To Bless Those Deserving: Cp3

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Three

My father stormed into my little section of the day surgery unit. Really nothing more than a type of cloth separated me from others, but I understood Mr. Dozzrine not wanting to go overboard on what should be a routine procedure. My father however flung apart the cloth barrier with the attitude of bringing the entire building down.

"I don't like this, Doris. I don't like this at all. I told you all your life not to hang around with the Dammerski boy."

"Daddy, we have been friends all my life, and I needed a friend."

"What did he get you involved in, Doris?"

"Nothing, Daddy. " I could not help but start crying as I said, "I went to him for help. I went to him because he was a friend, a life-long friend."

He grabbed me by the head as he had done all my life, and even his words were familiar. "Okay, okay. I'm here for you. I always have been here for you. I would go to the floor for you, Doris. You know I would. I just don't like those that kill people, or cause people to be killed, or work for those that do such things."

The curtain again parted, and I heard my mother say, "It all seems clean, Albert. Doris and Sidney are both local kids with clean records. It is thus in the interest of the Kallotech people to help them. They get publicity, but they probably consider what they are doing here to be cheap compared to other forms of media coverage."

I saw her glare at me even as she kept speaking to my father. "For the record, they have already gotten a confession from Elizabeth. Sidney's story is checking out. They will have him off the hook in no time. What I was told was that they hope to have Doris back to living her life shortly as well."

She did not ask, but I knew to answer the question. "I have not fooled around, Mother. Honestly, I should not be pregnant."

"Listen, Doris, the Kallespries are dangerous people. From what I hear, the Dozzrines are worse. Mr. Dozzrine has advanced the business in ways the Kallespries have always wanted, which is not toward building schools and providing clean water. I thus really do not like being involved with Kallotech."

"I need answers for my own life. I really did not want to take help from Kallotech either. I gave Sidney money to pay for a lawyer. I did not send him to beg for a favor."

"Well, whatever you did or Sidney did, you have the full support of Kallotech. They are making a show of providing help to two local kids who have so far managed to keep their noses clean. I do not like it, but I want the best for you, Doris, so I will hush until this is over."

It was my father that asked, "Are you certain, Angel?"

"Yes, Albert. Now, wish Doris the best, as we have work to do."

He did. Mother tried to smile and act like she was nice, but I could tell that there was a coldness to her. I did not know if she felt the worst would be revealed in the tests, or just felt too much resentment in me getting help from Kallotech. After both parents told me that they loved me, I heard less than loving tones as she spoke to my father after they closed the drapes behind them.

"Something is up, Albert. You have Kallotech security pouring into the place. I gained permission for us to also have duty here. I believe the only reason it was authorized was that Doris is our daughter. I believe that people want the two of us available should something happen."

Yes, hearing those words did raise my anxiety level. The tests however performed on me were very clinical and non-invasive. What kept me nervous however was that they were not the procedures I expected. It would be far too early to do a sonogram, even if I should have been pregnant. A couple other tests caused me to stay anxious even as the staff of the hospital tried to keep saying positive soothing words.

Being brought to a private room after what I was told was the final procedure had me feel that things were not good at all. It further troubled me to hear the voice of my father yelling, "OH HELL! OH HELL!" as he came down the hall. He did not enter the room however.

I then heard him scream, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, VENICHT! That is my daughter! I have a right to know!"

Compared to the strong voice of my father, it was hard to make out the words of Mr. Dozzrine. "This is my daughter, my oldest daughter. Albert and Angel Baumgartner," I was glad to hear that mother was present as well, "I want you to meet Jelnaya."

The door to my room opened, and I saw a young lady enter with hair that was streaked with locks of bright red and yellow. She wore a glittering suit of what appeared to be crystal. She was armed with various weapons, some wrapped and others very apparent. She curtsied to me, then stepped to stand against a wall as Mr. Dozzrine, my parents, and a man in a suit, I assumed my lawyer, entered the room.

The man I did not know said, "Miss Doris Baumgartner, your parents want to be present. You however are of legal age, so can deny them."

I replied, "No, it's all right. What about Sidney?"

"Mr. Dammerski has been sent back to work. His troubles are over. Yours however are not."

"What did my test reveal?"

"Uh, well –"

Mr. Dozzrine stepped up to say, "What my lawyer, your lawyer, wants to say is that the tests only confirmed what we found in your apartment. He used his authority, aided by my people, to get your landlord to open up the residence. We needed to know the spell you tried, Doris."

I believe that he paused to allow me to speak. I however looked to those in the room realizing that there was not a doctor present. I then focused upon the young lady with red and yellow hair, and knew that I had no idea about my situation. I was thus glad that Mr. Dozzrine began to speak again.

"Doris, you told me that you did what you did to gain advice. You did not gain any advice, did you?"

"Uh, no, at least none that I remember."

"Yes, it is that 'I remember' part that had me summon Jelnaya. She is my oldest, and a good kid. Not exactly the daughter I wanted, but she has done things to more than make me proud of her. I am helping you because you are a good kid, Doris, and a local one. Jelnaya is helping me because she is my daughter. Do you understand, we have a people helping people," he looked at my parents as he said, "a local family helping a local family situation here."

Feeling that the conversation was getting off track, I asked, "What did I do?"

It was the man I assumed was my lawyer that answered, "From what we have gathered, you did not do what you did for Mr. Dammerski. You gave him money to hire a lawyer. You did not provide anything to pay off the one you summoned."

Mr. Dozzrine took over speaking. "It however seems that you got nothing for your efforts. While we all would like to be paid for all of our efforts, initial consultations should be free. I mean, we all need to get to know each other. It however seems that the one you summoned did not have such feelings."

My supposed lawyer said, "It took some quizzing of Mr. Dammerski, but it was revealed that you mentioned nudity to him. Were you naked when you worked the summons?"

I answered, "It was mentioned in the rules for contacting the one I sought for advice."

"Who was that?"


Mr. Dozzrine turned to the young lady against the wall to ask, "Do you know him, Jelnaya?"

She answered, "No, Father. Definitely does not sound like someone I would want to know, or would want me to know about him. Have you asked your father?"

"He luckily was in his library, and gave me some basics even though could not find anything about him. It was from that conversation that I made the decision to go for you. Ubremander should not be that powerful, but Doris needs someone she can trust. It was the decision of me and my father that you would be a better confidant. Considering the delicate nature of Miss Baumgartner, your presence could help her more than the cocky attitude of my father."

"I like his cocky attitude. If Ubremander is found to be an annoyance, I might get cocky."

"I am trusting you to do your job, Jelnaya. What I need you to do is to take Miss Baumgartner to him, and resolve the situation between them. You will have Steve with you. While this is not a universe like my father usually operates in, it is more magical than even the universe my younger brother calls home. Thus, Steve is qualified in dealing with certain arcane matters. If Steve falters, you take over, Jelnaya. Resolve Miss Baumgartner's situation, then we can all return to our lives."

I saw Jelnaya smile at her father, then she turned to look at the man I did not know and said, "Hey, Steve."

The phrase was spoken in a manner of her knowing the man, and he smiled as he looked to her to say, "Hello, Jelnaya. It's been a while. I have kept track of your activities, but I would like to ask some things that did not make it into the reports."

"Did you marry that nurse?"

"Actually, I did. Divorced, married another, divorced her, and I am presently trying to get back with that nurse. Before you ask any questions, let me say that we did seem to get along, and I want to be with our kids. You know."

"I guess that we got things to talk about."

The man had a wide smile on his face as he turned back to me. "Miss Baumgartner, I am Steve Eckles. I am a senior legal representative for Kallotech, and I am specialized in dealing with extra-dimensional entities. Let me say that you are gaining my representation because I am also a local kid. Grew up in the Chalbert Lake district. Went to the same high school you did. Went on to Bellesdun University where I graduated with a degree in Arcane Law. Please, do not consider me a corporate lawyer, but just another local kid willing to help."

My father had to add, "He is a corporate lawyer however."

"Kallotech does offer much more opportunities to actually practice my specialty, of which the circumstances of Miss Baumgartner happen to fall. I would much rather learn about and deal with this Ubremander entity than just look over corporate contracts."

My mother spoke before my father could. "Albert, if this situation is of such a nature, we could not get a better person to help our daughter."

My father simply growled, "Is it?"

Mr. Dozzrine said, "It does seem to be. What really troubles me is that family experience, I am talking about my family, the Dozzrines, says that there is a reason. There are just malicious entities out there, but Ubremander, as you have heard here, is not someone known about. If he was a malevolent creature, there should be some record of him. Thus, I am suspecting that there is more to this than we, certainly me, are aware, although the same set of facts says that he should be someone we can actually work with. Jelnaya has proven herself to have a rather versatile range of tricks, so should be able to handle things whoever Ubremander proves himself to be."

"I cannot say that I have gone around dealing with things unworldly." My father turned to me to say, "I'm sorry, Doris, but this has gone over my ability to help."

Mr. Eckles replied, "This Ubremander is surely some immortal presence. His actions could be a result of some situation far into the past. Depending upon what we learn, if I cannot resolve Doris' problem, Jelnaya can."

The lady interjected, "With pleasure."

My father looked to her and said, "It is said that you sold your soul."

"Taking on the cause of a god I would not say is selling one's soul. It was also the same deity that my great-uncle, father's uncle, worships. Nothing wrong with taking on a family religion."

It hurt seeing tears come to my father's eyes as he admitted, "I cannot help you here, Doris."

I allowed him to hide his emotions by coming to me. After sharing some hugs and kisses with my parents, I assured them that I was in good hands. They turned from me with my father putting on the display of threatening the others to assure that they took care of me. They allowed him to express what he felt necessary, then had him return to his work and taking care of my siblings.

After my parents left, Mr. Dozzrine looked to the other two with him while asking, "What more needs to be done?"

Mr. Eckles answered, "Well, I need to get prepared. I do have clothes, and I have kept in shape. Jelnaya, I might need more than an hour, but I will get to your father's stables as fast as I can."

The lady replied, "I will be doing what I can to prepare Miss Baumgartner for the journey. Being women, you might have to wait on us, but I hope not."

Doris starts along a path she probably never intended to take.