The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Five
Advice from Rabbit

Both Chamorrick and King Naderron tried to get the Ice Queen to say more. I did not get the impression she was denying them, but honestly did not know what to tell them. From what I knew of the fey, I felt that there were things that could be concluded even as the mix with Chamorrick's wealth of different traits could affect his offspring in a multitude of unforeseeable ways. I thus found myself quiet as my father and half-brother tried to interrogate the Ice Queen.

Queanay saved her mother by informing us that dinner was ready. We thus moved to the main dining room. I thought it was good to have Rabbit seated next to me. As she looked at the meal set before her, she however felt a need to again inform me of a fact.

"I could not see Lasotherral."

Not hearing a discussion from the others, I felt no reason not to talk to my wife. "Can you determine why not?"

"What is her nature?"


"I could not even see her clothes."

Rabbit could be a little elusive in her speech. I had however become slightly used to speaking with her. Her jump in subjects did not bother me, and I even found myself able to come up with an explanation from what I had heard of the topic.

"Lasotherral said that she had learned to make her own clothes. Said that some things would just fall through her." Just because I liked talking with my wife, I did not shut up. "Remember when I kept checking your back? It was due to some folktales I was reading about the fey. Shepherds finding themselves being seduced by strange beautiful ladies were said to check the backs, as fey would have holes in them."

"I have no hole in my back."

"No, and you would wear those backless dresses –"

"But she might?"

Chamorrick broke into our conversation to ask, "What are you talking about?"

I replied, "I was just talking with my wife."

The Ice Queen stated, "You were talking with your wife about something that could be important, Prince Kevin."

Feeling put on the spot, I tried to give some background. "Listen, I did not grow up on this world, but the other world. There the fey had left us, but we have stories. In learning of this wonderful lady being my wife, I did a lot of research into the fey. They are only stories to that other world, not information about real creatures, but the tales had been set down. Most are fanciful, but in speaking with my wife I found myself able to discern some truth in the stories."

Chamorrick said, "Those stories cannot be true. I mean, stories of fey are one thing. If what you are saying applies to Lasotherral, it would mean that these shepherds were encountering pure fey."

"Air is air. Okay, the air today has different properties than back before our creation, but I would suspect that a person, shepherd or not, would find those of the air to be a little insubstantial."

I heard movement behind me, then felt a breath of air on the back of my neck before hearing the voice of Berliat. "No, Prince Kevin, as our air has substance. From what I can gather, the air before creation had no substance."

"Oh, come on! It had to be composed of something."

"No, it didn't."

Chamorrick had requested Berliat for his knowledge of customs. I thus felt able to challenge him on my knowledge of folklore. We were however dealing with things at a little deeper level than any of my books on the subject. I turned to also see the extended ears of Berliat indicting his fey heritage, so instead sought the knowledge of my own source of the fey.


"I could not see her, my husband."

Not willing to lose hope, I rambled. "There has to be something to her. I see her. I have touched her and felt her touch me. I have spoken with her. I like her."

Probably also grasping at straws, Chamorrick asked, "Aren't you of the air, Rabbit? I often see you as nothing more than a breeze, a fluttering passage, as you and the other dancers go about the land."

She answered, "No, but I am of the land. That is how we gain our stories. We go about the land and feel the events, the movement, the emotions and use those for our dances."

"So, if Lasotherral is not of the land, or any land, then you might not be able to sense her."

I knew my wife did not handle logical thought too well, so spoke for her. "Assuming that is true, how does it help us resolve the problem of Lasotherral?"

The Ice Queen said, "That was what I was trying to warn you, Prince Chamorrick. Her presence in your life will affect your lineage."

King Naderron broke in to ask, "But if she not of the land, how is she going to help Florinew?"

Chamorrick replied, "I cannot give up hope, Father. If not for me, for her. I must see this through. If I am to stand before Queanay or some other lady again as a complete man, I must complete this mission. Lasotherral has survived, lasted, for a purpose. If not for me, she had a purpose. That is the way of fey. I feel it in my blood, and in the actions of all the fairies, elves, trolls, and other creatures of this land."

The Ice Queen said, "Not all quests are easily achieved."

"Go ahead and say it, Queen Bessinadar. I might die in this quest. As much as it pains me to say it, Father has Retallard. Hell, he has Kevin. He has all but recognized him as one of the potential heirs to the throne. Still, my heart is set."

I informed the group, "That is what Queen Titania told me. She told me that Chamorrick’s attitude was possibly the level of commitment necessary to gain Lasotherral. While those words from Chamorrick do trouble me, I must support him."

The Ice Queen spoke before King Naderron could. "Do you hear what your advisor said, Prince Chamorrick? It does honor you, but it could be the words of your doom as well."

Chamorrick stood while declaring, "The love of a woman as doom? I dare say that I am not the first man to follow that path. For the future of my kingdom, and myself, I will follow it. Not just for the chance to gain the lady of my dreams, but for the chance to allow Florinew to rise to a stronger future."

Rabbit hushed everyone as she asked, "Chamorrick, is she that beautiful? Does she truly capture your heart at such a level?"

"I dare say that she does. And let say, to you, that I listen to your husband. You should hear Kevin speak of you. I thus know the joy, the pleasure, the wonder that you ladies can do to a man. I want that – I want that so bad. Rabbit, I have never regretted my father giving you to Kevin. Honestly, I did not want you, and have never desired you. Kevin however praises you. He adores you. What is more, I have seen how you react to him. I want that. I will sink into the lowest pits and travel through the most dangerous territory to gain a lady, a love, like you are to Kevin."

"Then come to me. Let me see this cloak, and let us dance. I might be able to pull out the magic that is there, and with knowledge of it help you in working its magic."

"I can do that, Rabbit."

Berliat spoke softly behind us. "I would first attempt another meeting with Lasotherral, Prince Chamorrick. Let her know what you are attempting. It is best to keep the fey informed, as they work on a purer level. She will see your heart, and that I feel is a very good thing."

Rabbit spoke her support. "Yes. While I could not see her, I see her in your voice. I feel that I will try and use what I sense in you the next time I come in her presence, as it could help."

Chamorrick bowed to my wife, then spun to face his father. "I want you to know that I do, and have, listened to advice. I even went to Queen Titania to gain advice. This is not some foolish quest of some stupid ass. I researched, I planned, and I sought advice. Kevin is not there fuming at my idiocy in not listening to him. As much as I do not know, I am not striding along a path only in the dark. I am looking for lights, and what I have been shown has kept me from a couple of deep pits."

King Naderron said, "I am not here berating you, Chamorrick."

The Ice Queen did not allow him to say more. "And don't. Let me say that I have also seen the depth of Chamorrick's desire, and I am supporting him. True, I am not Seelie, so my aid is not of the security of other lands. However, I have known Prince Chamorrick from an early age. He has played in this castle. I have allowed, even encouraged, my daughter to pursue him. I will not turn on Prince Chamorrick, I promise you that, Nad."

Our father turned back to his eldest son to say, "Still, she is non-Seelie, so her advice can be rather misdirected."

Chamorrick replied, "I have not sought her advice, Father. I have listened to her counsel, but she has ever presented her information as someone who knows me, considers me a part of her life, and who wishes me the best. I thus am most grateful for Queen Bessinadar. Still, I have Kevin, and I requested Berliat. Are you going to tell me to not trust them?"

"Okay, but I will be here for the day. I want to continue to gain my own appraisal of this situation. I may leave tomorrow, or I might have my own strong words for you. I am your father, Chamorrick, and I care for you and the future of Florinew. Thus, do not think I will back down when I feel my actions are necessary." He then looked to the head of the table to ask, "Is the meal over, Bessie?"

The Ice Queen replied, "You may be excused, Nad." She then added, "Do you wish to be excused, Prince Chamorrick?"

He answered, "Not if you desire me to remain, Queen Bessinadar. Honestly, I have appreciated your graciousness, and that includes your advice."

"I have not sent a tray to Lasotherral in the hope that she would show up. Would you like to take it to her?"

"I would, most definitely."

"It might be more than one man can manage. Thus, the help of Prince Kevin might be needed."

"I am not going to start declining his company." He turned to look to me as he asked, "You are not going to start declining to help me, are you?"

I knew the right words to say, but hoping to ease the tension I felt I turned to speak to my wife. "If I don't help him, Rabbit, Chamorrick will start blaming me for his failures."

She replied, "And that would turn him. Yes, you keep the pressure on him."

My half-brother softened his voice as he asked, "Turn me? Rabbit, are you saying this matter is so extreme."

From the end of the table came the voice of the Ice Queen. "Yes, Prince Chamorrick, it is. Pure fey are not something for us of this creation to consider of ourselves. Why do you think they stay apart, and almost none go in search of them?"

My half-brother did not speak as he turned his gaze to the royal lady. Our father was at the door, having stopped to listen. I saw him motion to Berliat to get back into the room, but nothing was said. Finally, not hearing any advice, my half-brother turned to the one that had spoken of his doom to ask advice.

"Rabbit, I don't want things to get that bad."

"Then come to me, and let us dance. As long as you keep on the path, you will not fall."

"Kevin, I don't know where we can fit that in, but you make certain that I get time with your wife. Right now, however, I am going to again have you accompany me in meeting another lady."

And Chamorrick goes again to Lasotherral.