To Bless Those Deserving: Cp34

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Thirty-Four

Pechend tried to brag as he said, “This fight has now gone beyond you, Ubremander. Jelnaya might have to be called in to actually do battle.”

I replied, “I did not come here to wage holy war, Pechend. If you have a god speaking for you, I guess you won the day.”

The life on this world could have had different philosophies in how its animals developed. From what I knew, predators did not have horns. Cow, antelope, and other prey species had the horns. In my mind, Pechend should not have been smiling with pride, but worried that he could be seen as an animal to be cooked and served for supper.

The words from Ubremander however did remove the smile from Pechend’s face. “But, you don’t have a god speaking for you, do you?”

I saw the sharp appendages growing from Pechend’s back extend then turn so as to have them appear threatening over his shoulders. Ubremander showed no fear of them or the horns on Pechend’s head. He stood with the body tense as if ready to attack, but did not seem to understand the reach of Ubremander’s larger form. The sharp appendages quickly turned to help prevent Pechend from falling to his back after a strong punch landed on his jaw.

“I like the irony of the situation,” Ubremander said. “Somebody lied to you like you lied to me.”

Suddenly Pechend struck back in a manner even I did not suspect. I had seen the horns and sharp appendages as methods of attack. What they however revealed was a means of working and directing magical energy. Ubremander had to fall back as he faced the onslaught of arcane attacks. What I noticed however was that they were not rays of divine energy, but the same earth, air, fire, or water attacks one would get in facing elementals. While the essence of the old Ubremander had reasserted itself, the new form had a mixture of all four elements, so could command whatever defenses would be necessary. The strikes came quick and varied, but having the blend of elemental natures he showed himself able to quickly determine an attack and the proper way of countering it. He however showed himself not to be falling back in defeat as he stepped into a position where his soldiers could strike back without worrying about their leader being in the way.

Pechend put on a display stating he had gained power in whatever deal he had struck. While the bolts were directed at various places on his body, he stopped them all. He then conjured a grand fiery cloud and sent it at the soldiers. Ubremander showed his concern for his troops, but as the water to cancel the fire turned to steam I had to step out into the hallway.

“I thought you were not going to fight unless faced with a holy war,” Pechend said.

I replied, “I told you I wanted this over. No running, Pechend, and definitely no taking revenge on those that worked against you, like Doris. I am here to protect her.”

“You cannot stop me, Jelnaya.”

“It might not be my place to stop you, Pechend, but I feel that I must. As for whether or not I can, let me remind you that I represent a warrior god. The glory is in the fight. Bragging about a victory is just a sweet pleasure after the battle is done.”

As Ubremander stepped out of the vapor, I heard him say, “Have some fun, Jelnaya, but let me have the final blow.”


Pechend actually had a poor form for fighting. Those extra appendages looked bad, but really did not have the reach to be effective against an opponent like me. They probably could have pierced a large form like Ubremander that came in for a close attack, but my female form did not have size and I did not allow myself to get close. I fought Pechend with my sword. It gave me the reach and defensive capabilities that the drahabard did not. His attacks showed him to not have any familiarity with his enhanced body, so his fighting style did not prove itself to be able to compete with me.

Just as he had done with Ubremander, Pechend switched to performing magic attacks. He however should have known that I would not respond to those as had Ubremander. Instead of falling back, I rushed forward to make a strong, direct attack to his person. Pechend had fear on his face as his magic attacks ended with a tear into his chest.

“My turn,” Ubremander said while stepping up.

He grabbed a horn to spin Pechend around and face him. As a fist came to his face, the sharp rear appendages showed that they were indeed designed for a threat such as the larger frame of Ubremander. Pain showed on his face as the pointed end of a stinger went into his hand, then Pechend reached up to grab Ubremander’s jaw.

A smile returned to Pechend’s face as he said, “I had this body designed for fighting you, Ubremander. I was promised to have you as my worm that I could have slinking around my feet ever fearful that I might step on you. Jelnaya can have her glory, but I will have mine as well.”

The hand that was hurt grabbed the end of the appendage that had harmed it. The section was sharp, but Ubremander’s elemental body did not have blood vessels or bones to cut. The other hand went to grab Pechend’s throat in the same manner as he held Ubremander’s.

He said, “You will not have your glory, Pechend. Only one of us will win, but the satisfaction will only be in the winning. One of us will crawl to our throne knowing that we indeed held power, but there will be no glory in it. Win, Pechend. Go ahead. Your only satisfaction will be in the quality of the world you lord over. Glory will only come to you if you take up the challenge of being a good ruler. If you think you will gain glory from this fight, I assure you that every wound on your body will not let you taste the victory.”

Physical and magical attacks passed between the two. Neither showed the skills in battle I was trained to perfect, but I did not feel that either were at a disadvantage. I thus watched the exchange of physical blows and magical displays glad to witness such a match firsthand.

Occasionally a soldier would attempt to fire a bolt at Pechend. While most were aimed at a clear position on him, none met their mark. Most exploded inches from his body, although a few bolts simply lurched away as if striking some barrier.

One man felt that he had the opening for a more personal attack. With a yell of confidence he rushed forward to deliver his own strike with his sword. I believe that the tip of the blade did touch Pechend, but one of the back appendages shot out to sink into the top of the soldier’s right breast. Ubremander caught the man before he fell, and pushed him to the troops who took him in their care to tend to the wound.

I expected Ubremander and Pechend to pause for little verbal exchanges as they had been doing. The only things I however heard were grunts and the sounds needed to work some magic. Some attacks took their time to perform. Ubremander did learn to be cautious of the extra appendages. The horns did not seem to give Pechend any advantage, but the pointed ends of the lengths coming from his back proved to be able to deliver pain. I found him to actually turn his body so his added appendages could possibly make an attack, as his regular hands showed little capability to harm Ubremander. I was a female without any real size, so not really capable of delivering damage with my fists either. I however sparred with men to learn their weaknesses, so could win a direct conflict by finding my opening and delivering my power to where I knew my opponent would feel it. Pechend showed none of the skills of direct physical combat however, but I had to give him credit for using what benefits he had to hopefully win the day. Each combatant showed themselves as taking harm, and even some indication of tiring, but at not time did they part to trade verbal jabs while their bodies rested.

I was the one to speak as I found Pechend again moving as if to flee the combat. “I told you, I want this behind me. When I bring Doris home, I want her knowing that her troubles will not come again.”

He spewed, “I can promise you that, Girl.”

“Bull. My home is right there. Ethurd had men attempt to abduct Doris as she left her home, but what you failed to understand was that where I was taking her was to my family’s property. Where we were picked up by Ubremander was on the island that my family owns. I’m not going to have your minions traipsing over my family’s property to get to people I consider my own. Settle this, Pechend.”

Ubremander leaned against a wall as he said, “I knew that, Jelnaya. After being contacted by your lawyer, I did some research. Your father is actually well known. It was Snerara that found out about the island, and that a connection with our would was not that far out on the water.”

“Well, sorry about the two of you being all worn out and tired, but I need for you to finish this contest between you. The way I see it, if I allow you to take a break you could be fighting for generations. I cannot have that threat going on for this world, much less my own. Finish it.”

Pechend declared, “You have no authority –“

“I SAID FINISH IT! Listen, Pechend, you are not on my good side. If I am to pick a winner, it will not be you. If you are truly determined to win, finish it!”

Ubremander pushed himself from the wall, steadied himself, then said, “You heard the lady, Pechend.”

Pechend turned to say, “This is not the way I saw myself coming into power.”

“Why not? You thought I would just grovel before you? Come on, Pechend, prove yourself.”

“I have already proven myself. If you however want to see me in my glory, I guess that I might as well show myself.”

Pechend’s clothes tore away as scales came out to cover his body. His hands and feet grew in size with fingernails changing into large talons. The extra appendages grew extra phalanges along with a covering of skin becoming wings. A tail erupted from between the rear of his legs causing him to have to fall to stand on all fours. Pechend’ face grew in size to show that he had not gained his power from any god, but from a dragon.

His voice had a deeper tone as he said, “This is how I perfected my magic. The dragon did not find itself just subjected to me, but absorbed. It is me. I am not it. You will also become me, Ubremander, and there will be nothing of you left.”

Ubremander said, “Jelnaya, if I don’t survive this, apologize to Doris. She did what I needed her to do, but this is my reason. I had heard of this rumor, but I found myself unable to perceive the truth. Now I know. Now my soldiers know. Pechend will have to face the people with them knowing about him. Maybe not the best choice for their future, but at least I can grant them honesty.”

Pechend declared, “Oh, I have my plans for them as well. Now, face your fate, Ubremander!”

Yes, the fight is finished in the next chapter.