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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Thirty-Three
Another Crisis Handed to Me

As I rode out, I saw another horse gallop toward me. The tack was rather colorful with shiny rivets, but the one riding it was clearly lovely. I did not know why Queen Nauthia felt a need to come to me, but I rode out where our paths could intercept while keeping the rising undead dragon in view.

She came up to me to ask, "Can you handle it?"

"I hope. I killed it when it was alive, but things undead can be a lot of trouble."

"Call your king."

Not the command I expected, so I had to ask, "Are you certain?"

"Your service has been exemplary, Berair. I will need to come to terms with your superior at some time. Make the call."

I pulled out a certain medallion from my pocket, rubbed it and did a couple of other actions, then said, "King Terish, this is Major Berair of your military. Slightly have a situation here, and Queen Nauthia of Peranty allowed that she owed you enough already for my service."

The voice came back, "What do you have, Berair?"

"Well, Your Majesty, a large undead dragon."

"Is it flying or breathing something?"

I did pause to look, although I felt a need to rush out my reply. "No, but it does seem to be preparing to charge toward me."

"It is just a big animated corpse, Berair. You can take it. I however will be getting my wife, my centaur, and some other things, then heading to you. If you cannot handle it, I should be there in time to show you up."

Remembering that it was a complaint that got me in this situation to begin with, I simply replied, "Yes, Your Majesty, I will let Queen Nauthia know to expect you."

I turned to look at the monarch, and saw her readying a lance. Considering the mission I had just finished, I had only brought weapons for direct conflict. I probably could have gained a lance, but I really hated forcing an animal to enter a deadly situation. I guess the queen noticed me focusing on her, as she spoke while clearly adjusting her body for a charge.

"I heard King Terish say that you could handle it, Berair, so you better be with me as I go to handle it."

"It is still a damn big monster," I advised. "It also has no muscle tissue or vital organs to turn the fight in your favor. You just have to go at it until it drops."

I turned hearing hoof beats, and saw those of my squad come up. A couple did have lances. The others were like me and just preparing to use whatever the biggest weapon they had upon them.

The queen smiled and asked, "Would you rather have their help than your king's?"

While accepting that I would have help, I said, "I sent them back to camp."

One in the squad stated, "She is our queen."

She declared, "And I am going to attack that dragon."

My first thought was to wonder if my wives would do such a thing. I then considered all that they had done for me. Knowing that they were probably watching, I set myself for the charge hoping that they were not thinking of duplicating the antics of the royal lady.

The corpse of the dragon did not fall as quickly as the creature did when alive. I almost want to say that it did not fall as easily, but I had to accept that I had gotten a little lucky in having a couple of my plans work better than expected. With the queen working to strike the massive body along with us men, we managed to have it fall.

I learned that the queen had rode out to me after telling her husband to keep up the attack on Aneron's forces. She felt that the effect of raising the corpse of the dragon was a ruse to get the royal forces to split. That was why she was willing to ask for help, as she felt she was playing for complete victory and not just another battle in the war. The plan did seem to work, as while we celebrated with the queen we saw Aneron's forces collapse from the combined forces against them.

Upon hearing the blare of horns signaling victory, I saw a wagon with troops around it pull out from the trees. I really did not need to see the colors of Aden's father's troops. Certain things about the wagon told me who was coming.

Another set of riders galloped from a distance to meet the wagon. I felt like going out, but Queen Nauthia told me to stay where I was. When one of the riders turned, I saw the feminine form at the front of a horse's body and recognized that it was a centaur. I thus waited for the arrival of my wives and my royal couple.

King Terish rode up, then dismounted his centaur while saying, "I told you that you could handle it, Berair."

"I did not know at the time that I was going to have help, Your Majesty. If I would have known, I would not have contacted you."

Of course the next thing to happen was the sound of two ladies calling out my name before rushing to me. Mersidda had a personality that I expected to always be excited about things, but the weight of Aden as well surprised me. Of course I was happy to have the affection of both, but the sound of my queen calling out my name did command my attention.

Seeing me look at her, Queen Straekin asked, "Two wives?"

Really having nothing else to say, I answered, "It is the way they pay people around here."

Queen Nauthia said, "There is a lot that needs to be explained by a number of people. Hopefully, I can have all of you as honored quests until things reach a point where answers can be gained."

King Terish and Queen Straekin had ridden out to meet the wagon. What they were told was that everyone was concerned for me. They thus knew about the defeat of the undead dragon, but not really how those about the wagon truly were connected to me.

I formally introduced my two wives to their new monarchs. From there their father's, some brothers, and a few other relatives were presented. We all listened as King Terish spoke of what he knew of the situation that would involve me, but of having no idea that those I was sent to aid would present me with two wives.

I had to ask, "Why did you send me?"

Queen Straekin replied, "It is really my fault that you were sent. Terish and I are looking into again leaving Thiminy on its own. However, we love the land too much to just abandon it. There are children to take over, but Thiminy will always be close to our heart. We thus need our own influence to remain. I have been proposing that Terish and I accept a group of knights to support whoever gains the throne while also being loyal to us. I was the one that gained your letter, and upon hearing Terish speak of the plea from the baron of Nemurk I felt it was time to give someone the chance to earn their knighthood."


King Terish sent out a hand for me to shake as he said, "Welcome to becoming a noble of Thiminy."

Aden screamed, then grabbed my neck while sobbing. I knew something pleased her immensely, but waited for her emotions to settle. I was relieved that Mersidda simply stayed by my side while we waited for Aden to finish holding onto my neck.

She kissed me, then said, "I'm noble again."

I felt a need to explain to my monarchs, but first whispered to Aden, "It's not a landed title."

"It's more than Therlik would have had. You have honored me far more than my first husband, Berair, and I will ever honor you."

It helped having Aden's father in explaining things to my monarchs. They listened to the story behind my mature wife, then spoke of assuring her that she would be welcomed to Thiminy. Mersidda's father then helped explain her story, and by the time Queen Nauthia spoke of her forces breaking up to indicate an end to the greater conflict my monarchs had enough information about my wives to understand most comments I made with them.

With both of the male heirs to Nemurk now dead, I probably could have gained the barony. Aden stayed with me through the resolution of events, and would often whisper for me to take her home. I knew from her words that she did not mean to simply have her stay with me. She did not want to stay around these people, but was ready to start a new life in a new land. While a number of praises were stated about my work to free the people of Nemurk, I made no action to take control of the barony.

I was needed to help resolve the fate of the mage Thorevin. It seemed that he had caused a number of the events that spurred on the rebellion of Aneron. He however had managed to keep his actions as merely those of a hired mercenary and not someone who was truly had personal issues he sought to advance. I spoke of my meetings with him, and never hearing a bad word about the ruling monarchs. He did have to concede to pledging to keep the monarchs of Peranty aware of others that might have schemes disrupting their authority, but the way he shook my hand afterward let me know that he felt his fate could have been worse.

I was paid in gold. Neither King Chellor nor Queen Nauthia belittled the worth of my wives, but both felt that I needed a proper payment for my services. I accepted the gold, then told King Terish that I knew some would go to him in taxes.

He replied, "Knights pay their fealty in service, Berair. You have two wives, so I suspect that money will quickly be used to keep the economy of my kingdom healthy. Sounds like a good use of the gold to me."

Finally, after a rather large meal my wives climbed into the wagon after telling their fathers farewell. Neither of them cried. My wives simply waited for King Terish to work his magic and bring them home.

We did not exactly go home. I guess we did in a way. We arrived at Castle Thiminy. Once there certain formalities were done to assure my status as a knight. My wives and I were shown a suite in the castle for us to consider as home, although it was accepted that it would not be the place where we would actually raise our family.

There were matters that I needed to settle with my monarchs about my new status. I thus spent a few days in Thiminy handling some politics and adjusting to my new status with the military. It concerned me that news was traveling of me, as I felt that I personally needed to settle some issues before certain facts became too old.

People yelled as I rode in a coach with my wives through the streets of Serussdal. By the time the vehicle turned on a certain street, there were people in the road. As men reached over the side of the coach to speak to me and shake my hand, I allowed that I might as well get out and walk with my wives to the home of my family.

The men congratulated me as the women went off to get to know the two new ladies I had brought home with me. I spoke of the actions I had done in the foreign land with another mug of beer being handed to me when I paused to finish the one I had been drinking from. Finally, my oldest brother let me know that what he wanted to hear was about my ladies.

"Two wives, Berair?"

"If you are jealous, Hoskiv, go get you another one."

A number laughed at that, but my oldest brother proved that he was able to show some wisdom. "I have managed to keep a room clear for you, but if I had another sharing my bed I would probably have kicked you out long ago to have room for all my children."

"King Terish told me not to get a place in the city, but mentioned a few gentry that should have a home sufficient for me. I am going to have to check them out to see just how large of a family he expects my two wives to provide for me."

We men spoke of the holdings. With my family being businessmen, and having a long history of being citizens of the land, all knew of the gentry I had been informed to check with. We thus spoke of location and politics until I saw my mother approach. Of course, us men hushed waiting to hear the reason for the lady to come to us.

"You did well, Berair. I love them both."

"Thank you, Mother."

"Now, you are not planning to go anywhere else?"

I did not know what my mother intended, but I let her know that I was still the boy she had raised. "I thought you had been speaking with my wives."

"Well, yes..."

"So did either speak of this land as being anything other than their home?"

Attempting to regain control of the conversation, my mother answered, "No, Berair, which means that you need to work to make this their home."

"But that is it, Mother. This is home. Whatever I do, wherever I go, this is home. My wives are here, and I expect to have children here. Any complaints with that?"

"No, Son. I guess that was what I wanted to hear."

"Good. I will be around. Not only will I speak with you, but I am sure that you will hear about what I am doing to settle with my ladies." While I acted as if I was saying something private to my mother, I spoke loud enough for others to hear. "Neither is really a cook, so I am going to have to get some bread from someone."

Cheers sounded. We then spoke about my wives. Accepting that I had done well, I sounded out a cheer with the pride of someone who felt there was nothing to complain about.

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