The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Nagging Problems

The next morning I felt that Lasotherral had listened to my advice and not Chamorrick. She was the one that had a pleasant attitude. My half-brother was not negative, but I gained the impression that he had been up late attempting to solve certain problems by himself. Considering the challenge he had set before him, I could not fault him, but as one providing what had been shown to be good advice I felt he should have had some comfort in my instructions.

There was a lot of support for Chamorrick to attempt to use the cloak. Even Lasotherral spoke in favor of the attempt. The Ice Queen assured the couple that she knew a good bit of dance and magic, even those worked by the Seelie, so could very possible unravel some clue that my wife might have missed.

After breakfast we all moved into the ball room to watch as Chamorrick went through the motions with Lasotherral. She acted very interested in the cloak, and had him perform his actions without her with him. The Ice Queen seemed encouraged by the request, and closed to also watch as Chamorrick went through the motions shown to him by my wife.

After having him duplicate the movements a few times, the Ice Queen said, "Queen Titania must have known that Lasotherral was air. It is supposed to do something with it, but in what manner I cannot say." She turned to me to ask, "Kevin, your wife did not mention what it was supposed to do?"

"No, Your Majesty," I answered. "Rabbit just said that it was missing something."

"That is the impression I am getting as well. Strange."

Lasotherral spoke in favor of trying anyway. Chamorrick appeared to brighten his countenance in seeing the lady take command. In that moment I felt that the two would indeed be a good couple. Chamorrick did not force her to follow his instructions. He simply told her what he would be doing, then listened as she worked out some steps in return. They called out to me to recall the movements of my wife, and I told them what I could with Lasotherral not arguing except to mention that she could not duplicate some of the maneuvers of Rabbit. The Ice Queen helped to assure a coordinated set of moves, then spoke in favor of them trying.

Nothing happened. None of us suspected it would, but there had been some hope. The couple tried a few more times, but even they had to admit that they saw nothing happening.

Lasotherral said after another uneventful repetition, "We can try all day."


Chamorrick said that with a slightly dejected tone. Watching him remove the cloak also have me suspect he was feeling that things were going bad. I however felt some hope seeing him quote what I told him.

"We have a lot still before us, dear Lasotherral. What might be our trouble is that we are rushing becoming husband and wife. Let us enjoy this time that we simply have together. You have lived for ages. I would bet that you can tell me a number of things. I have not lived for nearly so long, but there is still an abundance of stories that I could tell you. Let us take time to learn more of each other."

"That is a wonderful idea. What would be your suggestion in how we do that?"

"Well," I saw him smile at me before saying, "how about I show you around? I know that you have been shown enough to have some familiarity with the castle, but I have my own tour to show you. It involves some little seen places in this building."

The Ice Queen had to ask, "And where would that be, Prince Chamorrick?"

I grimaced as my half-brother boldly answered, "The torture chamber."

My impression from her features was that she was going to refuse, but Queanay spoke first. "I will provide escort for that tour. I would like to know some things about that escapade myself."

The Ice Queen however said, "I will not be forgiving should you re-enact the breaking of the window."

Chamorrick asked, "Are you going to come with us, Kevin?"

"Uh, no, I would rather not. Honestly, I did not find the torture chamber that interesting." I heard a number of chuckles to that statement. "I will trust Queanay to manage events. In the meantime, I will spend time with a lady of my own."

Everyone wished me well. Chamorrick brought me the cloak simply to have me to ask Rabbit to look it over some more. I did not know what my wife could do. She would not sit and ponder over it the way I would. She had her time with the cloak last night working with it in her manner. I however saw no reason to have Chamorrick stay burdened with the garment, so wished him well as I took it off his hands.

As I was walking out the room, I heard footsteps that did not sound as those of a lady. I turned actually expecting my father. It was however Berliat. I had no reason to avoid him, so stopped right outside the room to hear what he had to say.

"Prince Kevin, it is correct that a prospective couple should spend time together in socials and observed activities. However, Lasotherral has no family. This is not bad, as we are aware of her history, but it does present a matter concerning her legitimacy."

"Really? I mean –"

I really did not know what to say. I was certainly no expert in matters of the requirements of the nobles. Actually, I had been feeling that most of the things shown in movies and such to have been show, presentation for the masses, but in reality nobles were people too. They had to live their lives like everyone else. I however did allow that something of pomp and ceremony was expected for the initial, hopefully only, wife of the kingdom's heir. I however had no idea what to say on the matter.

I then saw Berliat's ears, and came with some words I felt would help the man. "Come on. You're fey. Can't you feel it? I know my wife speaks about it. There is something special going on between Chamorrick and Lasotherral. This is not even Castle Florinew. The people here will just be affected due to news passing between our neighboring kingdoms. Still, the castle is experiencing a joy in what is being done. Isn't that enough?"

"Uh, yes, for the moment. Such feelings however have a way of passing."

Okay, I accepted that he had a point. People here just like in our own world would move on to the next great event completely forgetting about a great event that was in stasis. People would lose the fire for war, great political movements would stall, and religious zeal would die down. In thinking about the situation, I however found myself denying the importance of what Berliat was suggesting.

"No, for the simple reason Chamorrick set his focus on this lady. He does not want a life like his father. The very fact that I am his brother and Gaolerra is our sister speaks of things Chamorrick wants to change. He wants a better life, a better reputation, and a better future for Florinew. The simple fact that he has set himself completely to finding a different answer, then taken the time to assure himself of that answer, will gain him support that will strengthen his devotion from the people."

I felt that I was getting on a roll, but Berliat interrupted me. "I do not think that Prince Chamorrick is truly assuring himself of that answer. He has found a very unique lady, yes, but he believes that it is enough to have found the answer."

Again I felt that he had a point, but again I found my logic presenting a counter to what Berliat was saying. "Then what is wrong with what is presently happening? As Chamorrick's advisor, I believe this time is good. As our father's advisor, you should also be appreciative that things are presently unable to advance. You can spend time watching Lasotherral and coming to your own decision."

"Uh, yes – well, King Naderron is presently chaperoning the couple."

"I just told you that Chamorrrick, and I do not want a life or future like that King Naderron has established. Now, I am not saying that our father could not perceive some detail that is important. What I am saying is that Chamorrick probably will not listen to it. Go, shadow King Naderron like you usually do. Listen to him, and assure yourself of the quality of his words like you usually do. Then, if there is need for King Naderron to provide instruction, and it is not being listened to, provide the means of restating the proposal to enable it to be suggested. Another option would be to come to me, get me to see what is being proposed, then have me present it to Chamorrick."

"Oh, yes, of course. Thank you, Prince Kevin."

I watched as the man rushed off feeling good. It was strange how my situation had little to do with astronomy. Fathall admitted that he seldom could apply his observations to predictions of the land, but I also knew that he was revered as someone who perceived reality. I felt that was all I was doing as well. In turning to go to my room, I however saw the Ice Queen float beside me.

"In the future, should you grow bored, conceive of some celestial matter that you feel I should be aware of. I would enjoy having you visit."

Not wanting to spend time with this lady, I decided upon a demeaning response. "I am but an advisor. I doubt that you could properly socialize with me."

"You are definitely of noble blood, Prince Kevin. You have also proven yourself under some most unique circumstances. It would not hurt my standing at all to welcome you with all honors, and treat you as a favored guest."

There was every reason not to further demean myself, although in considering her words I realized that I had another reason to keep up the association with this lady. "If not you, certainly Queanay. I represent the next court of Florinew. Queanay represent the next generation of this land, and she has worked to become a loyal friend. I would be in the wrong not to keep up the ties between our lands."

"Most assuredly. To allow our good relations to spoil like forgotten meat will bring horrors to both of our peoples. Do stay in touch, Prince Kevin."

"Most assuredly, and I will advise Chamorrick to do the same."

"Wonderful. Enjoy your time with your wife, and let her know that in the future I expect to see more of her as well."

After saying those words, she glided off. I had to smile thinking that no one back home would believe what just occurred. It would go beyond any claim of there actually being an Ice Queen, but that I had a friendly exchange with her. Wondering if my friends from the other world would believe the words, I headed off to my room.

One never knows when an answer will come, and sometimes even if what comes is an answer.