To Solidify the Mist: Cp35

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To Solidify the Mist
Chapter Thirty-Five

There was something very different in the approach of Decholl. He did not come with a flow of blackness. There was an area of dark around him, but it seemed to be an aura and not an inky mist. I also heard the sound of his wings as if he had to completely power his flight. I looked at him approach accepting that this encounter would be different than all the previous ones.

He landed before us panting as if his journey had taxed him, and his voice sounded more like a man. “So, it has come to this?”

Mochsha said, “No, Uncle Decholl, it was like this all along. All those years you had me confined, it was like this. All those times over the last many days it was like this.”

“Where did I go wrong?”

It took me by surprise to have my sister suddenly rush forward. I had my sword in my hand, but I found myself concerned that she did not carry any weapon. She just rushed to the black winged man, grabbed his jaw, then kiss him.

Her light faded almost to the point of no longer being around her, then it blazed with me seeing periods of almost every color shine strong. I believe her Uncle Decholl wanted to break away, but his attempt to move back was stopped by her hold on his jaw. Her light showed a clear pink as she spoke.

“I should be your loving niece, Uncle Decholl. Love, you should be loving me. I’m not evil, Uncle Decholl. My mother’s not evil. The one I call Father is not evil. You were wrong from the beginning. You were wrong to make the decision you did, and every act after that was wrong. Still, Uncle Decholl, I will love your memory. I wish my actual memories of you were better, but hopefully what I have seen of you will help me cherish any good reports of you I find in journals or spoken about by others.”

He said, “I had a horrible life, Mochsha. I hated it. Then tragedy after tragedy happened to your father, and I found in his distress that he came to the same conclusion I had. He knew we could not do it however, but needed someone to guide us. Your father died from his time with the ocean fairy. The depths just could not be resisted by his magic for long. Still, he came back speaking of the coming of a child, and I waited for you. I waited and waited for you, as I knew I could not do it by myself.”

“I was there all that time, Uncle Decholl.”

“No, not the one I was waiting for. I knew that person had to be there. The isolation, the loneliness, I kept waiting for the one I knew to be at the core of your personality to surface. I needed that person, Mochsha.”

She hugged him and cried while saying, “I still possibly could have helped you, Uncle Decholl.”


I believe the entity intended to strike at her. Something in the way he grabbed her with one hand to pull her close while the other lifted had me set my stance to strike. Mochsha however used being forced toward him to enable her to again kiss him. This time her aura did not darken, but blazed with intensity. He shrunk in size as their lips met. From being a powerful figure of black, I saw him reduced to a frail man with dark etchings of runes all over his body. As a small figure, he managed to break away from my sister, although still with his hands set as if to strike.

Before he could speak, Mochsha did. “I will make this land profitable again. Even if I fail at that, I will assure that this is a good place. I will have people thinking good about me, about my family, and I will tell my children what good things I can of you, Uncle Decholl. I promise you.”

“I WON’T!”

I think Uncle Decholl wanted to turn. I saw a light coming toward us. Before any of us could react, a strike from a glowing weapon went into the body of the once powerful entity.

The man that had told us about Bectim’s Pond made slice after slice into the body of Uncle Decholl. This time there was no rush of black. Dark foul essence defiled the ground, but that was all that escaped of the evil that had plagued us. After he had crushed the skull, the man came to kneel before Mochsha.

“The baron gave me this sword, Dear Lady. He said it was my place. It was not yours. If you send me away, I understand, but know that I will ever treasure your coming to reclaim this land.”

She knelt to put her hands on the man, then said, “I was not wanting to think evil of one who had truly turned his path to evil, so why should I think evil of one who truly sought to do the right thing? I would ask that you make your home here on my land, and help assure that it is set on a path of restoration.”

“I already have a place picked out, Dear Lady. I was born here. My family is here. Life has been hard, but we have been managing to survive.”

Mochsha turned to us to say, “He already has a place picked out. I believe I do too. We both however have work to start doing.”

The well in the house was going to take some work to clear, so we made the decision to finally let our Father in on what we were doing. Telling the baron that we would be back in the morning, we chose a place along the path to the front door to set as our locator. After going through the proper rite, we stepped on the place and had ourselves transported to what we all considered a home.

I stepped into the house already sensing something. This home, as all those belonging to my father, was a great structure holding an enormous amount of books and scrolls. None of those were actually noisy things. Father was a tentacled creature who usually moved by levitation, which did not make any sound at all. He was ancient however, and powerful, so one could sense him, and as I stepped into the house I knew Father was coming.

Mochsha was suddenly wrapped up by cloth and tentacles. Father was not a small being. Usually he floated with his tentacled head rising slightly over that of Orintious with the sign of other appendages touching the ground. Mochsha however did what she could to support his weight upon her as she cried with him.

“You need to tell me everything,” the voice of our father finally said.

“Of course, Father,” Mochsha replied, “I very much want to tell you.”

I saw tentacles move with one lifting to where he could see it. “You’re filthy, Mochsha.”

“I hugged Vernallor, Father, and he is really filthy. Heratin as well.”

I watched as the form of my father returned to the usual way one saw him while turning to look at each of us. “Yes, I can see that. Okay, everyone, bath. Should I prepare refreshments, or a meal?”

We told him a meal, then each of us moved off in the directions of our rooms. I however stopped and turned as if missing someone. I saw Ochally with Heratin, and Minchell with Orintious. When I looked to Mochsha, she seemed to understand who had not moved with her.

“Nerframe is at my house, Vernallor. That is her place. I however believe she will always be glad to see you visit.”

I replied, “She might have been out of place traveling with us, Mochsha, but I got used to her.”

“I know she came to like you as well, Vernallor. She came to see your love for me, she came to love me, and realized that her service to Uncle Decholl had been wrong. She needed to befriend you in order to befriend herself. You did that, Vernallor. She has become a wonderful creature. Because of you, I will ever have the most unique of house elves. Although, I also will never be able to keep you from visiting. Not that I would anyway.”

“I don’t know where my path will lead.”

She came to hold me with one arm while pointing with another to a pink picture on the wall. “Look. See, there is your past, and I am there. I am not a picture, but a solid presence. Now, turn around and go the other way. However, don’t you ever think that you are leaving me. If you ever fear the future, turn around and I will be there. Always.”

The voice of our father said, “I wish that was true, Mochsha. I have looked and only seen a picture for so long.”

“I have come back much more than I was, Father. I now know who my mother is. I have met her, and gained an invitation to speak more with her.”

He floated toward us while saying, “She is however not the one that presented you to me. After you take a bath, and we eat, we can trade those stories.”

“Yes, and Vernallor and Heratin say they did not overly disturb the sarcophagus of my father. It was Orintious that wanted the mist of his past made solid, but I found my own ghosts. We did not find you to be wrong, but just not able to supply all our answers.”

“Part of my interest in all of you children is whether you can deal with your pasts.”

"It hurt, Father. What really hurt was having to come to terms with the fact that I had to move on. While I now have the mist solid behind me, I had come to see that I was on a much better path than they were following. They were not behind me, Father. I had to go to them, I am now going to have to leave them.”

“You however told Vernallor that you would never leave him.”

I again felt her hug me as she declared, “He’s on my path. I don’t know where you found him, or how you came to gain him, but he is on my path.”

I saw Father look to me as he said, “He shouldn’t be, Mochsha. Still, we should be able to face the future together as a family.”

“Yes, Father. Oh, if you heard the name, Nerframe, that is my house elf. I would like some books on them. She was a most interesting companion, and I would like to assure that I set things right for her.”

“I will set that in motion.”

“Oh, I –“ she then rushed to hug our Father as she said, “I am so glad to be home!”

“Mochsha, you are still quite filthy, as is Vernallor. Get a bath, then we can speak at length, I promise. Still, I am very glad to have you back as well. You set a location to your house?”

“Yes, and you must visit, as I would really like for you to meet my house elf.”

“There is a hole inside me, Mochsha, and it has grown deeper and deeper with each year you were missing. I hate to say that I will probably be visiting often, but it is the only way to possibly fill that hole.”

“Oh, and my house is in horrible condition. While I am going to use the local people as much as possible, there are little details that –“

In a very stern voice, Father commanded, “MOCHSHA, GET A BATH.”

I said, “We have the future, Mochsha.”

She replied, “Yes, we do, a very solid one. Now, let’s go get our baths.”

And next is the return of Jelnaya.