The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Four – Part Two
Thoughts of Women

Finally, a hand movement from a guard that walked up a staircase just enough to be seen let us know to head to the front courtyard. I felt good as Queanay did not argue with my change of directions. As we walked I restated some of what she told me about some pieces of art just to let her know I had been listening.

I guess that Chamorrick had also been alerted somehow, as he also showed up in front of the castle. It surprised me to see the face of Rabbit first come from the front coach. She properly paid respects to the Ice Queen, then flowed to my side. She did not just take my arm, but hugged it as she lifted her face to share a kiss with me. I did not get a chance to introduce her to Queanay before I heard the voice of King Naderron as he came from the front coach. It was good that Chamorrick had showed up, as he was called for.

Seeing his son, King Naderron asked, "I don't see anyone I don't already know, so how long until I can meet this prospective bride of yours?"

Chamorrick boldly replied, "This is a courtship, Father, not a fling. It is taking its time. Still, she did give me permission to call upon her at your arrival."

The Ice Queen said, "It is getting near dinner time, Nad. Surely the two of us could discuss some common topics, then allow the lady to present herself at the meal."

King Naderron replied, "I don't know if we have any issues to discuss, Bessie. At least none that does not involve Chamorrick."

"He is doing well, Nad. If you are worried, I understand, but this is his and Lasotherral's decision."

The eyes of my half-brother moved to the second coach, and he signaled an elderly gentleman to step out even as he spoke to our father. "I will have Berliat present in any discussion with you."

King Naderron replied, "Concerning my reason for being here, I would agree. If I just want to give fatherly advice, I will just give you fatherly advice."

"Queen Bessinadar, just how close is it to dinner?"

She said, "If you want to take your father on to meet Lasotherral, you should be able to cover a topic or two before you are summoned to my table."

"Kevin, come on."

As I moved behind Chamorrick, I expected King Naderron to say something, so was not surprised at the question. "Your impression of this pure fey?"

I answered, "I believe Chamorrick found a better lady than expected, but what is surprising us is that she seems to have issues of her own. I mean, I believe we both expected her to have things sorted out about her past."

"I have to admit that I am surprised not to have her latched onto his arm like Rabbit is to yours."

"Rabbit and I have had quite a number of years to work things out between us. Chamorrick and Lasotherral have only had days."

My wife asked, "Chamorrick is not forcing things?"

"No, Rabbit. Chamorrick did have the hope that things would move along quickly, but he is not forcing things. Events had caused me to get a little rough with him, but he has managed well."

As we came to a stop in front of the lady's door, my half-brother asked, "You do know that I could hear you?"

It was our father that replied, "None of us were whispering. Now, knock on the door."

The door opened, and as we looked at her Lasotherral said, "There is no need to knock."

Chamorrick bowed, as did King Naderron and I. Rabbit performed a curtsey. My half-brother started into an introduction, but stopped as Lasotherral stepped out.

"Rabbit? You are Rabbit."

I made the introduction. "Yes, dearest Lasotherral, this is my wife, Rabbit. Rabbit, this is the one Chamorrick has worked so hard just to meet, and now strives so hard to claim for his own, Lasotherral."

My wife said, "I cannot see her."

Lasotherral declared, "She is so bright, and I am so empty."

She then rushed back through the door and slammed it shut. All of us men stood there shocked. At least I knew that I was. I cannot speak for my wife, although she continued to hold my arm. As we all looked at the door, the voice of the Ice Queen came from behind us.

"Now, you know. Come, Prince Chamorrick and those who attend you. I must tell you some things."

King Naderron asked as he turned with us, "Why would you know, Bessie, and I don't?"

"Because my lineage stays closer to fey than yours do. The insubstantial nature is strong in my family. It allows us to connect to the forces that can be controlled, thus we are powerful workers of magic. There is balance, something Queanay is learning. Still the reputation of the Ice Queen survives."

Chamorrick asked, "Queen Bessinadar, are you going to tell me that I have failed?"

"No, Prince Chamorrick, as I cannot. That is Lasotherral's job to tell you. She hasn't, so I feel has hope for your union even as you do. I cannot speak against Prince Kevin either, as he has been doing well to advise you. From what Queanay says, you would not have gotten this far without him."

I felt Rabbit squeeze my arm even as Chamorrick asked, "So, what are you going to tell me?"

The doors to a parlor flew open, then as the Ice Queen waved for us to enter she answered his question. "Tell you, Prince Chamorrick? You make this sound so bad. I would hope that you would accept some wisdom and guidance from me."

I said, "I felt that we were receiving your advice through your daughter."

"I do stay instrumental in her life, but there are things that she cannot yet understand."

As we moved to the seats set in a semi-circle around a blazing fireplace, I felt a chill as the doors to the parlor shut. I really did not understand the need for the Ice Queen to show off her magic powers. As she went to gain a tray of goblets and a wine glass, all showing the frost of being chilled, King Naderron directed us. Not seeing him, Chamorrick, or even Rabbit looking frightened, I took my seat allowing the Ice Queen to have her moment.

After serving us a goblet of white wine, she took a seat, then said, "First, Prince Chamorrick, let me say that I understand what you hoped to accomplish. It was, and is, a good plan. It will forever change your lineage, but it will also prevent the cycles you hoped to avoid. Even before the creation of our universe, there were those who maintained what toys of creative play were brought into being. Even then there was a balance. The primordial substances needed to be worked including needing to be cleansed of the dregs of whatever activity they were engaged. There was thus a balance of sorts, but a more servile one than what we have in existence today."

Chamorrick interrupted the royal lady to say, "It is not her social status that had me seek her, but her existence as a pure fey."

"Talk to her, Prince Chamorrick. She is not a servant. She had a duty, a place, but like the fey around us it is something that she feels is a part of her essence. She does not think it a minor duty, but it is also something that once done does not trouble her."

She paused as if to give him a chance to say more, but it was King Naderron that spoke. "I believe you are losing him, Bessie, but please keep talking."

The Ice Queen turned and reached out to touch Chamorrick on the leg as she asked, "You really have not thought that much about what Lasotherral will do for you?"

He answered, "There was so little information on her."

"Yes, but you still managed to find her."

"Queen Titania helped me there."

"The queen mother to our present Elf King?"

Chamorick appeared shocked. I would have also thought that she knew. We definitely told Queanay where we were going. The Ice Queen sipped wine to help calm her appearance, then asked for more information.

"What did she tell you?"

My half brother replied, "She gave me a cloak, and assured me that I would find her on the volcano to the southwest."


I had to comment to my wife. "It looked like the thing Chamorrick tried to give me."

Rabbit asked, "He did not wear it however?"

Chamorrick answered, "I did try it on, but, no, I packed it away and forgot about it."

The Ice Queen asked, "What advice did she give you along with the cloak?"

"Uh, well, she – HEY!" He looked to me or possibly my wife as he declared, "It was a dance step."

I replied with some arm movements I remembered Chamorrick going through before saying, "Well, yes, it could have been."

I believe Rabbit and the Ice Queen commanded together, "Show me."

Chamorrick had Rabbit stand before him. He then acted as if putting on the cloak, then going through a certain routine before setting a hand on her shoulder. She then flowed around him. Chamorrick seemed amused, and repeated his steps. Before Rabbit could again move, the Ice Queen put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Trust Queen Titania, but do not think her advice is complete in itself."

King Naderron quipped, "Spoken like a non-Seelie." I saw the Ice Queen glare at him, but he showed no alarm as he spoke further. "Pull that cloak back out, Chamorrick, but don't wear it until you think it is right. You will know when the time is, trust me on that."

My half-brother turned to the Ice Queen to firmly ask, "What are you not telling me?"

Queen Bessinadar replied, "What I am not telling you is that I have pure elf in my bloodline. It has supplied power, but also identity. It has established my lineage. From the dawn of time, effectively, I am set. Queanay has no hope but to become the next Ice Queen. You will do the same to your lineage."

"In what manner?"

"That is the question you need to pose to yourself, Prince Chamorrick. You should not look upon her as a lovely damsel, but upon your future. See if you like what you see for ages to come before claiming your pure fey bride."

And we have more time with Rabbit.