To Bless Those Deserving: Cp2

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To Bless Those Deserving
Chapter Two

"How can you be so-oh-oh," yes, Sidney stretched out the word to over-emphasize my inflection, "not fully pregnant? In case you have been blond all these years," yes, I am blond, "we men use pregnancy as an established criteria. I mean, you are either pregnant or not. You cannot be partially pregnant."

In a way I understood Sidney's tone of voice, but I also found myself having to agree that his attitude was nothing more than any other guy. This was a very serious topic with me. It was not something that I had ever joked about. Only because I had known Sidney for a long time and truly loved him did I work at ignoring his tone of voice.

"Name the guy I went out with."

"It's not bad if I can't. It is bad if you can't."

He really needed to be screamed at. I however knew that it would do no good. He had a really rough home life, and got screamed at a lot. Knowing that I simply had to calmly bash down his walls, I continued to speak in a soft manner.

"It is if you are the father."

"Reality check, Doris – I have a job. That means I can afford to pay for a paternity test and have a lawyer present."

I grabbed his hand as I let him in on a little fact. "Reality check, Sidney. I consider you the best friend – okay, best male friend – that I have."

"That doesn't mean that I am the father, Doris."

"No, but it does mean that you are the one that I am going to turn to and confide in. I need you, a man, to help me here."

"That doesn't mean that I am the father. I don't need this, Doris."

He was honest there. I also had to admit that he was not being a dick. Most men that I knew of, had heard of, had seen on television and movies, would have been completely bonkers over what I said. Sidney was actually being rational, although still coming close to being a dick. Still, it was true that life had not treated him well either. I thus tried to come up with an honest presentation of what I wanted him to do.

"Listen, Sidney, come to my apartment and watch some videos. I will then want you to watch as I duplicate it."

"Does this involve nudity?"


Most men would have been slobbering and ready for whatever I intended right then. Sidney however was my friend because he did not. The problem with him however was that life had not treated him fairly, so he really was afraid of what I intended.

"I don't need this, Doris."

"I need this, Sidney. Hire your lawyer, and have him with you. Actually, it would help us both."

"Actually, Doris, I would do that. My father has already given me the name of a lawyer. The guy is corporate, but my father's business does not hire simpletons."

I suddenly found myself not worrying about my own problem. Sidney was a friend. We had known each other from childhood. I however had a strong religious home, so there had been barriers in our relationship. Sidney did look rather good, so other girls had sought him without all the rules that I lived under. I actually considered him to think my problem was ironic, as my problem really should not be a problem with one like me. However, knowing the rules I lived under I felt should have had Sidney understand why I was worried.

I asked, "Just how bad did Elizabeth treat you?"

"Real bad. She's my sister's friend."

"I know who she is, Sidney."

"Yeah, well, anyway, I tried to help. It was drugs, and – well, one thing led to another, and I did not know anything about what I was doing, trying to do, or anything. I believe that the facts will prove me innocent, but it does look bad."

Putting two and two together, I said, "And now another girl is calling out to you for aid."

I felt sorry for him as he hesitated before saying, "Yes."

Accepting that we were both in a bad situation, I felt it best if I took charge. I opened my purse, then took some bills from my wallet. His eyes went wide seeing that they were hundred dollar notes, but as soon as I saw his reaction I hid the money by rolling it up in my hand before slipping it in his hand. I saw in his eyes that his acceptance of my situation just took a different level of importance.

I said, "Get that lawyer. I need you, Sidney. The lawyer, well, he better know to keep his damn mouth shut."

"You know the business my dad is in, Doris. Those people do not talk. If I get that lawyer, it will all stay hushed."

"Call me when you get things arranged."

I left things at that. Sidney was someone I really did trust. We had grown up together. The only difference was in our parents. His father worked for a corporation that made really dangerous weapons, and my father was a cop. My mother was a cop as well. It must be said that there was nothing illegal with making weapons of war, but there was a different philosophy on things with Sidney's parents than with my parents. Nothing ever got out of hand, but a number of things over time were left with the simple declaration that I was not to have anything to do with Sidney.

He was a very good friend. He would take me to parties and show me a good time. We both would always speak of going home with someone else, but it had never happened. Nothing wrong with him or me, but we wanted a life. We did not drink too much, stay out too late, and really found those that did to be a turn-off. While the two of us did enjoy each other's company, never did we let things get out of hand. We both seemed to understand that we were off limits to each other. I guess that our parents understood that we accepted nothing could advance in our relationship, as they never made a scene of us seeing each other. We however were always there for each other, so I considered his friendship very dear.

When my phone rang the next day, I did not find it surprising to see that it was Sidney. He would not allow matters to sit. While the call had come sooner than I expected, I answered the phone eager to hear what Sidney had to say.

"Doris, are you busy?"

"No, Sidney, why?"

"There has been a complication. I need you to come to Kallotech. Someone is waiting for you at the main building."

That sounded serious, and I was worried as I asked, "What happened, Sidney?"

"My request got flagged to Mr. Dozzrine. We are supposed to meet with him."

"Any reason?"

"It would be one of his lawyers."

That was good news and bad news. My parents would not be happy that I went and spoke to the head of Kallotech, as they considered him a mass murderer. I however had to accept that Sidney had done what he said he would do, so I needed to stand by him.

"Okay, Sidney. I will be there shortly."

I rushed as much as I could, but I still needed to change clothes and check my makeup. Mr. Dozzrine was a very important person, and I felt certain that Sidney could use one of his lawyers even if I really did not. I thus wanted to appear my best. Rushing out the door worried that I had taken too much time, I went to Sidney.

Kallotech was an old business in my town of Kernovull. The business had been run by the Kallespry family, but then they had all girls. The oldest child, Amelia, had however married the oldest son of someone everyone said was as dangerous as the elder Mr. Kallespry. Venicht Dozzrine had gained control of the company with most saying that he did a better job than the Kallespry family. Of course, they considered him family, so for most of the citizens of Kernovull, and possibly the world, no one considered anything about the business to have changed.

The guard at the gate had a pass waiting for me, and handed it to me with instructions on where to go along with directions on where to park. I did my best to obey the speed limit, make proper turns using my signals, and otherwise not create a scene as I found a place to stop my vehicle. I then rushed to the building hoping that I was not improperly keeping people waiting.

A lady was waiting for me. I guess that I was obviously nervous. After making an apology for my time, the lady directed me to an elevator while making a remark while smiling.

"It is okay, Doris."

Those words really did not help me. I however did my best to keep my composure while inside the elevator. Seeing Sidney with the elderly Mr. Dozzrine and a number of others in suits however made me stumble out an apology while advancing.

Mr. Dozzrine stepped up to greet me while saying, "It is okay, Doris." He then put a hand behind my back before introducing me to everyone else. "I want you to meet Doris Baumgartner. Her parents are both proud members of our local police force, and Doris has a solid reputation in our community."

Seeing the number of people present, I said, "I only wanted one lawyer."

"I know Sidney's reason for needing a lawyer. It is a tough case, but the facts are in his favor. What I do not know is your story, Doris. I thus need you to talk to me just as Sidney has been talking to me."

Not knowing where to start, or even how to talk to this man, I simply said, "My parents want me to be a cop."

"No shame in that."

Suspecting that he knew what my parents felt about his business, I tried to soften my answer to him. "No, well, I don't want that – exactly. I am hoping to become a forensic scientist."

"My business can even supply a grant."

I looked him in the eyes as I said, "My parents would not allow me to accept it."

"I can handle that, Doris. Now, let us get back on topic."

He signaled for me to start walking down the hall. I did not disobey, or intend to disobey, but only felt it strange that everyone stayed still. Mr. Dozzrine again signaled for me to start walking, and when I took steps I heard the others also start moving.

I decided not to waste any of Mr. Dozzrine's time, so spoke as we moved. "Oh, yes, well, I don't really want to be a forensic scientist either. Well, uh, I just don't know. Because I do not know, I tried something." Worried about how the man would receive my words, I paused, but then remembered something about Mr. Dozzrine. "You went to Bellesdun University."

"Certainly. It was there that I met my wife."

"They have a school of magic."

"That they do. Do you want to study magic instead?"

"Well, uh, I don't know. I however felt a need to try things – magic things."

He directed me to a chair, and I saw the lady that had escorted me up move a hand to indicate that I could have a selection of drinks. I waved her off. I thanked Mr. Dozzrine for the seat. I then settled into the chair while considering what to say.

"I was hoping to get a sponsor, an advisor, in things magic. When my father's mother died, I found a book in her house. It was a treatise on magical creatures with spells of conjuring beings. I tried one hoping to gain some advice."

Mr Dozzrine said, "I cannot fault you there – in theory. Seeking advice is a wise thing. Seeking advice with an unknown is not wise, but I have to assume from your other statements that your parents were rather authoritative."

"Uh, yes, and not big on magic at all. All I wanted was some advice."

"Okay, so what happened?"

"I don't know. That is why I sought Sidney's help, even to the point of agreeing to have a lawyer. I wanted him to simply witness my repeat of the spell. Having a lawyer witness it as well I felt would help us."

I saw his eyes dart to others, I assumed to see which of his lawyers would agree to take the case, but I felt that I should have expected his statement. "Sidney mentioned something about you being pregnant."

"I started feeling sick. My mother mentioned that I was acting as if I was pregnant. There was no way, but I did buy a test." I paused, but they waited for me to say, "It said that I was pregnant."

"Can I schedule you for a medical exam?" I paused, which had him add, "I will pay for it, Doris. You're a good local kid with a clean record. It is in my company's best interest to keep good relations with the local people, especially our police force. Let me help you, and you can help me by staying a good citizen. We of Kallotech want our world to be a good, safe place, especially the place we call home. It takes a community to raise a child, and we are a part of this town. We are here for you, Doris. Let us help."

I looked to Sidney to ask, "Do you trust him?"

He answered, "My dad has always worked for Kallotech. I have worked construction, but I hope to gain the certifications to work on some of the building projects for Kallotech. It makes me proud to have Mr. Dozzrine so willing to help."

I had to agree with what Sidney said, so looked to Mr. Dozzrine to say, "Okay."

There is more to Doris' story to tell.