Only Fools Complain: Cp28

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Twenty-Eight – Part One

And More Family

Mersidda had told me, and informed Baron Behammir, that her home was about two days from Nemurk. While everyone with the noble was mounted, they had a loaded wagon just like we had. Mersidda however said that it was usually a loaded wagon that left and returned, so two days should be the proper time.

That evening it was my youngest wife that did most of the speaking. She still had the youthful energy and desire to please men that kept her enjoying the attention. Aden mostly knelt in front of where I sat. While she did speak and would rise to do things for me, there was a calmness to her speech and actions. While the men seemed to take pleasure in the words and behavior of my young wife, I noticed that Aden’s father and brother-in-law kept their focus on the lady kneeling before me.

I did speak of what I learned about the fate of Therlik. Just as Aden never challenged my words, the men who had spent time with the man also did not speak of disbelief in what I said. They did ask some questions to clarify certain things, but otherwise let the topic of Therlik pass.

Mersidda did most of the speaking about my activities in the city. What she could not speak about, I filled in the details. Aden said very little. I saw her smile, and the expression did not seem forced at all, but unless a question was directly asked of her she mostly remained quiet. Mersidda however did prove herself as being aware of most events, so even I allowed her to speak with only a few interruptions.

As we broke for the night, Baron Behammir approached to say, “Aden, to whom does most of the stuff on your wagon belong?”

“Me and my sons. I hope to provide for Berair, as does Mersidda, so I expect the items for a child will be used again.” I believe she understood the question when she said, “I originally intended to take all of Therlik’s possessions as well. My time with Berair however cooled my mind, and I ended up allowing for most things, especially the clothes as there was no way they could be altered for my present husband, to be returned to Baron Norvaum.”

“Then I have nothing to say, except for you to have a good night.”

Aden said nothing in reply. She merely had me turn and go to our tent. With Mersidda saying that she needed another night, Aden had me lie down. What she did I cannot say, but there was an intensity in the rhythm between us. When it finally finished, it was Mersidda that said something.

“Whoa, Aden, even if I could have my time with our lord, I doubt there would be anything left.”

I tried to smile to my young wife even as Aden replied, “You will find times that you truly desire something from a man. Luckily, Berair is able to provide. Luckily, I also understand, so when you feel the need I will not complain.”

As was usual for Aden, she soon was asleep. I then felt Mersidda snuggle up next to me. As was usual for her, she wanted to talk.

“Did you like what you did with Aden?”

“Mersidda, I like everything about both of you. Each of you is unique. I am a very lucky man.”

“Well, I can get you tomorrow, but I don’t know if I can do what Aden did. We will also be around my family, so I don’t know if I would anyway.”

I touched and kissed her before commanding, “Mersidda, stay who you are. Don’t’ become another Aden, but stay who you are.”

“Yes, but it looked rather – well, I think I would enjoy that too.”

The words had me chuckle, then I provided some guidance. “Aden was married before, so has learned some things about her body. You are just learning. I suspect you will find ways of doing things that will give the two of us a workout as well. If you however notice, Aden does not have me in such a manner every time. It takes her thinking a certain way to have her feel the need to be active in such a way.”

“Yes, and if she did do that every time I would get mad at her.”

“Don’t you ever get mad at Aden, and you let me know if she ever gets mad at you. I suspect that I will have enough problems without the two of you becoming problems. There is so much that I want to do with both of you, but spanking and scolding –“


With Aden latched onto one side, and Mersidda close to my other side, I really could not make the action I wanted. “Yes, Mersidda, spanking. Do I need to start spanking you?”

“I’m not a child, my lord.”

“So don’t act like a child. You do everything possible to make your life with Aden a pleasant experience. If you have problems, speak to me about it. We will work them out as the adults we are.”

“Yes, Berair. That is not hard. You work with me, and Aden does as well. I do like her. I just want you.”

That was the proper response, but I felt a need to assure that my young wife was accepting the lesson. “Well, you saw what I did with Aden. Do you think that I won’t do it with you?”

“No, but I might want you to teach me some of the things you are learning from Aden.”

Feeling that some of my nights in the future might be even more draining than I could handle, I reminded Mersidda that she and I would have some nights alone to work on things. That was enough for her, and she settled against me. Again having the pleasure of two women comfortable against me, I settled into another pleasant night.

I thought about the night before as I heard some comments from the men the next morning. Even Mersidda however stayed silent. Baron Behammir and General Chalarsh spoke sharply to men, and they quickly fell into their routines without me hearing any further comments.

Feeding a number of men was an issue with those of us that commanded troops. After a pleasant lunch, I spoke to my father-in-law and brother-in-law about supplies. They mentioned some things, then I went to Mersidda concerning what type of things those of her native holding would be willing to sell. It was as I chatted with her about her home that her head turned upon hearing a voice speak to the troops.

“And what has foreign soldiers moving through this land?”

Baron Behammir rode up to provide an answer. “Concerns of this land that might trouble my own. If you don’t mind, Sir, could you direct us to the holding of Lord Harbest?”

“I am Lord Harbest.”

Mersidda piped up, “Father!”

The man had the appearance of age. While his body commanded his horse with an indication of strength, his physique appeared frail. The stories of his land going through some years of trouble seemed substantiated by his present appearance.

“What has you in this company, Daughter?”

“That man before you is Baron Behammir, Aden’s father. Surely mother told you who Aden is.”

“Yes, she told me. So which man is your husband?”

I was right next to her, although mounted. Mersidda however rose to hug my arm near her. I worked to smile while keeping my horse steady as she answered her father.

“This is Major Berair, Father. Although I must share him, I am still quite pleased in being his wife.”

Lord Harbest had already set his eyes on me, as I suspected that his wife had described me. His demeanor was however not pleasant. His words were also rather rough.

“Can’t say that I am pleased to meet you, Major Berair. What brings you here?”

“The fact that you are family. While my instructions were to take my wives home, I cannot leave this land until I know that things are truly resolved. Baron Behammir has his concerns, but really could not answer my questions. It was hoping that you could.”

“Why in Hell would I know what was going on in Nemurk, much less our royal city?”

I shrugged off Mersidda, then rode up to the man before saying, “Oh, get real. My father is only a baker, and he can usually speak of things happening in the local castle better than he can speak of things in his own home. I have served my king by moving about his land, and often gotten my news from the gentry and not through the usual channels.”

“Well, I might know things. What’s your question?”

“I don’t have just one. Can we find a place to talk or not?”

Lord Harbest looked to the baron to say, “I guess that you are going to claim to be family.”

My other father-in-law replied, “If you don’t mind my men hunting, I would not mind providing the meat. There are some things that I am willing to purchase to help keep us fed. About those questions my son-in-law, and yours, has, I would not mind speaking on other topics as well.”

“Yes, having someone else hunt and prepare the meat would not be frowned upon. We can talk business later. Have your men follow the road. It will go by my property, but have them move on to the river. You won’t be the first group to spend time there.” Lord Harbest then looked to me as he said, “You and your wives, and I guess those others that are family, can come with me.”

I intended to move with my father-in-laws, but fell back with my wives as Mersidda began identifying those who moved at a distance ready to provide aid to Lord Harbest should he need it. As was usual for her, her words were not softly spoken. I saw her father look back at her a few times as if annoyed. He however spoke no complaint, but restated his directions to the troops upon coming to the gate to his property. As I followed my wagon into the estate, he moved up to me.

“My wife has said a lot of good things about you, Berair.”

I saw him send out a hand, and I shook it as I replied, “I have done all I could to prove myself. I am here to hopefully continue to have good things spoken of me.”

“Well, what question do you really feel that I need to answer?”

“Why did I need to be sent for? Why is your land so deficient in heroes?”

“That other wife of yours – not my daughter, but Aden – is nothing but poison. Surprised that they did not kill her, but women do have their blessings that men do not.”

It took some fast thinking to make some sense of what had been said, and I tried to phrase my response to not look so bad if I came to the wrong conclusion. “By men, you are also including boys.”

He spat on the ground before saying, “Yes. Just having blood in our veins can make us males as being seen as trouble. Aden did not just be a proper wife to Prince Therlik, but gave him boys. Prince Aneron did not have his wife do such an honor for him. Girls just do not carry the blessing of boys. Not that they are any better or worse, but men and women just have different places in life.” He then turned his horse while saying, “Come on, I will answer your questions. In case you are wondering however, don’t think that you are anything special in having two wives. Prince Aneron now has him another wife as well.”

Yes, Berair is not the only one with a complicated life.