Min/max your fomori!

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Min/max your fomori!

DISCLAIMER: I would never do this if playing a fomor as a player, and as a storyteller I would never allow a player to do it either!

Fomori are humans mutated by being possessed by banes, corrupt spirits of the Wyrm. Fomori is the plural term, fomor is the singular term. See Werewolf: The Apocalypse for more information if you're unfamiliar with fomori. Now, you CAN design some gnarly formori using just the basic rulebook, but they still won't be very uber and the selection of powers is pretty barebones. To amp up the power of your fomori you really need the Freak Legion book. It's for storytellers and players alike for designing and playing a fomor.

The basic and best way to munchkinize your fomor lies in taking as many powers as possible that emulate non-constant garou gifts, awakened mage sphere rotes, individual levels of vampire disciplines, etc. Why is this essential, and how will it munchkin your fomor into a min/max terror? First, it's necessary as an "anchor" to attach fomor taints to in order to earn back character points to not only break even on point expenditure, but to gain a point surplus! Second, having a large array of garou, mage, and vampire powers that your character can use at any time is in of itself a formidable tool and weapon for your character. Imagine an enemy's shock when you start using powers from every single supernatural group out there!

Okay, so on to "anchoring" fomori taints to powers to gain a point surplus. Each power emulation you buy costs X points, but by taking taints attached to that power you offset the cost and even come out ahead with more points than you spent on buying it. How does it work? Let's say you buy a power that costs 6 points. You then take the following taints for it: disintegration and addiction with a 1/week cycle, this gives you 9 points back. You get 9, but only spent 6, earning a net gain of 3 points! Disintegration makes it so whenever you activate the power you take 1 level of nonaggravated damage. Damage that isn't aggravated is incredibly easy to heal, you just buy a healing power you can activate, or just buy a constant regeneration power. Having to use the power once a week is incredibly easy to manage. You could even take the addiction as a 1/day for even more points, but I don't recommend it as managing that could get out of hand. An extra 3 points per power bought might not sound like a lot, and it isn't, but when you consider there's easily a hundred or more powers you can buy that suddenly becomes over 300 points!

Now that we have a bevy of points to spend, and we've already loaded up on activated power emulations, let's talk about permanent, constant powers we'll want. Potence, Fortitude, and Celerity are all a must have! A regeneration power that heals X health levels per turn is next. Then we'll want to load up on immunities, each of which must be bought separately and the cost of which can be at the storyteller's discretion. Immunities is where most of your excess points will be spent. Let's cover the basics, immunity to: fire, acid, cold, electricity, Dominate discipline, Presence discipline, gunfire, arrows, spears, radiation, balefire, claws of supernaturals, horns of supernaturals, bites of supernaturals, axes, swords, hammers, and spears.

Fomori have their own unique powers in Freak Legion and here are some of the best to get.

Mind Rake: You permanently drain 1 mental stat of the victim AND gain an experience point! The best part is there's no physical sign of the attack and all you have to do is touch the victim. Each victim can only be affected 1/scene. You just go to a crowded dance floor or concert, and start brushing against people and no one will be none the wiser. Especially once you've made yourself invisible for a quick getaway (BUY AN INVISIBILITY POWER.)! I changed the name of the power because it's graphic and might get flagged by censoring programs, just change the "k" in rake to a letter that makes it rhyme with the word "grape".

Cause Insanity: The power's name says it all! Self explanatory.

Phoenix Fire: You cover yourself with fire that doesn't hurt you and will hurt people hitting you. Makes cosplaying the Human Torch super easy!

Mind Blast: Also self explanatory. Now vampires with high levels of Fortitude and armor will know fear...

Regeneration: Self explanatory. You'll be healing all those nasty disintegration taint inflicted wounds with this.

Hazardous Breath: Breathe nasty things on your prey, like fire or acid! Here be dragons!!! Mwuahahaha.

There are many more useful, and nasty powers, these are just some of the most useful. There you go, we're all done here. Now you know how to break fomori in World of Darkness! A word of caution, attempting to use this method in an actual game WILL probably get you kicked out of that game and possibly kicked out of the gaming group. It is blatant munchkinism and completely misses the point of White Wolf games. This has only be done as an exercise in breaking mechanics/rules, it's not meant to try to inspire you to actually use it in a game! Of course, if you're the storyteller and the player characters have been getting too big for their britches, then that's a completely different story. >:)