To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Two

Eashae was making breakfast. Everything promised to me had happened. In a way it was wonderful. I had a woman, one that I had chosen myself, in my house doing the things I thought a woman was to do. I went to her wanting to touch, hold, fondle her breasts, and she let me. She did not complain, although she did glance to the fire and I understood that she needed to finish making my breakfast.

I had been worried that Eashae might not understand me. Realizing that we were attacking people from somewhere none of us recognized, the concern had come up that our spouses might not know what we would command them to do. Being told there were enough similarities in our words that the ladies would be able to converse with us, none of us complained about obeying the commands to obtain the objective. Finding the girl I thought was extremely attractive responding to my words, I eagerly claimed her as mine. Having her in my home, I found her language was indeed close enough to mine that we could understand each other, but she had some learning to do before we could actually converse.

After breakfast I relaxed while Eashae worked at cleaning our home. She did ask me some things, and I showed her ways I would manage certain chores in the little dwelling. She seemed displeased about some steps, but I assured her that she could make changes. After one set of instructions I found my left hand on her butt. Eashae had not said anything about it being there. While I had not put my hand on her rear on purpose, realizing I could touch her in that manner pleased me. I put my other hand on her bottom, then lifted her skirt to gain direct contact with the skin. Before I was finished, I had done something I really did not believe I would be able to do. As we both went about cleaning ourselves up, I heard the sounds of my mother calling my name.

“Nebard, do you have someone in there?”

I already had a smile on my face, so cheerfully said, “Yes, Mother. Her name is Eashae –“

“Let me see!”

Eashae must have understood that somebody of importance had arrived, as she stepped up to curtsey to my mother. I thought Eashae was lovely. Her long amber hair spilled about her shoulders. She had lovely blue eyes. She was almost my height, and I believe close to my age. I expected my mother to be happy with the lady in my house, but she turned to me almost with anger sounding in her voice.


I moved past her to hold my lady while saying, “This is my wife, Eashae.”

My mother looked at us, then said, “I guess she is, as such are our laws. It however is not our ways for a man so young to gain a wife.”

“So young? Mother, I am being sent into battle. It is not right to have us die without being truly men.”

“And you came back alive. We do not send you to die. You are not placed in the worst of combat.”

The arguments that I had participated in helped me counter the statement of my mother. “We were being ambushed, Mother. Lord Felther and Lord Avell were doing nothing to prepare for battle. I have had friends die. I was sorry for them, and I felt their spirits tell me not to risk dying without the blessing of being fully a man.”

From outside the house came the voice of Elder Thamoss. “Rienda?”

My mother stepped to the doorway of my dwelling to ask, “Has your boy taken a lady?”

“All the youths that went out did, even Priven.”

“Little Priven?”

It would not have been right for us to take women and not allow Priven, since he was risking his life as well, but Elder Thamoss made the act seem very wrong. “Yes. Barely has hair on his chin, but he has a woman tending to his house. At least he did get a young one, but we shall still have children raising children.”

“And Felther and Avell allowed it?”

“They say others joined, and it was the strangers that acted as the instigators of this action. They say the others were good fighters, so the youths were impressed with their heroics before being won over by their logic.”


I almost took up the argument against that claim, but stayed silent feeling good that Elder Thamoss did not support it. “Avell’s youngest was in the group, and came back with a lady. Avell took possession of her, and had the priest look her over. She is no demon. As for those who joined us, it has been decided that they just had different ways. Some do take slaves. We don’t, and it is to the credit that the lads are giving the ladies they took the status of wives.”

Mother looked at me, then admitted, “I doubt there is any way to deny the status.”

“No. They however need to be taught our ways. That is what I am doing here, Rienda. I want you to speak with the other elder ladies and prepare yourselves for instructing these new additions to our community.”

“Do they understand us?”

I answered that question, “Yes, at least the simple stuff.”

Elder Thamoss gave a more complete answer. “They actually have a language comprising of most of our words. They however have a different set of grammar rules, so how we use our verbs and modifiers confuses them. Keep the sentences simple, and they tend to understand.”

My mother stepped toward me. She then put one hand on me and the other on Eashae. Pressing us toward each other, my mother gave me an order.

“You love her. She’s your wife, Nebard. She will bear your children. She is in a strange land among strange people, so needs you. You thus love her.”

Elder Thamoss admitted, “A few other parents ended up saying basically the same thing to their sons.”

“What are you doing today, Nebard?”

I had no shame in answering, “I have animals and the crops, Mother. It is the time for war because the crops just need to grow. I did what I could to check the animals last evening, but I plan on assuring their health today.”

“And what will your wife, Eashae, do?”

“What women do. She was speaking of cleaning and possibly rearranging our home.”

“What women do.” Mother did not sound pleased as she said those words, but them hugged Eashae while saying, “Daughter, I will help.” She turned back to the older man to say, “Thamoss, tell the other ladies that I am spending the day with my new daughter.”

The elder replied, “I believe that is what the other ladies are doing as well. I will however spread the word, so you elder ladies can decide on how to organize to teach the young.”

As he left, Mother looked to me to say, “Okay, Nebard, do what you must before leaving. I will stay here with Eashae.”

I did leave after kissing Eashae and my mother. There was a desire to continue doing the things with my wife that I had always wanted to do with a lady, but I accepted that I did have responsibilities. I went by the rabbit pens and saw that the youngsters had grown enough that we could eat a few. Hoping Eashae knew how to cook the animals, I set them as the last thing to do so I could help her if she needed it. Leaving the small animals to start with the larger ones, I saw Vorling coming toward me.

He came close before asking, “Nebard, did they take your wife from you?”


I said that wondering how someone could take your wife from you. One of the arguments presented to us was that we would not be gaining a slave that could then be bought or traded. It had been stressed that the better option would be to not take a lady if we did not see one we wanted, because one does not give a wife back. What we found presented to us was however a large assortment of lovely women, and while I considered Eashae the most beautiful I heard the same words being spoken by the others. Hearing Vorling’s question however caused me to wonder about laws of our people I had not heard.

He said, “My mother came with Elder Meshia, and they took Deitally saying that I could not have her again until tonight. They were taking other wives as well.”

I replied, “They are training them for us.”

“Train? Train for what?”

“For being our wives. They must learn our customs, our ways.”

“I don’t know about your wife, but mine seemed to have no problem with my ways.”

I had to smile. Not only did I appreciate the words, but the way they were said. My time with Eashae had been very pleasurable. I could not help but smile as I spoke about what I had done with her.

“She was cooking this morning, but she let me touch her. I only stopped because I did not want our food to burn. After we ate, I touched her bottom, and she did not complain. Even when I had her…”

“I know! One night and I know Deitally has to be sooo pregnant. I mean I cannot say how much seed I pumped into her.”

I do not know why, but Vorling’s words troubled me. “Pregnant? That means babies.”

“Well, yeah, but that’s what is supposed to happen. Deitally has the breasts for it. Cannot wait to have her fully functioning.”

I really wanted to reply. My own joy in my time with Eashae had me want to brag about her, but something had me feel bad about saying things like Vorling. I believe he waited for me speak in such a manner, but I felt glad I had not replied seeing Limoyae approach.

As soon as she saw us look to her, she asked, “What are the two of you doing being married?”

Vorling asked his own question. “What’s it to you, Limoyae? Dosply is still yours. Be glad he had hurt his foot.”

“It’s not our way, Vorling.”

“Since when? Taking a wife on a raid is allowed.”

“Those ladies are not Metisids. Where did you get them from?”

I saw Vorling look to me, and I said what I needed to. “We went a little further on.”

“A little further on? There is something not right about those ladies.”

Vorling replied, “Why? Because they actually make us happy?”

I saw Limoyae blush, but she went ahead and said what she was thinking. “Oh, I will make my husband happy. The trick is to keep you happy. Let’s see how well your ladies do that.”

Going over my thoughts, I felt that I had the proper reply to that. “That is why we took them as wives. It would have been wrong for us to have dishonored them if they were only property. What we have done, and will do, will be with the respect due any woman. We will love them.”

“It’s good to hear you say that, Nebard. Now, Vorling, let me hear you say it.”

I actually saw him clench his fist as he returned, “What?”

“Say that you will love your wife.”

“She had better love me.”

“Nebard, you are the only one to speak of loving your lady. I believe the elders will want to speak to you later.”

As Limoyae moved off, Vorling asked, “What was that about, Nebard?”

Wondering myself, I simply replied, “We have work to do, Vorling. We are now men, and must do the work of men.”

Now that you should have an idea of the problem, back to Jelnaya and a birthday party.