not really. I think I was chasing a rabbit when I met her on a very early occasion, and she said that I could not catch it, but that I could always catch her – that she would ever be my rabbit.”

It was actually Annie, and not Karen, that asked, “Could we meet her? I mean, if she is your wife, she should come when you call her.”

“She does come more now. I mean, when I get out far on the trail, I believe that she will be there.”

“So, you are going to stay out there, on the trail, to be with your wife?”

“I really do not know the rules of our bond. I don’t think that we are actually married yet, although she has been treating me more like a husband. Whether she is actually going to move in with me, or have me move out with her, I really cannot say.”

With grumpy tones, Annie concluded, “You’re strange.”

Virginia asked, “What about children?”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I can say that the sex has been unprotected, at least I have not had any protection.”

“Damn, dude,” Ronald said, “you could be in some serious trouble.”

“No. Rabbit says that I cannot get into trouble, as the fault is not mine. I think she can, but exactly what happened that sealed our marriage I cannot say. I do believe that there will come the moment when we will actually start living together as man and wife, but when it happens and other particulars I cannot say.”

Annie asked, “You’re not against it?”

“No. Ever since that first night when I first learned about her, she has always been friendly and supportive. As I have matured, she has allowed our relationship to grow in ways that displays a trust in me.”

“You don’t get something for nothing.”

I got the impression that Annie was trying to warn me. The words did not come with the strident force of Karen, but were strong in their softness of someone truly attempting to provide good advice. I had to admit that she had somehow come to the conclusion that she would spend some time with me. Why she had done that, I could not say. I knew Annie from around school, but had not actually done anything to support a friendship. Not really knowing her true thoughts about me, I accepted her warning even as I gave my reply.

“Yes, I have thought of that. Rabbit however always says that it is not my fault, or her fault, for our bond. Thus, whatever the price for her, it was not me that paid it. Why it was paid, I however have not been told. I will admit that Rabbit is not telling all she knows, but I cannot say how much she could tell.”

Annie continue to sound like she was issuing a warning as she said, “There will still come a reckoning.”

“What I fear is it coming too soon. Right now I really do not know enough of Rabbit to feel the strength of any relationship. I love her enough that I am not going to sleep with another lady, but I cannot say that there is enough feeling of attachment to fight for her. She might be worth it. My love for her however might be wasted as some tales of elves would say. Thus, if the reckoning is made anytime soon, I could end up making the wrong decision, whichever decision I make.”

Ronald said, “You need to make that lady sit down and seriously talk to you.”

“She’s an elf. Serious conversations really do not occur with her. The more my mind has developed, the less I find myself respecting her. I however can tell that she really is committed to me. I don’t really know my own feelings for her, but she has been there in my life for slightly over a decade now. There is some attachment.” Attempting to set Ronald’s, and hopefully the minds of others, I added, “I do try to get her to answer questions, and she does try to answer. I believe some things she does not know, others she feels forced not to say, and her basic fey nature prevents her from getting too deep with any responses. I do have some questions that I hope to get answered the next time we are together.”

Virginia said, “Well, as far as I know, there has not been a lasting marriage between man and fey. Something always spoils it.”

“Yes, but most of the time it is for some silly reason, usually by one doing something in ignorance that they should not have. That can happen, as I really do not know that much, but I am going to try and not let it happen. Rabbit has been there supporting me, and I owe it to her to at least be there supporting her. Whether or not she is my wife, she is a friend. I would like to go into the future having that friendship.”

I heard the others speak their support for me. Annie showed me to a bed, and wished me good night before moving somewhere else to sleep. While some of those I was with had personalities that did not agree with me, I went to sleep feeling that they were also supportive friends.

The setting for this story is based on “An Anciente Mappe of Fairyland” drawn by Bernard Sleigh, although does expand into areas off the map. Other stories in this setting are “Lost in Elfland” and “Found in Elfland,” although this story is completely separate in characters and events.