The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Dancing with Rabbit

I had warned Rabbit that she might have to work with Chamorrick late. As he left to escort Lasotherral, I went to my room to get my wife. I wondered if I would have to awaken her, but felt certain I would not have to. As a fey she handled the transitions well. She and those of her dance troop did not have a consistent day. One would have something with their family. One would not like her hair. Rabbit would need to do something for me, and never did they get upset. It did not bother them who the minstrel was that would sing or play an instrument, or if they would have no background music. I thus did not worry about Rabbit, but actually went to get her wondering exactly what she felt she needed to work on with Chamorrick.

It was Annie that came to the door, although I had not knocked. There was really no need for her to come, and I surely had an odd expression due to having entered cautiously not to disturb her. When I told that to her, she however laughed as she had me come on into the room.

"I was just reading my Bible. Rabbit said that you would be around late to get her. The 'getting her' part is a little different, but actually this is about the time I would be coming in from the kitchen after helping to clean things up. You did not disturb me."

Annie had become a lot more clear-headed than when she first arrived. I no longer felt like she was my slave. She did perform in that capacity, but otherwise would talk about things in this society and act like the Annie I had known.

I had to ask, "No one is loading you down with work?"

"No, but I am given little tasks as I go around seeing how this castle operates. Much more fey in this castle, and a lot of magic. I can slightly feel that I am in some backward territory in Florinew, but this is no place like home. Of course, it helps that everyone considers Prince Chamorrick, with your advice, is accomplishing things with Lasotherral. Oh, is she a princess?"

That was a question that I had not asked, although the context of dealing with Lasotherral made me certain of the answer. "No. She is long before there were any social structures. Her honor is in fact purely from her history, and not from any noble or special blood."

"But there is something."

"She is before God started speaking and creating everything in seven days. She was created slightly past the 'In the beginning,' part, but before the 'God said let there be light' part. In fact, I heard the pure elves speak of remembering first seeing light."

"That must have been amazing."

I did not have to be a Christian to agree with her words. "Actually, I wish it was. I mean, I am hearing all that they are saying, but with fey you have to understand that they are not going to answer any of your questions. They will not know about Adam, or the serpent, or even Lilith. While they were alive at the time, they were not involved in that. It would be like living in Alaska when the meteorite struck Arizona. A great event that left this huge crater, but you would probably not even know about it."

"Still, they are verifying things of the Bible."

I had dealt enough with the pure elves to know that they would provide little, if any, solid evidence. "Well, yes, I guess, but again they cannot offer any details. Honestly, the way they think, it could have been billions of years in the past or just a few thousand. You do not hear dates or associations like being afraid of dinosaurs, or the first flowering plants, or the first snake. Really, Annie, if you went to them hoping to gain first-hand evidence of the Bible's version of creation and an evolutionist went to them hoping to gain proof of their theories, I believe both of you would come away with evidence and frustration."

"Surely some clue would be revealed."

"Lasotherral is becoming more and more friendly and relaxed. She speaks of being angry for a long time – again no real correlation as to how long. Anyway, if I hear anything one way or another, I will let you know."

Suddenly, Rabbit was rubbing my back. I knew that she did not disappear and appear. She moved. I would watch her, but I had been speaking to Annie. I thus did not find it surprising that Rabbit had been able to get behind me without me noticing.

She said, "You can talk with Annie later, but we need to get to Chamorrick."

Annie said, "Of course. Go on. I am going to finish this chapter then head on to bed. I have already written my notes."

We wished her a good night, then left to head to the ball room. We were actually stopped by a guard, then understood why hearing Chamorrick call to us. He came up to us admitting that he was late, but had actually paused to speak some more with Lasotherral. Both Rabbit and I considered that a good thing, so cheerfully welcomed him to walk with us to the ball room.

He had stopped by his room to gain the cloak. Rabbit had to agree that it looked like the one Chamorrick had tried to get me to wear. She however did circles in the hallway while holding it up as she discussed it.

"This has a magic on it much different than the one you presented to my husband."

Chamorrick replied, "I do not doubt that at all. Queen Titania surely had a reason to give it to me. I have worn it, but I must confess did not feel it affect me in any manner."

"Did you have my husband wear it?"

"No. Do you think I should have?"

"No. That would have been a bad thing." She moved close to me, and looked me in the eyes as she said, "It would not have hurt you, but it is not for you."

More than willing to talk to my wife, I replied, "I don't see you putting it on either."

"No, as it is not for me."

We were approaching the ball room, and I saw Rabbit move on in. It did not surprise me at all to see her flowing about the large room as if dancing with the cloak. Chamorrick came beside me and we watched her put the garment through various movements commenting about what we felt we were not seeing. Rabbit however seemed to be realizing something, as she settled into a series of movements before walking to us.

"It is not for Chamorrick either."

He blurted out, "What? You mean I am not supposed to wear it?"

"No, you wear it, but it will not affect you."

"Well, that actually makes sense – I guess."

"If Queen Titania told you to wear it, you wear it. I will tell you how to use it."

He took it from her while asking, "Are you Seelie? Queen Bessinadar was warning me to be careful about what Queen Titania told me."

"I am of your father’s court, so I am Seelie. I would hope you do not plan on changing that when you come into power. Still, this is your mission, and with the pure fey she could not be certain. She told you that you would know what to do?" He nodded. "She could trust that you would be shown. What she could not tell you, and did not tell you, was that you would know why, when, or how to do it."

"You cannot tell me that?"

"No. I can show you what to do, but you, my husband, Lasotherral, and maybe even the pure fey with her might have to provide further information."

"Well, show me. Can I wear it while you show me?"

I felt that she was going to tell him not to, but it did not surprise me to get the impression she changed her mind. "Go ahead. Maybe if you see how it behaves, you will understand what I am telling you."

I watched as my wife instructed Chamorrick in how to move in the cloak. I actually felt impressed with myself when I saw what she was attempting to show him. A certain set of movement would have all the filigree seem to rise up together. What exactly the cloak was to do at that time I could not tell, but watched the two hoping that they would figure things out.

I felt that I saw defeat on the face of my half-brother when he called out to me, "Are you noticing anything, Kevin?"

"Only that I would rather be out there with Rabbit instead of you."

"Really? Nothing?"

"Concerning what you are doing, I am not even going to start holding myself up as an authority. Give my wife her respect."

Chamorrick did bow to my wife. Seeing her curtsey in return did bring a smile to his face. As he removed the cloak, Chamorrick however put his attention back on me.

"I know you and her talk, so if you come up with something please let me know."

I replied, "You should not even have to ask that. Of course we will."

It was good to hear my Rabbit also say so, but Chamorrick did not seemed relieved. "Well today was actually very good. Another day of speaking to Lasotherral will not be bad."

I said, "No, it shouldn't be, especially considering you are attempting to condemn the lady to speaking with you for the rest of your life."

Rabbit chuckled at those words, and seeing my half-brother look to her she commanded, "But try the cloak. Maybe it will work with her, but I think something is still missing. Still, try."

Chamorrick promised that he would. I assured my wife that I would do what I could to arrange the opportunity for the attempt. We then walked Chamorrick back to his room.

As he opened the door, he said, "I really hope tomorrow goes well."

I replied, "Cham, listen to me. You are wanting to have Lasotherral with you for the rest of your life. So it takes another day, week, however. Stay positive. Enjoy your time with her. There is a lot you can share even at this stage in your relationship."

"Yes, but when you are doing something wild and foolish, it helps when things go right. It is only after you can crow with success is it worthwhile to speak to others. Right now I am still wild and foolish."

Rabbit declared, "No. I can sense the castle. They know that you are moving in the right manner. They can sense that things are working right for you. Listen to my husband and your half-brother. You are not wild and foolish anymore. You have a very interesting lady that can be everything you say she is. Work at keeping her, even if you have trouble claiming her as your wife."

Hoping to convince him, I said, "Remember what Queanay said about the advice her mother gave her, 'don't argue with a successful man.' In this case it means that you do not argue with yourself, Cham, or me for that matter. Persist, and do so with a smile on your face."

More advice will be needed, but the relation does develop.