To Face the Ugly Deed: Cp18

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To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Eighteen


The interaction between Jelnaya and Makinor I found very interesting.  Having the voice of my goddess commanding me to listen only reinforced the importance of the words.  The kiss however got me to thinking.  It would not be same if I traded a sign of affection with the lady.  Makinor was not married.  Jelnaya would not respond with me the way she did with him.

I followed the champion of She-Who-Loves wondering if Quafrey had done right in choosing me as her divine champion.  I however then realized she did not truly have an option.  All of us who could be considered men were married.  Even Priven, barely showing signs of maturity, had a wife.  My only distinction was that I promoted love, and even showed Quafrey some respect in my daily life.  Wondering about my status as a divine champion, I thought about what I could do to have Quafrey feel she made the right decision in choosing me.

Looking about the town, I found myself admitting, “You’re right, Jelnaya.  This is about corruption.  Whoever did this corrupted some possibly fine people.  They would have corrupted us.”

It was Makinor that replied, “Yes, but that is not what Jelnaya was telling us.  She was telling us that we needed to see this corruption as a chance to promote our goddesses.  Wiping out the source of the corruption is what a hero would do.  We are not heroes.  While the source of this corruption does need to be eliminated, we need to do so in a manner that promotes love.”

“Yes, but I see the love in what comes afterward.  I am wanting to go home to my wife and love her.  I want to show love to my family, my community, and others.  This is just a scourge to be removed.”

“A hero removes the scourges.  Fighting the scourge is what Jelnaya should do.  She is however showing us that there is more to her than fighting.  There is a life to her service to Fergush.  Even in situations other than fighting she is promoting her god.  That is where I am failing, and where you, Nebard, need to see your work.”

“I still feel that we would need Jelnaya.  We were unable to fight the Privileged, and I do not feel able to fight whoever sponsored them.”

It was the lady that replied, “You could have simply called in a hero to do that.  Quafrey could have gone to Grandfather Terish, and this scourge would already be eliminated.  There was something else to this, there IS something else to this, that requires a divine champion.”

Makinor said, “And the fact that Quafrey accepted you as a divine champion declares that she felt a need for a divine champion.  There is something that we, divine champions of goddesses of love, should be able to realize, or do, that Jelnaya might not.”

I mumbled, “Well, Quafrey is simply telling me to listen.  I believe that this is a training mission for me.”

“Yes, I am getting the same impression.  The problem with me is that I should know my job.  I’ve been at this longer than Jelnaya.  No offense intended, as I can clearly see that Fergush knew what he was doing in calling her, but I should be the one teaching her.”

“Yes, but I – DAMN!”  I saw both my companions turn to me, so worked to explain.  “All I hoped to do was set things right and return to my life.  I had a life.  I grew up being taught to do things a certain way.  I learned how to work with animals, secured a house, and was ready to get married, have kids, and start things for the next generation.”  I had to hold back tears as I looked around while saying, “I’m not going to get to go back home, am I?”

Jelnaya set a hand upon me as she said, “You should definitely be able to go back home.  I made it a condition with Fergush, but with a goddess of love it should be assumed.  You have a wife.  You will have a family.  They need your love.  To keep you from sharing your love with them would be wrong.”

Makinor admitted, “There is a lot of traveling however.  This might be my first time on another world, but I do travel a good bit.  There is still a place I call home, and I do get to return there occasionally.”


I thought she said a strange word, but understood the term from the response of Makinor.  “No, Jelnaya, I really do not live in the county.  I have a home in a gentry holding near Dumick.  The barony is not that far away, and I feel keeps me from being associated with the church.  I do feel that I got that part of my life correct.  I am promoting Onathia and not her religion.”

“So, you have your own place not associated with a church, and you are not married yet?”

“I am the man, Jelnaya, so the one that is supposed to do the courting.  I am usually active in the affairs of others, and go home to get away to myself.  How do you stay single?”

“By being up front and direct.  A man that comes to me gets me interacting with them.  I do not simply let them perform.”

Listening to the two, I found myself realizing they were truly from another world.  Their ways were not like those I knew.  The places they called home were not like the communities I knew about.  Looking around, I realized that my surroundings were not like my home or where my companions called home either.  I then thought of the strange creatures I had fought, and simply the other people I had fought.  Listening to the two, I then realized something I felt was important.

“They all needed love.”  Seeing eyes again turn to me, I sought to explain.  “All those communities we fought, and who they had fought, all lacked love.  They should have acted like we did.  I guess some did, only to get wiped out.  That is why I am needed.  Love does not just need to be shown, but supported.”

Before either could respond, I spoke to assure that these two from another world understood mine.  “The raids were not anything new.  We did that.  Taking a wife on such a raid, or horses, or anything, was not anything new either.  We however usually had a need.  One would take a wife because there were no available ladies, or those available just would not have you.  You would take an animal because you had a need.  I remember when we gained the horses that some did not care about me speaking of what would be required in tending to the animal, because they only wanted it to eat.  Some however listened to me.  Many did not take a horse because of what I said.  The same should have been done when we were offered wives.  Someone should have spoken about the care for a lady, the love of the lady, and the family she would bring into our lives.  The elders did not fuss at us for taking the ladies, but of us being too young, not really being prepared, to have a lady.”  While I liked what I had said, I then had to admit, “Although that would have only caused the Privileged to have wiped us out.”

Jelnaya replied, “No, but that should have caused you to go to the gods.  The life you lived should have been their concern.  Having it disrupted, especially by agents beyond their influence, should have caused them concern.  In that case they probably would have called in a hero, and not a divine champion.”

“We really do not worship the gods.”

“That could well be a problem Quafrey hopes to correct.”

Makinor admitted, “I do end up lecturing a lot.  What Nebard is saying he did, about speaking about consequences, is usually what I do.  I have to admit that I believe these people are getting what they deserve.”

“How about us?”


Jelnaya stepped out a ways from us as she said, “Here we have been moving about chatting.  In the meantime the scum that was here ran off.  Should they be cowering?  Probably, but I would say they aren’t.  I would say they are pleading to their superiors, probably the very entity we are thinking to destroy.  Will we get what we deserve should we be attacked?”

“Maybe, but that should be right along with what you – Okay, Jelnaya, how would Nebard and I turn this toward love?”

“If I am willing to love, Makinor, you should be willing to fight.”

He stepped up to point a finger toward her face as he said, “That is not my point.  If you can promote Fergush even in a loving relationship, I need to be able to promote love in the middle of a fight.”

“That’s your problem.”

“No – Yes, it is.  There can be antagonism, honest exchanges, in a relationship.  I can see how a man can love you, and how he can get love in return from you.  Love in the middle of a conflict however, is – I just answered my question, didn’t I?”

“A fight is a fight.”

He went up to hug the lady, then broke away to look at me while saying, “Love is not love, but love can express itself in many ways.  It can also be expressed wrongly.  With a wife, sex and obedience probably is not love, although a loving wife will allow the sex and show obedience.  Fighting to gain something is probably theft.  Fighting to achieve an objective, to stop a wrong, to teach a lesson can result in something positive.  It’s attitude.”

Jelnaya replied, “Which is where I usually get things said to me.  People don’t like my attitude.”

“Same here, Jelnaya.”  He turned back to her to say, “I can do this.”

“How about you, Nebard?”

I had to reply, “I believe I had already determined that.  It helped that Eashae came to me as she did.  She did not simply come to me as an obedient lady, but responded as someone who was trying to be my wife.  She worked to please me.  Even without her soul she was doing what she could to please me.  When she regained her soul, she did some things to stress to me that she would love me.  It was her attitude that helped me to love her.  In the same manner, I was determining that I needed to show love to those who I would come to work with.”

“Okay, both of you, my tactics have now changed.  This is really an unknown, but I am going to see if I can give you two a chance to talk to our opposition.  There are reasons it will work, and reasons it won’t.  I’m good with either, as I know Fergush will get his glory.  I however am willing to give you men a chance to promote your goddesses of love.  I believe you need the practice if nothing else.”

Makinor replied, “Thank you, Jelnaya.”

“You’re welcome, but I am going to be putting you on the spot, Makinor.  If you fail, Fergush will gain the glory.  If Onathia gains the glory, I will just smile as your goddess thanks mine for giving you the opportunity.  I win either way.”

I had to ask, “What if Quafrey gets the glory?”

“She came for me, so I would have proven her wisdom in coming for me.  I still win.  Makinor is the one that can lose.”

He replied, “Okay, Jelnaya, so what is your plan?”

Only Jelnaya could turn carnage into a plan.