A Matter of Who I Am: Cp 12

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A Matter of Who I Am
Chapter Twelve


I had honestly felt that we had seen enough of Davelda. It was a nice place, but I was becoming bored. My daughter would laugh at me when I said such to her, and remind me how she had spent her life up to now secluded in Marekel’s castle. She thus considered this land to be entertaining, and thought nothing of walking around each day seeing the same sights.

We were heading to a park when she looked up and exclaimed, “Oh, what type of airplane is that?”

It appeared to be a boat floating just over the trees. There were sails, but not on what I would call a mast. There was a large oddly shaped glowing stone over the vessel that gave the impression that it held the boat aloft by means of a multitude of ropes. The sails were wide panels of silk secured to wooden beams, which were in kind tied to the ropes between the rock and vessel. The look was haphazard, yet had an elegance as it soared over the park.

Ulemai moved to look toward the castle, then began yelling for her husband to wait while running. I do not know how he heard her over the distance, but soon enough I saw his buggy coming to us. As he stopped to let us climb on board, he and my daughter spoke of what they saw. Once he saw that we were settled, he set the horse to running toward the distant ranch.

Cars stopped on the road to watch the sight of the strange flying vessel. That let me know it was something strange for Davelda. I then heard the sounds of other hooves coming upon us, and heard the sound of Princess Jelnaya speaking to Marekel about who should be piloting the vessel.

“Dumourl says that will be Irgamy. He is supposed to go with us.”

Marekel replied, “How many did you say you would have with you?”

“Seven. I made Chering promise that there would be no more than seven with me.”

“No offense to my own men, but it seems you will have the better support.”

The reptile person I had come to know as Dumourl said, “May we all come home victorious.”


I was becoming worried about the journey to the spring. Marekel had taken on the threats all by himself that day long ago, and had come out victorious. While I did not fear the regular soldiers that had come with us, these heroes from other worlds did concern me. Most spoke of overcoming threats probably as great as me. How to respond to a number equal to Marekel in skill worried me.

A metal grapnel descended from the floating boat to latch onto a metal fence, and once secured a rope ladder was thrown down. By the time this was done, there were a number gathering to meet the one arriving. Before anyone descended, a voice called down.

“Ahoy! Is this the ranch of the horse handlers of Davelda?”

The one I knew as Brullusk replied, “Indeed it is. We are assuming from the words of Dumourl that you are Captain Irgamy. Welcome. I am Brullusk, one of the master horse handlers.”

“Dumourl? Dumourl – DUMOURL! There you are! Good to see you. Sephex, we are here! Did well, old man! Come on down!”

A lean muscular man dropped to the ground more than descended via the ladder. He had dark-brown hair that showed some thinning. Seeing the loss of strands from the top of his head, I felt a need to compensate resulted in the thick line of beard along his jaw. I could not be certain of the reason for a thin mustache, although I did not believe it helped his appearance. His clothes were of loose blue silk with a red silk scarf about his neck, and a belt and boots of a strange red leather. He reached the ground showing no discomfort from his fall, then looked about before focusing on certain personalities.

He moved to Brullusk and shook hands while saying, “Thank you for your welcome, Lord Brullusk. I am indeed known as Irgamy. Let me know if you have a better place for my boat.” He then moved to another, “Dumourl, you rascally reptile. You brought me here for a…” The lizard person simply indicated a lady next to him, and upon seeing her the man knelt, “Fair Jelnaya, our paths have now not just crossed, but I am glad that we are now meeting. If you would, I would like your approval to seek your hand.”

The voice of another I had come to known now declared, “It is not really her approval to give. Since her father is not here, I guess that I will do.”

Irgamy stood, then bowed to the one that approached. “Lord Terish, I cannot claim that our paths have even crossed. I am Irgamy of Anervell in the Nalergian Republic. I have official license from the delegation of the Nalergian Republic, although as a sailor have no lands of my own. I promise that should Jelnaya agree to take my advances seriously, I will speak with her about her desires to gain a home and more to provide for her happiness.”


The lady now spoke. “He comes with the friendship of Dumourl, Grandfather. I thus have to allow the man his attempt to woo me. Honestly, he does seem to have some worth.”

The man bowed to the lady, turned to shake the hand of Terish, then went around greeting all. He spoke to Marekel to assure him that his lead would be respected on the coming journey, although Irgamy bragged on his capabilities at length. Once he felt all had been greeted, he then directed everyone to his boat.

“With me is the wizard, Sephex. A better old coot cannot be found.”

The one that descended had a full beard that appeared to be the same cream color as the hair of Menasha. While hers appeared to be a natural color, his appeared to be of brown mixed with an extreme amount of grey. He wore the same loose silk clothes as Irgamy, orange in his case, but covered by a robe of some shimmering material. Upon his head sat a hat made from what appeared to be the skin of a white fox.

The rounds were made again this time with everyone meeting and hearing about Sephex. I really did not fear magic, but his accomplishments stated that the man was used to supporting the efforts of others. Thus, I found myself concerned about Sephex because of how he might improve the capabilities of those traveling with Marekel.

With the greetings finished, Irgamy put his attention back on the lady. “Dear Jelnaya, I understand the time it has taken for me to arrive. Still, if able, I would like to have an evening of dance with you before we leave.”

"We have another day that I know of, Irgamy. If able, we can go out tonight.”

“Sounds good. I know not the land, so will need time to assure those here of my intentions with them and come to some agreement.”

Brullusk said, “If you treat Jelnaya with respect, your boat would be just fine where it is, Irgamy. No charge, unless there are special needs you are going to require.”

It was Sephex that replied, “The boat is fine, but I am concerned about the Torgaphic Stone that keeps it aloft.”

Terish said, “It will keep its magic. Do the two of you however need better accommodations? If so, I can assure you rooms in the castle. Again no charge, as long as you stay in the good graces of my granddaughter.”

Irgamy replied, “I have only the best intentions, King Terish. Your granddaughter could not be in better hands. Yes, however, while not being dirty men, without an ocean to secure fresh water I cannot say that I am completely in the state for being a respectable companion. The room in the castle would be appreciated.”

“Do you need horses?”

“Yes, and seeing that I cannot guarantee its survival on such an adventure, I demand to pay for that.”

Brullusk said, “Indeed you will need to pay for those.”

“While I am a sailor, I have had my time on land giving aid to those with authority. I thus know some of the ways of horses, but do not give me one with two much spirit. I can handle the roughest seas, but horses are another matter.”

“Give me some time, Irgamy, and we will find you a mount that fits your character.”

“Good.” Irgamy spun, looked around, then confidently moved up to the buggy. “Baron, let me say that I understand your authority. I come to you willing to join under your command.”

I heard Marekel whisper to his wife, “The man does seem to understand things,” before speaking to Irgamy. “I was informed of your coming. I have to say that I am finding myself impressed by the qualifications of Princess Jelnaya, and the quality of the people who come to her support only speaks of her worth. I welcome your addition to my company, and am honored by your statement of acknowledgement of my place. I look forward to having you fight at my side.”

My daughter asked, “Marekel, wouldn’t his flying boat help us get there?”

“No, Ulemai. There are some horrid passes through the mountains, and the final days will need to be by foot.”

Irgamy said, “You heard me ask for horses, sweet Baroness. I am but a vassal of another, so used to serving under the standard of another who had other methods of travel. Still, if you would desire a ride in my vessel, I am at your disposal.”

Marekel said, “I would like to start meeting with those coming with me. I understand that Lady Jelnaya has been active in acceptable personal activities, but it is still getting time for some camaraderie between us.”

Princess Jelnaya replied, “Let me assure the place of those going with me, Baron Marekel. Irgamy just arrived, and does come well recommended, but he still must gain my approval.”

“Tomorrow – dinner?”

”Make it supper, but only for final decisions. It is time to start limiting the late hours, and I plan on being active tomorrow during the day to settle affairs of my own. If I have questions concerning some decisions, I will seek you out, Baron Marekel.” She turned to another to say, “Grandfather, we will need a dining room.”

Lord Terish replied, “I’ll tell your grandmother.”

Princess Jelnaya said, “I will stay with Irgamy and assure that he can find his way around.”

Marekel told us ladies to move back to the buggy, then said to other lady, “Tomorrow evening, Princess Jelnaya, if we do not meet in passing before.” He started our buggy moving, and as we left the ranch he said, “I am beginning to have good feelings about setting things right.”

“Setting things right?” I blurted out.

“Yes, Namill. Surely you want a good home for the children. Right now, such is not assured.”

Ulemai asked, “Why not, Marekel?”

“There are still issues troubling me. Returning to the spring will set things right, but returning with you had its own concerns. With these additional people, I believe that everything will work out for the best.”

I had to declare, “Ulemai would suffer no threat. She was there as a baby and suffered no harm.”

“Putting your faith in those evil, Namill? I never took you for a fool.”

I did not think myself foolish at all. My problem was that Marekel was proving himself not to be a fool. I knew my own capabilities, and had learned a lot about his. While I felt that I could possibly win, he had maneuvered to gain more support than a few common soldiers. While I did not consider myself foolish, I was worried that it might be best for me to keep my plans from going into action.

And some fun chapters as Jelnaya has to deal with men.