To Bless Those Deserving: Cp24

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Twenty-Four

Moving with Ubremander was an experience. I was used to being teleported, but being rushed by one able to act as lightning was something new for me. I saw Lerall having to move her brown locks from before her face, but only smiled feeling my red and yellow strands fall back as I strode into the castle. I felt Ubremander moving with me, but his words had me feel that he was focusing on the wrong things.

“I like your hair, Jelnaya,” he said. “It glows.”

“You’re not the first to tell me that,” I replied. “Still, if I am being a beacon for Fergush, it means I am proclaiming his aspects. That means be ready to fight, Ubremander.”

My words caused me to look around studying those I saw. Those in uniform simple held their place. A number dressed as servants however also peeked around statuary or corners. I decided to start seeing what Ubremander could do, so told him some words to say.

He repeated in a commanding voice, “What is happening?”

“Oh Great One,” a few soldiers said, but they then allowed the one with the most rank to continue, “Baron Pechend is attacking. It seems he wants the Lady Doris.”

I whispered to Ubremander, “There are only two reasons to want someone or something: personal or public. I cannot think of him wanting her personally, not at a time like this, so it has to be public. If he takes her as a hostage, we have to kill him.”

He softly replied, “I cannot do that.”

I turned to face him as I stated, “You cannot be who you were created to be if you are limited in your place.” I had a hand move around to indicate all around me as I clarified, “You were created to lead these people in order to assure a good life for them. Let them constrain your decisions, and let your concern for them allow you to rise to handle the threats that come upon you.”

Lerall said, “I have to support those words, Great Ubremander. Let me further say that if you can manage to do what she said, the gods will support you.”

He replied, “That will be a new one for us elementals.”

I quickly stated, “Let’s not go for new, Ubremander, but lasting. What we are trying to do here is something lasting.”

The military officer declared, “Indeed, Great Ubremander, and to that end we will support you.”

I noticed something shift in the essence of Ubremander. I turned to him with a worried expression. He however simply smiled at me. While I thought to be worried, I held any action recognizing my place with him should still be strong. As long as I continued to provide good advice and instruction, his loyalty to me should not shift.

I now advised Ubremander in a soft voice, and again heard him declare my words. “How many are supporting Baron Pechend?”

The military leader answered, “None, Great Ubremander, although he really has not called for anyone either. Lady Snerara is working to protect Lady Doris and mount a defense until your return.”

“Well, I have returned.” He then whispered to me, “Jelnaya, where should I go?”

I softly answered, “Up. Let’s move through the castle allowing everyone to see you. Just rushing to Baron Pechend would just have you putting down a dog. If your enemies are great then your victories over them will be seen as great. You thus give him a chance to declare his greatness.”

“I like your advice.”

Lerall said, “Then I will not offer a counter. My god has his own ways, but I accept that not all will agree with them. Establish a good society, Great Ubremander, and we will find our place in it.”


I was actually glad that he said that, as I did not know the castle that well. Feeling a need to assure Ubremander his place, I curtsied as he took the lead. Lerall smiled at me as she came to my side. Glad that things were going well, I followed Ubremander through the castle.

Others bowed or curtsied as we moved through the building. I softly kept instructing Ubremander to smile or nod. Lerall also said words of having him acknowledge the presence of those who would be helping him manage his days. Things seemed to be going well until we moved into a stairwell.

“Oh, there you are my wondrous creation,” came the booming voice of Baron Pechend.

“He’s trying to belittle you,” I whispered to Ubremander. “You cannot acknowledge him.” Seeing a door drop past us, I advised, “Tell him that he will be held accountable for the destruction to the castle.”

Ubremander loudly said, “I will hold you accountable for the destruction you are causing to my home.”

Baron Pechend floated down while saying, “It’s not like I cannot pay. There are however things that we must get right between us.”

Again I heard Ubremander proclaim my words. “No, there’s not. Repair your damages, and I will consider your requests.”

I grinned at Baron Pechend as he focused his eyes on me, and they stayed on me even as he spoke to Ubremander. “You need to stop listening to that little wench.”

In a loud voice, Lerall said, “He can listen to me.”

“Oh, so you have decided to set up a theocracy, Ubremander?”

Ubremander replied without my guidance, “They are not having me cause destruction. This is to be my kingdom. This is to be my home. Those that live here are to look to me for leadership. I do not want any of that destroyed.”

“Oh, but none of us want things to stay wonderful, Ubremander. We are all hoping to change things according to our own goals. The problem with you is that it is all a lie. You are nothing but a puppet I created.”

“I have gods however attempting to help and guide me. Who do you have instructing you, Ba –“

I strongly hissed, “Just use his name.”


Arcane energy launched itself from Baron Pechend. Ubremander did not attack in response, but only did what he could to protect himself. Lerall rushed by me to head up the stairs. I however launched a dagger at Baron Pechend, and found myself surprised to hear an explosion and have the man flung against a far wall.

While he removed the dagger, I saw that he held his left arm stiff against his side. Somebody else had hurt him. Wondering if a soldier on the battlements deserved some honor, I went to the side of Ubremander to fight with him and continue to provide instruction.

I whispered, “He’s hurt. Considering he is important, it would be better if you could reconcile with him.”

“He is also the one that created me.”

From across the stairwell and a ways up came the voice of Baron Pechend saying, “Glad that you recognize that, Ubremander. Now, let’s settle this matter.”

Ubremander did not need advice for what he said in return. “You do not understand how much I want to do that. The problem is that you created me for this purpose. You have been training me for this purpose. I have to oppose you simply because you created me to oppose anyone, even you, who tried what you are attempting!”

Baron Pechend set himself and launched an attack at Lerall who was getting close to him. She seemed to suspect that he would do something, as she quickly dropped into a protective stance. I guess her sword was enchanted, as Lerall set it in front of her and safely resisted the attack.

Baron Pechend managed to stand as he said, “I guess this is what I get for allowing you to live here instead of where I could keep a constant observation over you.”

Seeing him disappear did not surprise me. It actually was a sensible action for him. While it went around my own desires, I hoped that I did not surprise anyone when I gave Ubremander advice not to follow.

“I told you it would be better to reconcile Pechend. Right now you have damage to your home and possibly your people. It would be better for you to go about and see to them. Losing Pechend and your home would be a horrible day, but take time to assure your home while hoping that Pechend would see the benefit in joining you.”

Lerall was the one to ask, “Isn’t your god a warrior spirit?”

“Yes, and would you get my dagger? That thing has been doing a lot of good for me. I am going to have to check with Grandfather Terish or Great-uncle Ferrigote about it.”

She grabbed the small blade where Baron Pechend had thrown it after removing it from his body, then said, “It does have some odd enchantment on it. I guess it is the weapon to have in odd situations.”

Ubremander looked around as he exclaimed, “Thank you, all of you.”

I commented, “A good start, but you need to go around and do your best to make certain all hear you say that.”

He went up the stairs while saying, “I will do that.” He then stopped to make an observation. “Lerall is returning your dagger. With it back in your possession, I hope you have no reservations about staying with me.”

“No reservations, Ubremander. Glad to help.”

Lerall came up to hand me my dagger while saying, “You are still the champion of a warrior god. I however have to admit that your advice fits the occasion.”

“Listen, if Fergush was simply He-Who-Fights, there would be a multitude of reasons why I would never have agreed to become his champion.”

“Well, I’m glad that my god did not give me hair like that.”

Ubremander said, “I like her hair.”

I replied, “Well, I’m just glad that I can cut it. Even this hair gets annoying if it gets too long. Anyway, this is not about my hair, but about doing what we can to give you a good society. I have a king, empress, and other ranks of nobility in my family. Let me tell you what they taught me.”

We returned to moving up the stairs. Reaching the battlements required some knowledge of the upper level, but the soldiers were quick to direct us. Ubremander was a large being, so it was accepted that he could be recognized even by those far below and a distance away in the city. He waved when shouts were heard, and the sound of cheers had him beaming with joy. By the time we returned to the stairs, he had received a number of lectures about those of power surrounding him, but his attitude about securing a good future could not have been better.

Of course the problems are still present, so will need to be dealt with.