The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Four – Part One
Thoughts of Women

Lasotherral did answer the door upon the knock of Chamorrick. She was dressed this morning in a strange dress of a very light shade of brown. Accessories of blue helped have her hair seem to match her outfit. He eyes however showed a pleasant yellow that had the dress seem proper for her. Of course Chamorrick spoke positively of the outfit, although could not help but state its unusual design. Lasotherral did not show any displeasure with the words but took his arm while replying.

"My nature is that of air, so I cannot wear some things that I see Princess Queanay or her mother wearing. Some things will fall through me. The fashion, well, I do what I can with the materials I find will clothe me."

"You made that? I am impressed."

"I had time – plenty of time. Please, let's not talk on that. How many brothers and sisters do you have, Prince Chamorrick?"

He looked at me. I shrugged, both because I did not know and really had no idea about why he should not allow the change of subject. Chamorrick smiled, then looked back at the lady.

Lasotherral seemed enchanted by the list he rattled off. I honestly felt that the dalliances of King Naderron did not speak well of him. While I was finding myself pleased to be his child, I felt such would not be the case had I better parents that raised me. Lasotherral however showed no concern for the improper behavior of King Naderron, but seemed enchanted with the number of his offspring.

"I had promised my previous fiancé that I would give him many children."

Chamorrick replied, "I promise you that I plan on doing my part, but it will entirely be upon you. I do not plan on sharing myself with other women."

Seeing that we were approaching a small parlor where the ladies were waiting for us, Lasotherral hissed, "I will not speak of this in front of the others. Could we have time privately? Prince Kevin your place as chaperone will of course be understood."

My half-brother answered, "Certainly. When I come to gain your hand after the meal, you can either direct me back to your room to return in an hour or so, or tell me to take you on out to a garden."

"Yes, thank you, but that will depend upon how the breakfast goes."

Considering how the previous socials with Lasotherral had gone, I wondered about her lasting through this meal. She really did not eat, but did drink a number of glasses of tea. I wondered about how she spent the night, as her demure behavior had me think that she did not get much sleep. Queanay and Chamorrick tried to start the day on a rather lively note by recounting her abduction of my half-brother and me then our escape. The Ice Queen only made simple comments, although did make some statements at the finish of the tale. Lasotherral did smile, but just the fact she stayed with us until the end of the meal I considered a mark in her favor.

As we rose, she said, "You may take me on out to a garden, Prince Chamorrick."

"Certainly." He bowed to her, then to the Ice Queen as he said, "With your permission."

She replied, "Of course, Chamorrick. I would recommend either the rose garden or the willow garden."

Queanay suggested, "Lasotherral will probably enjoy the willow garden."

Chamorrick said, "I remember playing in the willow garden, so would prefer it as well."

He showed his familiarity with the castle by escorting Lasotherral without needing to gain directions from anyone along the way. During the walk, he asked the lady about flowers. She did not prove able to speak on the topic, although once brought out in the garden she quickly recognized what he was discussing. I do not know where the source of the water came from, but the clear liquid only appeared black due to erupting from its extreme depth. The willow tree was large with its long leaves coming down providing a very shady area near the pool. The cool temperature however had us desire to be in the sun, although the presence of flowers also made the position most lovely. Lasotherral took to moving about the various blooms while asking about them.

She finally said, "It is a shame that I do not know about this. Of course, those with whom I stayed could not tell me."

Chamorrick laughed while saying, "You could also be like other ladies that could put my little knowledge of flowers to shame, and make me want to speak about something else."

"But Prince Chamorrick, I have only something else to speak about. How can you relate to me?"

My half-brother tried to answer, but only stammered out some things, so I spoke to answer the question. "Lasotherral, wait for my wife to arrive. Meet her, then ask yourself how I can relate to her."

Chamorrick supported my words by commenting, "That is a puzzle. They however get along splendidly."

He however quickly found himself displeased when Lasotherral said, "Then take me back to my room, Prince Chamorrick. I will wait for your return with Prince Kevin and his wife."

I could tell that he wanted to say something to have her think differently. Other than being adamant and rude he could not do it however. She stood in silence awaiting his arm to bring her back to her room. While I read in his expressions the desire to do something different, he obeyed.

What I saw in her personality was however something comforting. I did not see the anger she spoke about. I gained the impression that she was just a private person. Either due to her core personality, or something due to her multitude of years with the other pure fey, she would not allow others to advance where she did not want them to go. My opinion of such people had them as wonderful expressive personalities in situations where they felt safe with people they knew. I thus felt by sharing this time with Lasotherral now, I would enjoy the rest of my life with this lady more than able to open up with her on a multitude of topics. Feeling that I would be comforted by her presence in my life once this initial period was over, I said nothing while my half-brother escorted her back to her room.

Chamorrick walked a ways from her door before saying, "This is frustrating, you know."

Queanay stepped out from an intersecting corridor to reply, "Now, Chamorrick, you could be having to fight with others for her time."

"If that was the case, she might indeed see me getting angry."

I felt a need to support my half-brother, so said, "Chamorrick went to great efforts to gain the initial interview, and get things to this point. I doubt another could step in." I set my eyes on him as I said, "And I see each meeting as an advance in the relationship. Thus, I am not frustrated at all."

"You know, you could be wrong occasionally."

"Chamorrick, it was your own hard-headedness that caused our father to give me my wife. I am not already married because I played the courting game and won, but I grew up having a fabulous lady tell me that she was my wife. That was a lady that you could have had. Queanay is here as another lady you turned down. Don't you complain to either of us. You want Lasotherral – fine. Really, I am thinking she is a wonderful option. However, don't you complain about what you are having to go through. You chose this path. You declined the easier steps. Now, just hush and accept that all your stubbornness, all your research, all your plans, are actually working. Damn, you. You have a wonderful thing going for you, and you are wanting to complain about it."

Things grew silent for a moment, then Chamorrick asked, "Was that you being angry?"

"I definitely did not hold back my emotions."

Queanay said, "It was honesty, and I agree with what he said. If he wasn't married, that little outburst would have me trying to gain him as a husband."

My half-brother said, "Then I will leave you two love-birds to speak good about me. In the meantime, I will be in my room."

Queanay grabbed my arm, so I stayed with her as Chamorrick strode off. I really had no plans, and felt honored that she wanted my company. As my half-brother turned a corner, she however spoke of another reason to stop me.

"I really just came to inform you that your wife should be here in about an hour. Our sentry spotted movement this way from Flornew. There are two carriages, so it is assumed that King Naderron is coming as well."

"Well, good." I replied, although simply wanting to talk with Queanay I asked, "How well is the palace of the Ice Queen handling all this social nonsense?"

"It is handling it quite well. You should hear mother crow about things. Of course, since this is to be my home, I find myself pleased with how things are going as well. Really, Kevin, I do not want people to think that I am cold."

I really did not want to be cruel, but I did wonder about Queanay's personality. "You will be placed in most of the same situations as your mother, and forced to admit that her decisions were the right ones to make."

"I know, but I am glad to have this time with you and Chamorrick. I don't want you two, neighbors, to think of me as cold. Please come visit."

"Considering my first couple of encounters with you, I would have considered you cold. This time with you has helped to have me reassess your personality."

She had me start walking. I had no idea where she planned to go, but I allowed that it was her castle. I felt good to be speaking with her, so walked without complaint.

She said, "I did not know so much. I now understand what Chamorrick was thinking – the reason he turned me down. I now have come to know you. I guess that I can come across cold. I however do not want to be thought of as cold. Please, both of you, don't ever think of me as cold."

"I am sure with you and Chamorrick being in control of kingdoms will see things in different ways. Honestly, considering how different your two lands are, even though right next to each other, I can see how you will not have the same perspective on some issues. I thus promise you that you will have reasons to be cold. If you will temper your frigid personality, I promise to advise Chamorrick against getting too heated about your decrees."

"I... I can accept that. Chamorrick really does not get heated however. He really is fun when you get him upset. That was one reason I liked him. I could do things like abduct and torture him without really spoiling our relationship."

"I pity your husband."

She burst out laughing. I cannot say what passed through her mind, but I enjoyed the sound of her laughter and the play of expressions on her face. Queanay finally grabbed my arm with both hands while letting me know her plans.

"I really want to meet your wife. Can I thus command your time until the coaches arrive?"

I finally got the tour of the castle. It probably was not the extended version, as Queanay did keep looking to guards to check on the arrival of those from Florinew. Since I did miss my wife, I did not mind. I however felt the time was being put to good use, so I asked questions to have Queanay continue to show me about her home.

Okay, trust me, in the next installment Rabbit does return to the story.