To Solidify the Mist: Cp18

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To Solidify the Mist
Chapter Eighteen

As the light from the sun began to fade from it descending behind mountains, the conversation shifted to the other reason for our path growing dark. Weapons and tactics for dealing with a threat started to be discussed. All conversation however ceased when a soldier in the lead announced a piece of information.

“Lord Orintious, a fairy just told me to follow it.”

“Then you follow it. All right men, on your best behavior!”

We all suddenly picked up our pace to move after the soldier that had spoken. Something about the cave mouth disturbed me, but I moved with the rest into the darkness beyond. I believe some soldiers expected Ochally to have trouble bringing the horses through the opening, but she found herself working to control the animals as they rushed into the depth. The soldiers thus came through giving a call that all were accounted for.

I heard a sound as the mouth of the cave closed behind us. It however was not the noise of grinding rock and moving dirt, but a soft rustling like that of a lady quickly moving past. The soldiers chanted a soft mantra of thanking the fairies for their kindness even as we were enveloped by darkness. No sooner did the mouth of the cave close behind us than a soft glow of amber light about as strong as the yellow radiance from Mochsha lit up around us.

A female voice, a lot deeper than was usual for a lady, asked, “And what brings you here?”

Orintious replied, “I have a slave. I gained her from a General Becherphus. I was part of an army going against him. I had worked for him in the past, so was part of the group sent to seek terms. What I learned was that he had a list of crimes, so had no choice but to continue the fight until the end. He however claimed our past relationship, and told me to take possession of his young daughter. He did not demand that I held her with any honor, except as a gift, a bonus, from someone I had once given allegiance to. She has served me well, and I have no complaint against her. However, she worships a goddess named Hera, the mother of one us with me that I claim as a brother. There is nothing bad in Hera, but she is not my mother, nor do I believe her to be one responsible for my own soul. I am told that my mother is of this world. With that being confirmed, I will seek a wife from here to complete my life, and a deity to claim my soul.”

From the ground rose a lady. Her body reflected the powerful physique of my older brother, but there was a softness to the skin helped by the mass of hair that descended down her back to become part of the dirt on the floor. She did not appear naked, but the brown garment matched her skin along with the rock around us. I found myself accepting that this lady was Orintious’ mother.

She asked, “Is that all you request?”

My older brother replied, “It is all I know to request, but it is also something I consider important. I cannot live my life, which seems to be eternal, without some knowledge of my true nature.”

She approached with her body appearing to flow along the ground. “You are immortal, Orintious, but it is actually the gift of your father, not of me. He gained the blessing, but did not take it for himself. He had children from another, but they were determined to continue the wars he had started and more. I listened as he begged for a child to be worthy of immortality. I am not immortal. Eventually, even the mountains come to an end. I however saw the evil he was attempting to prevent, and gave him the blessing he desired. At least, I believe I did.”

“I have tried. It is my hope that there is a deity who I can claim that will improve my attempts to live a worthy life.”

A hand that seemed to want to touch my older brother jerked back, although her voice stayed calm. “That is not my nature, Orintious. Turn to others for guidance there.”

“Thank you for what you have said. You did not do wrong. Galabur has been a good father. He just stays silent on certain things, and I needed someone to speak.”

“How about the evil that follows you?”

“We don’t know about that, except that a sister of mine was hoping you might have words for her as well. She was even with the hope that she could call you mother as well.”

The lady grew in size as she looked over those of us present. I strangely expected the cave to increase in size as well, or shrink, but neither happened. The eyes of the lady surely looked us all over, although I wondered why she had any trouble in identifying the one Orintious spoke about.

“You, the one that glows with fairy light, are you the sister my son speaks of?”

Mochsha replied, “I am. Orintious long ago came to me asking if I could help him find his parents. His words to me at that time were basically the same as you just heard. I am glad to know that my research was successful, although it brought me years of confinement before I could reveal my knowledge to Orintious. My name is Mochsha.”

“That is one of your history seeking you. He felt that he could claim you. He felt that you would call out to him. If I was indeed your mother, he would have been even more forceful. Go to Frinellay. While mountains will eventually have an end of their days, the oceans will not die. If you seek your mother, she will seek you, and your search can be helped by your past working to prevent you from going in the wrong direction.”

Orintious asked, “Mother, are you saying we can defeat him?”

He barely finished saying his question before he was wrapped up by the lady. The way her body and clothes seemed to be made from the rock around me, I expected him to show some distress. He however smiled as if the contact was the lady was a very pleasant experience.

She said, “Orintious, if all that time did not have him able to turn Mochsha, you should not expect him to be able to turn you now.”

It was Heratin that replied, “Well, said, dear lady.”

I saw her actually kiss Orintious before saying, “Do not expect your fight to be simple. Let me however give you some rest. I am glad to find you the man you are, but your father would be joyous. If you hold to your goal, it might be possible for you to one day meet him. He was a man of determination, of focus, of morals. I know not the thing of gods, but those are the things they demand. He could thus be there along the path you hope to follow. He was the one that wanted you, Orintious. I am a creature of nature. I want things to continue, and to take a step of drastic change is not my desire. I however was convinced that he had bad choices, and saw me as a hope for a good one. The feeling of his convictions, and his deep belief that I would be the one that could do such a mighty thing, overwhelmed me and had me accept him. I am so glad he was proven right, but he deserves your honor and not me. I am your mother, Orintious, but not one you should consider as a parent. You continue along your path, and you will always find me there honored to hear you claim me, but my existence will one day come to an end. Mourn for me that day, but trust that I also stayed true to my calling. Now, Orintious, let me provide for you what I can. This path will lead to a wonderful cavern. From there is a passage that will allow you exit the mountain along a path in the direction where your sister needs to go.”

Again I heard what sounded like the rustling of cloth, and another opening in the cavern was revealed. Orintious did not just tell the mountain fairy thanks, but all of us spoke of our pleasure. After we had left the chamber and the opening had closed, I heard Heratin say something that had us laugh.

“Gee, she could be as long-winded as you, Orintious.”

The older brother replied, “I was glad to hear every word. Mochsha, you have been there for me, so fear not my place beside you. I will see you to resolving your own past.”

She said, “The knowledge you gained answered my own questions, but you are correct that it cannot bring me peace. The issues confronting us need to be put to rest if we are to indeed call this world home.”

Suddenly our voices began to echo even as a roar tried to drown out what we were saying. The cavern was large with a strong flow of water passing through it. The moisture did not just spread our lights through the room, but crystals developing on the walls also helped our meager illumination to enable us to see everything about us. A number of voices began speaking a thanks to the lady that granted us access even as we found places to set up our camp without damaging any of the fragile beauty.

I heard Minchell gasp as Mochsha hugged her before saying, “I am glad that Orintious presented you to his mother. You are a good lady to look after him, but I now know your true worth. I am sorry that you could not stand beside him as his wife, but honored that you have honored him.”

Minchell replied, “I have no more of a place next to Orintious than Heratin’s ladies have to him. As immortal men, they do not reflect the traits of others of similar standing, and I agree that Hera should be proud of them. I do have a place of honor in having Orintious as my lord, and I will end my days as pleased with my life as that of any other lady who was joined with a good man.” She then said, “You know, since you and he do not have the same parents, you could seek each other.”

“No. We have the same father, and neither one of us has cause to deny that. What I heard speaks of Galabur doing what none other could.”

From a distance came the voice of Orintious, “Truly, Mochsha, you are my sister. You further must be recognized as having a deeper connection to my life. I sought you for this grace, and with this world in common there are other confidences we can provide to each other. I swear that if you leave my life again, I will not relent in my search for you.”

I saw Mochsha look to me, and accepting that I had been watching I said, “The mists for Orintious have taken on solid form. I agree that we need to continue to work on what vapors there are for you.”

She said, “And they are vapors, Vernallor. What I heard spoke to none of my thoughts. I will need you to stay with me as well.”

“I like mysteries, Mochsha, so no problem.”

“And how about you, Heratin?”

“Me?” the middle brother replied. “You are the daughter of an ocean fairy, so that could possibly be why Uncle Poseidon was so willing to help. It could also be how my mother was informed about things, but I still have questions. Not because I like puzzles, but simply because I got dragged into this mess I am wanting to see it through. It will also give me things to discuss with my divine family. I guess what I am saying is that I am here for you, Mochsha. Now, get some rest.”

The soldiers set up a lantern to focus a strong beam of light, then used it to specify things they saw. Orintious and Minchell joined them in discussing the beauty in the rock formations. From somewhere I heard the giggles of Ochally as she surely found Heratin giving her attention. I worked on these words trying to think of how they might apply to me. Seeing my sister return from bathing to comb out her long tightly curled locks, I decided to see if she could help me with things I saw as potential problems.

“Mochsha, I don’t sense a desire to gain the knowledge you and Orintious were craving.”

“You’re still young, Vernallor. Wait until the seriousness of life, especially when it concerns people that must depend upon you, is a constant source of irritation. Maybe you will end up like our other brothers and sisters, but I am thinking there will be more to you.”

I thought for a moment, then concluded, “This is not my world.”

“Surely not. Father moves between a multitude of realities, and gathers information from a vast number more. Still, there is a path that brought you to Father, and a path that will carry you forward. If you find that desire to seek to find the substance in your own mist, let me know. Don’t you ever deny your relationship with me, Vernallor. Never. I will always be your sister, whatever else you learn.”

While they have accomplished something, the evil is still present.