The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Thirty-One
The Right Person to Hear

After going through the process a couple more times, Lasotherral displayed almost a frightened look. She obeyed the command from Chamorrick, but I could tell was troubled by his behavior. When it failed again, she however stopped to speak.

"What are you trying to do?"

"I was told that I must have faith," Chamorrick said between clenched teeth.


"Yes." He spun to demand, "Tell her, Annie. Tell her what you told me."

My slave demurely said, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen."

Lasotherral again said, "Faith?"

My half-brother said, "Yes, faith."

"Oh, Chamorrick!"

Lasotherral rushed to him in the same manner that Rabbit often advanced upon me. Watching her I felt that Chamorrick would indeed gain some of the same love and attention that I was given by my wife. I chuckled in seeing him perplexed by her action, remembering some of my early amazement at how Rabbit would treat me.

Finally, she broke from him to say, "I need the faith, Chamorrick. Not you. You have done so much. Your faith has been more than shown. You spent the time looking for me, in history then in actually traveling to find me. You asked questions and advice from numerous sources. You cannot profess your faith any more than you have already done. The cloak is not working because you do not have faith, but because I have none."

The room went quiet. Lasotherral appeared as if she would cry. I suspected she would leave. She however stood fixed in place. Not knowing what else to do, I stepped out to hand the lady a handkerchief. She took it, then broke the silence to speak.

"And you have supported him." She then turned to wipe her eyes while saying, "All of you have supported him. You have welcomed me as well. You would think that I would have faith. This is however just a dream to me. I keep expecting to again find things happening beyond my control and for me to lose everything. This is hard to imagine as real. Still, after so long I should have faith that things will work out for me."

Chamorrick said, "I want you as my wife, dear Lasotherral. Surely you can show some faith in me."

"You who have done so much to find me. You who have done so much to be worthy of me. You who have brought me here and surrounded me with people who will guide me, help me, and share their lives with me. Yes, Chamorrick, you deserve for me to put my faith in you."

She handed me back the handkerchief while thanking me for all I had done. She then went about the room thanking the others for what part they had played in her brief visit. Each told her that they would continue to support her. Finally, she moved to Annie and hugged her and thank her.

Lasotherral asked her, "You belong to Kevin?"

"Well, really I am just a friend. I came here with him, and have been assuring that he adjusted to this life. It is however getting time for me to return."

"Before you return, please let me know more about you."

"I will make it a point with Kevin."

Lasotherral then rushed back out to Chamorrick. She set herself into position. I then heard her command him.

"Do it again, and this time I assure you that I have faith."

I cannot say to know anything of magic. While I have a wife that is entirely a part of this magical realm, I just take what she tells me and other things of this life at face value. Being someone that focuses on reality, I have to accept the things I see. While I do not know anything of magic, I have to admit that it is present in my life.

This time when Chamorrick went through his steps, I felt a breeze. Lasotherral did more than simply respond to his movement, but her body did what I felt was a response. Just as what Rabbit would do around me, Lasotherral provided some of her natural actions to the regular steps.

A wind rose up in the center of the room. Neither Chamorrick nor Lasotherral gave any indication of stopping. Without any instruments playing, they seemed to move with each other as if hearing something in the wind the rest of us could not.

Suddenly, everything became quiet. I really did not see anything different in the two. While I would not deny that something happened, exactly what it was I could not say. I thus simply waited in silence hoping for everything to be explained.

Lasotherral hugged Chamorrick, then turned to say, "Queen Bessinadar? Queanay? You look normal."

The Ice Queen replied, "I can now make you out in the normal manner. I hope that you are not feeling any discomfort."

"What? No! Thank you though for asking." She then looked to me to say, "Kevin, I would hope that I can meet your wife now."

I heard Annie say that she would get Rabbit. I thus felt able to keep my focus on Lasotherral. Feeling a need to say something, I found some words.

"I would hope to have you a constant presence in my life. I mean, I will be living in your castle and continuing to hopefully keep your husband out of trouble."

"You do that, Kevin. I look forward to my life having you as a part of it."

She then spoke to the others. I heard her mention how certain things about them were different than before, and they returned words of a similar nature. To me Lasotherral appeared no different, but I gathered that their magical natures had also affected how they had perceived the lady. While Rabbit seemed to have an extreme discomfort with her, I learned how the others had noticed her special condition.

Rabbit flowed to me in her usual manner. As she took hold of my arm, her body moved in manner of her looking about the room. She then whispered to me of what she saw.

"She is quite lovely."

"Yes," I replied. "I never faulted Chamorrick for continuing his relationship with her."

The head of Lasotherral turned from where she was speaking to King Naderron, then she rushed toward me while yelling the name of my wife. "RABBIT!"

My arm was squeezed as my wife's body pressed up against my side as she said, "I am but a dancer in King Naderron's court."

"And what will be your job when his court is done?"

"My time will be past."

That was not the usual positive speech of my wife, so I appreciated the joyful words from Lasotherral. "No, but you will be Kevin's wife. I want him in my life. He is a good confidant to my husband, and I am sure to become one of our trusted sources of wisdom. As his wife, I expect to see you constantly about my castle, and at my socials."

"And our children?"

"And our children's children should always be friends."

I now heard the usual speech of my wife as she said, "I believe that you will be a good queen."

"Did you ever doubt Chamorrick to be a good king?"


Everyone laughed at that. Chamorrick of course had to promise all that he would do all he could to live up to the responsibility, history, and requirements of his office. All of spoke of him still having things to learn, but that he had proven himself of being able to make good decisions. We laughed when he admitted that he appreciated having good advice.

It was a wonderful extended evening of socializing. The string quartet was summoned. They were however not listened to that much. Chamorrick and I tried to move to the rhythm of their playing, but Lasotherral and Rabbit chatted to each other all during the steps. While my wife naturally flowed around me, Chamorrick often heard his lady speak apologies as she had to return to a place with him. I however could see the smile on his face and knew that he did not mind a moment of it, even spoke words of extending our dancing to another song.

When we finally ended the night, all spoke of advancing certain formalities. All I basically heard was that we would need to rise early in the morning. Somehow Rabbit did not get the message however, but once in our bedroom she shared her joy with me in the way a wife could to her husband.

I barely stayed awake as a lot of procedures were handled the next day. Lasotherral was put through some formalities to ascertain her qualifications as the official queen once Chamorrick gained the throne as king of Florinew. Most truly did not apply to her, as she presented none of the problems a normal lady might have in her past. I actually found myself put on the spot to verify certain things about Lasotherral that I had witnessed, and in handling the procedures managed to stay awake.

Stepping back after a period of interrogation, I found a voice I recognized speaking to me. "We do of course have our duties, but Lasotherral has been part of our lives for so long. I hope that there would be no resistance to us visiting."

I turned to see the wispy, thin figure of Ussiquik, and cheerfully spoke to him. "Of course not. I feel that our lives would still be strange to you. In joining with us, Lasotherral could well become strange to you as well."

"She has always been strange to us, so no difference there. She however once was an angry and negative thing, but I see how she has changed over time. I like her now, so hope to continue to visit her."

"I am glad to have found her, and met you. I believe she will indeed become the queen my half-brother desired, and I hope you will become friends to keep their life together beneficial. If you do however notice something of which I should be aware, please let me know." I thought quickly, then added, "Of course, if you think of a joke, I would like to hear that as well."

"A joke?"

"No reason not to try and get each other to laugh."

I did hear the pure fey laugh, then he said, "Yes, I will make it a point to visit as often as possible."

Not every formality required my presence, so I did get time to for a nap. Rabbit bothered me in those periods as well, but also allowed me to sleep. Just as I would caress her when she slept, I woke to find her moving her hands about my body. Not wanting her to stop, I did things to have her glad that she bothered me from my nap.

By supper everyone seemed happy with the couple. They however still sat on opposite sides of the table. I assumed that there was still a minor matter, but it did not get handled until the evening was about to brought to an end.

King Naderron said, "Bessie, we should have quite a happening at my castle tomorrow night. It would be my pleasure to have you present."

"Nad, I would have been greatly displeased had you not invited me."

"Now, we should not be unneighborly to each other."

"Of course not. Expect me to be there."

There is an epilogue.