To Bless Those Deserving: Cp6

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Six

You got two kinds on adventures: those that like the travel and those that want to quickly reach their destinations. I actually enjoyed the travel. Destinations were no fun, as they wanted something from me. It was all business, and even if I wanted to play it did me no good. At destinations I would do my job, socialize to assure that my reputation was managed, then I would get the Hell away while everyone was smiling. It was during the travel that I could call my own shots and handle things without caring what people thought of me.

I could cook. Mother and all my aunts have worked to teach me. I actually took an interest in the lessons just so I could spend time talking to them. None of that meant that I did cook, but only that I could.

Part of my demands to Fergush was that I got to live a complete life. My service to him would not be limited to combat after combat. While he was He-Who-Fights, my Great-uncle Ferrigote, who also worships Fergush, had a wonderful home, wife, and even friends. I made the god promise that I would also have a complete life.

People would look at me strangely, but I accepted those meetings when I first saw my tresses. I had only been active a few years, but people were already beginning to recognize me. It all depended on what they heard about me as to how they would consider my arrival. If it was a destination, I just asked about what I needed to do. If it was a place along my travels, I would look at them wondering how the meeting would go.

This was a hunting camp. Wood had been used to make a couple of tables, but nothing but blankets to assure any privacy to those wanting some. With this being a hunting camp, the people had weapons, but I smiled seeing them only hold them as if unsure what to do with them.

One man stepped up more than others, and he simply whispered my name. I smiled as I took a large skin tightly wrapped around something from the back of my horse. I then had the animal take me close to a table. As I had some young men take the weighted skin from me, I looked to the man who seemed to be the leader to ask my question.

"What are you eating?"

It was actually an elderly lady looking into the skin I handed the lads who answered, "Raccoon."

"That is lesser dragon. I found it good to eat. Should be more than enough raw meat there to pay for three healthy servings of your raccoon."

The man asked, "You just want food?"

"Cooked food, yes. There is a lot of you, and that is a lot of meat. Three healthy servings should be a fair trade. I have a pot. If you could just fill it, fine. If you have bread, really wonderful."

The lady said, "We have bread."

The man strongly asked, "Why did you come here?"

I answered, "Because I am over there. Two worlds away, but I am good enough that I could make you out through the omniverse. You were close, and you were cooking food."

Another man than the one I had identified as the leader said, "Two worlds away?"

Not wanting to dwell on the topic, I considered if this world had dragons, or even lesser ones. One benefit of having a grandfather who understood basically everything was that you could have explained to you some really exotic topics. Since Grandfather Terish had made a reputation as a dragon slayer, and had a dragon who guarded his vast wealth, I once listened as he spoke about dragons and how their kind could actually be used to help place oneself in the omniverse. Before I could however think on the matter for any length of time, the man who had spoken made it known that he was not wanting me to go quiet.

"You came through two worlds just to get food? Why not cook what you had?"

That I could answer without really having to think. "I enjoyed killing it. Cooking does not bring me any pleasure."

The one I assumed was the leader asked, "Is the meat acceptable, Korinth?"

The elder lady answered, "I see nothing wrong with the meat, Abserg."

"Then fill the lady's pot." He took another step to where I was, then said, "Not that we would have sent you away empty. The hunt was good. It is not what we consider pleasurable, but only necessary. Our crops failed, so we turned to the Lord of the Hunt to fill our bellies. He provided, but it is still our nature to share. Jelnaya, since you brought meat, I assume that you also follow the Lord of the Hunt."

I replied, "My god is called He-Who-Fights, Fergush. Still, sounds like our gods would like each other."

"Korinth, give the lady bread as well. We might be limited, but it is our ways."

The people did not look like farmers, but I did not see them handling their weapons like experienced hunters, much less like trained warriors. While bows were scattered about, they were not set where they could be quickly reached. No one wore any blade larger than a dagger on their person. Instead of people sharpening or practicing with their weapons, they were checking their clothes, fixing nets, or working on traps. I thus accepted that the people were still new to the ways of the Lord of the Hunt.

As I waited for my pot to be filled, the man other than the leader who had spoken advanced while I believe mumbling to himself. I saw others look at him strangely. As they began to check the placement of their weapons, I looked to assure that Petty still bristled with my arms. Finally, I guess we all knew that we had trouble when the man stopped his advance to declare something unexpected.

"Two worlds away? Damn, that's – WHY DID YOU COME HERE TO GET COOKED FOOD? There should have – oh, no. This ain't right."

I did not ask where his weapon came from. My Grandfather Terish kept his major weapon in an interdimensional sheathe. Many who thought him unarmed died finding himself with a most amazing sword. I was not yet that good, but just assumed that this man had learned a lesson that I had yet to figure out for myself. He pulled out a slightly large ornate battle-ax. I chose my sword for my weapon, and stepped away from Petty hoping this man would learn the lesson of not picking a fight with me.

The man was good, but he made too much of a show in directing special eagles upon me. I learned he was not truly human as I inflicted pain upon his body while using it as a shield from the diving birds. He turned as if angry, then began a series of rather strong attacks with his ax. I smiled in realizing that I could focus on the man, as the eagles were getting no instructions from him. When he started to again make a show of directing his aerial minions, I rushed to Petty and switched out my sword for the drahaberd.

My sword was a wonderful weapon. My Grandfather Terish used a longer than normal blade for his weapon, and I found it to be good choice of a sword for me. I was a female, so without the body mass and size of a man. The length of my blade helped give me some equality, if not an advantage. The drahaberd however had been made to fight a divine monster that could heal itself. In a single fight it actually had some disadvantages, but against multiple opponents, or a really large opponent, it was a wonderful weapon to use.

This time I did not simply hurt my opponent, but dropped two eagles as well. The drahaberd had a set of lengthy axe blades that curved around the ends of the shaft. Instead of having to reposition a weapon for the next attack, one simply attacked with the other end. I could thrust at my opponent, then pull up to strike at an eagle, only to then descend back on my primary opponent.

The man had been easily identified as something abnormal. Hearing the locals speak of not recognizing him did not surprise me. Considering that it was their way to share, they probably had not concerned themselves with an extra presence in their number. While I had hurt him with my sword, and the eagles had flown into him in trying to get to me, I noticed that his wounds healed rather quickly. Now that I was using the drahaberd, I smiled being able to tell that the divine blade truly hurt him. While he stopped a movement to have another eagle come upon me, I saw the unusual man look to a trickle of some dark-green substance on his person and not the dead birds.

"My oh my," he said, "and you're a virgin too."

Seeing him disappear, suddenly everyone acted as if they finally got up the courage to act, although they all stopped as a strange bluish mist filled the area before a voice said, "Jelnaya, go in peace."

I looked to the ladies as I replied, "Yes, thank you. Sorry about bringing trouble."

"Actually, I believe it was already here. It worried me, and I worry no longer. Take the food, Jelnaya. As you heard the people say, it is their way. Some however are not being given graciousness, but are being honored. It was good having you here, Jelnaya."

I found my pot not just almost filled to capacity, but a good amount of bread provided as well. They did assure that they had heard my name properly. I told them that I really did not know what happened, but that I was glad to have done what I did. I found the people wanting to do more than simply provide some food, but I assured them that I needed nothing else before having Petty start taking me back to camp.

After crossing to the world between that one and the one where I had left Doris and Steve, I said, "Fergush anything you have to provide as guidance?"

"Anything I say, Jelnaya, would be an insult to you. Take your honor. I heard you speak of me, and that is all I require."

He did not appear to me. A deity usually had to abide by certain rules when in the universe of others, and at times might not be allowed to watch over their worshippers. Just hearing his voice was enough for me, as Fergush was not one who tended to make appearances.

Wondering if my deity would give me any hint of the situation at the camp, I said, "Great-uncle Ferrigote had Grandfather Terish. I really do not have anyone to help me understand the fights I get into."

"Terish is there for you, should you need him. You have the strength of family, Jelnaya, which neither Ferrigote nor Terish had in their time. You cannot see yourself as following their path. I cannot see you as following their path. When you all finally meet at my great table, be assured that those listening to your tales will not hear the same ones repeated."

"Okay, Fergush. I will take my honor. I will also see this tale through. Helping Doris however does not seem like a story I will enjoy telling. I mean, I am having to work with a lawyer."

My god simply laughed. I did not consider my words that funny, but I probably did smile as I told Petty to go back to moving. If my god felt like laughing, my assumption was that the situation I was in was really not that bad.

And you get the other side of this excursion from Doris.