To Bless Those Deserving: Cp35

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Thirty-Five

I did have my desire for who would win, but I knew it was not my place to set the fate of this world. All I could do was watch. As long as Doris and the future of all who used a certain summoning spell were resolved, I would have to accept that whoever won the fight was the right person to determine the future of the world.

The servant’s corridor that I had used for safety I considered to now be a path neither combatant could take. Ubermander was close to ten feet tall, and Pechend was a dragon probably close to three times the size in length. I looked at the two combatants as they resumed their attacks on each other wondering if the castle could survive.

Pechend now had size, but almost none of the advantages he had as an altered version of himself. The rear appendages were now the legs of an animal, and another set of appendages had grown as wings. While they probably were powerful in order to lift the dragon in the air, they could not extend in the hallway to provide any benefit. His hands were now powerful strong feet. While they probably still had some flexibility, again the size of the hallway forced him to stay on all fours where he could not do all the subtle actions necessary to work magic. All Pechend could do was hope to use his size to overpower Ubermander, and I felt good seeing that not happening.

The large elemental form showed little ability to handle the dragon. Just the size made that very believable. I still expected Ubremander to win, but I wondered what he would do to gain him the victory over the dragon.

Pechend shook his form, and had Ubremander move back from the force. No sooner did that happen than did the soldiers launch another volley of bolts. The projectiles however simply bounced off the thick scales. Pechend laughed, then I saw him set his form in the manner of dragons before using one of their best known types of attack.

“Now all will know my true form. Now it is time for them to see your true form, Ubremander, that of a failure.”

“I was waiting for you to mention my true form,” Ubermander replied. “It was after all you that gave it to me. If I am a failure, it is because you made me that way.”

“Yes, sorry about that.”

As the dragon opened its mouth to breathe, Ubremander went through a transformation. He seemed to split into four figures, each of which was a separate element. The forms of earth and water rushed forward with all I could see was them appearing to stick an arm in Pechend’s mouth. The form of fire lifted up and directed intense heat at the wings. It was only due to my divinely enhanced vision that I could make out a form of air working to form a curtain to assure that no attack managed to reach the soldiers. While the mouth of the dragon stayed open, the entire body slumped to the floor in death.

It took me and the soldiers a little bit of time to realize that the contest was over. Ubremander used that time to return his body to the usual blend of elements. When he was restored, the soldiers rushed forward to congratulate their monarch.

As I moved up to check the body of the dragon, I heard Ubremander say, “Tell Doris to prepare her list of grievances. I will see about them at supper.”

Seeing mud ooze from the throat of the dragon, I found myself wondering if Grandfather Terish had ever considered that tactic as I replied, “Thank you, Ubremander. Enjoyed the fight. Even though all I mostly did was watch, I will speak of it to others.”

“I know that to be an honor, Jelnaya. Now, excuse me, but I have my people to consider.”

I did go to where Doris and the others were holed up. They politely listened to my rendition of the battle while they straightened out the room. Accepting that we could relax better where we had more space, we moved into a parlor then sent the nymphs for refreshments. Holed up in a place of comfort, we started to speak of going home.

Steve got mad at me as he tried to go over all the legalese in settling matters with Ubremander. My position was that I had not been responsible for the victory. While I did enough to declare my association with Fergush, I considered that only the least of my job requirements. I thus did not feel able to claim any special gratuity, and told Steve to only assure that Doris would be satisfied.

At supper Ubremander clearly made it known that he did not agree with my assessment of my actions. He praised the things I did. What made it worse for me was his cheers sounded after a soldier spoke of something I did about the castle. If he or his military had lied, that would have been one thing. What they said was the truth however, so I accepted the gracious words and gifts as being their right to bestow them.

Doris had chests of pleasant and precious things presented to her. She showed embarrassment seeing the clothes, and I chuckled hearing her mumble about Ubremander seeing her naked during both times she performed the ritual to summon him. It did not help her attitude to then hear him mention the summonings, but finding rich jewelry presented to her did soothe her emotions. In the end Doris had Steve finish the paperwork saying that all grievances had been more than satisfied.

Dancing followed the meal with Ubremander doing what he could to spend time with Doris. I found a number of soldiers requesting my companionship. It helped my attitude to hear them speak of their gratitude for what I did, and many beamed in joy as I spoke of what I had seen them do. None said anything romantic to me, except to state their pleasure in spending time with a lovely lady they admired. Their attitude gave me no reason to think poorly of the dances, so I gave time to every military man who gained the courage to come to me.

I did not dance that much the next day, but I did want to set things right with the father of Maney and Pishau. He had refreshments and entertainment for us when we came aboard his vessel. Doris and I almost had to force him to listen to our apologies for claiming his daughters. He however spoke of his joy in seeing them gain good employment with honorable people. He had both of us dance with him. With neither of us wanting to cause any discomfort, we did what we could to enjoy the time on board the boat.

Rosemary and Fellota put up no resistance to accepting a place on the island. They spoke of the trees they saw, and I did my best to recall what I could of the trees near the estate. For once I was glad to see the pixies, and made certain to introduce the dryads. By the time we arrived at the estate, the little folk spoke of their suggestions for the dryads. Rosemary and Fellota agreed to the trees. Both were healthy young oaks with room to become large plants. There was a formality to join their spirits to the trees, but the little people helped and soon I knew the dryads now had a place on the island.

Maney agreed to stay on the island as well. I felt the dryads might have some adjusting to do, so wanted the nymph to assure their comfort. Her vial of native water was placed in my room, and I assured her that I would be taking her to other places with her able to claim her home should she ever find a land that agreed with her.

I cannot say if Doris and Pishau came to any agreement. They however spoke to each other in a very friendly fashion that let me know nothing was troubling their relationship. If Doris spoke of any agreement bothering her, it was about her parents coming to terms with her choice of a future.

No sooner did we cross the portal back to my home world than did Steve take out a phone and make a call. He seemed as relieved as I was to hear my father say that he was at the house. We thus directed our horses to the mansion and not the stables. No sooner did we cross to the manicured lawn than I saw my parents come from the house.

I could tell that my father was stalling, and understood why when a couple of police cars came on the property. It seemed that the two parents of Doris had different duties, but those working with each stayed back as the couple rushed to their daughter. Feeling that all was ending well, I turned to head into the house. Arms however went around me, and I found Doris’ father hug and kiss me.

He said, “I know you had a part in this. Thank you, Jelnaya.”

“I’m just like you,” I replied. “Just doing my duty.”

“Yes, well, I like hearing a ‘thank you’ every now and then.”

“Listen, I don’t need your thanks. Doris did well. She was put under a lot of stress, but stayed strong and managed it all. You support your daughter. Whatever she decides to do, you stand behind her.”

I suddenly found him again wrapping his arms around me, but this time he said, “That’s what I needed to hear more than anything.” He kept an arm around me as he turned to declare, “Venicht, you support this girl of yours! She came through.”

My father replied, “Trust me, should she ever need the services of a lawyer again, she will get him free of charge.”

Steve chuckled as he came to claim me from Mr. Baumgartner. I allowed my parents to speak with Doris and her parents, and walked with Steve into the house. Crossing the threshold, I saw Steve break from me to collapse in a chair.

I asked, “You want me to talk to your nurse and let her know how things went?”

“Please don’t, Jelnaya. Listen, I doubt there will be any wedding. I will however send word once we are again a couple, and will expect you to visit.”

“Warn the nurse.”

“Hell with the nurse. I want you to meet my kids. They’re good kids, Jelnaya. You’re a good kid. You should be an inspiration to them. Come and speak to my kids. Will Fergush let you do that?”

“Of course he will let me do that. Over half of Great-uncle Ferrigote’s army is from another world than Sennapre. Who knows, might recruit your kids to become devoted to He-Who-Fights.”

I could not help but smile broadly seeing Steve’s face. He should have known I would have said something like that, but I guess the trip had really stressed him. I thus spoke to assure that Steve knew that I was joking.

“You did marvelous. Let me know if you need anything. If it is not a personal favor, I will make certain that father or Balerk signs off on it.”

I had heard the door open, so was not surprised to hear my father ask, “What am I signing off on?”

“Steve and his nurse gets a company paid vacation. It’s his combat pay.”

“You have a company credit card, Steve. I’ll raise the limit. Itemize for my lawyers – I mean, the tax lawyers. Different branch of the company than you.”

My mother had to ask, “Were things really that bad, Jelnaya?”

I replied, “Mother, I’m a divine champion. It’s my job to show off for Fergush. Are you ready to sit down and listen to my version of events?”

Father said, “Steve, get in here with us. If I am going to sign off on things, I want some verification on what Jelnaya says.”

And next I start a rather bizarre tale that I hope to be fun.