To Bless Those Deserving: Cp12

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Twelve

The name of my slave was Rosemary, which I felt was a nice name. Jelnaya had a slave by the name of Fellotta, and actually found myself liking the nickname 'Filly' that Jelnaya gave to her. I did not like her telling her slave to stay with me, but Filly seemed to be friends with Rosemary and understood that keeping up with Jelnaya would be a difficult task.

There was an interesting period when Filly asked about doing something with Jelnaya's hair. The response quickly came as a question about what the slave felt could be done with the yellow and red locks. Her hands went to handle the strands, then I was interested when Filly mentioned something I did not expect.

"You have a nice piece of jewelry already on your head. Maybe you have a tiara or other jewels to help add some fashion?"

Only a squeak sounded as Jelnaya suddenly had the point of a dagger at Filly's throat. "That hair was a mark of me being a special danger. It does not need fashion, as a fashion might hide its statement. I am the champion of the god Fergush, and if someone does not recognize the reason for the red and yellow locks they probably are better off dead."

Obviously worried about the metal point at her throat, Filly asked, "You do not fashion your hair?"

"Oh, there are times I am not to be a danger. This is not one. By being given to me, you might have the luxury of not being killed."

Relief in having the dagger taken away could be noticed in Filly's voice as she said, "I do not believe that Ubremander plans on killing you."

"Yes, but his method of getting my attention was the wrong method."

"I was assured that he would apologize for any wrong done."

"Really? We are going a long way for a simple apology. He owes us more than that. Isn't that right, Steve?"

The man did not act surprised to be put on the spot. He started into a list of infractions supposedly done by Ubremander. I felt that most were not real crimes, although noticed that the charge of my false pregnancy was not being mentioned. I felt that the reason the man listed some things was to retain some of my dignity in attempting to put Ubremander on the spot for the actual wrongs done.

Rosemary looked up from where she was washing the dishes to ask, "Dame Doris, would you like your hair styled?"

I answered, "No. I agree with Jelnaya. We are not going to Ubremander attempting to win any favors. First impressions are lasting, and he needs to learn that he started this association on the wrong foot."

"Does not my service show you his true appreciation of you?"

Jelnaya responded to that question. "No! You were sent to help us make a good appearance before him. You are thus agents of him. Might as well kill the both of you now."

Both women fell to their knees begging for their lives. Jelnaya just told them to get back to work. I however looked to Steve for some clue about how we would treat the women.

He answered, "Jelnaya won't kill them. At least she won't before given a better reason. If Ubremander dies then these ladies might as well."

Jelnaya said, "Then these ladies might as well fall back on their knees, as I am not seeing a future for Ubremander."

"Jelnaya, you are here because of Doris. While you are not an employee of Kallotech, you are in line to be a controlling stockholder of the company. It is thus in your interest to have this situation look good."

"I can get Doris taken care of. If you think it is better for my future stock, I can use your weapons to take out Ubremander."

"Jelnaya, hold yourself back until I fail. It is what your father would want."

I saw Jelnaya smile toward me while commenting, "He is right on that one. Okay, Filly and Rosemary, you better not bow to Ubremander, speak good of Ubremander, or basically remember any service you had for Ubremander. You are our property, and it is probably for the best that you accept that. We will forgive any action of not yet knowing about us. We however will not forgive any allegiance to Ubremander. Understood?"

When both ladies knelt and promised that they would only support us, Steve said, "Okay, Jelnaya, you just claimed them. You thus treat the ladies as possessions until something indicates a different status for them."

"Are you sure of that, Steve?"

"Yes, Jelnaya, I am."

When Jelnaya barked an order to Filly then started having her learn how to prepare her things for being put on her horse, I whispered to the lawyer, "Steve, is slavery legal on our world?"

"You mean our country? No, but that is a big gray area. Rosemary might as well consider herself your slave until all the immigration procedures are managed. That takes at least six years. I would thus tell you to get used to having her around."

"I don't like slavery."

"How you deal with having her around is your concern. Right now it is best that you get used to considering her your property. Once our time with Ubremander is done and we have some resolution to things, then we can consider all the particulars. Right now, you are a slave owner. Rosemary seems like a nice lady. Don't see why you should be bothered by having her around."

I saw Rosemary looking to me with a concerned expression. She forced a smile when I told her to get back to work. It helped me smile to think of Jelnaya also not appreciating being the owner of a slave. Considering the circles she operated within, I actually expected her to have a different philosophy than me. She however acted as if being around Fellotta was as difficult for her as I felt it would be for me. I thus went to Rosemary to help her pack away our cooking gear.

Both Steve and Jelnaya made comments to each other about us being followed. Fellotta made some exclamations as Jelnaya displayed that she could quickly arm herself with any weapon on her horse even with the extra companion on its back. Considering the conversation and what she was doing, I expected an attack upon moving out of the trees to see a large gathering. Jelnaya however simply signaled for her horse to stop before giving an order.

"Get to work, Steve."

He replied, "Certainly, Dame Dozzrine." He then directed his horse forward a distance before asking, "Is Ubremander here or anyone authorized to speak on his behalf?"

The man that had took a position of prominence the day before stepped up to say, "No one here can speak for Ubremander, but I have the duty to see the ladies safely to Ubremander."

"Well, considering the state of the slaves you presented to the ladies, I assume that you are just assuring them some seat in a dinghy and not any luxury."

"The slaves do not hold the status of Lady Doris or Lady Jelnaya."

"Wrong. The slaves were to be given to the ladies, so it would be assumed the slaves to be as wonderful as any other graciousness. I will not have Lady Doris or Lady Jelnaya seated on unpolished wood or without a cushion. I will not have them sleeping on straw with burlap bags as blankets. I will not have them fed porridge and grog."

The man made some signs that I felt were supposed to impress us with the sincerity of his declaration, "Ubremander would have my head should I treat these ladies in such a fashion."

"Yet he sent them regular peasants dressed in peasant clothes and treated little better than dogs. He should have your head."

"We do not treat slaves –"

"THEY WERE GIFTS!" Steve actually spitted as he said, "If these ladies represent the graciousness of Ubremander, I have the authority to state that Lady Doris and Dame Jelnaya are not impressed."

The man bowed, then said, "I must apologize."

"No words. Take Rosemary and Fellotta and dress them in finery. Have their hair washed and styled. Return to them their natural forms."

Before Steve could make another demand the man declared, "I do not have that power."

"You see Dame Jelnaya? Haven't you been informed that she is a divine champion of a god?" Steve then dismounted before turning then kneeling to Jelnaya to say, "You might want Fergush to reveal the actual quality of the slave you gained."

The man did not kneel, but simply fell to his knees before saying, "I ask you not to do that, Lady Jelnaya."

Jelnaya told Fellotta to hold her position before dropping to the ground and advancing to state, "Why not? Did I not give you the message yesterday that we were not pleased? The worst that could be revealed is a reason to do the things I threatened yesterday."

I saw the man close his eyes, then beg for us to simply allow him to take us to Ubremander. Jelnaya raised her hand, and I saw the drahaberd fly to her. That action had all in the assembly go to their knees begging for mercy. Steve signaled for me to move up with him. I looked to Rosemary, and saw her move her head in a manner of having me obey. Wondering what she actually was, I dismounted to hopefully find out what we would require of these servants of Ubremander.

When I arrived, Steve softly asked, "Jelnaya, what exactly are your slaves?"

She answered, "Minor dryads. I would say that their trees had been destroyed with the spirits locked into their present forms. I would say that Ubremander did not intend for them to exist any longer than our visit."

I had to ask, "You mean our slaves are going to die?"

"Right now it looks like more than our slaves."

Steve said, "Yes, but it is my best interest for you ladies to gain something of substance for this visit. Neither one of you are going to like this."

"I'm going to kill them, Steve. Do what you want."

I saw the man look at me, and I quickly decided that I hoped there was any better option than slaughter. "Go ahead, Steve. I trust you."

He nodded, then turned to face the man. "I see a number of fine ladies in this company. I assume that they were to provide comfort to the Lady Jelnaya and Lady Doris during their journey to Ubremander."

There was a spark of hope in the man's eyes as he said, "Yes. Any of those may be taken as slaves."

"Any of them your daughters?"

Fright showed on the man's eyes as he uttered, "You can't."

Steve had his back to me, so I could not tell his expression as he strongly replied, "I can, and do insist."

Silence filled the area for a time. I found myself desiring to know Steve's expression. Jelnaya twirled her drahaberd. Finally, the man spoke at a tone that barely broke the silence.

"I agree. Maney and Pishau, step up to face your masters."

Two very lovely girls slowly walked up. Both had wonderful figures with long hair of a strange color of brown. They were dressed in light garments that did little to hide their figures. It helped my attitude to not hear Steve simply announce that the girls were now our slaves.

"Jelnaya, what are these? Air?"

Jelnaya whispered back, "No, Water. They are real though. We will simply need to get a bottle from the appropriate streams before we leave."

"Water? Damn. That is almost as bad as fire."

"For the life I lead, water is good. I can work with water."

Steve nodded, then turned to make a strong direction of me stating which girl I would desire as my slave. Steve did not allow the girls to simply come to us, but forced a scene of them declaring their faithful support and service throughout their lives. The man who claimed to be their father stayed silent through the process. At the end he merely nodded, then rose to invite us upon some craft in order to be taken to Ubremander.

And our ladies have to deal with more indignities as they proceed.