The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Advancement of Agendas

The meeting with Lasotherral lasted for a long time. I cannot say that she was the most intelligent or witty conversationalist, but I did feel good simply being in her presence. It did help that I saw some attraction in her. I would not say that she was as lovely as Rabbit, but there was a beauty in her appearance that did please me. A strange aura could be felt around her, but I could allow that Chamorrick found it enticing. Just to support him, I stayed a part of the conversation with the lady, and I felt my time was productively spent.

We all broke up with the allowance that we needed to refresh ourselves before supper. I had no idea what a lady like her would do. Considering she existed before rivers and the normal flows of water, I found myself wondering if she even bathed. I still broke from Chamorrick to head to my own room and refresh myself.

Rabbit pulled me in almost as soon as I opened the door. She basically jumped on me to show me affection. I did not stop her, but once I gained a moment I simply adjusted her form so I could carry her into the bedroom. Rabbit then moved to pull me to the bed, and allowing that I was going to refresh myself anyway I did what I could to fully show affection to my wife.

Finally able to do the things I had planned to do, I heard Rabbit say, "The whole castle radiated joy, and I could sense that you were partially responsible."

"Well, what happened was just one more step in the process. It was a major step, but there is more to do."

I thought to work in my half-brother's jest of executing me for doing what I did, but focused my thoughts in another way when my wife had a serious tone come to her voice. "Of course, tell Chamorrick to come to me for his dance lesson."

"You can tell him yourself."

"No, as I will not go with you to supper."

Not wanting to ostracize my wife, I said, "She could see you, Rabbit. She said that you glowed brilliantly, and that I should be pleased to have you. Of course, I am."

"Knowing what she is not will not help her become who she should be. For that she will need a clear sight of Chamorrick. I will thus stay away."

I thought over a words for a moment, then said, "I will tell Chamorrick that, but I will probably just provide a simple excuse to others."

"The others should accept that."

"If not, they should not make an issue of it. If they want to show concern about you, I will downplay your absence. If they ask in private, I will tell them the truth."

Annie came to the door to tell us that my bath water was ready. Rabbit told me that she would bathe me. I felt more than able to do it myself, but I also considered the presence of my wife a wonderful thing. I thus told Annie my thanks, but informed my wife in another fashion.

When Chamorrick showed up with Lasotherral, I saw that she was in an outfit I had not yet seen. This one was more yellow, although there was a gray presence in the material. Up close the garment appeared to be a combination of daisy petals and spider webs. While both seemed to be delicate substances, the fabric did a wonderful job of displaying her figure. Her eyes were again blue, which helped her hair blend in with her complete appearance. One thing I enjoyed about Rabbit was her physical presence, so I found myself wondering what Chamorrick would truly possess in his private time with Lasotherral.

No one asked about Rabbit. I had to assume that the Ice Queen knew, as she did inform me that a full tray had been prepared for my servant to bring to my room. What my father knew, I could not say. I did however whisper Rabbit's message to my half-brother.

"You are told not to forget your dancing lesson."

He whispered back, "I will extend the night as much as possible."

"I'm an astrologer, so used to late nights. My wife better be able to handle an occasional one as well."

I guess that Chamorrick was searching for things to speak on, as he raised his voice to be heard across the table, "Were there stars back in your early days, sweet Lasotherral?"

The lady politely replied, "No. There was really no light at all. Those I am with speak of first seeing light. They actually felt that the stars were remnants of the brilliance that erupted, and not truly separate light sources at all."

"Well, should you get curious about what you see up in the sky, you can ask Kevin about it. That is where he goes to find wisdom."

Some chuckled at that, but the words from Lasotherral were sweet. "I have enjoyed the company of Kevin. If I need to speak of stars to have a conversation with him, I will. However, I have found myself believing that he is knowledgeable on a number of topics."

I said, "Not really, but Chamorrick has a level of education behind him as well. He is just much more prone to head off into areas where there is little knowledge. I however try to find more evidence for how to take my steps."

He tried to support his ego by bragging, "I would not have found this wonderful lady otherwise."

"You would have stumbled and fallen had I not the secure footing and strength to pull you back on the path."

Beriat said from a place behind King Naderron, "I believe both lads are exaggerating their accomplishments."

Again, Lasotherral spoke in a sweet manner. "I do not think so at all. They have definitely overcome a number of hurdles. Chamorrick deserves his honor for making the jumps, and Kevin his for assuring that his half-brother did not get caught up in the obstacles."

Chamorrick replied, "I appreciate what you said about me, dearest Lasotherral. Keep talking in such a manner about Kevin, and I might again set him up to be executed."

We all laughed. The conversation stayed in such a whimsical fashion during the meal and the social beyond. As I felt was normal for a situation where a prospective couple were learning about each other, King Naderron and even Queen Bessinadar told stories of Chamorrick's younger days. Of course, those stories provided openings for Lasotherral to mention things of herself. What she said however only brought out more of the dismal history of the world before its grand creation. The laughter did not really return until I again heard the story of how I became betrothed to Rabbit.

Lasotherral had to ask, "Kevin, you knew nothing of this?"

I informed her that I did not. To back up my answer, I told her of my first memory of meeting Rabbit. Lasotherral had me tell a few more stories, then spoke of a contrast in her life and mine that I had not considered.

"So while I have lived, existed really, for all these millennia without a spouse, you basically had one from the beginning of your life."

"Well, having a wife is not that wonderful thing for a boy. I mean, having a lady look after you does not help your developing masculine ego. Of course, the opposite happened as the rest of my body also began to develop its masculinity."

After some more laughter, Lasotherral said, "Well, I would rather have your past than mine. Still, having such contrast in my life does help give me some perspective that I feel is useful."

I replied, "I plan on staying present in your court and providing as much counsel as I can."

"There is more to be done before that happens."

I believe Chamorrick wanted to speak, but I said my words with more strength. "Yes and no, wonderful Lasotherral. Yes there is, but I do not want you to belittle the steps that have been taken so far. Once the impossible has been achieved, I then do not want you speaking poorly of Chamorrick, me, or your life in general."

The Ice Queen said, "Let me agree with Prince Kevin. You are here chatting away with us, while last night and this morning we ate without your presence. There are hurdles being jumped even now, and the lads deserve their honor. From now and ever into the future, whether things break down or not, they deserve their place in your heart."

Lasotherral displayed a serious expression as she asked, "Why would... they... not." Shocked crossed her countenance, then she said, "Yes, of course, as I am nowhere I have ever been before."

Chamorrick blurted out, "Don't leave!"

"Why would I leave?"

"Because that is what you did before."

"Oh, well, before I did not trust you enough. I could not bare my heart in your presence. Now I have promised to possibly ever be with you, so I must learn to show my feelings toward you. Queen Bessinadar is also correct, you have earned your place so far. Even should you fail – I fail, you have earned my friendship. I might need to rush off again, but it will be for other reasons than the times before."

Possibly to help Lasotherral from being embarrassed, the Ice Queen said, "Of course, as a lady needs her privacy at times."

Chamorrick felt a need to however push a concession. "Should you need to leave, honored Lasotherral, call for my escort. Do not simply rush through the corridors. Allow my time with you to end in a proper fashion."

"No," she replied. "My promise to you is to not have my time with you end. If I rush away, there is the hope, desire, longing that I will come out of my anxiety and return to you. If I am forced to tell you good bye, that is something horrible."

"Not good bye – that is horrible! Good night, see you later, give me time, there are many other phrases that you could say."

Lasotherral turned to Queanay to say, "There is always such warmth in Chamorrick. I now know why you were so willing to travel with him."

The princess replied, "Oh, he can be quite sour at times, but even then there is a depth to him. I was fighting for him, but I have accepted that you are his choice. Enjoy him whether you find him warm, cold, sweet, or sour."

"I definitely hope to do so."

And Chamorrick does spend time dancing with Rabbit.