To Bless Those Deserving: Cp5

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Five

Our world did have magic. I had considered taking up an aspect of it as my vocation. The act had gotten me into the trouble I was in, but I still accepted things about the greater perspective of life. Finding myself on another world did not bother me, although signs that this world also had magic did give me some concern.

I guess I was not the only one worried about magic, as Mr. Eckles asked, "Jelnaya, are we heading into stronger magical physics?"

Seeing what appeared to be a swarm of fairies pass among us, had me wondering about our safety when Jelnaya answered, "Yes."

As if he dealt with such exotic creatures regularly, Mr. Eckles stayed on topic. "Let me know if we should take on a more local consultant. Some magical realms get a little odd in what behaviors are acceptable."

"I thought that was the reason for me going with you."

"All right, Jelnaya, you know your father. We play this straight. If we have to retaliate, we do, but let us release our fury with a clear conscience."

The words almost surprised me, as they were calmly spoken. Mr. Eckles rode along as if he was in the comfort of a car. His words also were spoken as if he had no concern for other sounds or the weight of the meaning of his statements.

Jelnaya's response was also calmly voiced. "I am sorry, Steve, but this Ubremander made his move, and we cannot allow him to play us. Being nice and diplomatic will only be allowed to go so far."

"All right, Jelnaya, can I at least trust you not to be hot-headed?"

"With hair like I got?"

They both giggled at that statement. I found myself feeling some of my parents' concern for those associated with Kallotech. I was with two people who could easily discuss death and destruction, and even had a history of seeing both enacted. Hoping to get them on a more manageable topic, I felt a need to speak. It pleased me that they stopped giggling as I made my statement.

"I wished that I could remember what happened after working the spell."

Mr. Eckles replied, "You are not pregnant, Doris. There is a gate seed in your womb. It is a horrid incursion into your privacy. Malevolent forces will use them to get one of their infernal creatures born into another world. It will enable them to get an agent for their own purposes into a universe, world, or society. If Jelnaya gets lost, she can actually follow the interdimensional connection within you to help her find Ubremander."

Jelnaya said, "It is not that easy, as the omniverse is a complicated place. Learning its complexity can drive you insane. Luckily, I have a grandfather who went insane from such study and returned from his mind being overwhelmed. If I get lost, I will call upon him. Of course, get me and Grandfather Terish together and the potential for carnage greatly multiplies."

"Yes. I will step back if Terish gets involved. That guy will put my knowledge of things to shame."

Wondering, I asked, "Well, how did you get the instructions to go where we are going?"

"From your spell. The magic had to be able to reach Ubremander." I then saw a hand leave the reins of his horse to wave around his face as he said, "Damn fairies."

"No," Jelnaya said sternly. "They are trying to warn you, Steve."

She slipped off her horse and was releasing a large double-bladed ax from the side of her horse even as Mr. Eckles said, "What?" before releasing a very loud and drawn up curse word.

As Jelnaya advanced, she sent the blade of the ax into the ground while bluish energy shot out from the mouth of what I at first thought to be a dragon. As it came out from a large hole in the ground I could tell that it was more snake-like. The head was on a long neck supported by two great legs. After the electrical display, which the ax absorbed, Jelnaya pulled the weapon from ground before rushing to a leg and sending a blade of the ax upon the belly of the monster. Seeing the head having trouble to attack her through its own body told me that she was not being foolish in her manner of attack. I however saw Mr. Eckles draw out a rather strange large handgun, then he sent out a blast of energy toward something to our right.

My head jerked around to see one man suddenly have his upper torso jump back causing his feet to shoot up. The body then collapsed supine on the ground. With a calm command of his situation, Mr. Eckles aimed and fired at a second man. He also dropped. I looked around for more men as I heard Mr. Eckles make a sales pitch.

"Three thousand two hundred ninety-five dollars, assuming you are a licensed gun owner. A pack of forty-eight rounds will usually run you about a hundred dollars."

I said, "My parents are cops, so I have received certain training. I still do not like guns."

"We of Kallotech are honored that the people that live around us can think like that. There are many in other areas who feel that our weapons are necessary for their daily survival."

I did not respond. I just watched as he relaxed to watch as Jelnaya battled the monster. Her hair blazed the red and yellow colors. Seeing the strands flash around her I could believe her earlier statements of finding it difficult to keep the tresses in a particular fashion. If the monster tried to bite her, it would be struck in the mouth. If it sought to move its body in a manner to make a more physical attack, she would use its own momentum to power the edge of her weapon into it. Mr. Eckles did nothing to act as if he was going to respond should she get into trouble, but simply watched the combat.

With the death of the monster, the strands of Jelnaya's head settled along her shoulders and back with Mr. Eckles saying, "I can see why Fergush is proud of you, Jelnaya."

With barely any indication of her being tired, the lady replied, "Yes, well, who did you shoot at?"

"Don't know, but they were coming to attack. If you think I was going to complicate your combat, you obviously do not believe that I have learned certain lessons. With your fight over, I guess we can both assess our actions."

She walked to one of the fallen men while saying, "We should see if we can eat what I killed. We bury anything resembling humans."

Mr. Eckles dismounted to join the lady. I also dropped from my horse, then collapsed to the ground in pain. The stress on my legs to keep me in the saddle had not troubled me, but off the animal I felt complaints from my lower appendages. Steve and Jelnaya called to me, but accepting my reply that I just had no experience at riding the two turned back to each other in a discussion of the dead.

Strangely, the head of my horse dropping as if to check on me brought me comfort. I petted the animal while breathing hard to deal with the pain. I was not hurt, so the feelings were not terrible. I did go through periods where I exercised heavily, so knew the sensations. As I rubbed the head of the horse to comfort it and me, I found myself distracted by the conversation of my companions.

Jelnaya said, "I'm telling you, Steve, that this is the symbol of Ubremander on the outside, but there are other medals on the inside. I am not only going to tell you that they planned this attack, but they meant to get us mad at Ubremander. That monster is supposed to have front legs. It's a lesser dragon. I can see the scars from where the creature was disfigured. While the threat was real, this was a show."

Mr. Eckles did walk toward the carcass of the monster in order to ascertain a fact before asking, "So, they knew we were coming?"

"They certainly expected us, somebody, to be coming."

"Okay, so did they expect us to win this fight?"

There was a pause before Jelnaya said, "Yes. At least, they handicapped their pet to assure it would not be completely dangerous. It was a distraction."

"Hold it, Jelnaya. That would mean that they expected us to bring Doris. The men were probably acting under instructions to abduct her while those capable of protecting her fought the monster."

"It does raise that possibility. Look at it from my end however, this is only day one."

"Right now I cannot say if I am going to be ready to watch you proclaim Fergush all over the world of Ubermander."

Jelnaya laughed, then said, "Something is up. To have a pet like this and men in position would mean that he already had some plan at the time he was summoned by Doris. What we need to determine is what and why."

"You give me that, Jelnaya. Don't go into attack mode this early in the journey. Really, I know what your grandfather, and even you, do for a living. Kallotech does try to hold itself to some responsible standard, and your father has worked harder than the Kallespries to maintain that."

"Have you heard father's story, Steve?"

For me that seemed like a change of topic, but Mr. Eckles calmly answered the question. "Yes, Jelnaya, I have – on more than one occasion."

"Then, as his daughter, accept that I have heard it as well. I have also had the benefit of facing the people and entities that father faced. That said, I did turn my soul over to Fergush. Thus, you better know that I will take the battle to whoever, but I will first assure that I can continue to face my father."

"Let me say that he does things to assure that he can face you children. You thus owe him, Jelnaya. As his lawyer, let me assure you of that."

I used the saddle to help me regain my feet before asking, "Should we head back?"

Both replied, "No," with Mr. Eckles saying more. "Going back will just have Mr. Dozzrine load up mercenaries to travel with us. As you have learned, I am armed and Jelnaya is everything her hair claims her to be. We are thus safe enough. Should things escalate, I would feel better being far removed from our world."

Jelnaya laughed. Mr. Eckles did not show any pleasure in his words however. Having heard numerous lectures from my parents about the carnage Kallotech made possible, I found myself not laughing either.

Jelnaya started cutting the carcass of the monster while saying, "Listen, father and mother have taken us children on this trip numerous times. It thus should be a safe trip at least until Logramming Isle. There is a nice protected glade where we can camp tonight. All we have to do is watch for intruders, but out in the omniverse keeping watch should be the rule. I assume that I can count on your help, Steve."

Upon hearing his first name, Mr. Eckles reacted by moving over to help the lady with her work. They did not trouble me, but told me to walk off the pains of my body. Mr. Eckles even had some pills to help with the torment, and with the medication I found myself allowing the time to pass.

An interesting diversion with Jelnaya is next.