The Fey Bride of Elfland

Upon our arrival at Florinew the couple had a busy day of seeing everyone. They had to walk through town, then through the castle, allowing to all to meet the new member of their royal family. Since there was no TV or radio, it was the best way to get out the word. It stressed Chamorrick and Lasotherral, but smiles stayed on their faces as they handled the formality of assuring that everyone knew who they were.

I spent the day speaking with Fathall. He was very interested in everything, and I could not blame him. It helped that he allowed the discussion while he joined his wife in showing me and Rabbit some of the formal dances that would be performed that night.

I said, "Of course, I don't know about continuing with astronomy, since the presence of Lasotherral will not be reflected in the stars."

Fathall replied, "I told you that what you see often will not be what applies to Florinew anyway. You thus keep up your studies. It will give you opportunities to get out and see more of this wonderful land. You have handled yourself well in your travels, so I suspect others will be glad to have your visit however grave your news might be."

While his wife had been speaking to Rabbit, she now turned her attention on me to speak of the various places she had visited with her husband. I found myself realizing that I had entered a much larger world than I imagined. I had accepted that a separate reality had been created for the fey, but I felt it to be just a place and not a whole separate expanse. I however gladly set my attention to learning more of what possibilities could be made available than just a life with a most special creature.

The wedding of Chamorrick and Lasotherral was a grand affair. Many came to visit. As I had known, the fey handled transitions well. It did not matter that word of the wedding came with short notice. By the means of magic many showed up to wish the couple the best. In the same manner the Castle of Florinew adjusted to handle the large influx of visitors. The rooms and corridors became cramped, although stayed comfortable all the same. I felt that Chamorrick and Lasotherral indeed would have a wedding to remember.

I did get to dance with Rabbit in a formal setting. She still had a grace and energy that I could not show. I however smiled in being able to claim such a wonderful creature as my wife, and kept her on the dance floor until the orchestra finally said that they were not going to play anymore.

Returning to my apartment, I asked Rabbit about it now being a time for children. She replied that she did not know. Since she was of the present court and I was of the next, she could not say if our offspring would skip a generation or if we would have two batches. She did not seem displeased with either option, and we did what we could to assure that children knew they would be welcome in our lives.

As was not the custom, the next morning we were summoned to a formal breakfast. Many had retired to places in the castle, and were given hospitality even as they mentioned a need to return to their lives. In order to assure good relations, we of any importance in the castle were told to be on hand should any have some business that they needed to handle before leaving. While I did prefer the usual custom of having breakfast with my ladies, I proved my acceptance of this world by handling the transition in a pleasant mood.

Returning to my room, I found Annie moving to me to say, "Kevin, I believe that I need to go home."

I had heard what she said the other night, and actually felt that it was a good thing. "You were becoming a wonderful servant, but I do believe it is time for classes to start back up."

"I don't know if I can do anything with the notes I made, but just experiencing this other reality I feel will help me. Thank you for treating me so well, Kevin."

"You more than deserved it, Annie."

She advanced to put her hands on me while saying, "I knew that I was going for a good man. I hope the next man I feel led to take a chance upon is just as worthy, although not already married."

"Yes, that 'already married' part should be considered." We laughed, then I added, "Although I doubt you will find another in a situation like I was with Rabbit."

"I know that it will probably never happen, but if you do visit our world, please come by and visit."

"It would be rude for me not to."

She nodded, then said, "And if I get a chance to come again, I might take it just to come and find out how things are going with you."

"Well, remember if someone else tries to make you their slave, that you already belong to me."

"And you have handled your ownership of me in such a magnificent way. Yes, I will ever claim to already be owned by another, although any future husband, or the Lord Jesus Christ, will get my primary obedience."

"As they should."

That was enough said between us. I settled to consider an actual life about the castle. I read a journal of a previous astronomer, and went about the castle speaking greetings to those I would probably see and talk with for the rest of my life. Thinking it would enough of a life for me, I considered my future to be good.

King Naderron did not speak against returning Annie to her home. He told me to have her at the front door before morning. Understanding that Annie would be taken back during another transition of the day, I thanked him for his graciousness.

I stayed up most of the night speaking with Fathall and studying the stars. Considering that I had finished my sophomore year, I felt that I was being treated as an upper classman. While Fathall did fill the role of the elderly wise instructor, he gave me respect in return and we discussed things at a deeper level than was possible with someone just beginning their education.

I did not join Annie on her journey back to our world. She asked me about having letters to my family, but I decided against it. While they would probably worry, I figured it would quickly be lost in a fog of drug induced numbness. I really did not want to think back on the other world, but felt I needed to keep a focus on this one. Annie did not argue with me, but did tell me to keep her Bible before climbing in the coach to go home.

As I turned to return to my apartment, I met the dance troupe with my wife among them. We kissed, then I asked her if I needed to consider getting us another servant. She told me that Annie had been a help, so if I found an opportunity to check on filling the position with another. I accepted the response as the usual comment of a fey to handle any transition with ease, and returned to my apartment with only the intent of getting some sleep while I could not be bothered by anyone.

I had to smile that evening seeing Chamorrick in a corner of the main room. He was chatting with some military officers about things. Not hearing him call my name, I felt relaxed with him now bothering others. I however found a smile return to my face as I heard Lasotherral call my name.

Moving to her, she asked, "Where is your wife?"

I replied, "She is a member of the dance troupe. She will come in later to dance, then will come to my side to eat and socialize with me."

"Oh, that is right. This just still so new to me." She then delicately pointed while asking, "Do you know who that young man is?"

I did not, but I saw where he directed his gaze and made what I felt was the proper assumption. "A suitor for Gaolerra most probably. If you see strange young men wandering about, they are probably suitors for her.”

Lasotherral laughed before saying, "That is right. That is what someone else told me." She then told me something I had not suspected. "With King Naderron not having an official wife, I am the recognized lady of the castle. It is not that much stress, although I am not really the queen yet, but everyone does give me more respect than I expected. They also expect me to keep track of important people, but I have not learned enough to manage that."

"I have not been a part of this castle that long either, but I have made myself secure in my position. You will have that grace as well. I suspect you will adjust soon enough."

"You are most kind, Kevin. Listen, I know Annie left. Will you need another servant?"

I felt glad that I had asked Rabbit that question earlier as I answered, "I don't need one, at least not at the moment. Annie was not just a normal servant, and it would take someone who was able to become a member of the family and not just do a job to replace her."

"So, would you want another slave or a servant?"

"Status does not matter, but personality does."

She lifted a finger to my face, then the other hand lifted to grab my face and pull it down to kiss me. "I like your personality. You are part of the reason I am here, and I am so glad to have you as a part of my court."

I saw people looking at us, so knew to make a good reply. "As long as you are willing to kiss me when I do right, you will find me working hard to assuring your success."

Chamorrick now had to speak, "If you didn't have the wife you do, I would feel threatened. By chance I could not get that lovely lady to kiss me?"

"Are you talking about my wife or yours?"

Everyone laughed at that, which was the response I wanted. I bowed as Chamorrick claimed his wife, then turned to move to my seat. It was difficult to recognize without Annie being present. I however felt good that I had not taken advantage of that lady. I figured that my devotion to Rabbit would enable me to handle whoever next gained the position of handling mundane chores in my apartment. I found a regular servant helping me get my serving of food, and settled to eating thinking of my life ahead. I however had to lift my head upon hearing everyone laughing.

Chamorrick was moving across the open area between the tables. I did not know what was going on. I saw a minstrel in position, so assumed that he had begun his entertainment with a few jokes. I however looked at my approaching half-brother wondering what I missed.

"That troubadour spoke of the wonders a bug on the wall of my room might see. I thought of your room, then realized something about you."

I said "You're safe, Cham. Your father gave me permission to go anywhere in the castle I desired."

"But you still walked into his bedroom at night when he was with someone."

"The guards were just taken by surprise. I however was not armed and I was not acting as if I was a threat. Honestly, they deserve their honor for properly judging the situation."

Showing no sign of backing down, he stated, "But you did walk into his bedroom."

"I had a damn good reason."

"You do not –"

He just froze. I think our father and a number of others in the room were waiting to say something. He however went silent for a time before changing what I believe he was going to say.

"It had better be a damn good reason."

"Same here. I mean, don't think you, as the next in line to the throne, do not have permission to go where you please in your castle. Don't think the bugs in my room do not have wonders that they could see."

We shook hands, and everyone applauded. Feeling that my life had changed for the better, I smiled feeling pleased with those that were now part of my daily activities. Glad to have been chosen by my biological father for a most special blessing, I shook hands with my half-brother while waiting for another opportunity to watch my wife dance.

Hope you enjoyed it.