To Bless Those Deserving: Cp30

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Thirty

I believe Steve cursed Jelnaya for almost thirty minutes. He then began flipping through his notebook, and I saw him stop. His eyes met mine not to look at me, but to stare. As I started to feel uncomfortable, he mumbled a curse before letting me know his thoughts.

“Jelnaya was not being evasive at all. She actually answered my question.” Before I could say anything, much less form a question, he asked, “How much of that summons do you remember?”

I answered, “Besides the chant, I remember most of the details.”

No sooner did I say those words than I found myself worried that he would have me get naked. He however started again flipping pages in his notebook. He stopped at a page where he had a number of questions in a list. I found myself worried that he would begin interrogating me, but he underlined a word that started most of the questions and simply asked me that.


I did feel the need to ask in return, ‘Why what?’ but thought to jump past that and assume that I knew. “I wanted advice. Ubremander was stated as an ancient source of wisdom who was usually willing to help those who came demurely for basic information.”

He flipped to where I saw he had some facts on Ubremander. Actually, there was not much on the page but more questions. The one he asked me was not on the page however. I however did nothing more than answer hoping what few facts I could provide would give him the solution to our problem.

“You did not know that he was dead?”


“But the summons worked?”

He really should have known the answer to that question, but I went ahead and quickly supplied the answer, “Yes.”

“Although a seed was put inside you.”


He tapped his pen on the notepad, then asked, “And you remember nothing of it?”

“No, Steve.”

“Okay. You still got the gun I handed you?”

I did, and pulled it out to show him. Steve told me to keep it, then began checking his weapons. He asked me about ammunition. I just knew the basics of a gun, so he had me hand the weapon to him and he checked the clip. He handed it back saying that I had ten silver bullets. He then pulled out a few clips for his rifle while explaining things.

“Dealing with elementals, silver is no better than any other metal. Problem is, elemental ammunition is actually specialized. Even though I knew I would be going up against elementals, I was not able to claim that much ammunition. With elementals their makeup is usually obvious, so one can know how to attack and defend against them. The problem is however knowing what Pechend has protected himself against.”

Actually worried, I asked, “You are certain he will be coming?”

“Yes. Jelnaya asked me where do I go when I don’t know something. The answer is that I go to the source. Just like right now, I am looking back at my original notes. You are that source. Pechend feels that he is was the one that created Ubremander, but we know that there was such an entity already. You summoned him, but it was this Ubremander that showed up. We however have learned that this Ubremander was built from the essence of the old Ubremander. Pechend feels that he did it, but the evidence seems to be that he did not. To secure his own power, he needs to assure his own responsibility. To do that, he needs to come to you to see if he can detect certain things. The problem is that after so long, and with Ubremander being the one that removed the seed, the investigation will need to be rather pervasive to detect any truth. It could hurt.”

I had listened to his whole speech waiting for that last line. While it was not what I wanted to hear, it was also what I expected to hear. I thus took the information in the fashion of someone who needed to face certain facts. Hoping that I would not have to listen to another long speech, I asked the only question I could think of.

“And we are going to stop him?”

“No. Yes. What I mean is that stopping him would not help us. I believe the game Jelnaya is playing is to help Ubremander. If he is this source of wisdom and general nice guy to those that treat him with respect, we want to put, or keep, him in charge.”

Thinking back over my experiences dealing with Ubremander, I had to say, “I think he would be a good leader.”

“The society established seems to be a good one. Most other societies with elementals can be rather deadly. My problem however is the very thing Jelnaya suggested, which is that we really do not know anything. We do not know about Ubremander before he was killed, or whatever happened to him. We also do not know all the intricate details that went into creating this society.”

He continued to flip through pages of his journal. He barely looked at a page, as if simply a glance enabled him to remember what he had written there. I tried to lock pages into my mind long enough to scan for any information that might help me. What I gained was that he was going over the notes on my conjuring spell, so as he continued to flip pages I had to stop him with a question.

“You want me to redo my summoning?”

His eyes actually told me the answer, although his words did help. “The hope is to restore Ubremander. I believe your summoning actually contacted the base essence of Ubremander. I believe the seed was not really to put an agent into our society, but give him an agent to help him restore himself. The society we now have is good, but everything about it is unstable. Pechend is making his coup because he believes himself able to do it. Restore Ubremander, and such threats will no longer plague this society. The problem is whether Ubremander, the old Ubremander, will be as good of a leader as the present Ubremander. The old Ubremander might be attempting its own coup. The reason I am in favor of it, is that the summoning spell is out there, so eventually the old Ubremander will be awakened.”

I took time to think. The summoning spell was actually my first serious attempt at magic, so I really did not trust myself to a second performance. Steve did know magic, so I felt he could provide guidance. His presence however had me think of another reason I did not want to go through the ritual.

“I really don’t know if I want to get naked.”

Steve replied, “You can do your activities behind a screen.”

Still not convinced, I said, “I will need certain items.”

I had already seen the page in his notes. This time he stopped and looked at it long enough for me to assure that it was a compact notation of the ritual I had performed. I verified each item as it was read off. Steve and I would then discuss with the slaves the ability to gain each object or substance. After we had just about reached the end of the items in the notes, Pishau asked a question as if perplexed by what she had heard.

“Ubremander was air?”

Steve did not need to flip any pages to answer that question. “We really don’t know. From what I see of the present Ubremander, he could have indeed been air. I would have to say either that or water, but I would assume you would know if he had been water.”

“Will he stay as he is?”

“We really don’t know the answer to that either. However, what I have seen does not show any disruption in his present form. I would say that what will result is just a return of his old personality. Hopefully the benevolent nature we are seeing is part of the old personality, so that will stay as well. Surely there was a reason whoever, or whoevers, chose him to represent them.”

It was strange to see Pishau come and kneel before me. While her status was as my slave, I really did not treat her in such a fashion. There were things she did for me, but I did state my appreciation and worked to assure that things were good with her. I would have told Pishau to rise had she not begun speaking.

“Dear Lady, if you would give me leave, I could go get the items for you.”

Steve asked, “From your father?”

I saw a look of fright cross her face, but she did answer, “Yes.”

“And you will get advice from him?”

“He would simply provide it.”

“That’s good. Let her go, Doris.”

I had to ask, “Will you need money?”

Pishau’s features relaxed as she answered, “No, Dear Lady. If he agrees, he will give the items freely. If he disagrees, he would not allow me to have them for any amount of money.”

Steve said, “He will need to be a part of whatever happens, so his decision is important to us.”

I added, “And to you as well, Pishau. If you feel this society will be –“

“No, Dear Lady,” she quickly said. “The honor between us remains.” I guess sensing my own insecurity about the topic of slavery, she added, “My father will surely have words on my status as well. I thus might have words for you after all is done.”

“Good, as until we know all the facts we really cannot make good decisions. Be safe, Pishau.”

“I will fear more for you than me, Dear Lady. Pechend is a real threat. I promise to be no longer than necessary.”

Steve said, “Sounds good. All right, go.”

Pishau did not move. I saw her simply stay kneeling while looking at me. I found myself having to accept that I had the authority over her. I moved to hug her while letting her know my decision.

“Whatever he decides, you make certain to tell your father thanks. I got myself in this predicament because I wanted advice. It would thus be wrong for me to treat unkindly any advice given.”

I felt the arms of Pishau go around me as she replied, “As I said, the honor between us remains. Now, let me go.”

No sooner did my nymph leave than Steve said, “Okay, we have things we need to be doing.”

Do not doubt that Jelnaya is already doing something.