The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Two
Supper with Lasotherral

Due to his request, I shadowed Chamorrick as he went to escort Lasotherral. While we both expected one of the wispy pure fey to answer the door, it was the darling lady that responded to the knock. When Chamorrick requested to escort the lady to supper, she stepped out although spoke of not knowing what to do.

"That troubles me," he said. "You were to have a husband, so surely know how to travel with a man."

"Things were much different then. There was no reality to the substance. There was existence. It is hard to describe how there could be something, but it was not. You must understand that I saw light when it was first created, but I was angry at the time. I was angry at things I should not have been angry at. Things happened that I could not conceive of – splendid things – but my anger got in the way of me recognizing or appreciating them. Further, my kind went away. It was a new creation, so my kind passed to be replaced by those that exist now. I was too angry to accept my fate, and so I remained. Then I just remained... and remained." We all grew silent for a moment before Lasotherral said, "Teach me what I am to do, Prince Chamorrick."

He held out his arm, and patted it while saying, "Just put a hand there." She did in an almost frightened manner, but Chamorrick simply smiled. "There is no wrong way. Hopefully, you will gain a trust, an acceptance, of me that will have you wanting the hold on my arm, but not caring how. Some days just a light presence, others you will grab it as if scared of letting go. All I care is that you seek to be at my side."

"And if you desire to hold onto me?"

"We are not far enough along in the courtship for me to show you." She barely smiled, so I believe Chamorrick spoke more in the hope of putting Lasotherral in a proper frame of mind. "Kevin's wife should join us tomorrow. You can then watch how the two manage with each other."

Lasotherral turned to me to ask, "What is your wife's name, Kevin?"


"Kevin and Rabbit – yes, there is a charm in that. Chamorrick and Lasotherral I believe has a charm in it as well." I believe that my half-brother froze with a smile on his face, causing the lady to say, "You may start us moving."

He did with a measured step, although his speech was not so graceful. "Oh, yes, of course – ah, do you know anything of fish?"

"I was told that was what we would have for supper, but, no, I do not know anything of fish." She then said before Chamorrick could think of something, "Was there fish in the water where you and Kevin stayed on your way to meet me?"

"Uh, ah –" I saw him look to me, and I shook my head. "No. We were too high with the water not deep enough to allow fish to grow."

"Do you like fish?"

"Well, actually, I never find it that filling. That is not to say that I do not like fish, but when someone mentions fish I tend to concern myself with what they are serving in addition to the fish."

"Well, what in addition are they serving?"

Chamorrick's stance and the tone of his voice indicated that he saw the entrance to the dining room ahead. "I believe we are both soon going to find out."

We entered an elegant chamber that I really had only seen the type in movies. The table for us was long and centered in the room, which actually made it appear small. Around it was ample room for servants to move. Statuary stood in the corners. Paintings hung on the walls. In the middle of one wall was a wide fireplace with a roaring blaze. Nothing was of the cold elegance that I associated with the home of the Ice Queen, although the chamber had a beauty that had me standing admiring the details.

A man, I assumed one of the higher ranking servants, came near me to ask, "What especially intrigues you, Prince Kevin?"

"Nothing, although I feel like apologizing for any future unappreciating of this room. Living nearby and associating with this land I will accept that I might come accustom to the fine surroundings, but at the moment it is all new to me."

"Then let me apologize for any future lecture about certain things in the room to force you to appreciate the beauty."

I bowed to the man, but before I could say anything the Ice Queen made the introduction. "That is Okuther, my chief steward. If you need something in your stay, feel free to bring the matter to him."

After bowing to the noble lady, I allowed Okuther to show me to my chair. Chamorrick and I had a seat on one side of the table. Queanay and Lasotherral were placed on the other side. Us two men were slightly in the middle of the table, as Okuther explained that the first two seats were for King Naderron's companion (I noticed the evasive action of not saying the word 'wife'), King Nadderon, Chamorrick, his eventual lady (I believe Lasotherral showed some embarrassment in recognizing that the hope was that it would be her), my wife, then me. I noticed that there were also two seats between Queanay and Lasotherral, so accepted that the Ice Queen wanted any private whispering to be noticeable to her.

The first course was a soup. Since we were in a land where fairies, elementals, and most things of folklore existed, it did not surprise me that a menu for those of certain magical traits existed. What the chief cook introduced as a soup I found to appear as a meringue. It was very delicate with a flavor mostly provided by some rather aromatic seasoning. Lasotherral spoke of enjoying the first course, which had my half-brother chance a whisper to me.

"She does eat."

From the lady came the reply, "Yes, Prince Chamorrick, I eat. I will admit that there was no life during my time of existence, at least not life as I see it around us. Still, there were things that helped our health, which are comparable to food. That was one of the primary reasons for us to venture from the cave, as there was nothing to eat there."

"I am sorry, dearest Lasotherral, but I really gained so few facts about you."

"Honestly, Prince Chamorrick, I have so few facts about you," she waved her hand to indicate all in the room as she added, "in general. My only blessing is that I have no one to whisper my private thoughts to."

It was the Ice Queen that replied, "Others did come with you."

"Their essence is more persistent than mine."

I did not whisper, but used my fingers on a hand to indicate for my half-brother to continue. Lasotherral showed that she was quite observant, as I saw her look to me. Chamorrick also turned his head, and he nodded to indicate an understanding before speaking to the lady.

"Well, I hope that you will forgive other such comments from me. While I understand that a lady of quality expects to hear certain things said about her looks, I must confess that I might for a time be astounded by some very basic things I see of you."

"This is probably the wrong setting, but I agree that a number of basic questions need to pass between us. Prince Chamorrick, how much fey is in your essence?"

It was the Ice Queen that answered, "His father is of a human mother, I believe she was Termally of Knight Titurel." My half-brother nodded, and after a nod in return she continued to speak. "The lineage of Florinew thus moved back toward the human side. King Naderron however then chose Hasanie, a nymph of the pool of Hippocrene, which again put the lineage strong on the fey aspect. Chamorrick however faces the problem of again fathering an heir very close to the urges of the fey or moving his line back toward being almost completely human."

He said, "I see in you a hope to set a calm essence into my lineage."

Lasotherral replied, "Calm? I am here because I can be quite uncalm."

"Was it not love that drove you? Did you not go into your rage in your deep feelings for the one you were betrothed to? Why cannot my love, my continual desire, my pleasure, calm your rage?"

I had to voice my support by saying, "Since we have met you, we certainly have seen no sign of your anger."

She replied, "No, and only in periods when my mind suffers those early memories does it again erupt. Still, that nature is present within me."

Chamorrick exploded with, "But wasn't it positive? Surely a rage at a loss of one so dear is a quality we all hold dear. I have felt the sorrow in the loss of my mother, in servants who helped raise me, in companions. All I hear in your story is your deep love, and I do not feel myself in the wrong to want to try and gain such love for myself."

Lasotherral stood, then said, "I need counsel, excuse me,"

As he watched her flee the room, Chammorick exclaimed, "Damn."

I said, "No, you did right. Feelings must be expressed." When he turned to glare at me, I added, "Nothing is certain here, both for you and her. You are going to have to gain her, Cham. She is not something that can be given, as Rabbit was blessed upon me. You are thus going to have to express yourself with the hope of touching her, but with no assurance of success."

The Ice Queen stated, "Prince Kevin is correct, Prince Chamorrick. Honestly, there was nothing shameful in your words. Give the lady time."

His eyes did not turn to our hostess, but he kept his focus on me. "For someone who did not go through the courting process, you seem to know things."

"You forget my words speaking of how amazing I thought it to be to have a lady like Rabbit so devoted to me. Not thinking it real, I did a lot of research and spoke to her. Rabbit will talk. I honestly did not know she was a dancer until recently. We talked about each other, as man and woman and as human and fey. Since you are primarily seeking Lasotherral for her nature, and not due to any usual romantic reasons, I find myself having applicable advice."

Queanay asked, "Prince Chamorrick, do you find her pretty?"

He did turn to look at her. "Yes, I do. No insult to you, fair Queanay, but I find her much more attractive."

"Why shouldn't I be insulted?"

"I honestly do not care whether you are insulted or not." He stood to say, "I am going to my chamber."

"No, you are not," I declared.

He glared at me while asking, "And why not?"

"Because your counsel is right here. Now sit and eat."

"It has already been established that we cannot speak privately at this table."

"Since when has Queen Bessinadar been unfriendly? You have grown up as a neighbor to her. What do you think she will not hear? Yes, you and Queanay have had your feuds, but she has not shown a hatred for your presence. If there is anyone that can help instruct in how to manage a lady's anger, it is her."

The princess said, "I will not allow that my distaste for the actions of Prince Chamorrick, or you, Prince Kevin, have sunk into anger."

The Ice Queen stated, "But the words of Prince Kevin were well said. Heed your advisor, Prince Chamorrick, and finish your soup so we can move on to the next course."

Rabbit comes to Kevin.