The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Thirty
An Answer

My wife again rushed to me upon my arrival in the room. It did not surprise me that she was not interested in the cloak. She had a strong been there, done that mentality on most things. What amazed me in fact was how I did not fall into that category with her. Rabbit treated my presence and things I would do with her as novel each and every time. She had been with me for over a decade, and watched as certain character traits developed. Still, she spoke of her joy in how I would speak to her and treat her, and would rush to have me join with her.

I found it wonderful that she went with me into a large parlor and danced. There was a moment of levity when the guard that showed us to the room went to light the fireplace. I commanded him to stop, and he looked at me as if I had told him something really stupid. I explained that neither of us would mind the chill, but the furniture in the room would disturb us. He kept acting as if he would rush over and start the fire anyway while helping me move things against the walls, but in the end he simply let me know that he would be just outside the door if I needed anything else. Rabbit smiled at me as I went to the middle of the parlor, then we had a wonderful time having her active form move with me as I worked through what dance steps I knew.

Actually had dinner with my wife and Queanay. She came into the parlor where Rabbit and I were dancing, and requested that we dine with her. Neither one of us spoke of denying her. I called in the guard and allowed that he could finally light the fireplace before helping me move some furniture back out to the middle of the room. Of course the primary topic was Chamorrick and Lasotherral, but we also spoke of things about each other. It was an extended meal of me having the company of two wonderful ladies, both of whom I expected to have a lifetime of sharing their company – each in a different fashion of course.

After the meal we broke up speaking of refreshing ourselves before any afternoon activities started. We both spoke of simple socials being the primary entertainment. I considered it a good thing that Charmorrick and Lasotherral would be seeing more of each other, and Rabbit displayed some pleasure when I mentioned my joy in seeing more of her. That of course brought up the topic of again having the couple try the cloak. I had to speak of my activity with Rabbit not providing any new idea to possibly provide the solution to making it work.

Queanay said, "Considering it came from Queen Titania, it is probably something so very simple, but just beyond our capabilities to realize."

I replied, "If it was too simple then Lasotherral would have been married to someone long ago. No, the fact that we are having difficulties should not be surprising. I also stand on the belief that it is good that the two are willing to pass the time in simple courtship."

"Yes, I guess." I got the impression that she did not desire an extended courtship. "Still, it is simply good to have people about the castle. It is good to see fire in the fireplaces and some of these parlors actually put to use. I know this time will pass, and I guess it is not good for me to wish for it to pass, but this matter is so frustrating as well."

Rabbit suggested, "Maybe if you had someone that would allow you to share in these steps with them."

"I definitely need to consider that. Mother is definitely planning for these events to speak in my favor in order to attract someone to come or come back."

I said, "I am sure that you have your own counselors, but if you need me I believe that I could come."

"If I summon you, you better."

"Or you will appear before me and just take me."

"To the torture chamber first, just to get you thinking properly."

We laughed. I found it pleasant to be able to share such humor with Queanay. It also brought me joy to see my wife so willing to relate to her. Still laughing about things, I took my wife to our room.

It was another wonderful day of being with Rabbit. She was still new to me. While we had been officially married for over a decade, and I had developing experiences with her all that time, actually having a life with her was something very recent in my life. Having her display so much pleasure in having time with me I felt to be a wonderful thing, and enjoyed the hours.

Supper was considered a formal meal. I thus accepted that I needed to be present. After a day of Chamorrick and Lasotherral being with one another, I also felt a need to become informed on things. I thus took the trouble to have myself appear as well as possible. While Rabbit helped me, Annie was called in to handle some mundane tasks of assuring I looked my best for supper.

She asked, "Why isn't Lady Rabbit going with you?"

My wife answered, "I cannot see her, and she sees me in a most special way. To keep our focus on the relationship with Chamorrick, it is best if I stay away."

"You cannot see her?"

"No. She is before our creation, so does not exist to me."

"Well, it sounds like to me that you just need faith."

Both Rabbit and I chorused, "What?"

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

I had to say, "I believe that I recognize the quote."

"It is from the Bible. It is in the book of Hebrews, which is in the New Testament, which I gave you."


Annie appeared puzzled for a moment, then simply said, "Well, it could be an answer. Even in this fairyland world, the hand of God is still active."

"I won't deny it."

Luckily, I was saved from having to say more by a knock on the front door. Rabbit helped me finish dressing as our slave went to see about our guest. It did not bother either of us to hear the voice of Chamorrick after the door was opened.

"Glad that you know I am expecting you to be present."

I cheerfully returned, "Well, I figured that if you had not gotten into trouble by now that you soon would be finding it."

Rabbit chirped a laugh, then greeted my half-brother. He spoke with her about hearing of the time dancing, and feeling that he wanted to spend time with Lasotherral in such a fashion. They both spoke of the problems between that happening with her, although then Rabbit mentioned what she had been recently told.

"Annie said that I just needed faith."


He turned to our slave, and she cheerfully quoted the verse again. He just looked at her, then at me, then at her again. After a moment of thought, he spoke to her.

"I might not have faith. I mean, there is a hope, but more of a trust that things go right. I really cannot say that I have faith that it will go right."

I had to allow, "It never hurts to try different things."

"No, no – faith. I will see if I can manage that. Annie, please bring the garment to me should a guard come and request it."

She curtsied while responding, "Of course, Prince Chamorrick."

He then turned to my wife. "Rabbit, if you feel a need to chance testing your faith, I guess it is all right."

She replied, "I believe that you and Lasotherral should be first allowed to resolve your problems before I intrude with mine." I saw her look to me, then say, "Of course, I would like to dance some more with my husband."

"If I am giving things a try, you should feel free to give things a try as well."

"Should I hear of the evening continuing with simple dancing, I might make an entrance."

"Splendid. Thank you for the idea, Annie. Come on, Kevin, we do have our requirements."

The meal progressed without any problems. In fact, I found things more relaxed as a calm feeling of things being familiar settled upon the occasion. The conversations were nice discussions of extrapolations of topics that were said earlier. I enjoyed hearing of what subjects the couple had spoken on in my absence, and it pleased me to hear them willing to open back up the conversations eager again to check on certain ideas or beliefs held by the other. I thus ate the food feeling that all would go well.

As the servants set out the final course, Chamorrick said, "Kevin, would you send for your slave to bring the cloak?"

As I signaled for a soldier to go to my room, King Naderron asked, "Determined to give it another try."

Lasotherral said, "I am willing, Chamorrick."

My half-brother replied, "I was told something, so feel like attempting it. I am sorry if I will stress you, sweet Lasotherral, but it might work."

"Of course. I am eager as well, and glad that you are not falling into a depression of things staying as they are."

That caused a number of statements by all about there being no problems with the present condition of the relationship. I found my advice restated in a number of ways of it doing the couple a lot of good to slowly follow certain procedures. While both Chamorrick and Lasotherral agreed with the pleasant manner they were able to socialize with each other, they also both made statements of desiring for certain barriers to finally be removed.

Annie brought the cloak herself. She presented it to Chamorrick with the words that Rabbit had told her to do so. He did not complain, but thanked her. Annie then came to me saying that she should have been present anyway to help me with my meal. I simply told her that she could be available to do what she felt necessary, then put my focus on what my half-brother would do with the cloak.

We moved into the ball room with Chamorrick seeming to get all worked up as he put on the cloak. Lasotherral took her place. She however showed some dismay at the way Chamorrick almost forced his moves.

When it failed, he commanded, "We do it again."

Lasotherral stepped back into place without any complaint. When the steps again failed, Chamorrick demanded that they do it again. Again she obeyed without any words against it. When the steps again produced no results, she however displayed distress at being again ordered to again return to her place.

And things come to a finish next time, although there is also an epilogue.