To Solidify the Mist: Cp24

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To Solidify the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Four

As we left the bank, Mochsha said, “I always wondered where Father gained our names. He told me that he gained the names along with us – that he did not make them up. I guess what I learned verifies that. My name was Mochsha. I wonder if it was the name of a relative.”

I suggested, “Maybe there will be portraits about the estate.”

“Orintious, you could visit the estate of your father and possibly see some of your relatives.”

He replied, “I do not need to do that, Mochsha. I am satisfied. However, I might find a home near your estate. Our children should indeed know of each other.”

“You could live with me.”

“Maybe for a time, Mochsha, but you should parcel up your estate among your heirs and I will gain my own properties to parcel up among mine.”

She nodded with acceptance, then said, “We both have the problem of finding someone as able to join us for our lives.”

“We both know of those who might be able to direct us. What we are learning of this world however speaks of there possibly being those here. Just as both of us are immortal, there could be others so blessed. Let us secure our lives, then see what more there might be.”

Just then some soldiers came up speaking to Orintious of problems. He told Heratin and me to watch over Mochsha, then left with his men. As the soldiers moved off, I then heard my middle brother softly speaking to me of a plan of his own.

I told my sister to stay still and play along. She noticed Heratin take off, so asked me what were we up to. I told her that I doubted Heratin would hurt anyone, and I felt it best if she waited to be surprised. She told me that she would play along, and gladly took my arm.

Mochsha glowed, so we got a number of stares as we walked down the road. I felt that was for the best, as it helped me to see my objective. The one Heratin and I were focusing on kept Mochsha in sight without any fear of being distinguished for watching her. I managed to have us walk down the street while tracking the one that Heratin and I recognized.

I placed a hand on Mochsha’s back while rushing her across the road. The one targeted stepped back, but by then Heratin was coming from the other direction. Nerframe, the feminized version of the person, froze seeing herself trapped.

Heratin said, “You could have done something to make that hat look different. I believe I still would have recognized you, as you are still dressed the same, but that red hat definitely gained my attention.”

Nerframe asked, “Are you going to remove it again?”

“Oh, no. If you enjoy wearing it, go right ahead. I mean, you’re out of a job, so go about as you desire.”

“Out of a job?”

Mochsha said, “Well, you might still work for Decholl, but you no longer work for the estate. I can handle arranging my own taxes, thank you. You can keep the hat.”

“You can’t do that. I’m part of the estate.”

“There were no slave documents. I was told that there were people on the property, but I would need to re-established terms concerning the use of my land.” Nerframe sputtered, and I guess Mochsha felt sorry for him. “Listen, after we finished the matter with Decholl I will see about assuring your situation.”

Finally Nerframe managed to ask, “Yo – you – you own the estate?”

“Yes. Finished the paperwork this morning.”

Heratin said, “You had a very good institution in charge of the thing. We’re impressed.”

“Anyway, hope things go well for you.”

Nerframe stuttered, “Uh, uh, well, uh – where are you going?’

“I assume out to the ocean.”

“You can’t. I mean, I black-listed your group. No one will take you on.”

Mochsha reached out to straighten out the hat on Nerframe’s head. My sister then moved some strands of hair that were out of place. She then looked at the outfit, which I knew was just a feminized version of what the man wore, and reached into a purse to pull out a few coins.

“Here is some money to buy a dress with. If you are going to be a lady, you should dress like one.”

We thought the scene cute. As we went to do our shopping, we speculated what would be told to Decholl. Although we kept our eyes open for Nerframe to continue to shadow us, we did not see him or her again.

Orintious found us for lunch, and as we waited for our food we were told, “No one is willing to allow us on their ship. They said it would be an act of treason if they allowed any other military than that of the local monarch.”

Mochsha said, “It’s all right, Orintious. We don’t need a boat.”


“Yes. Your mother said that if we seek her, she will find us. That is the ocean out there beyond the inlet. We will just need to go out there. Nothing says we need to be out on the waves.”

“I did mean to suggest it –“

Heratin interrupted to comment, “Sure you did.”

“At the moment I knew of no other option to suggest.” Orintious waited for Heratin to make another comment, but only seeing a smile a question was asked, “So, we leave in the morning?”

Mochsha answered, “No, Orintious. Your men have been behaving wonderfully. Give them time to relax. I need to wait for some dresses to be altered. We can leave the next morning.”

The older brother did not argue. I saw him smile in a direction away from the table, and saw some soldiers holding positions near a wall. Feeling that the mood would be good when we went to wherever we were to hold up for a couple of nights, I had a smile on my face when I saw my older brother direct my attention to a man that entered the establishment and fixed his eyes in our direction.

He approached the table, then looked down as he asked, “Dear lady, why do you glow? Are you… are you a witch?”

Mochsha replied, “No, I am certain that I am not a witch. Why are you asking?”

“My daughter is sick. The healer could not help her. I am desperate.”

“Heratin.” As my middle brother rose my sister asked, “Is your daughter with you?”

“Yes, Dear Lady. Outside.”

“We can at least look at her.”

Orintious reached over with a hand clearly indicating for me to stay seated. As our siblings reached the door, he however got up and signaled for me to come with him to a large window. Luckily, the girl had moved away from being directly in front of the door. She sat next to the wall of the building huddling as if trying to keep warm. Orintious found the latch for the panes, and opened the window so we could easily see and hear.

Heratin did a few of the simple slight-of-hand tricks that I remember him doing with me when I was young. The girl did not act entertained at first, but seeing her father nearby she allowed herself to appreciate what Heratin did. Seeing her start responding to his tricks, he began asking questions that gave Mochsha opportunities to join in the verbal exchanges. Soon she was the one who held the conversation with the girl while Heratin continued to do little things to entertain her. The colors of Mochsha then began to shift. Suddenly her light brightened, then she started to say Heratin’s name, but he quickly moved his hand and caught something that flashed in his hand.

He then asked, “Presh, why did you treat that spider badly?”

“Spider?” the girl sheepishly returned.

“You did something to get an old mother spider mad at you.”

“Daddy wouldn’t get it.”

The man tried to say something, but Heratin kept the focus on the child by asking another question. “You killed it?”


“Well, I believe it was out of place. To be old enough to make a curse like this, it should have known not to build its web where it did. You’re okay now. Come inside and let us get some food into you.”

The man forced some money into Mochsha hands while saying, “Please, this is all I have. I don’t have money for food here.”

She gave back the money while replying, “Please, I have yet to have a family of my own. I however feel that I should begin proving that I can entertain a child. My brothers with me could use the experience as well.”

Orintious pulled me away from the window while saying, “Mochsha and Heratin were only first realizing they could do things like that when we lost her. That is why you get good relations from those of Heratin’s world when you speak of Mochsha. They recognized not just the potential good in her, but saw how she was bringing out those traits in Heratin.”

I replied, “I don’t see fairies doing things like that.”

That is why I’m glad you got that agreement with Decholl. There is something to our sister a little more complex than what I see in myself. We see this through, Vernallor.”

“Of course.”

The man repeated his thanks as he met Orintious and me. He was crying, but I believe in joy in seeing his girl climb into a chair showing every sign of health. Hearing our names, the man turned to the lady and repeated her name. “Mochsha?”

Our sister said, “Dame Mochsha DeNachillim.”

“DeNachillim? That estate is cursed.”

“Well, considering what we did for your daughter, I believe the curse should be ended rather soon as well. That is what my brothers and I are about.”

The girl asked, “Did you learn to glow in order to fight curses?”

“It is a blessing that was given to me. It can be used for various things, but I never seem able to do them alone. Luckily, I have wonderful brothers who have their own talents.”

The girl looked to me and asked, “You’re black. What is your talent?”

I replied, “Well, I’m young, so still learning. Still, my sister and brothers are glad to have me with them.”

We were learning about her family when the food arrived. Her father had to back from the table seeing his daughter start stuffing her face. As he cried, the girl showed that she had recovered and pestered us with more questions as she began to feel her stomach reach its capacity of food.

Soldiers were seen shopping, and after seeing the father and daughter on their way we went to oversee their purchases. There was a moment of levity with the men as they discussed where they had found certain items. Mochsha had us brothers take through some avenues the soldiers mentioned in order to hopefully find some stores that would catch our interests.

And Vernallor gets to learn another lesson.