To Bless Those Deserving: Cp32

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Thirty-Two

We had the furniture moved and a magic circle etched into the floor when Pishau returned. I am sure that she saw our concern, although I tried to smile at her to let her know that her arrival was not what bothered us. She set down a sack containing the items we had requested. With a smile showing on her face she then brought out some bottles of wine and some light pastries. As she looked over what we had done, Pishau informed us of her journey.

“Father knew about the water being taken, so understood that Maney and I would not return. He was thus amazed to see me. When I told him about what we were attempting to do, he very much approved. He and others lectured me saying to have us return to the feuds that existed before Ubremander would not be a good thing. If we could do this thing, he said that it would be the best for our world. Maney, father said that it would be his boat that will take Lady Doris back, and we could say our good byes at that time.”

Steve said, “I did not think elementals had such strong family bonds.”

“I believe that we are simply reflecting our time. Still, it is a good thing.”

I had to say, “Indeed it is. I however now feel bad about taking you from your father.”

Maney replied, “No, as we would have left eventually. Cannot say that we would have gone on to anything as potentially rewarding. We will serve without fail.”

Steve then said, “Well, good. Listen, I do not know how this is going to go, but I guess we need to get started.”

I had not even started getting undressed. While I understood that it was part of the ritual, it just did not feel the same surrounded by the others. I thought that was silly, considering the ladies would do things for me when I bathed. I had further instructed Sidney to watch me, giving him money to gain the participation of a lawyer, as I performed the ritual to assure that nothing went wrong. The slaves and Steve thus should not have caused me any concern about getting undressed, but I had yet to start that simple step.

We all paused hearing some reverberations through the building. All of us but Pishau could not help but express concern. My nymph however let us know what she thought we were hearing.

“Baron Pechend is probably destroying the wall sections that Jelnaya carved on.”

We had Pishau speak of what she saw as she moved through the castle after leaving the room. Steve mentioned finding it suspicious that she saw phrases, but did not press the nymph on the issue. Speaking of seeing Jelnaya etching a very elaborate version of Ubremander’s personal symbol while listening to him and Pechend argue with each other settled the matter in my mind as to who had placed the phrases in the stone.

Steve said, “I feel that in her own way, Jelnaya is attempting to do the same thing we are. Our problem is that we cannot wait this out. We all have lives to get to. Doris, let’s get this ritual started.”

Steve took a position where a screen had been set up to block his view of me. The way the furniture was moved, he could have positioned himself to get a view either around the edge of the barrier or possibly off of one of the mirrors. He however showed a familiarity with the female form in not needing to catch glimpses of me.

I did not consider it too strange that I remembered most of the particulars of the ritual. I had studied the text a few times for various reasons, then worked on memorizing it when I made the decision to perform it. My only fear at this time was the very fear I had when I originally went through the steps. It was what I hoped Sidney and the lawyer would have realized upon their observation of my repeat of the process. I was worried that I would get something wrong. As strange as it might sound, I found myself actually wishing Steve was watching, as I was scared that I might make a mistake in doing the ritual.

He had checked things about positions before I started. I almost called him over to look one more time, but my slaves assured me all was correct and spoke to answer any questions from the lawyer. I finally knelt on the floor without any clothes on and waited for the others to allow that I could start my performance.

It was not a simple process, which was why I had originally thought that I had done something wrong. The multitude of steps gave me plenty of opportunities to make some minor mistake. There had also been the fear that the book was just something to excite the curious and not a true tome of working magic. It however did have a certification from the school of magic at Bellesdun University, so I felt I could trust it to be authentic. Considering the ritual had worked, there was no doubt about the quality of the instructions. I however still had the fear of doing something wrong in following the steps.

Certain reactions to what I did alarmed me in the same way I remembered them doing the first time I performed the ritual. Instead of giving me confidence that I was truly working the magic, I instead became worried that I was going to do something I would regret. The fact that something did occur originally that I had not desired proved the truth of my concerns. This time I took strength from the watchful gazes of those whose existences was due to magic, and the advice from one who had made his occupation in a field of the arcane. I thus calmed myself when I noticed a reaction, and went on to the next step in the ritual.

It finally came to the part where there was just a repeated chant. Considering that the syllables made no sense to me, I felt this was where I could really make a mistake. Everyone however did not correct my pronunciation. They sat back and let me drone on the chant.

Seeing them comfortably allowing me to go on repeating certain things disturbed me. I felt they should display some fear in what might happen. If we did gain some greater personality, things could go as wrong for them as it had for me. Taking the present Ubremander from his conflicts with Pechend could give the usurper an advantage. They however allowed me to drone on as if waiting for something unimportant to eventually happen.

I actually remembered nothing more than this step. My recollection had me simply drifting off to sleep. Going through the process again, I did have to admit that it got boring. I however found the presence of the ladies to keep me alert and motivated, so I continued with this step feeling the energy to observe what would transpire.

As a mist could be seen, the ladies sat up and I heard Steve softly speak encouragement for me to continue. I found myself wishing that I could do something to assure that I did not pass out. I wanted to make certain that I did not lose any memory of these events. I however knew that I was the one working the magic, so continued on while trusting in those around me to manage should I collapse.

I sensed something far larger and more powerful than my interactions with Ubremander arise within the magic circle, and the voice was a lot deeper in tone. “Woman, do you know what you have done?”

I answered, “It is my hope to set things right.”

“Set things right?”

Steve stood, and I saw him lift up documents as he said, “Certain grievances were presented unto one presenting himself as Ubremander. We want to assure that we are accusing the proper entity.”

“And what if you were wrong?”

“How can we be wrong? Is it wrong to assure a proper identity? Is it wrong to acknowledge possible mistakes? Surely this summoning can only be seen as an attempt to set things right.”

“You mentioned an accusation.”

I felt the need to be the one to respond. “Are you denying that you implanted a seed within me on my previous working of this ritual?”

There was no clear form within the magic circle. While a mist filled the room, there was a thick haze within the limits of the protected area. While something moved amidst the cloud, I could not even see eyes looking at me. I simply assumed that the shifting of the gas indicated that the form of the one I summoned now looked at me.

“It has been removed.”

Steve declared, “That was not an answer to her question.”

“Answer mine first! Why did you do this?”

I boldly replied, “Because we want a resolution. You don’t understand, this ritual is out there. If I could get a copy of it, others could as well. I thought I was safe. I thought you were someone benevolent. I was however taken advantage of. I have been mistreated and treated well by one named Ubremander, so highly confused over who I actually summoned and his true intentions. I want a resolution concerning who you are before I considered myself truly satisfied with any reparations from the one in whose home I am in.”

Suddenly the mist went away. It simply dissipated as if merely a special effect canceled by whatever process had made it appear. Now standing in the magic circle was the Ubremander I had met, and he suddenly knelt with me clearly seeing that he spoke to me.

“You’re right. The ritual is out there. I originally gave it to someone I trusted, but the grace he received from speaking to me was sought by others. They stole his notes, and I found myself being contacted by others. They should have known the dangers of contacting one such as me, but they only considered the potential benefits of my presence.”

Steve said, “We will agree that an apology for making the initial contact has been made.”

“Yes, but it was going to happen to someone. It however did need to be a female. Seeds inside a man are a death sentence. I had other things to do to men, but I was glad to see a lady seek me. I have apologized for what I did, and I want you to know that I have no plans to do it again.”

“It should be Doris asking this, but I trust that you recognize my place as her lawyer. Great Ubremander, are you what you were?”

“No, but thanks you your help, and I have to include that divine champion with you, I am restoring myself. The problem I initially foresaw was however this grand society not truly coming into existence. I am highly pleased to see that it has become what was promised. I pains me to see that Pechend, and actually others, seek to corrupt such a magnificent accomplishment, but I expected this. In succumbing to the building events, I however trusted in a certain ritual pulling forth a truth that others sought to bury. Let me not only thank you, but assure you that I have every intention on maintaining this society. My original thoughts were that this entire creation would be doomed if we did not seek to correct our errors, and I still believe that. I however also enjoy the relationships that are developing, and I want the general good feelings between all manner of beings to continue. I thus want this to continue not just to be the figurehead of something positive, but to pull the existence of all of from the brink of complete annihilation.”

“Well,” I said, “that was truly what we wanted to know. I would ask that you treat the others that go through this ritual a little more respectably.”

“Let me assure you that the ritual continued to be copied because I usually was gracious. Some did not gain my favor, but those that presented a clear reason for contacting me were not abused. If you use the ritual again, Doris, I promise to be kind.”

“Thank you. I guess I should let you go now.”

I suddenly felt all magic leave the room. Ubremander reached out and held my jaw. I really did not need him to tell me just how much magic power he had.

“I broke the confinement of your spell the first time. That was how I could put the seed inside you, Doris. However, you have been a pleasant visitor. It would be wrong for me to spoil the hospitality I have offered you. I mean you no harm. Relax, this should all be over soon enough.”

“I would like to get back to my life.”

Ubremander let go of me, then stood. He nodded to the ladies. In looking to Steve, he assured that any remaining issues would be handled once things again settled down. As Ubremander went out the door, I believe we all felt relief.

Steve said, “I believe we can say things are going in our favor. Well done, Doris, ladies. I guess we just go back to waiting.”

I replied, “Well, I’m putting my clothes back on.”

Jelnaya has her own method of assuring an agreement, although she also does not limit her battles.