To Bless Those Deserving: Cp33

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Thirty-Three

It upset me to hear an explosion. As I took off to find the cause, I heard the powerful voice of Ubremander signal his soldiers to respond. I lost track of the castle leader and his military as I rushed through back passages while they surely stormed through the main hallways. As expected, I came out a doorway from a servant’s corridor to hear the voice of Ubremander challenge Pechend.

“It is childish to act as a vandal when faced with a problem.”

Pechend replied, “Just helping you get rid of some vandalism from another.”

“This is my home. I do not see why I cannot have things proclaiming my own greatness. A little egotistical, but a man’s home should make him feel good.”

“You should promote humility, Ubremander.”

“That is Great Ubremander. You are acting up in my own home, Pechend. Show me some respect.”

Pechend did look to me, but only for a moment. He turned to face Ubremander as if considering me to not be a threat. I recognized that this was not my home, and not my responsibility to protect Ubremander, so I simply held my position watching Pechend allowing things to proceed as long as Doris was not involved.

He replied, “I owe you no respect, Ubremander. I am your teacher. The respect should be shown to me.”

“I have not killed you Pechend. Even now I am willing to allow you leave back to your home in peace. Your determination to exercise what you believe to be your power –“

“WHAT I BELIEVE? This is no madness, Ubremander. I am your creator. I am your teacher. I am your superior!”

Ubremander assured his soldiers gained a good position for them to launch their attacks should a signal be given. I felt it would not be simply on the logic that they had not yet been allowed to truly enter combat to defend their leader. There was a feeling that if the military were allowed to take on Pechend, they would be successful. I had shown them some things, and being that almost all the soldiers were elementals they should naturally have some understanding about how to work around magic. Seeing his soldiers come to a stop showing signs of being ready, Ubremander then continued the conversation.

“You are my subject, Pechend. You were training me in the type of leader you desired. Test me on that. Test me –“

“Let’s get this straight, Ubremander – YOU FAILED! I am not going to show you what I want by doing it. I am the leader now.”

“No, you’re not.”

Now Pechend directed an attack upon Ubremander. In my training, it would have been a death sentence. When the lesser sets the extermination of his superior as a real objective, the lesser has voided any agreement and set himself as a traitor. The punishment for one who intentionally set out to kill another was death, and generally no leniency would be given to those who sought to kill a superior. I thus watched the attack upon Ubremander fully expecting a barrage of lethal attacks in return.

I had to quickly move back into the hallway I had came from, as quarrels and blasts of energy passed by Pechend. I felt the soldiers should have had plenty of time to aim their attacks. I however saw the reason for things to pass on when a grunt caused me to realize that Pechend had only presented an illusion of himself. The massive amount of lethal power had sent harm to his place of safety, but not enough to truly hurt him. I found myself believing that he had not followed my retreat simply because I had used a servant’s corridor, and he would not lower himself to such a route. Seeing me focus my eyes in his direction, I heard the soft voice of Pechend ask a question.

“You are not telling?”

There was a difference in being a confidant and a rat. If I felt Ubremander needed to know, and had opportunity, I probably would tell him. To jump out in the hallway and start pointing like some child however would not have brought any honor upon me or Fergush. I softly let Pechend know the difference between the battle he was waging and my own.

“This isn’t my fight. If you win, I will have the lawyer take our complaints to you.”

“You have definitely declared yourself as supporting Ubremander.”

“Your problem, Pechend, is that you have blinded yourself to other games. You are only alive because we don’t consider you to be a problem. I have been playing a different game than you. Sorry about any misunderstanding.”

If things were calm, he might have sought a manner to have me say more. He however had to set his attention to maintaining his strategy. As the soldiers advanced, they suddenly stopped hearing their leader say something they had not expected.

“Men! Hold your place. I’ll try not be long. It is one problem with having a position of power, and that is the multitude of people who want a moment of your time.”

As if understanding the situation, Pechend actually dropped his illusion as he yelled, “WHAT? Wait, wait – NO!”

I stepped out into the hallway while saying, “You should have taken out Ubremander at the beginning.”

He turned to face me as he said, “I had taken him out. His essence was mine to toy with.”

“I don’t believe so. There were others present. That was why you did what you did, there was an agreement.”

“Oh, Snerara and Ethurd will be the next to kneel before me. They will submit themselves to my authority, and the future of this world will be according to my desires.”

Once again Pechend gave me information without him realizing it. I had encountered Ethurd when I advanced upon the baron’s estate, but his loyalty had been rather questionable. Snerara was an active presence in this castle, but her true status had not been stated. I now knew them to have a notable history in developing recent events, and actually felt them wise to allow Ubremander and Pechend to settle their dispute without them.

Not to let things get quiet, I said, “Good luck with that, but I think you should have thought things through a little more.”

“Get out of my way, Girl.”

I stepped up while replying, “I do have loyalties, Pechend. You would be best to keep your fights with those you have the historic feuds with.”

“Ubremander is right now with Doris.”

He probably would have said more, or attacked, except that he sensed as I did a change in the building. A breeze suddenly moved through the halls refreshing the air. I felt the stones set themselves a little more securely. Watching my phrase on the wall suddenly return to a pristine condition brought me some pleasure, although I had to set myself for a possible attack from Pechend.

He said, “I guess you feel victorious.”

I replied, “I feel that I can leave with a clear sense of no longer having to worry about Doris. One problem with my status, putting off problems until later means that I have to refight the battles later. I would rather move on bragging of having actually settled my previous affairs.”

“My thoughts as well.”

The words did not clue me in. I was watching his body language. When he began the motions to work magic, I prepared for the onslaught. While tactics to return the fight did come to my mind, I however had to say words about a thought to flee.

“All right, Fergush, this is still not my battle.”

I felt my hair suddenly stand out. That meant my red and yellow strands were doing their thing of declaring my special nature. For all his boasting, Pechend suddenly stopped his attack.

“I guess you are right, Jelnaya. My fight is with another.”

From behind him came a volley of bolts. I had to use my sword to ward off some of the projectiles, as they swerved from striking Pechend’s form. I however had to give him some credit for not leaving himself vulnerable to attacks from the military while dealing with me. He turned from me, I felt understanding where my loyalties were, to face the one that had authorized the volley.

Ubremander did appear as he had, but there was a definite increase in his size. I felt I had noticed it previously, and considered my opinion verified by comments about his armor needing to be adjusted. Now his head almost touched the ceiling. There was a darker tone to his body. It was clear that Ubremander had gone through some changes, and was no longer the same as he had been.

Pechend declared, “I bested you once before, Ubremander. I will do so again.”

Ubremander replied, “You bested me with words, with ideas, Pechend. I liked what you said then, and still like those words and ideas. I am sorry that you have come to not like them, but I feel that I will have to have you live by them or die.”

This time the magic energy was directed away from me. Again I moved into the corridor to protect myself from anything that did not fully target Pechend. I retraced certain routes in my mind to assure myself that if Pechend did take off after Doris I could get there ahead of him. Magic and projectiles played about the hallway, and with none of it directed at me I had the pleasure of watching the battle.

I swear that I saw a soldier look to me. I cannot say why he caught my eye, but I would not get mad at a man for looking at me. I smiled at him. The soldier then took aim with his crossbow, and fired low into a thigh as I had done earlier.

Pechend screamed as the bolt sunk into his upper leg. He actually turned to glare at me, as if I had instructed the soldier to aim as he did. I simply leaned against the wall of the corridor to let him know I was sitting this fight out. He pointed back in the direction of Ubremander and his troops, then screamed after conjuring a wall of fire between him and his opponents.

“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING! I will win this day.”

It was Ubremander that replied, “Not hurt, Pechend. Concede now, before it is too late for you.”

“Too late? Oh, you have not been the only one playing a waiting game, Ubremander!” Pechend chuckled and I sensed a different type of power as he said, “Like Jelnaya, I found myself accepting a different type of power into my life. You cannot win.”

His form began to increase in size. I found myself not displeased with my red and yellow hair at all seeing great curved horns erupt from Pechend’s forehead. I at first thought it was wings coming from his back, but the rips in his clothes showed the extra appendages to be sharp hard lengths as if extra legs with pointed ends. Realizing that Pechend could fight from his front and rear, I checked over my available weapons as I realized that I could find myself fighting in this battle along with Ubremander and his soldiers.

This is definitely a situation that can get out of hand.