Still here although my life has changed

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Still here although my life has changed

Just to let everyone know, my life is on 'chill' at the moment. My son graduated (second in his class) and is now seeking a job and place to stay to help him through college. The lady I had been speaking with realized that I was not leaving the country, so has dropped me. That means that I am pleasantly able to spend time with my music loud and no distractions.

There are no games at the moment. I had been running for my son and his friends, but they are now off running their own games while planning their own lives. I just have my stories to take up my time.

I do not trust calms. I am glad to have the peace (cannot say quiet, as the stereo is going at about three notches more than I used to play it). I however feel confident this will not last. I do not know what is coming, but when you hear about it coming do not think it is on top of other things. It will just be something to disrupt the calm and keep me busy.