To Bless Those Deserving: Cp4

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Four

As the men left, a bag was handed to Jelnaya by a nurse. I could tell that they were my belongings. Jelnaya brought them to me, and as she handed the bag to me she asked a question.

"Have you ever ridden a horse?"


"Well, my earliest memories are of riding a horse, so I really cannot give you advice. I mean, I can tell you what to do, but actually relating to you as you learn I might not do so well."

Having her close, I looked at her. She did have on some makeup, but I felt just enough to temper the appearance of her bright hair by bringing out the blue of her dark eyes. I also noticed no roots to her hair. My blond hair looked dark near my skull, but I had to speak seeing bright colors all the way to the surface of her head.

"How much did that hair treatment cost?"

She looked to the door as if assuring that we were alone before answering, "My soul. Fergush is a nice enough deity, but our relationship is not in the usual manner of a god and a worshipper. I make him proud of me, and he wants others to know that he is proud of me. Being on the good side of a deity is not as wonderful as most priests will have you believe."

Seeing all the weapons on her person, I had to ask, "Are you planning on killing Ubremander?"

"Yes. My father, and I am certain Steve as well, is hoping that it will not come to that. They are hoping that just my presence will have this Ubremander come to his senses and work a deal. Fergush is a warrior god, so I will take up the fight against Ubremander." I saw her smile as she added, "And I will win."

She indicated for me to get dressed. I saw her move a curtain to provide some privacy for me, and suspected that Jelnaya had no desire for a female body. I had been approached by lesbians, but really found no love with them. Wondering about Jelnaya, I asked her about her father, Mr. Eckles, and others. She did answer, but in a very basic manner that had me believe that she was not interested in developing a relationship with me at all. Wondering about her, I asked a more direct question as I came from the curtains after getting dressed.

"Do you have any lovers?"

"With this hair and my reputation? No. My Uncle Althery, my father's younger brother, says that I have a cold, cold heart. I however made Fergush promise that one day there would be a man to warm it."

Attempting to break the ice, I said, "Can't wait forever."

"I can. I'm immortal. One of the reasons I gave Fergush my soul. In case you do not know, I'm the oldest child in the family. Don't look it, but I am."

I had to admit that I had not considered her that old at all, so said, "No, I don't know much about your family. I know that you did not attend the local schools."

"No. My family has their own method of educating us. I think it is wrong. It either has us come out all prim and proper, or rough and rebellious. I sort of worked between the two, but it ruffled feathers."

Really wanting to leave the hospital, I asked, "What do I do now?"

She told me to follow her. I noticed that the security guards, especially those having a Kallotech patch on their uniforms, came to attention upon seeing Jelnaya. Coming out of an elevator and seeing as well as hearing the straightening of postures, I had to ask a question as I followed Jelnaya.

"Are they scared of you?"

"I told you that I had a reputation problem." As if sensing that the words were not enough of an answer she added, "As I learned about things, I would go visit my father. Some guards thought that they would stop me, as my father would sometimes be with important people. They learned better than to do that. I cannot say that I fought any of these guys, but they are obviously aware of my reputation."

My own background had me ask, "Even the police?"

"Oh, they are just on alert because I am armed. I need to learn Grandfather Terish's trick of hiding weapons in interdimensional pockets. Still, I like knowing that it is not just my hair telling people that I am dangerous."

We approached a large truck. A man said the lady's name. It was not 'Miss Jelnaya,' 'Miss Dozzrine,' or any other usual reference to a lady, but just her name. Without any response, she got into the back seat of the vehicle indicating for me to also get in. I approached the truck with the feeling that I could sit on the front seat if I desired, but I joined Jelnaya on the back seat.

She then sent an arm in front of me, pointed at a man wearing a Kallotech security uniform, then when he responded by approaching she gave me instructions. "Give this man your car keys. It will be brought to my father's estate – safely, or you will get a new car and he will be out of a job."

Jelnaya did not threaten the man. Simply had me tell him what type of car I had, and where I had parked it. She then told him to bring it to the Dozzrine estate. I noticed that the man simply nodded, then told her, again only using her name, that he would.

I gained a sense of Jelnaya's age upon coming to the Dozzrine's house. She had a sister there, a younger sister introduced with the name Loranda, that was about my age. Since I was old enough to have graduated from high school, I realized that Jelnaya would be old enough to have finished college, although she appeared the youngest of our group.

The undergarments handed to me were very soft, but the outer clothes were of a thick material. I could not say that the outer wear would be rough on my skin, but both ladies mentioned that I might need protection from the weather, the terrain, and simply the ride on the back of an animal. As I tried the garments on, I heard Jelnaya's sister ask a question.

"Where are you two going?"

"Don't know. I am hoping that dad's lawyer, when he arrives, has some specifics. Nobody knows this guy however, so I reckon it will be somewhere no one has been before."

"Dad's lawyer?"

The speech of the sister indicated no fear of Jelnaya. There was a familiarity in the way the words were said stating that they were both very used to each other. I suspected that there would be a sign of the younger being mistreated, but no references to such a past between them was said. The speech of Jelnaya said that she recognized a sense of equal status, although I did gain an indication that what she knew the other might not.

"Steve Eckles."

There was pause of about a second before Loranda said, "Oh. Yes, I know him. To have him with you it must be something special."

"Everyone is hoping it's not, but I could tell by dad's voice when he summoned me that he is expecting trouble. I felt like those times when Grandfather Terish got called in – everyone knew that the matter was going to be settled one way or another."

"You're not that good, Jelnaya."

"No, but I have done enough to have people start thinking that way. Of course, the hair helps."

Loranda laughed, then said, "I would think it impossible to clean."

"No. Actually it almost keeps itself clean. The problem is in styling it. No matter what I do, the locks get out and start settling along my shoulders and down my back."

I heard them go quiet, but I understood when the sound of a car could be heard. It pulled up close to where the two sisters were talking. Neither however spoke of there being a problem before I heard a car door open.

Mr. Eckles asked, "Do you know where the Logramming Isle is at, Jelnaya?"

It was Loranda that replied, "My dad and Uncle Althery will go there to fish. They claim that there are some really big fish in Lake Hirenchy, but I have never seen one bigger than a few pounds."

Jelnaya admitted, "Loranda just told you that I do know where it is."

Mr. Eckles said, "Well, I was told for you to go there, stand on the north-east projection, then do this."

I was still putting on the garments, so did not see what he did. I however felt that even if I saw the action it would not have meant anything to me. Jelnaya's response seemed to indicate that as well. I thus set myself to putting on the garments while the others discussed particulars.

Jelnaya said, "This is not my adventure, Steve. If I have to do things to determine our direction, I can charge the company."

"You can take that up with your father, and I know the two of you do get along. Still, I am the one actually drawing a paycheck, so wasting my time does cost money."

The ladies laughed, then Loranda asked, "Are you certain you want to risk going out with Jelnaya?"

"Actually, Jelnaya has a good reputation. She is a champion of Fergush, and not simply a right hand of the god. From what I hear, she is presenting a better image of Fergush than Ferrigote."

Jelnaya said, "Fergush is still He-Who-Fights."

"True, but I am on your side, Jelnaya. Thus, I don't fear you. Glad to have you with me."

"Do you hear that, Doris?"

Those words were stated with a strength to assure that I heard. I was finishing my work at being ready in the strange clothes. I actually felt that I could leave the changing room, but just strongly voiced a reply before checking my appearance in a mirror.

"I wasn't worried about you, Jelnaya. Of course, I really do not know you."

Mr. Eckles said, "You might learn more about her than you want to know. Uh, Jelnaya, using those directions, how long should this trip take."

Loranda said, "Two days to Logramming Isle, then," I stepped out to see her doing something with her hands, "I believe that will be two more days to cross it."

Jelnaya replied, "Close enough, considering that it is new territory there is however no way to tell. I thought travel was included in your package, Steve."

"It is, but I do have other concerns. I thus need to let other clients know about how this journey might affect their matters."

Mr. Eckles was dressed in a cowboy suit. He did not have a western appearance to his face, and his clothes looked very new. He thus appeared as a dude in a cowboy getup, but his manner stated that he was comfortable enough when the horses were brought out.

I did not know enough about horses to consider anything strange in the instructions presented to me. Loranda told me what had been packed in the saddlebags. Considering that the garments she gave to me did fit, we both assumed that the other things would also prove satisfactory. Wondering exactly how much trouble I had fallen into, I told my horse that I was ready for it to take me where we were to go.

And the journey begins.