Planescape: annoying in-character books & slang

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Planescape: annoying in-character books & slang

WARNING: Semi-rant below, read at own risk. :P

First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear that I LIKE Planscape. I like the monsters, overall setting, and characters of it. I am by no means a Planescape hater. That being said, I HATE that the books and monster entries are largely written with an in-character narratorship and use all the stupid slang terms they developed for the setting. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go read the Guide to the Astral Plane accessory to see what I mean. It's cheesy and distracts me from absorbing the game mechanics/effects presented in the book.

What really bugs me more than the in-character narrating is the idiotic, wanna-be, cockney slang they developed. They even use it in the f***ing monster entries! Slang terms I've seen are "berk" (means the same as "bub" as far as I can tell), "chant is" (like "word is"?), "blood" (term for generic people/person?), etc. It annoys the living f*** out of me! Apparently the Planescape setting is populated by fake-ass wanna-be punks from the movie clockwork orange. The asinine, fake cockney slang and way of talking grates against my nerves, it seems so forced and artificial.

I really hope the numbnuts responsible for this was bounced out of the industry, publicly flogged, and is currently homeless! Okay, rant over.